When I woke up to the alarm on Monday I forced myself to go to work and tried not to think about what had happened but my mind was bursting with memories. These were brought on by every little discomfort I felt as a result of the radical weekend my body and mind have gone through. Taylor and his bunch had taught me good in that short period of time and I just feel like accepting the easiest route and submit to the things they want to put me through. I felt so different at work that day. When a boss or coworker asked me to do a task I responded to their requests as if they had been commands. I got to the job at hand without even trying to think why, I just complied quickly. It was such a nice release. One time during a break in the coffee room, I had my head in the clouds and bumped into a nice dressed middle aged man (a visiting exec. from another office I found out). I had a whip cream covered mocha in my hands and just missed getting it on his suit but did manage to get some whipped (hmmm, sounds good!) cream on those nice shoes.

Without thinking I found myself on hands and knees in front of this man wiping off his shoes with a napkin. I became quickly aroused when I looked up to see this man looking down at me with sort of an accepting smile. He reached out to lift me up, I thought he was going to grab my hair but my arm was lifted instead. Upon standing, I saw two more men watching, I really like that something I do or is being done to me, makes a male want to have possession of me for whatever purposes. It is so strange to think that I like all that stuff. I felt like I had been subjected to everything a girls body could take that weekend and enjoyed the good with the bad.

I was afraid to call Taylor for the rest of the week because I felt I would have to decide right then which way to go. I needed some time for the warmth of the experience to wear off and then decide. During that first week, I found myself on several different occasions looking for ways to mentally or physically “prostrate” myself before other people (women too). By the end of the second week, I felt the withdrawal pains and called Taylor. He told me he was going to have company that night but he would have me over on Wednesday. Unfortunately that wasn’t going to be soon enough for me so I came up with the (bonehead) idea of putting a sexy outfit on and going out. I found a short, white, stretchy T-shirt dress with spaghetti straps and some matching high heels and thigh high stay up stockings. The dress was virtually see through in most lighting conditions so I put on some white high sided, “T” back panties. I could see my panties plain as day through the stretch material of the dress which seemed to make it more obvious that I wasn’t wearing a bra. I added some big gold hoops in my ears and light but slutty make-up. Then headed out to clubs to get a reaction. The idea of being sort of stuck there was warming me up a bit so I put lipstick, my one apartment key and some condoms in a tiny beaded purse with no strap. I then put one twenty dollar bill in my other hand and walked out into a fresh sunset and a waiting cab.

I got in the cab and asked the driver if he could take me to some good wild nightclubs but I only had twenty dollars to last all night. The driver was looking at my legs and I realized then that my bare ass was on the seat and the stretch material had bunched up toward my waist when I stepped into the back of the taxi. He said he could take me to some and wait for me until I found one or ran out of money. I agreed and off we went. Six dollars later he pulled up in front of some little club, deep in town. It was loud but sort of too cowboy for me. I went back to the cab and told the driver that I really liked darker sort of clubs and he grinned, told me he knew the place and took off with me in the back to the next stop. My dress had not slid up as much this time but my bare butt was still on the vinyl seat and he was watching me so much I wanted him to know I appreciated the attention and uncrossed my legs, just a bit but so he noticed!
Traveling quite some distance we arrived at a busy looking place. I looked at the meter and saw Twenty-two dollars and change rung up! I reminded him I only had twenty dollars with me and he said it was all right, he would “Get me later” and then walked me up to the door and told the doorman something and they invited me in! No cover! I like that effect brought on by being a near nude woman in front of a man, I might even get some guys to buy me drinks! The driver waved good-bye as I entered the club. The long stairway down to it concealed the loud dance club below! I walked in and I knew I was going to be quite popular as this club was about ninety-nine percent males! I looked for a bar and was halfway to it when a man in a nice suit and some tasteful gold intercepted me and asked me to join him and his friends at a big “U” shaped booth near the back of the club. One of the men moved over and I was invited to sit. The first guy sat down on the outside of me as I slid in the booth and introduced himself as “Kick.” Then the others at the table were introduced. This Kick guy was real polite but had a confident way of getting right to the facts. Some of his buddies lacked the smoothness and were a bit pushy but the testosterone here was making me dizzy!

They got right to the “You are here to get something, aren’t you” stuff. Asking bolder and bolder about what it was specifically I wanted them to do for me! Not my usual experience with men but in view of my submissive needs it was all quite good. Two MAI-Tai’s and near half an hour later, the guy on my right side began to slide his hand up my leg. It wasn’t long before he slid a finger under me I had gotten myself in to a very receptive mood. I had no secrets, I was wet and willing! He showed his buddies how my nipples were about to poke through the fabric and then noting that it didn’t really matter in that thin material anyway. They chimed in with how they could all see and there was no doubt I was a girl. Then he withdrew from my crotch and showed off his wet middle finger! Kick asked if that wetness was mine and I said yes it was. He reached over and sort of half held and half massaged my breast and nipples with his big hands. Harmon (the finger) was encouraged by the crew to help a girl out. By my raising one asscheek as high as I could, he got it in me! Yup, I was ready and on the way! It took less than five minutes to get a nice orgasm right there at the table. I had started making noise and Harmon put his other big hand over my mouth. That was soo great! I could barely breathe and was getting squeezed, pinched and invaded right there at that table!

That was good and I wanted to dance for those men so I asked someone to get up and dance with me. I did every sleazy move I could think of on that guy. I had my hands on his ass and his fly right in my face on several occasions and rubbed on him with my seriously hardened nipples. Walking back to the table I stopped in front of the guys sitting there and removed my panties! I felt the air cooling off the wetness at the top of my legs. The booth was in a corner so nobody but the guys at the table saw what they cheered about when I turned away from the table and did a slightly leg spread ‘bend over’ right at the tables edge and exclaimed “See what you guys have done to me!”. I was told to sit between two different guys this time and got more of the same groping as before. This time the guys pulled the little straps off my shoulders and rolled the dress down to expose my breasts to the whole club while I was felt up. Several people walked past and looked at my breasts while I was receiving attentions. I raised my ass to one side and got the finger treatment again and sure enough in a few minutes I was ready to orgasm. I was already feeling the burn and had not yet received the workout I expected would be coming my way. The one man wiped his wet finger on my breast and the other guy literally “spit” on my other and worked it around my nipple. That was a nice touch! My dress was rolled back up and got wet from the spit and stuff, revealing one nipple in full color! I didn’t notice it at first but the guys dancing with me showed all who would look. They seemed quite proud of their little slut. After a two and a half hours of this stuff with me eventually choking on somebody’s dick at the table, they said that I would have to “Show my stuff” to everyone and poured whatever was left of their drinks on me. I might as well have been wearing clear plastic wrap as they walked me out onto the dance floor!

After being passed around and showed on the dance floor, it was time for my workout! I was grabbed by the arm and pulled off the dance floor and back to the table, one man took a handful of hair and bent me forward to pour one more glass of water down my back. I was then nearly dragged out onto the street and away from the club. They walked pretty fast and it was all I could do to keep up with the guy that had such a firm grip on my arm. High heels are for pointing at the ceiling not for running! We went some five blocks down the street and past dozens of people that either just stared at me or looked away. The five men took me around the corner and into the garage of some small business. The door was closed and locked then he let go of my arm. I faced the five men and we had an uncomfortable silent moment. They were looking the parts of my body over as if deciding which ice cream flavor to choose! I thought I knew what was coming and wanted to have the dress to go home in, so I pulled it up over my head and threw it in the corner. I stood there naked for them to look at while they were taking off their own clothes. They were saying what a slut and hole I was. I was told to pinch my own nipples and spread legs to finger myself for them and it was having an effect on me. I wanted to leave, right then! I was getting scared at how crude they were being, I guess that drug Taylor had given me helped in this sort of situation but I was now sober and afraid!

After a few moments, one man came over and got a strong grip around the base of one of my breasts and with the other hand pinched my nipple real hard then twisted it commanding me “Do it like that, Hole!”. I didn’t do it fast enough and was pushed to the greasy garage floor from behind. I was held down and my hair was pulled up, tied in a painfully tight knot at the back of my head. Someone was saying, “Tie a knot and you got a handle!” As soon as the knot was done I was lifted by the hair, like a puppet and stood up. Another slapped my face and yelled “Now do it bitch!” I reached for both of my now filthy nipples, pinched with all my might and twisted! I was told to jiggle my tits around like that and did it! There was a tubular metal railing there that separated a small office space from the car work area and I was bent over it then my mouth was stuffed with a dick Holding my head he worked that big thing so far down my throat that my lips were against his balls! He held it down me for maybe thirty seconds or more. When he pulled out of my throat, there was drool and spit from my own throat stringing to his dick. They started calling me “Droolie.” Another cock was presented and I tried to do the same to him but couldn’t hold it down as long. I began to gag violently but he had gotten two handfuls of my hair and was holding my face so tight against him my nose hurt! I heard the grease gun behind me and tried to wriggle away but was hit in my stomach with a fist and told “Fuck you bitch! Bend over!” One man slapped my ass hard and told me to get on all fours but the guy down my throat was holding my head and trying to get me to pass out! He had one strong hand at the back of my head and the other over my eyes with thumb and forefinger pinching my nose! I felt his member throbbing halfway down my neck as I passed out.

I woke up a few seconds later real dizzy and on my back. A gob of car grease was slapped between my legs just before a big hand grasped my left breast and lifted me yelling “Get UP bitch! Open your mouth!”. I scrambled to my knees and was just about to take one down the throat again when my puss was stretched over some big hot object being driven into me from behind! I was pushed and pulled as one dick slid down my neck halfway to my stomach and another up in me from behind, before I passed out again he took it out of my neck and made me lick him clean. The guy in my puss had every inch of my womb filled! As he pushed it in, the air was pushed out of me and we could all hear the resulting sounds along with my desperate groans. I saw my little purse get opened up and the guy said it was just what he wanted, the lipstick. He opened the case and threw the top away then turned a substantial amount up out of it and rubbed it all around and in my butthole. He grabbed my hips and I groaned, I was going to really get it now. I had to yell out and was greeted with a hard slap to the side of my breast and told to shut up.

These big men tossed me around like a six pack, pulling legs, arms and breasts every which way while I was penetrated from all angles. Four of the five guys took my ass and all got some dick up my pussy and of course the rule was to hold my head and receive their cum in my mouth then blow bubbles in it at their command. I was told to thank them as I licked each cock clean every time it was used on me. I was crawling around on this little autoshop floor getting entered from every end and when each man was through with me I would beg to lick him clean and said “Thank you sir” over and over while I did it. Earlier one of the men took a small camera out of a desk drawer and had taken pictures here and there during this whole time. They kept me there naked and slapped me around, forcing me to finger myself for them to watch. They made me pull my nipples as far up as I could and I had to violate myself with some hand tools found on the floor. I was forced to “Ride” a tire changing machine that has a thick steel rod sticking straight up from the middle of it while they took photo’s, slapped and taunted me. That sort of thing went on for a few hours until they were totally through with me. Each time I tried to stand I was slapped and pushed to the ground. I was so filthy greasy from all this! Then in a gesture I mistook for some kindness, Kick offered me a little rag to wipe off with after he wiped himself. I used it to wipe the lipstick mess from my butt and the jizz dripping down my breasts only to find out it was my own little dress! I asked for someone to give me a ride home but was met with a hand to my hair that held me tight and tit slapped hard several times then he wiped some lipstick off his cock and smeared it across my mouth with his hand. Still held by my hair, I was shoved out the door gripping my little dress and fell down in the alley. I was kicked a couple times and told to “get lost” like a stray dog, as I crawled away I received a well placed shot to my sex from a shoe wearing foot while they all laughed!

It was just dawn and I had to walk home, past all those strangers going to work and knew that I was going to be a topic of discussion in many workplaces that day. I managed to walk maybe a mile when I saw that same taxicab that had dropped me off! He pulled up next to me and asked me if I was OK. I told him it had been the roughest night of my life. I could tell he was turned on by my plight and took advantage of it by showing him my bruises and then asking him to take me to my home. He kindly did for free.

At home, I crawled into the shower to wash off then had to lay down in the bath and stayed for nearly three hours. I thought to myself how that experience was so full of fright. I had “asked for it” but was not in a place where I had ANY control. I was seriously concerned that day as I realized how many times I had orgasms while those men used me. Most frightening was remembering the climax I had when the shoe clad foot painfully impacted my sex as I crawled in the alley.

What’s wrong with me? How far will this go?

The End