I have had great sex with many men over the years, But I think of my friend Buddy was one of the best sexual encounters of gay sex with a man i everwould have and never could known.

He was very sexy and he was already known has a lady’s man. I had a crush on him for sex as i was gay i never said him that.He was pretty friendly with me and was easy to talk to and honest with me as he was a buddy of mine very close he knew I was gay.I liked him very much and I wanted him . I took the opportunity in asking him if he would like to come over that night and hang out with me, he said he would.

when buddy arrived that night to my place. we were sitting down on the sofa watching some pornmovies we were drinking beer and I noticed his bulge between his leg and action on the screen. seeing this I said to him lets have some fun and then he smiles and said go for it.

I began to unzipp his pants and started to rub and stroked his cock up and down slowly. I wanted to taste of his dick. I began to lick it with my tongue and I enjoyed him and his big cock. I pull away his shirt and I remove all of my clothes as well we are naked on my sofa .

we were playing He wanted me and He suddenly lifted my head up and said I want your ass .I could feel his fingers up my ass and I began to moan . He slowly slid cock in between my cheeks down my asshole and I could feel his cock inmy ass.

The fucking began to get faster My ass was in pain from fucking I loved it so much I forgot pain. I wanted his cock and I was getting my cock hard as I was fucked hard . I began to cum in air and on sofa.

He was fucking me harder and I could tell he was about to cum so I turned around and got to my knee’s and opened my mouth to taste it. He came out with hot cum it was down my face, mouth and was very tasty he was bursting again and again . Then He takes my cock into his mouth and He sucked on the tip.

I cry out again. He sucks harder with his lips and I grab him to me and kiss as I lay back on the bed.He smiles at me as he rises up, positioning himself over my ass. Sudeenly He wants more He lays back on bed and tells me to sit from above making his cock hard.

He lets the cock slip in to my loose asshole and then stops to feel me opening up, adjusting to my size.

I sats like that for a moment, giving us both a chance to regain control. I watch him at this moment.He begins to push up and slide cock in my tight ass as it was hot.I feel his cock and start to tighten up again but He kiss me and roll me over so that I can ride him like sitting on ahorse .I takes his dick in me and begin pumping it to the edge.He slide in and out of my asshole

I lay over him for breathing and at last I finally break down.