Imagine her, your wife of so many years, allowing this man to slide his cockmeat into her ass. You begged her for years to let you fuck her there but she never would so you stopped asking. Imagine her dressed in a black satin corset, charcoal stockings and black patent leather “fuck-me” pumps, on her knees, on a hotel bed, her French-tipped fingers digging into her fleshy ass as she pulls herself apart for this man. Imagine her moans as he forces the bulbous purple head of his tool beyond her sphincter, “Please Master, fuck my ass, fuck my big whore’s ass, please, please……….” Imagine sitting in the corner of the room, silent, your tiny boy-cock twitching, as the mother of your children becomes a slut for this man. As he slowly works his thick, heavily veined shaft into your mates tight, dark forbidden region, your hand reaches for your pathetic thing. “Don’t you dare!”, he hisses at you. Frightened, you draw back your hand and mumble, “Sorry, Master.” Imagine as the large, muscular man continues to slide his engorged length into your wife’s bowels as her panting, fevered moans once again fill the nearly dark room; “Oh my God, fuck me, fuck my ass, I can’t believe……. oh shit, I, I,……….shit, fuck,…..this is what you wanted,……oh………oh…….. right, hon, right, this is it……., your, your……oh fuck……your fantasy?”

Imagine him turning to you and grinning, ordering, “Answer your wife,” as he finally gets his whole rod buried deep within your bride’s ass. Imagine muttering, “Yes, yes, this is what I wanted” as the Master begins to slide his man’s meat in and out of your beloved’s virgin ass as her moans of passion fill the room, now just a willing receptacle for this powerful man’s prodigious load of hot seed.

Imagine now as the Master pumps his thick tool in and out of your wife’s willing ass. You sit in the corner in wonderment at how this man has turned your wife into a whore. He orders her to reach beneath herself and rub her clit as he pounds into her. “Thank you, Master, thank you,” she screams as her hand finds the swollen stalk, furiously rubbing now, seeking climax. Imagine his hands grabbing her meaty ass flesh, as you watch as the full length of him disappears into her brown sheath and then reappears again, faster and faster.

He turns to you and without missing a stroke, sneers, “Want to see your slut wife cum? Want to see how a real man brings your poor, wanting bitch an orgasm? Want to watch as I dump my load into her big ass? Answer me!” “Yes, Master,” you whisper, and then hoping to please him say, “Please let me watch my slut wife cum.” “That’s a good boy,” he laughs, and then staring down at your wife as she savagely rubs herself, her hand a blur, a low guttural moan now escaping from her heavily painted lips, he orders, “Your husband wants to watch you cum for Master. Cum now, bitch. Cum now! CUM YOU FUCKIN’ WHORE, CUM NOW!!!! “Oh, God……..fuck, fuck…shit…….I’m……….I’m…….. I don’t believe…….fuck me, fuck me……yes…….more………….hon,I’m………I’m………..,” as the first waves of orgasm ripple through her, her screams of pleasure fill the hotel room. Imagine watching the Master’s leather trussed, overly large, shaved sac heave as he too is climaxing, pumping his searing hot man juice into your bride’s bowels. You silently pray that he will be kind enough to allow you to drink of his seed from her well-fucked ass when he is through with her. You manage to momentarily draw your attention from this extraordinary erotic spectacle to gaze at your boy-dick and notice that it is dripping viscous fluid. A chill overtakes you as you hope this doesn’t anger Master.

Imagine this man, your wife’s lover, your Master, as he slowly, maddeningly slowly, withdraws his organ from deep within her. You stare in awe, wondering to yourself how different your life would’ve been if you had possessed such a cock. As he finally reveals the big mushroom head of it, a long thread of thick jism drips from the tip to pool with your wife’s girl-juice on the sheet. Your wife collapses on the bed, whimpering, silently sobbing a whispered incantation. You strain to make out the words. “I’ve never cum before. My first time. Oh my God, thank you, thank you,” she repeats in an other worldly voice, over and over. Can it be? Your 38 year old bride has never had an orgasm? You shudder as the reality of it overtakes you. Had that been acting all those years? You cast you eyes downward, ashamed at how gullible you’ve been. Your eyes fall upon your small stiff appendage, it mocks your shame with it’s excitement, leaking as it is, begging for release. Imagine him bending, taking your wife’s broad ass in his strong hands and kneading the jellied flesh, covering her behind with soft kisses, all the while softly whispering to her, “It’s okay, darling, you needed to cum so badly. Master is so happy that you’ve given him this pleasure. Master hopes there will be many more times, he has so much to teach you.”

He raises to his full height and barks, “Look at me, little man,” and you comply, not daring to anger him, afraid that he might leave. You stare at his thickly muscled form, but your eyes are drawn immediately to his crotch where his cockmeat is waving menacingly in front of him, still hard. He wears some manner of black leather harness, a ring at the base of his shaft and a thong which forces his heavy sac out in a lewd manner. “I’ve given my whore, your wife, her first orgasm. Now she’ll never be satisfied with you, not exactly what you had in mind when you first wrote me, huh?”

“No, Master,” you whisper.

He reaches down to the bed, and as he whispers in her ear, helps your wife, his whore, to her feet.

Standing behind her, he wraps his huge arms across her chest as he speaks, “Look at her. She’s a magnificent slut, isn’t she?”

Your eyes devour her tightly corseted form, lingering on her dark legs, encased in nylon, pulled taught by the garter straps. As your eyes fall on her 6 inch stiletto heels your attention is brought back upward. The Master is nuzzling her neck and his hands have found her breasts, pushing them together, squeezing them, plying the stiff nipples with his thumbs.

Imagine now that he whispers to your wife and she giggles, and then her countenance changes quickly, becoming dark as she speaks to you.

“Do you know what I have in my ass, dear husband?”

“Yes,” you reply, embarrassed and excited at the same time.

“Well, what?”, she suddenly barks.

” The Master’s cum,” you whisper.

“That’s right,” she says. “And what do you think I should do with it?”, now giggling.

“Please let me drink it,” you whisper, hoping your reply is correct.

“Good boy!”, she laughs. “And because we have the very best Master in the whole world, he’s going to allow it,” gasping now because the man has found her cunt lips with his finger and is lightly stroking her.

“What do you say, my husband?”

“Thank you, Master,” once again bowing your head, glimpsing your boyish tool betraying your excitement.

Imagine the Master, standing before you, his powerful arms folded across his massive chest, his blood engorged tool pointing at you like an accusatory finger, shaming you for your passions. He sneers through clenched teeth, “Stand up,” and you do, disbelieving that you have found yourself alive in one of your masturbatory fantasies. Imagine standing before him, hands at your sides, head bowed, as your wife kneels beside him in her whores garb, licking and sucking his fingers like a dog, running her hands over his big thighs. “Your wife tells me that your fantasy is to swallow another man’s cum from her, after she’s been fucked. That you talk about this while attempting your feeble lovemaking. Is this correct”? still sneering.

“Yes, Master,” you whisper.

“Yes, Master what, you shit”! He barks.

“Yes, Master, I dream of drinking another man’s cum from my wife after she’s been fucked,” hoping again that your reply is correct.

“That’s more like it. And lucky for you that I have found your wife so pleasing this evening, it’s put me in a rare benevolent mood. Now get on the floor, on your back, MOVE!!! he shouts, and you comply quickly, almost tripping as you scramble to lay down on the worn hotel carpet, waiting.

Imagine him helping your wife to her feet, helping her gain her balance in the six inch heels. As he reaches to insert a finger into her fuckhole he says to her, “Darling, I want you to kneel with your ass over his mouth, and keep your amazing asshole tight for me, I don’t want you spilling a drop of what you have there.” As he expertly moves his finger in and out of her cunt, you can here the squishing as your wife attempts to reply between fevered gasps, “Yes, my Master,…….oh………I won’t……..oh…I won’t…….I promise not to spill…..God…oh my………a drop of your precious load!”

He releases her and you watch her walk to you, drinking in her slutty beauty, enhanced by the heavy makeup she’s put on to please this man. She turns and straddles your chest, the spikes of her shoes just inches from your stare and she begins to lower herself. You watch as the garter straps dig into her flesh, growing taut with her exertions. You gaze up at her pouty, swollen cunt lips, the juices of her arousal glistening, almost dripping from her. The Master offers his hand to help her balance herself in this awkward position, as he straddles your thin legs, facing her now. Soon the cleft of her ass is touching your nose, and he has her move forward just a bit, so that her brown hole, hidden from you by her meaty globes, is just over your mouth.

Imagine being almost delirious with lust, wondering what it is about you that finds this humiliation so exciting, like nothing you’ve ever experienced before as he speaks, “Ready, babe? Good girl. Now give me your right hand and reach around to your ass with your left. That’s it. Good. When I tell you to, pull that extraordinary ass of yours open and push Master’s seed out into his mouth.”

“Are you ready, little boy?”, he laughs.

“Yes, Master, I’m ready to receive a superior man’s load into my hungry mouth,” doing your best to please him.

“Isn’t he a good husband, Master”? You hear your bride say before her words are choked off by the unmistakable sound of his cock entering her mouth. “He’s very good, you’re lucky to have found such a fellow to marry” he says as he starts fucking your wife’s face. “And if he begs he’ll get his reward,” he groans now from the pleasure of her warm mouth. “Please, Master, I beg you, I need to drink your cum from my wife’s ass, please allow me to drink of you,” you stammer, hoping he’ll be pleased. Imagine opening your mouth wide in anticipation and dread.

“Now, let him have it. Go ahead, open yourself and fill his mouth,” he orders. And with that a torrent of hot, greasy man-juice explodes from your wife’s asshole, almost choking you. You keep your mouth open as the congealed slime fills your throat. You try not to choke as you start to swallow, as another man’s seed fills your belly, seed from your loving wife’s ass, where this man has deposited it minutes ago.

Imagine this scene. Your wife of fifteen years, crouching over your face, forcing another man’s semen out of her bowels into your greedy mouth as that same man holds her head and runs his rock hard tool in and out of her throat. This picture in your mind excites you like you’ve never been excited before, your small balls ache with desire and you know that the smallest touch to your pitiful dick would cause it to shoot. As the last of your wife’s lovers jism slips past your lips you hope you have pleased him enough that he will allow you release.

“Was that good wimp?”, he laughingly questions you, “Was eating a real man’s load from your wife’s ass everything you imagined it would be?” gasping now, he’s enjoying the wetness of her mouth, holding tightly to her head and ramming in and out of her face, his big sac bouncing off her chin as she struggles to accommodate his full length in her throat.

Imagine the Master as he orders your wife to rub her sopping cunt against your mouth and imagine his orders to you; “Eat your slutwife’s cunt for me while I fuck her mouth, that’s it…..good……clean her ass with your tongue for me…..good, that’s it……now eat her hot cunt……good boy!”, toying with you because he knows you crave the humiliation.

Your wife is moving her big, womanly backside along your face as you struggle to service her; just as you manage to get your tongue near her asshole she moves her bloated cunt lips into place over your mouth. You suck on what you find there but she again moves forward so her slick brown hole drips a final drop of the Masters seed on your face. You slurp at her like a man possessed, because you are, possessed by this nasty erotic scene that you’ve willingly become part of.

Imagine her straddling your face as you struggle to please her, as this man fucks her whore’s mouth, faster and faster. He’s close now because you hear him, “Ready for your Owner’s cum, darling?”, he asks her, and something about him calling her that tugs at your heart. “Your mouth is so hot and wet, sweetheart….oh shit…’re such a whore…mmmmmmmm….what a good cocksucker you are, baby, Master is so pleased…….I know taking a real cock down your throat after all the years of that little thing would be rough for you but you’ve really done well……shit,fuck,shit……I’m so close now lover……..”, He’s fucking her mouth at a furious rate now and she’s rubbing her ass and cunt on your mouth and face just as furiously. Suddenly a clear liquid starts to pour from her, covering your face, almost drowning you with it’s volume and suddenness. You struggle to drink her ejaculate, wondering how this was possible, but knowing that this was just one more in a night of firsts for you both.

Imagine now as the Master explodes in orgasm, pumping another boiling load of his jism into the mother of your children, this time down her throat. “That’s it, baby………oh, yea…mmmmmm, so fuckin’ good….that’s it, that’s it………drink your Masters cum……..good girl, that’s my good li’l cum dump……….mmmmmmmmmmm……tastes good, huh baby?” You can just make out her muffled affirmative reply because his thick rod is still filling her throat as he pumps the last of his load into her hungry mouth.

As she continues to grind her pussy into your mouth you struggle not to suffocate, the colorless liquid still issuing forth from her drenching you in her passion. “Oh, Master, thank you, thank you for allowing me to suck your cock. God, it’s such a big gorgeous cock!” she exclaims as she rubs the sticky head of it all over her face, covering his manhood with kisses, worshipping the staff of this man.

He pulls away from her and grabbing her under the arms, brings her to her feet. She is unsteady, both from her arousal and the 6 inch heels she is teetering on. You look up in time to see him gather her close to him, as they still both straddle your prone form. He kisses her deeply, his strong hands gripping her ass tightly, pulling her towards him. You look between their legs, towards your feet, to glimpse your sorrowful appendage twitching and leaking, mocking you both by it’s lack of length and girth. You console yourself by thinking that at least your wife has experienced a big man and that her happiness is your happiness. But you wish you could at least cum, that would make all of this easier to take. Your feelings of shame and humiliation mix with the most powerful arousal, and you wonder if they are one and the same.

Imagine the Master as he speaks to your wife, “You need to have your cunt fucked now, don’t you slavegirl?” They both step over you and walk to the bed, as if you weren’t even there.

“Yes, Master, please, please, I would love to feel you in my fuckhole. I’ve never taken a real man there before,” she giggles. You watch silently, still laying on the dirty hotel carpet, straining to keep them in your field of view.

Your wife lays down on the bed, spreading her nylon encased legs, offering herself to this man. She takes each of her swollen cunt lips in her fingers and stretching them to their limits says, “Please Master, fuck your slut, please. I know I am not worthy of taking a cock like yours into me, but please, look at me, I’m begging you, fuck me in front of my poor husband.” The Master stands at the foot of the bed, his semi-erect manmeat hanging like a veiny hose, a thin line of jism hanging off the tip. He crosses his big arms across his massive chest and smirking, asks her, “How will you make me hard again, any ideas?”

Suddenly she rockets up, sitting on her haunches, while saying, excitedly, “Oh yes, my Master! I have a great idea. Let my husband prepare you for me. I’d love to watch him take you in his mouth. And when you’re good and hard he can guide you into me, please Master, please?”

You can’t believe what you are hearing from her, the newly elected President of the PTA. You flush with embarrassment and excitement, the thought of finally feeling what it would be like to suck a cock outweighing the embarrassment of doing it to a man who will then fuck your wife in front of you. And such a cock. you watch as your wife lovingly handles it, lifting it like a heavy weight, her small hand barely encircling it. She’s staring into his eyes with an expression of lust and awe as she rubs the wet tip of his tool on her tits, repeating over and over like a child,”Please Master, please. Can’t we do that? Please, Master, I’ll do anything you want if you’ll allow that.”

Laughing a deep, throaty laugh he says to her, “Of course, my darling. Master only wants his slave to be happy. And if that’s what will bring you happiness than you shall have it. Besides, your husband contracted for total humiliation and I can’t think of a better way for him to have that,” as he turned to you on the floor and ordered, “Stand up and get over here. Kneel before me and start to please your wife. You heard her, she wants you to make her Owner nice and hard for her fucking. Now get moving!”

Imagine as you hurriedly regain your feet and run across the room, you notice that your little penis erect isn’t even half the length of the Master’s flaccid one. You kneel at the foot of the bed, facing him and your wife orders you “Open!” and you do, opening your mouth wide and closing your eyes as your wife of fifteen years, the mother of your children, places the Master’s cockmeat in your mouth………….

The End