As I entered our bedroom, there you are, I can tell by the look in your eyes that your mind was just a turning. What am I in for this morning.

As I undress and get into bed you start to tell me what you had decided. Even though you love making and watching me cum, you had decided that today, NO MATTER WHAT, I am only allowed to cum once you have entered me. If I cum at any other time I would be punished, each time the punishment will be more than the one before. I could tell by your look that you were going to thoroughly enjoy this day. You know you will be able to punish me several times, because you also know just how to make me cum with barely a touch.

As you take my nipples in your mouth and start to nibble, suck, ohhh, just feeling your moist tongue flicking the ends was sending ripples through out my body. Your fingers are gently squeezing my other nipple, God,I was in trouble. You continue to squeeze, suck, nibble, I start to raise my chest wanting more. Wanting it to go on for ever.

Just as I was about to groan and CUM, you bit down hard enough, stopping that wonderfull sensation, knowing that you also made it more sensitive then before.

Leaving that bitten tit you move your mouth to the next one. Taking that brown end into your mouth, sucking, biting, flicking it with your tongue. Knowing I was not far from one more orgasam, You take the other one between your finger tips and pinch, harder each time I push my breast into your face. Again I start to moan, trying to hold back the climax that is building, threatening to send cum dripping out of my cunt. Oh god, toooo late, I feel the juice outside my cunt as you clamp your teeth on the nipple and pull, bringing a scream of pain and delight from my throat. With both breasts swollen, red and definitely aroused you have me go down to take that awesome cock between my waiting hot, moist lips.

How I love making it hard and have you thrust it deep into my throat. To feel it close around the head as I gag and fight for air. Already I was wet again, and I had only thought about it. Ouch, god that ass smack stung(the first of many to come)for cum-ing. As I draw you into my mouth, sucking harder, firmer and deeper with each suck and release, I feel my rosey bud being stroked, sticking out, sending shivers through out my body. I can not hold back, cum was running out all over your fingers. You take that cum and wipe it oall over my ass. Taking your cock out of my mouth, you lay me across it, where I receive two hard wacks from the paddle bringing tears to my eyes, and erotic shocks through my groin. With a red ass and wet cheeks I take that cock again into my mouth, how I love the feel of it deep inside. I am again sucking, nibbling just a little, wanting ohhhh so much more. I open my mouth wide and let that huge cock go straight back, feeling it deep in the back I start to suck. You have your fingers up my cunt and I am fucking them as hard as you are thrusting your cock into my throat. I feel it start to close around your head. Trying not to cum, I fight for air, fucking your fingers, I can’t stop, the climax is out of control. I squirt my cum and it literally runs down your fingers, off your wrist on to the bed.

Once again I am placed over your cock, ass in the air. This time the wacks leave welts and me screaming, promising to hold back.

Knowing that I am soooo horny and can’t control anything anymore , you lay me on my back, take your tongue and proceed to rub my clit with it, driving me crazy. I am pushing my clit and cunt into your face. Just dying to have you suck it, instead you take it between your teeth and bite knowing at that percise time I was cum-ing. Moaning and gritting my teeth from pain and pleasure, you finally suck it. Sending a huge wave of ecstasy through my body. Bringing your fingers up, inserting them into a cunt so wet a sponge would be dripping. I had cum again, you clamped your choppers on my clit and pulled it through, making me scream with pleasure. You start thrusting your fingers in and out of my cunt making me fuck them, squeezing my cunt muscles onto them as you move them. Cum is all over and puddling on the bed. Taking that cum and wiping all over my belly and lips. Making me taste what I have wasted. You bring my knees up high, making me hold them to the side as you whip my clit, so many times that the inside of my thighs now have small welts. For one brief second you place a kiss on each one and start to suck my rosey, red bud, until I moan from the electrifing sensations.

finally you allow me to sit on that engorged cock of yours. Filling my cunt I start to fuck it. God how dam good it feels. your hands are nicely rubbing my nipples, drawing that awesome sensation through out my body. Making me fuck you harder and faster. You feel the cum on the end of your cock, taking a nipple in each hand you twist and pull until I scream, pushing your hands away.

Now I have to be placed with my hands behind my back. I am aching all over. My tits are so tender, blowing on them would make me cum. My ass is so red and welted that I keep fucking just so it does not hit down on your legs. My clit is out so far I feel it will pop throught the skin soon. But I have this marvellous cock deep inside and I am fucking it, loving the feel of it as I move up and down.

Your fingers are rubbing and lightly pulling on my clit. I have now held back at least three orgasms, and my climax is really starting to mount. It is getting extreemly hard to keep control.

Finally you are overwhelmed from making me cum all those times, you ease me off, put me on my hands and knees. Driving your massive, throbbing cock so deep I can feel you hitting the back side of my clit. Making me thrust my ass back at you meeting each drive with such urgency. As you clutch my sides and pull me in for one last deep thrust we both explode simultaneously. I continue to fuck you, drawing out every last morsel of your juice. With our combined cum deep inside of me, I squeeze and hold it in while you pull out and collapse on the bed. Having this insatiable need to taste you, I place my mouth on your now soft , luscious cock, sucking it clean. I keep our succulent juice and being the good bitch that I am, I give you a deep kiss so that we can share what our two bodies created.

The End