My head relaxed, bending slightly to the side. His hot breath lingered along the soft curve of my neck. Searching lips scorched the delicate skin and melted into its softness. My eyes, that were closed and lost in the moment, opened slowly. I stared through their lust-filled glaze into the night sky. I noticed that the moon was barely visible, offering only a small glimmer of light to see by. The stars twinkled brightly against the ink-like blackness of the night.

I could hear voices talking excitedly nearby, as they made their way inside the bar. Music could be heard radiating through the thick wall behind me. It’s sultry beat influenced my response. He pressed me firmly against the wall, to restrain me from too much movement. His need for dominance became evident.

Roaming hands were allowed a brief moment of exploration before he grasped my wrists, pinning them above my head. One strong hand was all it took to keep me immobile from the waist up. His free hand was searching for access beyond the flimsy material that concealed my aroused flesh. I squirmed against him with false need to break free. It excited him more. My hips writhed against the swelling bulge trapped within his pants.

His mouth hungered for the soft skin heaving shamelessly from the boundary of my garment. Breathlessly he mumbled, “My God you taste so good ” His grip on my wrists loosened. ” Your scent is intoxicating.” Lightly applied White Musk wafted in the air, mixing with the aroma of imminent sex. The fragrance lured us into recklessness. His need for control was abandoned as his hand released its hold on my wrists.

We paid no attention to the people passing by in the near distance. Enticed by the forbidden chance that we might be caught, our arousal heightened. The darkness of the night and shadows cast by nearby buildings masked our secret encounter. Despite knowing this, I knew our intensifying moans of lust could give us away at any moment. My freed hands pulled him closer. I couldn’t help but grope his hard cock through the fabric. The temptation to satisfy my curiosity drew me in. I teased him deliberately.

He backed away slightly, hesitating a moment in enjoyment. Sensations coursed through his body, which left him in a needful state. His hands were pressed hard against the roughness of the wall to steady himself. ” Mmmm Your so hard.” I announced. Gazing deeply into his eyes, I taunted him with the devilish grin that spread across my face. “Is all that for me?” I asked in a breathless whisper.

Playing into the game I had begun, he answered, ” Damn right it is ” his mouth covered mine hungrily. His kiss was demanding at first then softened. His lips slowly parted from mine, neither of us wanting the kiss to end. ” And you’ll love every inch of it.” He concluded in a barely audible voice.

I didn’t let on, but I never doubted the enjoyment I would encounter. The past familiarity we shared had prepared me for our impending intimacy. Over time, the flames of desire had burned fiercely. Which ultimately stripped away any restraint I might of possessed. The control he felt he needed to obtain had already been bestowed upon him.

There we stood between two buildings groping each other with wild abandonment. His hand slipped under my skirt and forced my legs further apart. He searched for the pleasure that overflowed within me. He smiled confidently, as his fingers slipped beyond the silk material concealing my wet pussy. The look on his face told me such an eager response to his touch hadn’t been foreseen. He was pleased with himself.

Slowly, he began to slide his fingers in and out of my wetness. He teased my clit intentionally between each thrust. If his intentions were to drive me crazy it was working. I held on tightly grinding my hips against him like a bitch in heat. Each wave of pleasure was more intense than the one before, as my orgasm drew nearer. ” Ohhhh God Yessssss!” stumbled out of my mouth. The uncontrollable spasms of release had descended upon me. I rode each wave of passion until it began to subside. He slipped his fingers from my pussy and brought them closer to his face. With both fingers completely immersed in his mouth he began to suck my juices from them. His eyes closed as I watched him inhale the sweet scent of desire.

Satisfied he had devoured every lingering trace, I heard him command, ” Get on your knees now.” He was quiet so as not to call attention to us, yet his voice remained firm. I knelt willingly before him on a small patch of grass growing between the buildings. He unbuttoned his jeans and lowered the zipper until it wouldn’t go any further. I noticed that he was having difficulty sliding his jeans down over his hard cock. It had become so swollen with arousal that I think it even surprised him. In the faint starlight, I detected a glint of pre-cum glistening at the tip. It was enticing me to take a taste to lick it clean. Then begged for me to suck his hardness for more. His cock twitched in anticipation, beckoning me to fulfill its need.

I admired his thickness for only a moment, before I felt his hand cup the back of my head. Urging me forward. His fingers entangled within my hair to anchor his grasp. “Suck me.” he ordered in a low growl. I lowered my mouth over his length until I wasn’t able to take anymore. My lips hugged his cock tightly, as I began my slow torturous descent. ” Mmmm, Yeah that’s it baby.”

My mouth slid hungrily up and down his cock. The rhythm accelerated, as I became more comfortable with his size. I became obsessed with the task at hand, sucking him harder and faster. I wanted to hear him beg for release to lose control.

His grasp on my head tightened, as he held me still to receive his thrusts. I fondled his balls with my free hand, raking my nails lightly along the taut skin. He slowed his frantic pace to keep from releasing too soon. Both of my hands slid around to cup the well-defined roundness of his backside. I caressed the soft flesh invitingly, which almost sent him over the edge. His thrusting stopped abruptly. “Stop ” he begged, “I’m not ready yet.” I moaned in disapproval, as my lips slipped from the end of his cock. “Get up.”

He had something else in mind something I longed for. To feel him deep inside of me, filling me completely with his hard cock. Fucking me hard and fast until neither of us could hold back any longer. I stood slowly, brushing the remnants of sand that clung to my knees. He was impatient. His lips assaulted mine with intense need. I reciprocated feverishly, with no intention of denying my own needs.

His hands clawed at my top trying to release my breast from its prison. He found success, as my left breast was exposed to the night air. The darkened color of my nipple stood out against the paleness of my skin. He leaned down and caught the erect nipple in his mouth, sucking at it hard. His tongue teased me in between each playful nibble. I didn’t know if I wanted to pull him closer or beg him to stop. Within seconds, the decision was no longer mine.

Turning me around to face the wall, he lifted the bottom of my skirt, so that the backside rested at my waist. “You better use the wall to steady yourself.” He suggested. I bent slightly at the waist and did as he said. With my hands against the wall I felt him tug at the sides of my lacy panties. Evidently, they didn’t give way as he intended. I felt him tear at each side until the unwanted restriction was removed. They lay in a heap on the ground beside my feet no longer functional. His intensity scared me a little yet excited me too.

For some reason I briefly glanced toward the exit of the bar. A couple of guys stood outside and appeared to be talking quietly to each other. “Had they heard us?” I wondered silently. They looked around inquisitively, as if searching for something they heard, but couldn’t see.

I felt the head of his cock pressing against me from behind. He rubbed it up and down the length of my pussy until it was covered with my juices. His fingers slipped in and out of my hole a couple of times. I felt him position the head of his cock against my opening once again and waited for the initial thrust. He grasped my hips firmly and plunged forward. His hard swollen cock pierced the tightness surrounding my womanhood. I flinched at the initial discomfort, but quickly surrendered to the delightful fullness I felt deep within. His cock, slick with cum, slid in easily. Until his groin rested against my fleshy cheeks unable to plunge any deeper.

A groan of undeniable ecstasy escaped his lips. I mirrored his verbal approval with my own deep moan of appreciation. My hand involuntarily reached for my exposed nipple. Rolling and pinching it between my fingers I waited for the emptiness of his outstroke followed by another deep thrust into my tingling depths. Every nerve ending felt alive with sexual tension. He continued teasing me, slowly pulling outward then thrusting deep. It wasn’t long before I insisted he stop the insatiable teasing. “Fuck me damn it!”

At my request, he began driving his hard cock into me. He had every intention of continuing until he had nothing left to offer. His deep hard thrusts gave new meaning to the saying, “Hurts so good.” It wasn’t long before I was pounding against him in perfect unison. I abandoned the need to touch myself, when I realized both hands would be needed to steady myself against his driving force. I held on tightly to the brick support I found necessary, while my sanity slipped between the cracks of the wall. Our impending climax heightened. I was so close

The climatic quiver began in my toes and vibrated throughout my entire body. The intensity seemed to double once it reached my pussy. I could feel it throb involuntarily around his shaft. He couldn’t hold back any longer. Thrusting into me one final time he emptied his load into my depths. He pressed against me exhausted allowing my orgasm to milk him dry.

His spent member slipped slowly from between my legs, as it was still very sensitive to touch. I turned toward him and began to readjust my clothing. A smile was upon both our faces. I guess I could assume confidently, that both of us were completely satisfied with the night’s outcome. He fastened the button on his pants. “So, are you planning on going in?” he asked. He nodded towards the back door that people had been using all night. “Or would you prefer to go somewhere else?”

That little devilish grin formed on my lips once again, as I replied, “Somewhere else sounds like a lot more fun. You coming?”

“Not yet but I will be.”

– The End –