God, this is the first trip we (me and my master) are taking. We have talked about this for sometime, but needed to wait till the timing was right, and today is the day.

As we drive out of town, just having small talk and listening to the cd, we had been on the road for about 2 hours. You strumming your thumbs on the steering wheel, me stretched out with my back up against the door, legs fully extended, one under your thigh rubbing that super cock and those large balls of yours. My other foot resting on your shoulder, gently moving around your ear and neck. My cunt is staring at you from the opening of my pulled up skirt. My nipples are hard and tender as I lick my fingers, bring them up and out of my low neck shirt. Rubbing them is sending shivers down my belly. My bud is sticking out now, juice is starting to drip, as I stick my fingers in there, lightly trusting them in and out, only to bring that jiuce up to my clit and start rubbing and pinching, pulling, ohhhh it feels so nice. You love watching me masterbate. Your cock is hard and throbbing from my foot and from watching me play with myself. Your mind is going nuts, you want to feel that wet, hot, pulsating pussy clamping around that big, robust cock of yours. You can’t take anymore of this, up the road you see a turn off, you pull in. As you shut off the truck, your hand goes up my leg, grabs my cunt and not so gently you massage it. I move my legs, change positions and put that cock of yours into my mouth. I take it slow at first, then deeper and deeper until you are moaning and thrusting, it into my throat. You open the door, pull me by my legs until I am just outside the door. As I turn around and put my arms on the seat, you release that johnson from it’s restraints. Shoving that now enormous cock of yours deep into my hot, waiting cunt. Thrusting in and out, harder and harder, until you explode deep inside the well. We get back into the truck, this time I drive and you snooze dreaming of that killer pussy that you will get again soon.

We are about 2 miles from out destination. You wake, reach over and start to play with my nipples, sticking your fingers up my cunt that is wet from the toy I had resting against it vibrating as I drove. You are making me so horny. As we enter the city, I see the park where we had planned to have lunch. I park the truck under the trees, boy is it beautiful, a gorgeous spring day. The sun is oh, so warm and soothing. We can hear birds chirping, and the sounds of a waterfall from the pond just a yard or two away from the bench where we are sitting. The traffic is lazily going by. As we sit there, just watching, listening, you casually slip your hand up my shirt and tenderly squeeze my hard brown puppies. Making them so hard, I just lean back and enjoy the sensation that is flowing through my body. I discreetly start stroking your cock, making it bulge profusely. As I make your cock super hard, you slip your hand between my legs and start rubbing my tender bud. As my cunt begins to weep and the bud is ripe for the picking, I slowly slouch down just slightly so you can stick your fingers into an extremely hot, wet, pussy, while rubbing my clit with your thumb. As you start to move your fingers in and out, increasing your thrusting, until I cum, and it is dripping down your fingers onto your wrist. God that was sooo good. With a sigh of satisfaction, I lay out, on the bench, facing you, head on your lap. I ease out that hard throbbing cock and start to run my tongue up and down your shaft. I take the head into my mouth and make circles with it. As you sit up straight, I take you fully into my mouth. Nibbling, sucking, taking it deeper and deeper each time. My throat is closing on the head as you reach the very back. You are rubbing and squeezing my ass as I suck harder taking you all the way back, until you finally give that one last thrust that sends your cum deep into my throat. I swallow and suck until I have all of your juice gushing down my clutching throat, feeding the hunger my belly longed to taste. With lunch over and both of us very satisfied we start our journey home.

The End