One weekday morning about six years ago, I was on the east-coast on business with home being on the west coast. I had been commuting, for about two years, one week every five to six weeks and, on a lark, went into a real estate office near my motel to look at some houses. I had thought that since I was spending all this money, which was paid by the company, why couldn’t I buy a small place where I could stay when I’m here and grow some equity in the home, partly with the company’s help, and still very legal. Business was good and it looked like I would be coming here for the rest of my career.

I entered the office after looking at the houses listed outside and there was a woman there on the phone who smiled as I entered and waved for me to sit and she would be right there. She continued to look at me as she asked the usual questions and wrote the answers to someone who wanted information on a house. I thought she was very attractive, but in a different way. She was tall, about 5’9″ and large. She had large breasts and big hips but her waist seemed to be fairly small and she had long legs that she was showing me as she sat at her desk and she spread her legs once reaching for a note in back of her so that I could see the light cunt hair in her crotch and a trace of the pink flesh of her cunt. Her face was not pretty in the usual sense, but she had lots of dark hair and a thin long nose on top of a big mouth with much larger-than-normal lips.

When she finished with the phone she smiled and asked if I liked what I saw. I laughed and told her I didn’t think I was that obvious but I certainly found her attractive. She said “you men are all the same – love ’em and leave ’em.” I didn’t know at that time but that thought and others like it were a recurring theme from her (her name is Charlotte – Charley for short). She quickly found what I was after and said that she thought she could show me several houses that I might like, but she couldn’t leave the office until another woman arrived which was scheduled in another 30 minutes. In the meantime, we got to know one another.
She was just divorced for five months and found it very hard to accept her husband’s leaving. I said he must have been crazy to leave such an attractive lady and she smiled and said maybe I wouldn’t think that way if I knew her better. She was a young looking 37 year old with two children who were essentially gone since they were both in college and home infrequently on week-ends. She said that she was well-off because her husband had left her with a nice house and a large settlement. About that time the other lady came to the office and we left to see some houses.

As we were driving to the first house, I was very forthright about my marital position and explained about coming to the area regularly and that another home might be a good tax situation for me. When we were in the first house she had picked, she bent her head to the side in a very sexy way and said “you mean your wife lets you go away for a week or more regularly?” When I replied that business paid the bill and I did what I had to do. She said that she wouldn’t let a hunk like me out of her sight. We strolled about the house and when we were in the bedroom she turned to me and said “I bet you think you can push me down to my knees on this soft carpet and that I will do anything you want, because I’m a slut who shows strange men her pussy?” I couldn’t believe my ears but I kiddingly (I thought) pushed her on her shoulders and she dropped to her knees facing me. She said “I’ll bet you want me to take out your cock and suck on it until you come in my mouth, treating me like the slut I am.” I got the drift of her game and I said “suck it – bitch!” She unzipped me and reached in and pulled my now hard cock out and into her large mouth. She easily took all of my cock up to my balls, although I’m about seven inches and very thick. I could feel the walls of her throat stretching to take me, but she did it like she had sucked much larger. She was by far the best cocksucker I had ever known and so I came in about two minutes. She very expertly got all of my come and then put my cock in my pants and zippered me up. I told her to pull up her dress and get on the bed and spread her legs. She was soaking wet and had as big a clit as I had ever seen. I jumped on it and sucked and licked it and the surrounding pussy until she had about four huge orgasms. By then, I was rock hard again and I slid into her big warm hole. As I pushed in she was completely relaxed and so wet that I almost fell in. But as I pulled out, she tightened her cunt so that my cock had to be pulled out by a little force. It felt like a blow-job. It felt like the best fuck I had ever had.

We finally left that house and went to another, although it was hard for me to be serious after the great sex we had. She seemed able to turn the sex on and off but I didn’t and kept wanting to feel her tits and rub her slit. I told her that I wanted to see her completely naked and suck on her nipples, and I wanted to do it now. It seemed that taking charge turned her on. She took me out to her car and we drove to her house, which was not far away. Once in her house, we went to her bedroom and I got my wish. I sucked her nipples and played with her until she said in a low, quiet way, “I’ll bet you want to stick your big prick up my ass because I’m such a slut.” I had heard that come-on enough to know that I was about to ass-fuck this sexy lady. She ass-fucked like she cunt-fucked. As you went in, no resistance. As you pulled out, a tightening on the prick that felt like a warm mouth on your cock. In her ass, the resistance was even more than her cunt and it made ass-fucking a first priority. I had the best sex machine I have ever dreamed of, and I wanted all I could get.
I told her, when we were done for the first day, that I wanted her at my motel room that night at 9 and she was to have on a coat and nothing else. When she entered my room, she was to kneel and suck me to a great orgasm while I fondled her big titties. She was there at exactly nine and dropped her coat as she knelt to receive my cock. I fucked her and buggered her that evening and told her, each night as she left, to be at my room at 9pm. She never missed a night over a two year period when I came to the east coast although we often started seeing each other for dinner.

One time when I came east, I had a busy schedule and didn’t realize the time and I was working with a male associate when there was a knock on the door and in came Charley and while looking at my friend, she dropped her coat, got on her knees and asked if we saw anything that interested us. We both fucked her, buggered her, and got blown before she left. As she left she turned at the door and, looking at me, with her big tits hanging out, said she would see me tomorrow.

She was funny in a kookie kind of way. She liked being treated like a lady most of the time. But when she started to talk softly about sex, she wanted the man to take over and the more abusive you were with her, the hotter she became. Infrequently, I would have another man and several times two men when she came over and she always did the same thing. She dropped her coat and she was completely naked and went to her knees. I would tell the guys what a slut she was and we could do anything we wanted with her three holes. All of us climbed into her and she loved it. She always wanted us to continually tell her, in any graphic way we could, what a cunt, slut, cock sucker, ass fucker and whore she was. She would often have thirty to forty orgasms during the two to three hours we banged her.

She was always available when I came east. I would always call her and tell her my schedule, and tell her when I wanted her at my house (I did buy a house from her). Like clockwork, she was there when I told her. I suspect she didn’t want to be asked, she wanted to be told. She seemed to have a reasonably full social life but always accommodated me when I came. I tried to draw her out on her life but she was very secretive. She was such a great fuck, I never pushed. We regularly went to dinner and she liked me to play with her at the table. As I would finger her pussy and clit, the sex smell would be very strong and the waiters would go crazy serving us. She loved it when the waiters could see her pussy with my hand holding her dress up. I always told her as we entered the restaurant to go in the ladies room and take off her bra and panties. I told her after the first dinner that she was to wear thin see-thru blouses so that when she took off her bra, her big tits and nipples would be on display. She never took off her bra and panties until I told her. It was part of the sex game she loved to play. She came back from the ladies room with her purse across her front to hide her tits. I then insisted that she leave her purse at the table when she went to the ladies room. She was a little nervous the first time everyone could see her tits but after the first time, she would make a point of walking slowly back to our table with her bra and panties in her hands as the men around the restaurant went wild. Often, she would be so hot from our playing in the restaurant, she would ask me to call some friends to come to my house. She would almost be cumming just waiting for the one or two guys to come over. When they got there, they would get the best fucking and sucking and ass fucking they had ever had.

One day she told me that she couldn’t see me anymore because she was getting married. That plan lasted about one month and she called me and told me she missed me and the guys I set her up with, and wanted to do it, only now she had to work around her husband. That was easy. We got with her during the day for one to two hours and gave her the hard, bad sex that she needed. She said her new husband was wonderful but he treated her like a lady and she needed to be a whore once in a while. She can be my hot little whore for as long as she wants!

The End