Thankfully there were only a few people in the coroner’s court, the usual collection of reporters and old people with nothing else to do.

We’d gone into town early and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at a small café I’d been using, Mickey was in a sombre mood and dressed accordingly in a grey business suit, the mini skirt wasn’t too short and her generous breasts were well confined beneath her jacket.

People looked at her and then often looked again when they saw the eye-patch and she certainly enjoyed all the attention,

“I think I’ll leave this on” she said as we sipped our coffee, “I’m quite enjoying all the looks I’m getting”

“Well I’ve got to admit that you look good with it” I said with a smile, “It gives you an air of mystery”



She grinned and stroked my leg with her foot under the table,

“There wasn’t much mystery last night was there bro?”

I grinned back at her at the memory of our incestuous coupling of the previous night, we’d started off by going down to the local pub to show her off to the neighbours, they were all overjoyed to know that she could see again and nearly every one wanted to buy us a drink to celebrate!

They all commented on her eye patch too and she had to lift it up to prove to them that she hadn’t lost it, she’d put on some new stockings and the way she was sitting up close to me, I could feel the little bump of the suspender button through her skirt.

I was worried in case anyone could see the bulge of my erection beneath my trousers and she didn’t help my telling me that her knickers were so small, they’d gone right up into her slit!

“I think I’ll leave them on when I go for a pee” she whispered, “You can watch if you want”

“Bloody hell Mickey” I muttered, “I’ve already got a hard on for you, have mercy on me”

She didn’t feel like having mercy on me though, far from it, we stayed in the pub for about two hours and she teased me unmercifully all the time, culminating in smiling at me as she returned from the loo and stuffing something into my pocket as I stood talking to some friends at the bar!

Needless to say, after I discovered the “something” was her very wet panties, I needed to get home in a hurry!

We made love as soon as we got in, both a little bit drunk, we reached for each other and fell onto the couch, she whimpered as I undressed her, leaving her stockings on, wantonly she lay on the couch splay legged and caressed herself as I struggled out of my trousers and she sighed with satisfaction as I slid smoothly into the warmth between her legs,

“Oh God Dave, we were made for this” she nibbled my ear as I began fucking her with long, deep strokes, I felt her wetness against my balls every time I thrust into her, I felt her hands on my buttocks, pulling me into her, her mouth on my neck, legs wrapped tightly around me as if to keep me there.

“I’m going to cum Dave” she hissed, “Fuck me harder, go on shove it in me Dave, fuck me, fuck me, Fuck meeeeeeeeee!”

Her teeth nipped me as she convulsed in the throes of orgasm, her strength surprised me and I felt my own orgasm approaching as she arched up off the bed, bearing all of my weight on her slender body.

“Mickey!” was all I could manage as my penis erupted within her vagina and I clung to her, jerking with every spurt, my eyes were open all the time, as were hers for she’d taken the patch off, whereas before they’d been bright blue, almost sparkling, suddenly they seemed misty, distant even and as I began to relax on top of her, I realised they were filled with tears.

“What is it Mickey?” I said anxiously, “Mickey darling, please tell me, what’s wrong?”

It took five minutes for her to stop, five long minutes during which I imagined all sorts of things, during which she clung to me while long drawn out sobs wracked her body, but gradually her sobs subsided and she kissed me on my cheek.

“Thank you” she whispered, “I needed that”

I was mystified though, the ways of women were still quite a mystery to me then, as they are even now,

“Needed what Mickey?”



“Yes you, you fool, I’ve…”

She hesitated and looked into my eyes,

“We’ve just lost our mum and dad, neither of us have anything left Dave except each other, I just needed you that’s all”

Her words hit me like a sledgehammer.

“What, you just needed a fuck, is that it, just a quick fuck?”

Thank God she was more mature than me, far more mature, as I made to get up off her, she gripped me and held me tightly, her eyes were still misty as she said softly,

“Dave, I’m tired and probably just a little bit drunk, if all I needed was a quick fuck, I could have had that in the pub, half the men in the village would like to get inside my knickers and the other half pretend that they have!”

“I’m sorry” but I didn’t know why,

“We turned to each other David when we realised that mum and dad were dead, now I don’t know whether Freud would say that’s natural and quite frankly, I don’t give a fuck, all I know is that I needed someone’s arms round me, someone I know and trust, someone I love and that someone was you, my brother, no not just my brother, overnight you became my lover and that’s what I needed Dave, a lover and do you know what Dave?”

“Tell me”

Her eyes blazed as she stared at me and I realised just at that moment, that I loved her, I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

“I want that lover to take me to bed now, I want to fall asleep in his arms and when I wake up in the morning, do you know what I want?”

“I can guess” I said softly,

“Go on then try me” she challenged,

“You want more reassurance, you want your lover to make love to you”

“Got it in one”

I knew I looked sheepish, but I said it any way,

“Am I forgiven?”

I think I’ve said it before, but anyway I’ll say it again, even then I was a big man and she was like a feather as I scooped her up in my arms and took her into my bed,

“I’m not sure yet” she said impishly as I lay her on the bed, “Persuade me”

I did too and much, much later as we finally drifted off to sleep, I heard her mutter dreamily,

“I’m persuaded”

We breathed a sigh of relief when the coroner returned a verdict of death by mis-adventure, it meant that finally we could lay them to rest and without being mercenary about it, it also meant that their insurance company would pay out!”

As is usual in such cases, a representative from the insurance company was in the court and he spoke to us on the way out,

“If you’d like to make the arrangements now for the funeral, send all the bills to us and we’ll settle with you in about three weeks or so, if you need cash now, I’m authorised to give you a cheque for £10,000 at this moment and it will still leave you a substantial amount after the funeral expenses”

That wasn’t the norm, but we accepted it and walked out of the courtroom feeling quite relieved, at last we could bury our parents and put the whole sorry episode behind us!

For a while, we wandered aimlessly around town after depositing the cheque in the bank, then suddenly Mickey took my hand determinedly and said,

“Let’s go for a ride on your bike!”

I had an ex police motor cycle, a 1000cc Norton and it was my pride and joy, I’d never taken a pillion passenger on it before though and I hesitated for a moment.

“Let’s go somewhere where we’re not known, a hotel or a boarding house and spend the night there, we can make the arrangements from there by phone and just–, you know!”

I knew all right, I felt the same way, they were nice people in the village, salt of the earth even, but we’d both got sympathy coming out of our ears and we really did need to get away!

“Yeah, come on then, let’s do it”

She looked sensational in black leather jacket and skin tight leather jeans, the thigh high boots and the eye patch were an added bonus,

“You wouldn’t want to take me home to meet your mum, would you?” she laughed and then her face fell when she realised what she’d said,

“Oh bugger it Dave, I’m sorry”

I hugged her tightly and soothed her,

“Forget it Mickey” I said softly, “They’re gone and we both miss them, but we have to get on with our own lives now so come on let’s go up to the midlands somewhere”

I love my motor bike and I love travelling at high speed on it, but I wasn’t too sure whether or not Mickey was ready for it, so I cruised up the motorway at a steady 80mph until we pulled into a service are for fuel and a coffee,

“Can I have it Dave?”

I looked at her in surprise and nodded, “You know you can Mickey, but are you sure?”

“Positive” she grinned at me, “Chicken?”

“Up yours” I laughed, “That’ll be the day”

Finishing our coffee, we got back astride the bike and she revved it up.

“Just getting the feel of it bro” she shouted above the noise, “It’s been a while”

It had been about four years actually and I don’t mind admitting that I was probably more nervous than she was as she moved it out expertly onto the motorway.

I needn’t have worried though, she was as good as me any day on the big machine, she’d had her own bike for a couple of years but preferred the comfort of a car.

I wrapped my arms round her waist and settled back to enjoy the ride, but I should have known better!

The bike had cost me an awful lot of money and one of the reasons was the two helmets, with built in throat mikes so the riders could converse without shouting, I quickly realised that we weren’t exactly dawdling when her voice came through the receiver,

“What’s the fastest you’ve ever been on this thing?”

“150” I said smugly, “But you’ll never beat it”

“Wanna bet?”

It was a good job I had my arms around her because the sudden forward surge of power had me hanging on like grim death as she accelerated away!

The tinkling of her laughter hit my ears like a song and I laughed with her,

“How fast are we going?”

“About 165, why are you scared?”

“No, I’m just wondering”

“Wondering what?”

“Wondering if you’ve ever had an orgasm at 165 miles per hour”

“You wouldn’t dare”

Her belt buckle was first and it opened easily, even with my gloves on, the hard part though was taking a glove off and tucking it inside my jacket at the speed we were going!

“You’re mad” she laughed, “Absolutely fucking crazy”

“Well let’s be mad together”

The zip on her jeans was easy, it slid down with hardly any effort at all and I slipped my hand down into her jeans, her tiny little panties were no barrier either, I found the smooth hairless skin on either side of her slit and slid my finger downwards into the slit.

Her clitoris was hard already, her cunt wet and she moaned softly as I squeezed the bud gently between my fingers,

“How fast now Mickey?”

A police car had pulled an errant motorist up on the hard shoulder and the expression on his face must have been priceless as we flashed by at an insane speed.

“170” came the reply, but she sounded breathless,


“That’s me”

“I’m com… , I’m, oh God, oh fuck, oooooooooh DAVE!!!”

We hit the exit ramp at about 100mph and quickly decelerated down to come to a halt at the obligatory lights, the couple in the car we stopped beside looked over and gawped when they saw my hand down the rider’s jeans.

“I bet they think we’re a couple of queers” she chortled as she opened the engine up and we sped away!

-To be continued…-