She is nervous. she feels as if she knows HIM, but she doesn’t know HIM. They

have talked for months online and on the telephone, but this is the first

meeting. she was instructed to dress in an old blouse, sexy bra, panties,

wraparound skirt, heels. her choices were very tasteful, coordinated, sexy. HE

liked what he saw immediately, and so did she.

Now she wasn’t so sure. she found herself bound to the bed spread-eagle. HE

hadn’t even taken the time to strip her first. she was still in her street

clothes and heels.

HE gently blindfolded her, and put the penis gag between her teeth, buckling it

tightly in back. she was his totally now, for whatever HE had in mind… but

that was the agreement in advance. It was different to agree… and to be at

the point of no return now.

She feels his weight at her right side. HIS fingers at her blouse… slowly

unbuttoning each button, feeling the cool air of the room on her chest as the

blouse parts a tiny bit more with the separation of each button… down, down,

down toward her skirt. she feels him pull the blouse out of the waistband of

her skirt, and finish the last button. HE parts the blouse totally now, and she

knows that only her skimpy bra hides her ample milky breasts from his eyes and

mouth and fingers. Then she feels IT… and it terrifies her instantly!!!

The cold steel of a knife is at her neck, and she feels the sleeve being pulled

upward, and feels it rip apart as the knife cuts it in two. Then the next

sleeve, and she feels the blouse being pulled from under her. she has forgotten

that she is nearly naked above now, and waits for the next feel of the cold

metal. One bra strap at her shoulder is lifted and cut, then the other. The

cold steel is between her breasts, and, before she realizes it fully, she feels

the cold room air on her rigid nipples. she feels the bra whisked from beneath

her, and she is naked from the waist up!

Moist lips suck, a wet tongue flicks, teeth nibble her nipples, bringing them

to new sensations, and it is suddenly gone. she feels the weight shift again,

and she realizes he is between her legs. she feels the hands at the waistband

knot of her wraparound skirt, and it is suddenly open, and removed from beneath

her. she is spread before HIM, now only in her panties and heels. she cannot

help feeling overwhelmingly embarrassed. she knows WHAT is to happen next, just

not exactly WHEN. Then she stiffens as she feels the cold steel at the left

side of her panties, and–RIP!!– it snaps toward her gaping pussy. Then the

right, snap! she is barely covered by a tiny triangle of panty that barely

hangs where it is.

HE whispers that she will complete her stripping. she doesn’t know what he

means, but then feels HIS fingers at her armpits, dancing, traveling down, to

the sides of her breasts, over her ribs, across her tummy, to the insides of

her thighs, and back up… slowly… dancing… tickling…!!! she begins to

struggle and mew into the gag! she is uncontrollably ticklish!! she can’t stand

what he is doing to her! But she must endure it!! she bucks her hips and turns

vigorously from side to side in useless attempts to escape the maddening

fingers!! And she suddenly realizes, in her frenzy, that she is naked!! Her

struggles have caused the remaining pieces of her panties to fall between her

legs, leaving her gaping pussy completely exposed and available!!

HE stops, and removes the panties. she feels the weight shift to her right

again, and feels the moist lips, the tongue, the teeth on her nipples, and

fingers at her pussy playing. HE slides up and down her slit, lightly flicking

her clit nub, sticking a finger into her all the way to the hand!! Back and

forth, in and out, up and down. she is slowly beginning to feel the warmth of a

powerful climax build within her pussy and, almost as suddenly as it started,

it is gone.

She feels her ankles being untied and her shoes removed. her ankles are brought

back, back, back above her head, and attached near her wrists to the head of

the bed. she realizes the picture she is presenting to HIM, and her

embarrassment becomes complete! she is sure she is gaping wide, and feels the

trickle of her juices down the crack of her ass.

To her horror, she hears HIM say that HE is going out for a bit, and that soon

she will be released. That is all. Nothing more. she tries to ask a question,

to protest, to plead, but nothing intelligible escapes from her gag. Then she

hears her worst fears… the door shuts, and she knows she is alone.

She struggles, not because she thinks she can escape, but because she just

feels as though she has to do something. Who will free her?? Who?? WHEN!! What

will they think when they see her like this??

After what seems like an eternity, she hears a click in the door, hears it

shut, hears footsteps, and a rustle of clothing. Is she to be raped by a

stranger? Beaten? KILLED?

Her ass is suddenly on fire!! First one side and then the other… rapid

fire… not predictable where or when, not rhythmic… she can’t prepare for

the next sting of the crop!! Just when she thinks she will pass out from the

pain, it stops.

She feels the wetness of lips and a tongue on her blatantly exposed pussy,

slowly licking, up and down, tasting the wet juices flowing from her. she

feels the tongue inside her, then out, back up to her swollen, throbbing clit.

It touches her there, and she nearly explodes!! But it is gone, tasting,

exploring her. she moves her hips involuntarily now, responding in spite of

her worst fears and nearly all-consuming embarrassment! she feels the tongue

slowly making its way back to her nub a second time, and she stiffens in

expectation, and it is there!! she feels the warmth of a shattering climax

building. The tormenting tongue lingers this time … swirling … flicking

…. driving her maddeningly close to the brink…and it is gone!!!

She feels a weight between her legs, and then on her chest. she feels something

gently pushing at her pussy. Then HE whispers into her ear, and she knows it is

HIM just as HE enters her for the first time, quickly, smoothly, DEEPLY, all

the way inside her!!

It is just the beginning.

The End