Xantha Steel lay in the cockpit of the small one man shuttle, the voice of the flight controller was counting down the last few second before blast off. She braced herself as she prepared for the extreme G forces that she had felt many times before. As the forces hit her she tried to relax, in less than five minutes she was in orbit and completely weightless. It always took a few minutes to adjust from weighing ten times your earthly weight to zero, but she was used to it and adjusted quickly. She checked her instruments and gauges, then turned on her mike.

“Everything’s a go Houston.” she reported.

“One hundred minutes to warp.” the controller said.

Xantha lay back and relaxed. She had been selected for this mission because she had beat out nine other astronauts. NASA had picked the ten best and gave them rigorous testing. She excelled in all the tests, so she was selected to fly this very important mission. The machine she was flying was not just a shuttle nor was it just a space ship. It was the newest experimental craft in existence, a space-time warp machine. The space warp machine was invented several years before, It was theorized that you could travel twenty light-years and back in little more than an instant. The problem was it would be forty years later in earth time before you returned. Three space ships had been warped into space but it would be several more years before any of them returned. The men piloting them had no relatives or friends that were important to them so they had volunteered for the flights knowing that when they returned they would be the same age but everyone on earth would be much older.

The ship Xantha was in, not only warped space but time, if it worked she could travel twenty light years and back in less than an instant and the earth and the people on it would be the same age as when she left. She realized that if anything went wrong she would probably be dead. But that was true of any space mission. As she relaxed and waited for the right time and place for her to go into warp speed. Her mind wandered back over the last few months.

She lived with the other astronauts, there were seven men and two other women. She had sex with all of them sometimes one on one and sometimes in groups. Only last week they all got together for an orgy. She had a ball. The only thing she liked better than flying something was fucking. She was jarred out of her thoughts by a voice on the radio.

“T minus twenty minutes and counting. Time to start final checks.” the voice said.

For the next several minutes she was busy checking everything. At twenty seconds to warp, the oral countdown started. At T-minus ten seconds she opened the door that covered the red warp button.

“Everything still a go Houston.” she said.

The controller finished the countdown and she pressed the button. For an instant she thought nothing happened, then she blacked out.

When she woke up it was dark. She was confused something didn’t feel right, she was in bed and the bed didn’t feel familiar. She rubbed her hands over her body.

“Holy shit! My tits are gone.” she said aloud.

She quickly reached for the light on her nightstand, the room lit up and she couldn’t believe her eyes. She wasn’t in her apartment. Se was back in her old room at her mothers house. She looked at her hands and saw they were the hands of a child. Throwing off the covers she jumped to her feet and looked in the mirror. What she saw was shocking. It was her all right but it was her when she was a child. She threw off her night gown and stared at herself, her little breasts were the size of small oranges; a far cry from the D-sized ones she was used to seeing. Her cunt was bare and her hips were narrow. At first she thought she was losing her mind then it came to her. The time warp had worked but the space warp hadn’t. She guessed she had gone back in time twenty years. She looked around the room and spied a report card on the dresser; sure enough it was for the fifth grade, which meant she was ten years old.

She sat on the bed and thought. Her ship had an automatic return on it, at sometime in the future she would be returned to it, how long that would be she didn’t know. Here she was a thirty year old woman it a ten year old child’s body. How many times had she said “I wish I was a child again and know what I know now.” Now it was actually happening.

She went to her closet and found many things that she remembered as her favorites. She dressed and went down stairs to the kitchen. Her mother was bustling around making breakfast.

“Good morning Mom.”

“Good morning dear. Breakfast is almost ready.”

Xantha sat at the table and watched, she never realized how beautiful her mother was. Seeing her mom’s big tits jiggle and her ass cheeks wiggle caused her little pussy to get wet. Her mother was wearing tight shorts and a halter that did little to hide her sexy body. She just sat there staring and drooling.

“God I would love to get my tongue in that.” she thought.

“Good morning ladies.” her step father said as he entered.

“Hi Dad.” Xantha said as she stared at him.

“What a hunk.” she thought, he was much better looking than she remembered.

“Mornin Larry, pour yourself a cup, breakfast will be ready in a minute.” her Mom said.

“You working today, Cat?” he asked.

“Yes this afternoon for a few hours I should be home by five.”

Her Mom’s name was Catherine but everyone called her Cat. “Probably because of her great looking pussy.” Xantha thought.

“God I’m glad this is Friday, this week has been a bitch.” Larry said.

“Tomorrow Jeri and I are going shopping, so you two can just lay around and relax.” Cat said as she scooped a couple of fried eggs onto a plate.

“I certainly want to lay around with him, but not to relax.” Xantha thought, as a plan begin to form in her mind.

“Xan you’ll be alone for a few hours after school. You can get Annie to stay with you if you like.” Cat said.

“OK.” Xantha said, as her plans started to broaden.

Annie was her best friend, she was the same age as Xantha and she had a fourteen-year- old brother named Terry. Xantha remembered that she had a crush on him as they were growing up.

“I’ll be fine Mom, don’t worry, Annie and I will play computer games.”

After breakfast Xantha ran up stairs to her bedroom. She sat on the bed, lifting her skirt she pulled her panties aside and frantically rubbed her little clit. Her orgasm was so strong she had to cover her mouth with her other hand to muffle the screams. She knew this was the first orgasm for her little body but it was far from the first for her adult mind. She fell back on the bed clutching her little pussy until the contractions subsided. Then she worked two fingers into her cunt and felt her hymen, just as she had expected it was still intact, she lost her virginity when she was fourteen to a sixteen year old boy named Bob Baker. He just pushed his cock in her and creamed. She felt nothing but the pain of her hymen breaking; she vowed that the next time would be different. She planned to really enjoy her first fuck. As she lay there, thinking over her plans, the doorbell rang.

She ran down the stairs and threw open the front door, she knew it would be Annie and it was. Xantha grabbed her in a bear hug and kissed her firmly on the lips. Annie pushed her away and stepped back, red faced.

“Holy shit, Xan. What was that for?” Shit was Annie’s favorite word. She heard her big brother use it often.

“That was for nothing, look out if you do something.” Xantha said grinning.

“Come on, Xan why’d you kiss me like that?”

“That was to thank you for being such a good friend. What’s the matter. Didn’t you like it?”

“No. I mean yeah, Shit I don’t know, it felt kinda strange.” Annie said still blushing.

If you don’t stop saying shit so much you’re going to slip up and say it to your Mom or Dad, that could get you grounded.”

“You’re probably right but I love the way it sounds when I say it. Come on get your shit and let’s go, we’re gonna miss the bus.”

When they arrived at the school it was just the way Xantha remembered it. Miss Dennis her teacher was just as sweet as she remembered but a whole lot sexier, the loose fitting blouse and full skirt didn’t hide her curvaceous body. Watching her move around in front of the class made Xantha hot again. At recess she went to the girls room and masturbated herself to a delicious orgasm. She did it again during lunch break and again at the afternoon recess. She had to figure a way to get into Miss Dennis’s panties. She needed something besides her fingers in her little hairless cunt.

By the time school was out she was worked up again, all the way home her little pussy bubbled its juices into the crotch of her little panties. By the time they reached her house she was determined to seduce Annie. Annie was a little doll, she wondered why she hadn’t done it when she was a kid. Now she had the opportunity to rectify that, she remembered that her stepdad had a closet that she was never allowed in when she was young, she never thought much about that then but now she thought she might know why it was off limits.

As they entered her house she threw off her backpack and turned to Annie.

“You stay down here for a minute, I’ll be right back.” she said and raced up the stairs.

She went directly to her parent’s bedroom and opened the door of Larry’s closet. On the floor in a neat stack was just what she was looking for. Most of the magazines had pictures of men and women fucking, she found one that had several pictures of lesbians making love, some of them were of two women and others were of three or more women. She took that one and put the others back where she found them.

When she got back downstairs Annie was slouched on the couch surfing the channels on the TV.

“I wanted you to see this, I found it by accident, I think it belongs to my dad.” she said, holding the magazine out to her.

Annie looked at the front cover and her eyes bugged out. It was a picture of a woman with a big cock in her mouth with cum running down her chin.

“Holy shit. What are they doin?” Annie screeched.

“She’s sucking a guy’s thing. And that white stuff is what comes out when they shoot.” Xander explained.

Annie turned the page and her eyes got bigger, as she turned the pages Xander explained what the people in the pictures were doing. When she got to the lesbian pictures, she explained in more detail, she noticed Annie was rubbing her ass around on the couch.

“Hey I have an idea, let’s take our panties off and look at each other’s thing.” Xantha said, grinning.

“Yeah let’s.” Annie said while looking at a picture of a woman with her tongue buried in a cunt.

Xantha shimmied out of her panties then sat on the couch with her legs spread wide. Annie looked at her cunt then at the magazine.

“Shit Xan, this lady’s got hair all over her thing and we don’t have any. I wonder why.” Annie said.

“I don’t think you get hair until you get older. Come on get your panties off I want to see yours.” Xantha said.

Annie stood and stripped her panties down her legs, then she sat on the couch and spread them, picking up the magazine.

“This lady is licking the other lady’s thing.” She said.

“I think our things are called pussy’s. Do you want me to lick your pussy?”

“Pussy? You mean like in pussy cat?” Annie asked.

“Yes the same thing. Do you want me to lick it?”

“Well, I guess a little, just to see if I like it.”

Xantha dropped to the floor between Annie’s legs and gave her slit a gentle swipe then she spread her cunt lips with her fingers and licked inside.

“Shit Xan, yes I like it, it feels sooo goood.”

Xantha found her little clit and began tonguing it for all she was worth, now that she had her tongue in this sweet little hole she wasn’t about to stop until Annie came. Annie was pushing her little pussy up at her mouth and moaning. Xantha pushed one finger into her little hole then two, she was careful not do damage her hymen. She felt Annie’s first contraction with her fingers.

“Shitttt, you’re killing me.” she cried.

It was hard for Xantha to hold on to her writhing body. But somehow she managed to keep licking until the contractions stopped. She raised her head and looked at Annie’s pretty face.

“How was that, girl? she asked.

“Oh Xan it was so good, I never felt anything so good.” Annie breathed.

“You want to do me now?”

“Yes I want to make you feel it too.”

Xantha sat on the couch and Annie slid between her legs, she did exactly what Xantha done to her, she soon had her moaning and groaning through an orgasm, it was the best since Xantha had woke that morning. When the contractions stopped she pulled Annie up beside her and kissed her lips. Annie didn’t pull away this time she kissed her back. Xantha pushed her tongue between her lips and was delighted when the little girl moaned and allowed it to enter her mouth. Their tongues lashed together, then they finally broke apart.

“Oh that was so neat Xan, kiss me again.” Annie begged.

“Let’s get our clothes off first so we can touch each other.” Xantha breathed heavily.

The two young girls quickly undressed. Then they held each other through another kiss, their hand exploring the others body, their pouting little tits mashed together. This time when they broke their kiss Xantha went straight for her nipples. When she started sucking Annie moaned.

“Oh shit yes suck them. I love it, please don’t stop.”

Xantha lifted her head and smiled at her.

“Let’s do each other again.”

“OK, you go first.” Annie smiled back.

“No, we can do each other at the same time, here let me show you.”

Xantha pulled her to the floor and showed her how to get into the sixty-nine position. They licked each other through two more orgasms each, then they crawled onto the couch and relaxed.

“Do you like cumming?” Xantha asked.

“If that what that good feeling is called, I love it.”

“You can do that to yourself you know.”

“You can, how?”

“Just rub your little button with your fingers.”

“Really, shit I’ll be doin that all the time.” Annie said, reaching for the magazine.

“What are these people doin?” she asked pointing at a man and woman that were fucking.

“They’re fucking.” Xantha explained.

“Fucking? Terry says fuck all the time is this what he’s talking about?”

Xantha, explaining everything about sex filled the next fifteen minutes.

“When you get fucked do you think it feels as good as getting your pussy sucked?” Annie asked.

“Yeah I think so.”

“Do boys cum too?”

“Sure that’s when they shoot that white stuff.”

“Why do women suck men’s things?”

“It’s cocks and they do it cause it makes the men feel good and they like to eat the white stuff.”

Annie was silent for a long time.

“Do you think Terry would let me suck his cock and fuck me.”

“I bet he would.” Xantha grinned.

“Let’s suck each other again.” Annie ginned back.

After two more orgasms they dressed and Xantha returned the magazine to Larry’s closet. Then they returned to the couch.

“How do you know so much about this stuff?” Annie asked.

“My mom told me, she believes in sex education.” Xantha lied.

“Do you think your mom and my mom are doin it?” Annie asked.

“Why do you ask that?”

“I was at the park one day and I went home earlier than usual, your mom was at my house. When I went in she was sitting on the floor in front of my mom. I couldn’t tell what they were doin’ but when they heard me your mom jumped up and sat on the couch, and it looked like my mom was straightening her clothes. I never thought much about it until today. I bet they were doin it.”

Annie’s mom Jeri and Cat were best friends, they were always doing things together. Xantha thought it might just be true, she would definitely check it out.

“You could be right. They may have been.” she said thoughtfully.

Cat arrived home on time and began preparing dinner. Annie went home and Xantha went to her room and thought over her plans for tomorrow.

The next morning after breakfast Cat left to go shopping with Jeri and Larry went to the garage. He was an antique car enthusiast and he began working on his latest project A 1932 Model A Ford. He found he needed several things from the parts store so he came back to the kitchen and poured himself another cup of coffee. Xantha heard him come in and joined him.

“I’m bored dad, Let’s play Kidnapper.” She said.

Kidnapper was a game she remembered they played often. She would tie Larry up and he would try to escape. Of course, he always did because the little girl was not very adept at tying knots. Larry sipped his coffee, The parts store wouldn’t have the parts he need in stock, so he knew they would order them and they wouldn’t be in until someday next week. He decided to humor the little girl.

“OK Xan, get the rope.”

She ran out to the garage and got the soft cotton rope they always used. When she got back to the kitchen he was finishing his coffee.

“Pull the chair out I want to tie your feet first.” she said.

Larry moved the chair into the middle of the room. Xantha tied his ankles to the chair legs.

“Now put your hands your hands down to your sides.”

She tied his wrist to the rear chair legs then she tied his knees to the front legs. She wrapped a rope around his chest and chair back and tied it securely.

“Now get loose.” she said smiling.

Larry struggled for a moment.

“Hey! You’re getting much better at this. I can’t get loose. I give up. Untie me.”

“Not til you pay the ransom.” she laughed.

“Ransom, what ransom?” Larry laughed back.

“Just wait and I’ll show you.” She giggled.

She got a dishtowel from a drawer.

“First I have to blindfold you.”

Larry laughed as she tied the towel around his head. She went to another drawer and got her mom’s kitchen shears. She knelt between his legs and pulled the crouch of his shorts down.

“XAN! What are you doing?”

“You’ll see.”

“Xan stop that right now and untie me.” he demanded.

She carefully cut the crotch of his shorts from one leg to the other, shit! He was wearing under shorts, She pulled down the crotch of them and repeated the cut. She pulled the front flaps up and revealed his cock and balls.

“If you don’t stop I’ll spank your little butt.” he screamed.

“No you won’t and if you don’t stop yelling I’m going to put a gag in your mouth.” she said as she stripped her own shorts and panties down her legs.

“You little bitch. You’ll be grounded for a month.” he yelled.

She wadded up her panties. And took one of his balls in her hand.

“Open up.” she commanded.

“NO.” he screamed.

She pulled his testicle hard.

“I said open up.”

Larry’s mouth flew open and she stuffed her panties inside.

“Now let me see what we have here.” she cooed.

She took his cock in her hand and studied it. It wasn’t too large but it wasn’t too small either. Xander had seen much larger but she thought this would be just right for her little, tight hole. She opened her mouth and sucked in the head. Larry was making all kinds of sounds but she ignored him. She expertly sucked, licked and swallowed it until, in spite of himself, Larry’s cock got rock hard. He was making different sounds now, She stood and climbed onto his lap with her feet on his thighs she lowered herself until the head of his cock was at the opening of her wet sheath, she took in about two inches. It felt like the biggest cock she had ever fucked. She hesitated when it touched her hymen, then gritting her teeth, she slammed herself down on it, sweeping away her virginity forever. With her head thrown back she gripped his shoulders and began to fuck up and down on it. She had an orgasm almost immediately, she kept bouncing right through it then another hit her, then another. Larry made a loud groaning sound and his cock bucked inside her and filled her little pussy. It squirted out around his cock onto his balls. Xander kept fucking until he went soft then she leaned forward and hugged him.

“That’s the ransom I wanted.” she panted.

She reached up and removed the blindfold then took her panties from his mouth.

“Xan, we shouldn’t be doing this. I’m your dad.” he stammered.

“Your not my real dad, so it’s OK.” she said kissing him.

“When your mom gets home you’re going to be in big trouble.”

“No I won’t, you can’t tell her if you do I’ll say you raped me. No one will believe I raped you. You’ll wind up in jail.”

Larry thought about that for a minute. She was right. He couldn’t tell anyone. No one would believe a ten year old raped him.

“Ok I guess you got me, now untie me.”

“Nope not til you promise.” she said grinning.

“Promise what?” he asked.

“Promise you’ll fuck me and let me suck your cock whenever I want.”

“I can’t promise you that, if your mom found out she’d kill me.”

“She won’t find out, You can come to my room at night when she’s asleep, and she’s always going somewhere on weekends with Jeri. We’ll get plenty of chances.”

Larry liked what they had done and his little stepdaughter was more than willing.

“OK,OK, we’ll do it your way, but we have to be very careful.”

“If I untie you now will you fuck me again right now, otherwise I’ll just keep you tied up til I’m through with you.”

“I’ll do it if I can get it up again.”

“Don’t worry about that. My mouth will take care of it.”

She untied the rope around his chest and the phone rang. Xantha picked up the phone.

“Hello.” She said.

“Let me talk to dad.” Cat said.

“He’s tied up right now, can I give him a message?”

“Yes tell him I won’t be home for lunch Jeri and I are having lunch at the mall then were going to her house for a while, she has some sewing she wants me to help her with.”

“OK mom I’ll tell him.” Xantha said grinning.

She gave Larry the message and began untying him.

“Xan where did you learn about sex, I know you were a virgin when you sat on me. Where did you learn all of this stuff?”

“I’ll never tell.” she said, laughing.

After she sucked Larry hard again she climbed up on the table and he fucked her. It was a much better and longer fuck than their first. Xantha lost count of her orgasms.

Afterward Larry collapsed on the same chair she had tied him to. Xantha knew he was finished at least for a few hours

“I’m going to take a shower and go to Annie’s.” she said as she left the room.

After showering she looked in the mirror and grinned. This was a real blast, she was going to have a ball while it lasted, she vowed.

Xantha knew that Annie was camping with Uncle Steve and Terry and that her Mom and Aunt Jeri would be alone. Their families were so close Xantha always called Annie’s parents Uncle and Aunt, as did Annie hers.

When she got to Annie’s house she saw her mother’s car in the driveway. The backdoor was locked but she knew where they hid the key, she unlocked the door and returned the key to it’s hiding place. She tiptoed through the kitchen to the living room, she heard a low moan come from the master bedroom she went quietly down the hall and carefully opened the door a little. She wasn’t a least bit surprised by what she saw. Her mother was lying on her back and Aunt Jeri’s head was buried between her wide spread legs. Her mother eyes were clinched tight and her head was turning from side to side. Aunt Jeri was on her knees with her pretty ass sticking up high and her wet glistening pussy pointed right at Xantha. She crept over to them and carefully slid onto the bed then sticking out her tongue she shoved it as far as she could into Jeri’s cunt and gave it a good lick. Jeri’s head flew up and she rolled onto her side.

“Xantha! What are you doing?” she gasped.

“The same thing you were doing” Xantha grinned.

Cat opened her eyes.

“My god Xan. What are you doing here.” she groaned.

“I wanted to see what you two were up to.” Xantha smiled.

“She licked my pussy.” Jeri complained.

When I saw what you were doing I wanted to do it too.” Xantha explained. “I want to do it some more, it was good.”

“Xan, you go home this instant and don’t breathe a word about what you saw to anyone.”

“I don’t think so Mom, I think I’ll stay here, I want to do it to Aunt Jeri some more, then I want to do it to you.”

“You’ll do no such thing, now get out of here. If you say anything you’ll never leave your room again.” Cat screamed.

“Mom I promise I’ll tell Dad, Uncle Steve, Terry and Annie if you don’t let me do it.” Xantha said with a firm voice.

Cat and Jeri looked at each other both with a shocked expression on their faces. They couldn’t believe they were being blackmailed by a ten-year-old girl, but they believed she would tell.

“Aunt Jeri you just go back to what you were doing and I’ll just jump in.”

Jeri slowly moved back to her knees and Cat spread her legs. When she thought they were getting back into it Xantha moved behind Jeri and pushed her tongue into her wet pussy. She licked and sucked it using every trick she had learned in her thirty years. Jeri’s head came up again.

“God this kid knows how to eat a cunt, she’s making me cum. Agggggg God yes.” she moaned, then put her head back into Cat’s crotch.

Xantha stood up and walked to the head of the bed, she put a foot on each side of her mother’s head and squatted.

“Eat me Mom, suck my pussy.” she groaned.

Cat opened her eyes and saw her daughter’s beautiful little pink pussy she couldn’t resist licking it. Soon she was licking and sucking it hungrily, while Xantha squeezed and pulled at her mom’s big tits.

Cat began groaning out her orgasm just as Xantha had her own.

Xantha rolled off her mom onto her back panting. Both of the women were silent for some time. Then Cat raised up on her elbow and looked at her daughter.

“Xan, I can’t believe this. How, where did you learn these things?” she asked.

“Yeah, where did you learn to eat pussy like that?” Jeri added.

“I don’t know what’s come over you. You act more like a grown woman than a little girl.” Cat continued.

“Listen you guys, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you, which I won’t.” Xantha said smiling.

Cat fell back onto the bed. Xantha put her hand on her mothers pussy.

“That’s enough talk. I want to eat this now.” She said moving between her mothers legs.

Then looking over at Jeri.

“Hey I know, Let’s do a three way.” she grinned.

The three women protested but Xantha threatened them again and they gave in.

Much later Cat and Xantha drove home. Cat was silent the whole time. When they entered the house Larry greeted them.

“Well, what have you two been up to.?” He asked.

“Jeri and I.” Cat started.

“I was eating Mom’s pussy.” Xantha interrupted.

“You were what?” Larry exclaimed.

“And Aunt Jeri’s too and they were eating each other and me too.” Xantha grinned.

Cat fell onto the couch, hung her head and put her hands over her face.

“I can’t believe what I’m hearing.” Larry said.

“Well, you see Dad after we got through fucking I went over to Annie’s and Mom and Aunt Jeri were doing it. I was still horny so I joined them.” she explained.

Cat’s head flew up.

“Fucking, you two were fucking.” she said incredulously.

“Sure Mom, Daddy fucks real good, but I guess you know that.” Xantha giggled

“The little bitch raped me.” Larry cried.

“Raped you. How could a ten-year-old rape a grown man?”

“It’s true Mom I raped him, I tied him up and cut away his clothes and fucked him. But you can’t tell because I’ll say you both are sexually abusing me.”

“Honey, how can you do this to your Mom and Dad?” Cat whimpered.

“I can do it because I love you. People don’t fuck their kids because it can really screw up their lives, but in my case I want it. I want to make love to both of you because I love you so much and I promise it won’t screw up my mind.”

“Just what do you have in that little twisted mind of yours.” Larry asked grinning at her.

“I want the three of us to sleep together every night. I want us to make love together. I want you to fuck me while I eat Mom and fuck her while she eats me, then I want us to eat each other. If you don’t do it I’ll tell everyone you’re a couple of perverts that’s always fucking me.”

That night they did all of those things and Xantha fell asleep a happy little girl.

When she woke up she was back in her ship, the first thing she did was to push the button on her mike.

“Houston, Can you copy?”

“Loud and clear TW1.”

“How long was I gone?”

“Thirty two seconds.”

“Is that all, I can’t remember anything that happened. Do you think it worked?”

“Can’t be sure. Bring her on home, you’re only twenty seconds from re-entry.”

As she flew back into the atmosphere and glided her craft to the landing strip, she tried hard to remember her childhood and her parents. She remembered what they looked like but that was all. Once on the ground she was taken directly to debriefing. All of the scientist were baffled by her loss of memory. After three days of their questions that received no answers they gave up.

She dressed in her sexiest outfit and started out of the headquarters building, She was going to find a cock, she was horny as hell. An orderly called her name and came rushing up to her.

“You have some relatives and a friend waiting for you.” he said.

When she entered the waiting room there was her Mother, Father and Annie. She kissed her Mom and Dad on the cheek and hugged Annie. As they sped away in her Dad’s car she noticed they were going in a different direction than to her apartment.

“Hey Dad. You’re going in the wrong direction.” she complained.

“No I’m not were going to our motel. It’s closer.”

“Why are we going to your Motel?” she asked.

“Because we all want some of that sweet pussy of yours just as soon as possible.” he said grinning.

That’s when the memories flooded back, she remembered when she was ten and how she had raped her Dad and how she had blackmailed her mom into having sex with her, She remembered sleeping with them almost every night until she went to college, She remembered how Annie had joined them when she was twelve. The two girls had no secretes from each other and Annie knew all about Xantha fucking her parents. One night when Annie slept over they switched, Annie slipped into their bed and fucked them both. Cat and Larry didn’t know it was Annie until the next morning. After that when Annie slept over they all four slept together. She remembered fucking Annie’s brother and father and having sex with Aunt Jeri often. She remembered seducing her teacher Miss Dennis. She also had memories of another childhood. One that was without sex until she lost her cherry to Bob Baker.

That’s when she realized the time warp had worked she had gone back in time and changed history, at least her own history. She smiled and lay back in the seat.

“Drive faster Daddy.” she said.

– The End –