‘We no hurt you lady’ it grinned. There came a laugh. ‘Come over here. We jus’ wan’ talk and av’ a look at you’. The accent sounded Jamaican. She and Tom had taken a holiday there shortly after their engagement. Suddenly as if on cue the rain started again. ‘Don’t be scared’. Carol looked up at the dark sky. The raindrops felt cold as they hit her bare arms and ran down her shoulders. She bit her lip and swallowed hard. Her hands making fists as she walked very slowly across the street towards the shop front. ‘That it baby…lets have a look at you…’. It was so quiet. Completely dark and deserted. ‘Can you help me?’ Carol shivered. ‘I just need to find a phone’. ‘It warm in here. We have a fire goin’’ the voice was smooth. There was something in it that Carol trusted. She had too. Slowly she stepped up the curb. Walking up to the dark shop front. Taking a deep breath she stepped into the shadows.

Immediately she was confronted by two faces. Both black men. The one who had been speaking closest to her. Leaning back on the wall. He was three inches shorter than she was. With a long coat. His head shaven and a patch of stubble around his mouth. Good looking nonetheless. His eyes seem to shine. Reflecting in the light of the fire that was burning away in an empty bin. The other was younger. Early 20’s. His skin jet black even in the night. With deadlocked hair and a stocky build. ‘Dat wasn’t so hard was it now?’ the man asked as casually as anything. There was more to it that that. Carol saw him grin and cast a look over her body. Running his tongue over his lips as his gaze hung on her breasts. Somehow, someway she enjoyed it. Just for a second. The men exchanged a look. The heat from the fire began to meet her skin at last. ‘Look’ Carol said. ‘Do you think you could show me where I can get a taxi. Or where there’s a phone’. The man held up his hand. ‘Come closer to the fire’ he said. ‘Den we can ave’ a look at you’. Carol swallowed dryly. The alcohol was still in her system. Maybe effecting her judgement.

Looking at the two dark faces she moved towards the flames. Appreciative of the heat. Standing with her arms by her sides as the men grinned, admiring her like a piece of meat. After a few minutes Carol felt that the men had taken enough of an eyeful. ‘Just….’ She began. Cut off again. His finger raised to a silencing point. ‘You always talk so lady?’ he grinned. ‘We no gonna hurt you’. Relaxing his look. Running his eyes up and down her body. ‘That man no good fo’ ye’ husband’. It took a moment for her to realise he meant the man from the club. Mark. They must have seen the incident at the car. ‘He wasn’t my husband…’ she replied. Opposite her the man smiled broadly. ‘Yo husband let you go out dressed like dis? Dat your wedding ring no? Don’t lie to me baby’. Carol looked down at the band of gold around her finger and back to the eager face. He gave her a knowing look. Several of his teeth were gold. Shining and catching the light. Carol looked at him then to the younger silent man and nodded.

‘Now why don’t you tell us yo’ name baby’. ‘Carol’. ‘Ray’ replied the man, ‘and this is Danny. You mus’ wan to get back at him bad. Yo’ husband?’ Ray said wiping his chin with his sleeve. ‘Damn you hot. Wish my wife would dress like dis fo’ me’. His eyes fell from her face to her neck where the row of diamonds sparkled then down to her breasts. Carol swallowed. This whole situation was getting to her. Being alone with these total strangers. She knew what Tom said about Blacks. They where no good. Ray stepped forward. His hands in his pockets. He kept his grin. Running his up and down Carol’s body. Like he couldn’t get enough. ‘See’ he said scratching his chin. ‘Me and Danny were thinking…’. ‘What about?’. ‘Maybe that we could give you what he in da’ car couldn’t?’.

Carol clasped her hands. Her eyes moving between the two horny black men. It couldn’t be a coincidence. It couldn’t. She felt sure they weren’t going to force her into anything. The way they both looked at her. Everything was too much. Reached behind her neck she unclipped the gems and held them out. ‘Here’ she said ‘you have them’. Ray glanced at Danny. In surprise more than anything. Then took the jewels at and slipped them into his pocket. A long smile spread on his face. ‘I… I have some cash’, she continued, reaching into her purse. She realised her hands where trembling as she took out the money. ‘Dats real kind Carol’ Ray said. He took the money without question. ‘You a real nice, wealthy, white lady huh?’. A sudden wind made her shiver.

‘You got anyfin’ else belong to him?’ Ray asked. It was obvious even now that that both these men could give her exactly what she wanted. Carol felt herself go dizzy. ‘There is one other thing’. As the words left her lips Ray moved closer. It was dark but she saw him step towards her. Even letting herself sigh with anticipation as his hand touched her breast. His hold was firm, eager and he squeezed. Her heart racing Carol turned to face him. Ray accepting the invitation and moving quickly to feel her other breast. His black hand touched and rubbed. Feeling her nipples and switching between them. Part of it was the cold and the thrill of what she was doing. All this was so unreal.

She looked up to see the young man Danny smiling. He hadn’t said a word. Didn’t need to. Carol felt herself returning it. It was uncontrollable. She was going to get fucked by both these men. She knew it now and the most amazing part was that she wanted them too. As if finalising the unspoken deal Danny appeared beside her. He was equal in height and despite the dark Carol could feel how young and strong he was. His hand touched her inside thigh. Fingers tracing up and down against her skin. Caressing. So hard and rough. As he touched her Carol gasped out loud. Ray was still moving between her breasts but Danny hand was more steady. Roaming over her belly, ass and hips. It was all too much.

‘Yea baby’ he sighed with urgency. ‘Lets see how well you suck dick yea?’. Carol squatted down on the floor. Her high heels scratching against the dirt as she unzipped Rays flies. Breathlessly, energetically, she reached in, found the hard of Ray’s cock and pulled him out. He was big and long too. Easily 8” of thick black cock. Warm in her hand as Carol ran her fingers up and down. Inches from her face and standing up to attention. She felt excited. It was bigger than she had ever seen. Ray stiffened as she rolled her mouth down over him. Gently taking him in, feeling him tense then slid back. The man gasped as she bobbed her head. Her mouth rolling and chewing the head of his cock as he gasped in satisfaction. ‘Oh…oh yea…shit das good baby’.

Rays hand reached down. Fondling Carol’s tits as she blew him. This was going to make some story, though she could never tell her friends about it. Not even Sandra. She wouldn’t understand. The man had her around the head. Fucking her mouth as she sucked. His cock meeting the back of her tight throat and bringing tears to her eyes. Her hair jerking as he pumped his dick in and out. Carol coughed, spittle dripping from her chin and running down his black length. ‘Yea suck dat you bitch…yea’ Ray gasped. Carol’s eyes turned upward. Trying to close her throat as he stiffened and came. Ray gasped, grunting his satisfaction. His face sweating and harsh as Carol felt his hot come in four or five healthy squirts. The brunette took a gasp of air. His come on the floor of her mouth. Salty on her tongue. By now her pussy was wet too. It wanted a fucking from the big black dick in front of her. With her hand on her chest Carol swallowed. Once then twice to get it down. As she stood a little shakily Ray was grinning.

‘Damn baby’ he said. ‘You like dat huh?’. Carol nodded. It was true. ‘C’mon’. His voice was tense and she recognised the change in tone. Stepping after him tentatively, wary of the bricks and debris on the ground. A cold lash of rain blew from the street making her glad she was at least indoors. Carol shuddered and folded her arms over herself. Her lips felt warm and throbbed. As she followed Ray back into the building she knew there was no turning back. This was it. A second light suddenly appeared in the corner and Carol turned to see Danny holding a lamp. Beside her Ray was grinning. In the new light he was older, perhaps mid forties. Narrow build with his big black dick hanging out of his trousers. He had a light in his eyes as they ran over her body. Enjoying the attention and need of his look Carol out her hands on her hips. ‘Man, you some hot woman!’, he said with a drawn out sigh. Despite the lamp it was still dark. Water was dripping from the ceiling and looking around it was clear that this was where both men where squatting. On the floor was a pile on boxes and papers and along the wall a settee with some of the springs bursting out. ‘I’m gonna fuck you first ok’ Ray said. ‘Loosen ya up fo’ Danny’. The young man smiled and Carol threw him a casual glance.

Seeing her reaction Ray laughed out loud. ‘Oh yeah. He’s a real big dick’ he added. ‘Show her man’. Carol watched, trying to control herself as Danny unzipped his pants. She felt her mouth almost drop as he pulled himself out. Even in the dark, Danny was clearly huge. Hanging, thick and black out in front of her. She looked at it and thought of Tom. Had she forgotten her husband. When she snapped back Ray was touching her shoulder. Both men looked ready and where waiting for her to take her dress off. Carol smiled and slid the garment effortlessly down over her arms. Peeling it off her breasts and down to her waist. Putting her hands on her hips the outfit slid to the floor. Both men’s eyes were below neck level. Getting an eyeful. Their look made Carol uncomfortable. She was naked now, except for the high heels. Danny leant against the wall, grinning and watching.

On the floor was a pile of boxes. They felt damp beneath her but supportive. Carol opened her legs as Ray quickly let his pants fall down. Grimacing as he climbed onto her. His warm breath panting on her face as he gripped her hips. Carol looked up at the roof. It was full of holes, the night sky visible through. Missing with his first thrust Ray paused and found the spot on his second. With a happy grunt he forced his cock into her body. He was big. Carol spread herself a little wider. Gasping, her fingers tight on the boxes as he penetrated. Working his dick up inside. ‘Damn yea’ Ray groaned. The tightness had him gasping too. She rested a hand on his back, feeling his dick draw back and shunt upwards. Shutting her eyes tight Carol grit her teeth. ‘Ohh…yes…oh..’ she gasped out as Rays dick pulled back then drove in. Again and again as it drilled her. Deep down she couldn’t believe this was happening but Ray felt so big. So long and deep. In no time he was bounding up and down furiously between her legs. Hs urgency bringing tears to her eyes. It had been a long time since she had been fucked like this.

‘Damn she tight man’ Ray gasped over his shoulder. ‘Fuck yea..’. Carol gripped the box’s beneath her, her ass being thrust against them on his strokes. ‘Shit’ Ray added breathlessly bringing his hips back and forth. His hot breath met her face on each thrust. Fast and aggressive. It was obvious that he was out of shape. She felt herself start to come quite soon. Carol could hardly believe it. She hadn’t had an orgasm for nearly a year. She could occasionally feel his balls pressing and swinging between her legs. His big dick stretching her pussy open. Ray lifted himself to his arms, his hand on her shoulder. Firm and tight to keep her still. She shook hard as he pumped her. Her eyes, watering, fluttering over his shoulder to where the silhouette of Danny stood watching. With a gasp Carol came. Her eyes fluttered and she felt her sexy squeeze Rays cock all the way down.

‘Shit I’m gonna cum…Oh yeah…’ Ray gasped. Carol’s breasts bounced as she got it. With a series of gasps he lurched forward and she felt his dick stiffen in her cunt as he unloaded his black balls. Gently, he tugged himself free and got too his feet. ‘Man I aint fucked that good in a long time’. Carol opened her eyes. Breathless. Feeling stretched and warm between the legs where Rays cock had been. Slowly her eyes moved to where Danny stood. She was gasping. Still trembling from her orgasm. The sticky warm feeling inside her a reminder of what Ray had just put there. Danny’s cock was already hard and the look of youthful eagerness in his eyes. ‘So. Ok for dis Carol?’ Ray said tiredly. ‘Yes…yes’ she replied. Danny knelt between her legs. ‘Be careful wi’ her man. She tight’ Ray warned. Carol ran her tongue over her lips and reached up to trace a line along Danny’s arm. He showed more conviction, roughly pinning her legs apart. Carol sighed. She liked confidence after all and now she was quite helpless beneath him. The helmet of his cock tracing a line along her soaked pussy crack. Again she grimaced as he pushed, forcing her apart. Though this time it was far more of a squeeze. Carol’s mouth fell open as his cock pressed slowly into her. It was painful but the feeling of him pushing up between her legs had her coming again in seconds. ‘No..dont stop’ she grimaced. Danny pushed, leaning in. She heard him gasp.

The young man fucked her slowly. He felt huge, his strong arms behind her knees. The shoes that had cost £200 hanging in the air and jerking back on each thrust. She was going to come again. The depth of him was staggering. The stiffness of his dick routing her belly. There was admiration. Appreciation of a beautiful woman in his face. He speeded on, feeling her loosening around him with each stroke. Carol’s eyes tuned upward as she reached her third orgasm. ‘Yes…oh yes’ she moaned. Feeling is heavy balls sliding back and squashing against her. Again and again. She could hardly feel her legs as Ray expertly manoeuvring her wedding ring from his finger. Examining it briefly and slipping it into his pocket.

Carol was helpless. Though she wouldn’t have stopped him. Even as he rifled through her handbag. It didn’t matter. Danny’s face hung over her. His strong hips thrusting on. ‘Hey Carol’ Ray grinned holding up the condoms. ‘Think it’s a bit late for these no?’. ‘Oh fuck me…fuck me..’ she groaned. Almost in a delirium. ‘Gonna cum’ Danny gasped reaching up and fondling her beautiful tits. Carol felt his big cock stiffen in her pussy. The warm rush as he was coming inside her. It felt hot. Warm in her cunt as he delivered the last few strokes. The young man gave her breasts a feel as he stood. Gently tugging his slippery cock from her body. Carol reached down to touch herself. Her finger greasy and wet. He had left a hole in her. His cum slowly running back down her. She had never felt anything like it.

Almost dazed she sat up onto her elbows. Ray appeared over her. Without a word he pushed his cock in. After Danny it didn’t feel anywhere near as big and Carol smiled as she began jerking back on Rays fast strokes. Perhaps it was the feeling of being used. Like a whore that Carol enjoyed. ‘That’s it…yeah’. Ray pulled himself out. Grinning. He hadn’t come but the wetness on his dick showed even in the dark of the shop. The sweat on his forehead. Carol didn’t resist. He pushed in and out effortlessly. ‘Turn on yo knees’ Ray gasped. Carol knew better than to argue. Slowly, gently she rolled and did as she was told. Looking into the damp boxes as Ray’s hand touched her ass. ‘Yeah..’ he groaned sliding himself up from behind. In and out he fucked. Carol’s breasts moving with him. Shifting her knees wider she felt his balls smacking and slapping against her. Ray didn’t finish. He pulled out letting his young friend take the brunette from behind. Carol grit her teeth. Danny’s big cock squeezing up from behind. Occasional and desperate groans erupting from her mouth.

Later. Satisfied. The men tucked themselves away as Carol put on her dress. She felt weak. Almost doubled over from Danny’s size and troubled by the faint trickle of sperm running down her inside thigh. Together the men led her up the road. A taxi rank was indeed nearby. On the way they passed a cashpoint. Carol stopped and withdrew as much as she could before handing it to the two men.

‘Now baby’ where Ray’s last words. ‘You gonna call us?’ ‘Yes’ she replied. Feeling good about herself as the man returned her mobile with a grin.

– The End –