I’m an 18 year old girl and I’m starting my 2nd year of college next month. Last year, the girls in my dorm spent a lot of time sitting around talking about guys, and penis size was a common topic. There is a consensus that larger dicks are prefered. But there is also a lot of disagreement about what should be considered large.

Most of us agree that if we are choosing between a 5 or a 6 inch penis, we would want the 6 inch. But there is a question about what it is to have a guy who is too big or too small. Personally, I think it depends on the guy the penis is attached to. According to everything I’ve read, the proper way to measure one is along the top, and the most common size of penis is between 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 inches long when completely erect. Anything over 7 inches is really rare. I have had fantastic sex with guys who are small. One of my best male friends from high school is barely 5 inches long but he always leaves me feeling really satisfied when we make love. On the other hand, I’ve been with guys who are 7 inches long and found them really lousy and boring. Some areself aborbed and couldn’t care less about using their dicks properly, or they had no self control meaning they pump frantically like maniacs and come in a short time. Other girls tell me that they have had similar experiences. So guys who aren’t all that big should take a lot of consolation that size isn’t the only factor.

As I said, penises sized larger than 7 inches are rare, but if a girl has enough partners the odds are that she will find her share of large ones. I’ve been having sex since my freshman year of high school and have been with over 100 guys, 67 of them were while I was in high school, the rest have been here at college. I would say that I have enough experience to say that about one in 10 guys is larger than average in size.

My first partner was my cousin’s best friend and his was barely 5 inches long which is probably good because I have a small pussy. I’m not sure I could have handled a monster dick as my first. My second partner was slightly larger. My third was 8 inches long and very big around. It hurt the first time he entered me, but over time I got used to it and enjoyed being with him. He was a college student renting an apartment from our neighbor, so I had plenty of chances to hook up with him. I think he fucked me at least 50 times during my freshman and sophomore years. I was really sad to see him graduate and move away. I wasn’t in love with him, I just enjoyed his friendship and the covenient sex. But I found guys his size to be rare. I did have one partner in my junior year who had a 9 inch dick, and several more in the 7 to 8 inch range. But by the time I finished high school, I wondered if the 10 inch penis was a myth.

I finally met a guy a really gigantic dick on spring break. I’m blond, 5 feet 2 inches tall with nice legs and a slim, athletic body. People tell me I’m pretty, and I guess I am since I get a lot of attention from guys. My best feature is my big pair of breasts. They aren’t monsterous or anything, they are C going on D. In the words of Seinfeld, they are spectacular. Very firm, no sag, milky white and tipped by 1 inch circles and perky nipples that sell up to the size of a pea when they are sucked. My breasts are what got me involved with the guy with the giant dick.

As you can tell, I’m not exactly shy. It was day 3 of spring break in Florida. I had gotten laid 3 times in my first two days. I was walking along the boardwalk with my two girlfriends when we heard an announcement that there was going to be a bikini contest with a $100 dollar prize. We decided I should enter since I have the largest tits of the three of us. The contest was in an enclosed beer garden. Now there is a difference between open bikini contests where anybody can watch and the enclosed ones where people pay to get in. The second type means that the contest is shielded from public viewing and they tend to get really wild. Girls often take off their tops, and in some cases their bottoms too. Some will spread their legs, masturbate, insert items, anything to win.

Well I did strip nude but I couldn’t do any of the things I just listed. But my tits were a hit. When I took my top off the cheers were as loud as could be. If I had been willing to get really raunchy, I propably would have taken first prize. Instead I settled for a $25 third place prize.

Anyway, after the contest, I left and headed back to my hotel with my friends. On the way they told me that they had hooked us up on dates while I was back stage waiting for my contest appearance. I asked why they didn’t introduce me while we were still at the club. I don’t like blind dates, They assured me that my guy was cute and he was already infatuated with me. They said that they made the date for me before I got on stage. They had been talking to a pair of guys named Jason and Dale who invited them out. My friends accepted but only on condition that the guys find a date for me. No problem they said, and they shouted to get a third guy’s attention, and told him he was being fixed up on a blind date. His name was Aaron, and he was reluctant at first since I wasn’t around for him to size up. My friends assured him that I was cute but he wasn’t sure if he could believe them. Then my turn came up and I walked out on stage and started my little stage dance. Aaron saw me up there and was told that I was his date, and he was almost ecstactic.

Anyway, we all met, went out for Cuban food, had a few drinks, and then went back to their hotel. These guys came from wealth families so unlike most of us students, they went first class. Instead of cramming 4 people into double room, they had a 5 room suite. We had another drink in the sitting area and then split up into separate rooms.

I was really getting to like Aaron. He was not only cute, but witty and considerate. All evening, he made sure I had everything I needed. He fetched drinks, opened doors and held chairs for me. So when we were finally alone, I decided he was going to get his just rewards. I was wearing my bikini with a shoulder shawl and a wrap around skirt. It didn’t take long for me to strip down to just the bikini.

I let him remove my bikini top, and he couldn’t wait to get his tongue onto my nipples. He slowly slid the panties down my smooth, pretty legs. I trim my bush, but I don’t shave, and he loved seeing my very blond pussy. After admiring me, he said reached for his belt buckle and said “ready for this?”

I thought he was asking if I was ready to get laid. What he was really asking was if I was ready to see him reveal the most magnificent dick I have ever seen. He had been wearing a pair of baggy shorts, so I had no idea that he had a 10 1/2 inch monster hidden in them. He lowered his shorts and I heard my self say “Oh my god”. I told him nothing I’d ever seen came close to what he was showing me.

It was too huge for me to get my hand all the way around it. The head was a big as a racket ball. I couldn’t take my eyes off of his penis. It had a beautiful shape, it was long and straight, and perfectly proportioned. It was a feast for my eyes. I took the head in my mouth, it was so firm and swollen it looked like it was going to burst. The skin had blushed so that it was purple, and it felt so smooth in my mouth. He asked me to stop so he wouldn’t lose control. I told him I thought that was the point, but he said he wanted to come in my pussy. Normally when I’m having a one nighter I pull out the rubbers. But he said it so sweetly, and a I was curious about what having a guy come really deep in me would be like, so I decided to let him.

He gently lifted me off my knees, and sat me down on the bed and asked me to lie back and let him explore my pussy. I’m not lying when I say my pussy is very nice. It’s really special. Its pretty with small pink lips that are evenly matched in size and shape. My high school friend, the one with the 5 inch dick, says it is perfectly symmetrical. He also told me that talk among the many guys I fucked in high school was that it was the best they had ever been in. Its snug as can be, it gets very wet, and it’s really hot and soft inside. I used to think that all girls pretty much feel the same inside but I’ve been told different.

Aaron got ready to enter me. He asked if I was ready. I wasn’t sure if I could take it, but I wanted to find out. The head felt so warm and soft on my pussy lips. I spread my pussy with my fingers to help him enter. I felt my opening being stretched more than I ever had before. It hurt a bit and I gasped. He stopped and said “Sorry, are you ok?” I told him it was alright. He went to his shaving kit and came back with a packet of lubricating liquid which he dripped into my entrance and then applied to the head and first couple inches of his dick. I felt him enter me more easily. I looked down between my smooth tan thighs and watched as he entered me a little further with each thrust. Each time he pushed, he got another half inch into me. He was about half way into me when I decided to push back. I got about 7 inches into me on the first push, then I pushed again and took all of him into me. It hurt as his dick bumped my cervix and I told asked him not to move. I wanted to take time to get used to the deep penetration. After a few minutes, we began pumping together. It was too much to take all that contiuous deep bumping, so I asked him not to go so deep. He began going about 7 or 8 inches into me with each motion. I looked between my pretty tanned thighs and watched his shaft moving in and out. My labia were stretched around his penis and clung to the shaft each time he pulled back. I came once, twice, three times over a 15 minute span. As he got closer to cumming, he went deeper with each thrust. I was getting rammed 9 inches deep. Finally, he pushed all 10 1/2 inches into me and I felt him start to throb. I wrapped my legs around him and pushed upward to take every bit of him into me. I felt his cum spurting deep into me, and it sent me into another orgasm. The amount of cum stored in his balls must have been triple the normal male load.

We just rested there for a while. Then we resumed in different fucking styles. I let him fuck me for at least an hour, and was surprised at how well I had gotten used to taking him all the way into me.

We spent the rest of the night cuddling and dozing in eachother’s arms. My two friends did the same with their dates. Over the next three days, we switched guys so that all three guys got to have sex with all three girls. My two friends had nights with Aaron that were just as memorable as mine. Dale and Jason were both normal in size, and I was happy to find out that Aaron hadn’t ruined me, meaning that I found being fucked by an average size dick was as pleasurable as ever.

When I got home, I confirmed that fact by making love with my best friend from high school. It blew his mind when I told him that I had taken a guy inside of me who was more than twice his size. He told me he would have to fuck me twice as long to make up for it. Of course I let him.

– The End –