“So, for your birthday present, you want me to fix something up for you that’s really kinky and will make you feel totally used?” Dave asked me as we lay in bed together last summer, “And I can choose what’s gonna happen without telling you?”

“Aha, that’s right!” I replied as I rolled onto my side and took hold of his stiffening cock, “Anything you want me to do, I’ll do! I know you won’t make me do anything that I wouldn’t normally do, such as S/M or anything to do with kids!”

“But anything else is okay?” he asked. “Hmmm… Yeah, anything, anything at all!” I replied after a little thought, “Even the things I haven’t tried yet, they’d be okay as well! I might as well try something new!”

“Okay my darling, if you say so, consider it done!” he replied. “I do say!” I said as I slid under the duvet and sucked his knob-end into my mouth.

The feel of his nylons rubbing against mine always turned me on and as he threw back the duvet and watched me sucking on him and caressing his nylon-clad thighs!

I secretly thought just how lucky I’d been to find such a wonderful guy that shared my passion for a guy that likes to wear women’s undies and was like me, a bisexual!


Three weeks later, Dave told me when came home from work, that everything was now fixed up and that on my birthday next Saturday, I was gonna get my wish! “Give me a clue as to what you’ve sorted out for me!” I told him as we hugged.

“I’ll give you a real good clue! Come upstairs!” he replied. I followed him up the stairs and into our bedroom. There, lying on the bed in all it’s glory was a white wedding-dress, complete with veil! “Fucking hell Dave, we’re. we’re not getting married?” I stammered. “Well.. sort of!” he replied as he grinned from ear to ear, “The difference, amongst other things being, you get to choose the best man!” “Amongst.. other things?” I asked, “What.. other things?” “Ah, that’s the secret!” he replied, “You’ll find out on the day! Now, come on, try it on for us and let’s see what you look like!” I stripped down to my undies and slid the white lace dress up over my hips and onto my shoulders. I walked over to the full length mirrors and was more than satisfied with what I saw. It was beautiful and fitted me perfectly! It had long sleeves with a lace panel in the front with the bodice sitting just off the shoulders!

“Like it? I got it out of the classifieds yesterday for £50!” he said, “Finish the outfit off with some white undies and flowers and nobody would know the difference, they’d think that you were a real bride!” “And what will the neighbours think if they see me in a wedding-dress?” I asked.

“You get in the car in the garage, I drive out with you lying down on the back seat and I drive you to our destination, simple!” he replied, “The following day, we simply do the journey in reverse and you get out of the car once I’ve closed our garage door!”

“So I’ll be out all night then?” I asked. “If everything goes to plan!” he replied. “And does anyone else know about this?” I asked. “Oh yes! Well, they’d have to, wouldn’t they?” he said. All the rest of that week, I was wondering what the hell he’d gotten planned for me that Saturday? I was soon to find out, and boy, was I in for a shock! Saturday morning, and I was in the bedroom in my new wedding-dress, adjusting my veil. Dave’s instructions were that I was to wear my white ½ cup lacy bra, matching suspender-belt and white lace-top nylons underneath, but no knickers!

“You look lovely!” he said to me as he stood and watched me, a large bulge in the front of his jeans, “One day this might be for real!” “Aren’t you getting ready then Dave?” I asked him. “I am!” he replied, “I’m going like this, it’s only you that has to get dressed up!”

That had me puzzled but I continued to get ready, adding some more eye-shadow for good measure. Finally, I was ready and he led me downstairs and through the door into the garage, where I got into the car and laid down on the back seat. The journey lasted about 10 minutes and then he stopped in a lay-by. “Here, put this on my love.” He said, turning round and handing me a sleep-mask, “From now on and until I tell you, you’ve to keep that on, otherwise it’ll ruin the surprise! You still sure you want to go ahead with it Gina?”

“More than ever! I’m juicing up just thinking about what it might be, look!” I replied, hitching up my wedding-dress and splaying my thighs so’s he got a good look at my exposed and dribbling hairy cunt, “I’m not backing out now my darling!”

We drove on a few miles more and then he stopped and told me to wait in the car until he came for me. After a few minutes Dave returned and helped me out of the car.

“Mind these stones.” He said as he led me across a courtyard or open space and into some sort of building. From the strong smell of hay inside and the rustling noises that I made as I walked in, I guessed I was now in a barn. I tried to guess what me, dressed up in a wedding-dress and a barn had in common but the connection escaped me!

“Right Gina, you said that for your birthday present, you wanted me to fix something up for you that’s really kinky and will make you feel totally used?” Dave said, “And do you remember that I told you that you’d get to choose the best man?”

“Yes, I do remember that!” I replied. “Well how about us later on, going through a mock wedding after you’ve chosen that best man? How does that sound?” he asked. “Okay, but how do I choose this guy?” I asked, “I’m still wearing a blindfold!”

“Well, that’s the best bit!” he said, “And I’ll tell you how in a minute. First, I want you to take hold of the front of your wedding-dress and lift it up so’s I can see what you’re wearing underneath!” He took my flowers from me and I did as he said, lifting the front my wedding-dress high in the air for him so’s he could see my naked hairy bush and virgin-white undies, just as he’d said for me to wear.

“Now keep your dress held up and slowly turn round so’s I can see you from all angles!” he said, “I’ll tell you when to stop!” Again, I did as he said and heard some muffled voices whispering all around me! I felt a lovely tickle running deep inside my tummy and cunt and a wicked smile crossed my lips as I realised that there were some more people there beside us two and it was obvious that they were now getting a good look at my hairy cunt and undies! “You’re obviously aware that there is someone else here besides us Gina, and it’s one of these guys that you’re gonna choose to be your best man!” he announced.

“But how can I do that if I can’t see them?” I asked innocently, my cunt starting to juice up at the thought of me totally exposing my hairy cunt to these unseen guys!

“Each one of these guys is gonna fuck you in the hay and they’ll all have a number! You’ve to remember which number fucks you the best and whichever one it is, will obviously be the ‘best’ man and will be able to fuck you as often as he wants, not only for today, but also for the whole of next week!” Dave told me, “And to make it even more interesting for you, he’s allowed to do whatever he wants to you each time!”

“Now this is what I call a birthday present!” I replied, “Okay, I agree, let’s go for it!”

I was then gently laid down on the hay and the hem of my wedding-dress was pushed up to my chin, totally exposing my hairy cunt and lower half of my body! Someone lifted my legs and I felt my cunt-lips pull apart as my knees splayed wide open, the inner folds of my cunt now obviously on full view, and it wasn’t until I heard somebody speak as a guy got between my thighs, that I realised they were speaking in Urdu!(I later found out that earlier in the week, Dave had been round to a local taxi firm’s garage that we usually use after a night out, and asked the guys there if they all wanted to fuck me for my birthday! They could even invite their friends and some others from other taxi firms if they wanted to – the more the merrier! Needless to say, they jumped at the chance and had arranged with a local farmer to use his barn and he was also going to get a fuck for letting us use the barn as payment!). The guy between my thighs slowly slid his knob-end up and down my slit, opening it up slightly and coating the tip of his cock with my juices before he slowly eased his full length into my waiting cunt as someone shouted out a number!

“Number one!” the voice shouted. God, but his cock felt good! My legs automatically came up and wrapped around his slim hips as he started to fuck into me and I felt another cock brushing against my lips, eager to be pushed into my mouth! I gladly opened my mouth and sucked the second cock in, the guy between my thighs now fucking me for all he was worth, his balls slapping against my ass!

By now I could hear several excited voices all around me speaking in both English and Urdu, urging on their friends to give me the best fuck they could! The guy in my mouth then gasped slightly and altered his rhythm and I felt the delicious feeling of his thick spunk jetting into my mouth as he stopped, finally came and unloaded his balls into my mouth, me swallowing as fast as I could so’s not to waste a single drop!

The guys went wild as he pulled out, a sticky string of his cum falling across my cheek as another replaced it. The cock that was hammering my cunt started to thicken and I suddenly felt the familiar spurts of cum bathing the inner walls of my cunt and the jerking of his throbbing shaft and knob-end butting up against my cervix!

As soon as he pulled out, another rigid cock replaced it and started fucking deep into me, this one being slightly longer but thinner than the last. He soon came and shuddered as his cum spurted into me, forcing some of the last guy’s cum to ooze from me and trickle down my crack and onto my ass! The one in my mouth was pulled out and I opened my mouth as wide as I could, guessing that he was gonna toss himself off into my mouth instead of coming inside it! I guessed right and felt several powerful spurts of cum hit the back of my throat and face before he replaced his cock for me to suck clean after I’d swallowed his load!

I was then turned over and another cock was rammed into me, it’s knob-end feeling like a mushroom as it squelched into me and squeezed the cum already inside me to dribble down my nylon-clad thighs to soak into my stocking-tops! Another cock was pushed against my lips, the owner content to toss himself off and spurt a good load of sticky cum into my open mouth as the guy behind me came inside me and fell on my back, gasping for breath! My dress was then unzipped and pushed off my shoulders, exposing my tits as the next guy mounted me and leaned forward as he sank into me, cupping my tits and rolling my erect nipples between his finger and thumb!

The next cock to be pushed into my mouth was done after the guy had slid underneath me and started to 69 with me! It was lovely and thick and as I reached forward to steady myself, I recognised the familiar texture of nylons! The guy who’s cock I was sucking on was wearing nylons as he laid underneath me and sucked on my clitty!

I found this to be extremely erotic and could feel my orgasm building rapidly, my clitty getting more and more sensitive as I dropped down and caressed his nylon-clad thighs! This caused my hips to be raised even more and the guy fucking me to sink his thickening cock even deeper into me! Without warning I came, lifting my mouth off the cock before me and shouting loudly! “FUCK MEEEE!!!!!!! I’M COMINNGGGGGGGG!!!!!!” I cried, “NOWWWW!!!!” The guy fucking me came instantly, powerfully spurting wads of cum deep into my oozing cunt as I clamped my mouth back over the cock at my face, sucking for all I was worth to be rewarded by a series of powerful jets of cum that hit the back of my throat and made me gag slightly as I swallowed it all down! The guy in my cunt pulled out and the next one slid straight in and then pulled all the way out again before slowly easing his knob-end into my ass-hole and sinking all the way in until his balls slapped against the face of the guy that was sucking the cum from my cunt!

It was then that the guy under me reached up and removed the sleep-mask from my eyes! I blinked once or twice and screwed up my eyes until they became accustomed to the light and looked around to see what must’ve been over thirty Asian guys standing around, grinning as they watched this white woman in her virgin-white wedding-dress getting well and truly fucked and having her cunt filled by their mates! I then looked down and saw that the guy lying underneath me was white and instantly recognised it to be my boyfriend Dave! There was still cum oozing from his cock and I dropped down again to suck him clean as he slurped noisily on the cum that was oozing from my well-fucked and gaping hairy cunt! I then had the pleasure of seeing another of the taxi drivers kneel in front of me and straddling Dave, his erect black cock bouncing as he dropped down and offered me his cock to suck as a guy with a video camera came up close to film us!

I gratefully accepted and sucked his knob-end into my mouth, his fist sliding up and down his shaft as he tossed himself off and the guy in my ass and came, literally filling it with hot cum before he pulled out and the voice shouted the number of the next guy to take his place! The guy at my face then pulled back slightly and I opened my mouth just in time for a thick jet of creamy cum to be filmed as it arced across the inch of space between his knob-end and my lips, splashing onto my tongue and disappearing down my throat! I gulped on the successive spurts and felt really horny at the thought that I’d be wanking myself sore for many months to come as I watched this film being played back over and over again!

Dave then slid from under me and knelt on all fours at right angles to my face, two guys taking him from each end, one fucking his ass and one fucking his mouth as a guy replaced him by sliding under me and I lowered my hips and squatted on his stiff cock! It was then that I noticed that Dave was wearing my black ½ cup lacy bra, matching suspender-belt and my lace-top nylons! He always looked sexy wearing those as he fucked me in them either at home or in the park, but looked especially sexy as the two guys fucked into him right now!

As soon as the guy that was under me was all the way inside me, I felt another cock ease itself into my ass and slide all the way inside it as yet another was pushed down my throat! I could just see the asses bucking back and forth of the two guys fucking Dave round the guy kneeling at my face and came instantly, shouting a muffled cry as the guy in my mouth filled it, shortly followed by the guys in my cunt and ass!

Over the next two hours, I was fucked in every conceivable position – no pun intended – and the session ended by the last ten guys fucking me, kneeling between my splayed thighs as I laid half back in the hay and the others tossed themselves off into my mouth and wiped their cocks on my exposed tits and erect nipples!

Finally, the first session was over and Dave came over to me and knelt between my splayed thighs and sucked the cum from my oozing and gaping cunt as yet another guy fucked him and filled his ass with cum! “Well, what do you think of my little birthday surprise for you?” he asked as the guy pulled out of his ass and stood up, offering me his cum-coated cock to suck clean for him. I sucked him clean before answering, looking down at the splashes of drying cum that were streaked across my erect nipples. “I fucking love you Dave!” was all I could whisper, “Thank you!” He grinned at me and reached up, wiping a steak of cum off my chin.

“And I love you Gina!” he replied, “But it’s nowhere near over yet! You’ve pick the best man and then there’s the ceremony before the reception!” “Oh yes, the best man! Number 26 hit the right spot!” I replied, remembering how number 26 had managed to dilate and partly enter my cervix, spurting his truly massive load of thick cum directly into my womb and making me come violently!

“Best man is.. Number 26!” called Dave. A cheer of “Nawaz!” went round the barn as a slim guy walked forward, smiling at his friends and shaking their hands.

“Your prize for being best man Nawaz, is that you treat me as though I was your own girlfriend and that you can fuck me or do whatever you want with me for the next week, as long as I agree with it!” I told him as he kissed my cheek.

“Thank you Gina, you have made me a very happy man!” Nawaz replied. The next ten minutes were taken up with the mock ceremony of me and Dave getting married, one of the taxi drivers acting as the minister. Once finished, everyone made their way to the two long buffet tables that were down one wall of the barn, and filled their plates with the food. As soon as I’d had my fill and had drunk a glass of booze, Nawaz came up to me and claimed the first instalment of his prize as I stood at the door, smoking a cigarette. He simply smiled at me and gently pushed me down until I was squatting between his feet. I then unzipped his pants and took out his stiffening cock and slipped his plunger-like knob-end into my mouth and sucked him as he reached forward and cupped my exposed tits with their erect nipples! Within a minute, I felt his shaft thicken and his knob-end swell even more! I looked up to see him close his eyes! He was gonna come! The first spurt hit the back of my throat, quickly followed by a rapid succession of spurts, the last, just as powerful as the first! Boy, could that guy come! I’ve never in my life been with a guy that could come so much and so often as Nawaz!

Two minutes later, he was hard again and pumping an equal amount of cum down my throat as Dave stood by and gently wanked himself to full hardness! To my utter amazement, as I got on all fours and Dave pushed his cock into my mouth for me to suck him off, Nawaz sank his rigid cock deep into my cunt and fucked me as though it was his first time! And as I swallowed Dave’s hot and sticky load, I felt Nawaz’s cock jerking madly as it exploded deep inside me and I then felt his cum oozing past his thick shaft and slithering down my nylon-clad thighs!

“Christ Gina, you really did pick the best man!” Dave said as he watched Nawaz pull his still rigid and steaming cock out of my cum-filled cunt and walk round beside me,

“This guy’s nothing less than a walking cum-machine!” “Oooo, tell me about it Dave!” I replied, kneeling back on my haunches, Nawaz’s cum oozing from my gaping cunt and dripping onto the ground in sticky strings!

His still rigid cock was right beside my face as I looked round and I couldn’t resist the urge to suck that gorgeous knob-end of his into my mouth again and suck on it! Nawaz took hold of his exposed shaft and tossed himself off, yet another load of his thick and creamy cum spurted down my throat and I greedily swallowed it down!

“You sure like to drink my cum Gina!” he said with a smile as I sucked the last few drops from his cock, “I’ll make sure you get all you want this next week!”

“Hmmm, thank you Nawaz!” I replied, “I think we’re gonna have some fun!” Just then, one of the drivers clapped his hands and announced that the second half of the proceedings was about to start, but first of all, the bride and groom should join them in a toast! Two whisky glasses were brought to us on a tray, one filled with whisky and the other filled with a semi-clear liquid that looked like vodka and ice.

Dave took the glass of whisky and I took the other. And it wasn’t until I looked into the glass that I realised it was in fact filled to the brim with cum!

Whilst I’d been having my ciggy at the door and getting fucked by Nawaz, the guys had all been busy tossing themselves off into a glass and filling it with their cum for me to drink at the toast! Over 40 Asian faces looked in my direction as one of the drivers gave the toast to see if I would in fact drink down the cum-cocktail!

Someone was filming us again and I happened to think what a picture we made, me with my wedding-dress hanging off my shoulders and exposing my tits to everyone with a glassful of cum, and Dave standing there with a hard-on in my black ½ cup lacy bra, matching suspender-belt and lace-top nylons! “Gentlemen, I give you Gina, Dave – and Nawaz!” announced the driver. I raised the sticky and glutinous glassful of cum to my lips and smiled before swallowing the lot in one go, to the tumultuous cheers and applause of the drivers!

I was then led back to the bales of hay and knelt down as my wedding-dress was hitched up at the back and a guy knelt between my thighs, feeding his stiff cock into my ass and fucking me until he came as another guy filled my throat with his cum!

Another ten or twelve pairs of guys had me in this way before the farmer appeared and took his turn in my cunt, soon filling it with his cum! More guys arrived, some from other taxi firms and some actual customers and for the rest of the afternoon, me and Dave were both shagged in every possible combination of positions by whoever want to fuck us! For the Grande Finale, my wedding-dress was removed and I was laid back on some bales of hay as Nawaz stood between my splayed thighs and eased his cock into my gaping cunt. A line of guys then developed at my head and all took turns to toss themselves off into my mouth, another one instantly taking the place of the one that’d just filled my mouth with his cum! The last one to slide his cock into my mouth was Dave, and both he and Nawaz timed it to perfection, both coming at the same time and each filling their respective hole with their hot and creamy cum! As they finished, I remained lying there with cum smeared over my face, my thighs splayed wide with gallons of cum oozing and frothing from my well fucked cunt and dripping down my hairy crack as the guy with the camera then filmed Dave sucking my cunt clean of the cum that oozed from it!

I was literally too fucked to stand and after I’d put my dress back on, several of the guys helped me get into our car to the applause of the guests! Dave got in beside me and we waved as he drove us back home, not stopping until we drove into our garage.

“Do you realise just how many times you were fucked this afternoon?” Dave asked as we sat back with a coffee in our lounge, “Well over a hundred! And you must’ve sucked off the same amount as well!” Hmmm, it feels like it!” I replied smugly, “And it isn’t over yet! I’ve gotten Nawaz for the whole of next week, don’t forget! I wonder what he’s got in store for me?”

“Lots of cum, going off today’s episode!” he replied, “But before him, I’d like to take you to bed and make love to you – just us two!” “Now that’s something I’m really looking forward to!” I replied with a smile! Sunday lunchtime and the phone rang. It was Nawaz asking if I was okay to go out with him Monday? He asked me if I was up to a bit of flashing and I replied that I was always ready for that! I was to wear nothing other than a sexy suspender-belt and nylons, a pair of high heels and a longish coat – no bra and definitely no knickers, and was to take nothing other than one of my vibros with me!

When he arrived the following morning at 10 o’clock, Dave had already gone to work and I was itching to get out there and do some flashing! Before we went however, he undid his zip and fucked me as soon as we went into the kitchen, up against the sink as I made us some tea and I could feel his thick cum draining out of me and running down my thighs as we stood there and drank it! “Right Gina, let’s go!” he said, “Next stop, the town centre!” Ten minutes later and I was sitting on the bench outside the Town Hall with three other people alongside me, my coat and thighs both wide open and my vibro sticking halfway out of my hairy cunt as Nawaz took some pictures! None of them noticed as I was facing away from them slightly at the time. Next stop was the church! Here, we both went down to the altar, whereupon I quickly climbed up onto it and again inserted the vibro halfway into my cunt and spread my legs to show my hairy cunt and stretched cunt-lips as they gripped the vibro, holding it in place! He then made me kneel in the middle of the main aisle on all fours with no coat on, whilst he set the camera onto automatic and took several pictures as he shoved his cock into my cunt and then came in my mouth!

Next stop was Tesco’s! Here I took a cucumber from the shelf and pushed it all the way up my cunt before standing in the aisle with my feet apart and my hands on my hips, holding my coat open so’s you could see the cucumber dangling down between my nylon-clad thighs and lewdly sticking ½ out of my sopping cunt! I then had to put the vegetable back on the shelf for someone else to buy!

I was about to walk away when he said I had to toss him off into my hand! We slowly walked down the aisle with me wanking him, stopping every so often as though we were inspecting something to buy. He soon came and filled my hand with cum, telling me to walk down to the salad-bar and scrape my hand clean of his cum on the open container of potato salad while he photographed me – all this with me flashing my hairy cunt and naked tits! Then, he went out before me and took several pics of me walking across the car park with my coat held open to reveal everything I had! Christ, I was getting horny by then! “Let’s go for something to eat now Gina!” he suggested, “How about McDonalds?”

I readily agreed and soon found myself sitting at a table with my coat open wide, my thighs splayed wide open and my vibro stuck up my cunt as I tucked into a burger and he took some more pics! He then followed me into the ladies and took several photos of me standing astride the toilet whilst I had a piss, and several more of me on all fours in the middle of the floor with the vibro sticking ½ out of my ass!

He then went over to the Tampax machine, put in some money and told me he wanted to take a series of pictures of me inserting a Tampax into my cunt! I stood in the stall with one foot on the toilet and positioned the white tube between my cunt-lips as he snapped away, me pushing the inner cardboard tube into the outer one until the tampon was firmly embedded in my cunt and the little white string dangled down between my nylon-clad thighs! I then tugged on the little white string until ½ of the Tampax was sticking out of my cunt and making my cunt-lips bulge outwards!

“Okay Gina!” he said finally, “Time to go home for some cum pics!” We left McDonalds and drove away, him telling me to suck him off! This I gladly did, swallowing his spurting cum while we waited at the red traffic lights!

Once we got home, Nawaz took several more pics of me fucking myself with various things before fucking me and coming in my cunt, ass and mouth! He then said that he was coming round the following evening before finally leaving me lying there in my undies, leaking his cum! I was so turned on with what’d happened during my day out with him, that I scooped his cum from me as it oozed out of my cunt and sucked my fingers clean as I wanked myself off to several orgasms!

Dave was over the moon when I told him what I’d been doing all day and I got another good fucking over the kitchen sink before I had chance to make him his tea!

The following evening they both fucked me again before me and Nawaz went out to the park with me wearing just my undies under my coat! Obviously a night of flashing was planned for me!

It was dark by the time we arrived at the park gates and Nawaz told me that I’d to walk a few yards behind him so’s he could get some pics of me walking along the path with my tits and cunt exposed before we sat down on a bench and waited.

“I want you to lay back with your coat open and wank yourself as you see someone walking along and then partly cover yourself up as they get nearer!” he said, “Make sure they’ve seen you and you’re still showing enough to keep them interested though! I’ll be hiding over there in the bushes and taking some pics of you!”

He disappeared into the bushes and I laid back with my nylon-clad thighs splayed wide, my tits and hairy cunt now totally exposed as I started to wank myself and look up and down the path for my first victim! I didn’t have to wait long before I spotted a guy walking through the gloom towards me and so I kept as I was until he was almost level with me. I then quickly sat up as though he’d surprised me, making sure that I left one of my erect nipples slightly exposed in the fold of my coat and a good portion of nylon-clad thigh as well!

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you!” the guy said, stopping in front of me. “It’s my fault!” I replied, pretending to be embarrassed, “I was so engrossed with what I was doing, I didn’t see you coming!” “I think I nearly saw you coming actually!” he replied with a laugh, “You looked very sexy doing that just then! Would you like to carry on and I could maybe join you?”

I looked at him for a second and then slowly let my coat slide off my nylon-clad thighs to fully expose my tits and hairy cunt to him before spreading my legs wide open again and letting my hand drop to my slit. “Okay, why not?” I replied softly, “It could be fun!” As I started to slide my fingers in and out of my slit again he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his stiffening cock, standing directly in front of me and teasingly wanking himself until he was hard! Deciding to take the bull by the horns, I sat forward and slowly closed my lips over his knob-end, sucking it into my mouth. He stopped wanking and held his cock as my head bobbed back and forth, my lips sliding up and down the length of his shaft!

“D’you want to fuck me?” I asked coyly as I pulled off his cock and looked him in the eye, “You can if you want to!”

His answer was to gently turn me over onto my hands and knees and kneel behind me before sliding his cock into my juicing cunt, pushing it all the way into me and making me grunt as his knob-end butted up against my cervix! “Hmmm, you’re a big boy!” I breathed sexily as he slid in and out of me, my cunt squelching softly with every thrust, “Come inside me and make me come!” He rammed his cock into me even faster and reached under me, caressing my tits and making my nipples harden. Suddenly, he gave a lurch forward and impaled me on his throbbing cock as I felt his cum spurting deep inside my cunt and hitting my cervix!

“YESSSSSSS!” he hissed as his cock jerked and butted against my cervix, spitting it’s load of thick cum into me, “Oh my God, YESSSSSSS!” He led on my back and fought for his breath, his cock twitching and throbbing as it unloaded his sticky load into my drooling cunt in a series of powerful spurts!

“God, that was good!” he gasped as the spurts from his cock diminished, “I’ll tell you what lady… you’re a wonderful fuck!” I answered him by turning round as his shrinking cock slithered from me, and then sucked it straight into my mouth, cleaning off the smears of cum that clung to it!

“Thank you!” he said as I pulled off it and cupped his balls as I kissed his knob-end, “Thanks for a really great fuck!”

“You’re welcome!” I replied as I reached down to my cum-filled cunt and scooped out some of his thick cum, licking my fingers clean, “I enjoyed it as well you know!”

And with that he put his cock away, bent forward and kissed my cheek before walking off into the darkness as I realised that we’d fucked and hadn’t even exchanged names!

Nawaz came out of the bushes as took some more pics of me cleaning my cunt of the guy’s cum and said that we were now gonna go for a little walk and he would hold my coat so’s all I would have on would be my undies! We spent the next ½ hour with me in various poses, spreading my cunt-lips as I sat on a bench, lying back and fucking myself with my dildo, on all fours on the path with the dildo sticking out of my cunt and me walking about in my undies with my hairy cunt, firm tits and erect nipples totally exposed! “Okay Gina, let’s make our way back.” he said finally, “It’s getting late!” As we neared the gates I reached over for my coat and Nawaz decided that before we left, he’d take one more pic of me standing there with everything exposed.

It was whilst I was posing with one foot on a bench and my dildo up my cunt, that we were surprised by a couple walking into the park! We’d been so engrossed with taking the final pic, we hadn’t heard them approaching! “Hello!” the guy said, “D’you think you could you take a few pics of us fucking as well? We’ve never fucked in public before!” “Sure!” replied Nawaz, “Get next to Gina!”

The girl came up beside me, removing her knickers before she sat down, and hitched up her skirt before spreading her legs to let her boyfriend slide into her. As he pushed his cock into her cunt, her hand slid across the seat and gripped mine! I responded by reaching over and undoing her blouse to expose her firm tits before sucking on her left nipple and pushing her hand between my thighs! She immediately slid her fingers into my cunt and proceeded to give me a good finger-fucking as her boyfriend humped into her as Nawaz clicked away!

“Let me suck you out after he’s come inside you!” I half whispered to her. “I was hoping that you’d suggest that!” she replied as she drew her knees up to let him get into her twat even deeper!

Her boyfriend then came, stabbing his spurting cock into her and pushing her body against the backrest of the seat, slowing down as his orgasm subsided! He laid over her for a moment and then pulled out of her and she instantly placed her finger over her crack and kept it there until she stood up and straddled my face with her thighs! She then pushed her cum-filled cunt against my mouth and I greedily sucked on her cunt, her boyfriend’s cum slithering into my mouth and down my throat! Nawaz immediately got between my thighs and rammed his erect cock into my juicing cunt, impaling me on it as I slurped on the woman’s oozing cunt! He was soon coming and as he pulled out, I felt the girl quickly kneel between my splayed thighs and clamp her mouth over my cum-filled cunt!

She sucked every drop of Nawaz’s cum from me and kissed me rather passionately on the lips after she’d finished, pushing her fingers back inside my gaping cunt!

“I’ve never even kissed another woman before!” she whispered to me, “But from now on I’ll fuck a woman at every opportunity!”

“Well let me give you my phone number and we can do it again!” I replied. Having given her my number and her promising to ring me the following evening, she and her boyfriend thanked us and walked off into the gloom. She did ring me the following evening and we’ve arranged to meet on Saturday! Over the rest of the week, Nawaz fucked me in every unusual place he could think of and in every position and variation he could think of and on Friday evening, him and Dave both fucked me and each other senseless until the following day’s dawn broke!

His parting gift was to ask Dave to toss him off so’s both me and Dave caught his cum in our mouths while he caught it on film!

Me and Dave then spent the whole morning making fabulous love to each other before falling asleep to refresh ourselves for our visitor that evening! As it happened, both she and her boyfriend arrived and brought their video camera with them and they’re now regular overnight guests and companions in the park. Their names are Susan and Mike and now all four of us dress in sexy undies and invite others in the park to fuck us! And to cap it all, they’ve both decided to imitate us and are fixing up another ‘wedding’ at the barn with the taxi drivers next week!

The End