The first time I saw Amber, I got an instant hard on. Her green eyes and straight midnight black hair was as striking as her long bare legs. I following her with my eyes as she roamed my store. I own a high end clothing boutique which it is a hot spot for young, scantly clad rich girls. At 6 ‘ 3” I am a hansom 39 year guy in excellent shape. I have been in this business for 18 years and I don’t mind when the snobby bitches talk down to me because I know there are video cameras constantly recording in the dressing rooms. I let their belittling comments slide right off me, knowing I will watch and re-watch their strip show later.

Amber was a real bitch. I was helping another customer when she beaconed me over to attend to her and her friends. I provided the skirts and dresses they demanded to try on, and added a couple of extra slutty outfits. While she was in the dressing room, I pictured myself banging her against the dressing room wall. Slamming her tight twat with my big hard cock. I couldn’t wait to watch the tape later. She left purchasing one of everything. My cock pressed hard against my jeans as she handed me her daddy’s credit card and ID. I wanted to fuck her right there against the counter to teach the brat a little respect. Even now she looked at my with condescending eyes. I knew exactly what she needed to wipe that look off her face.

As Amber left, I told Jenna she was in charge of the store. I ducked into my office hoping no one would see my noticeable erection. Amber’s image came up on the screen, damn she was a hot piece of ass. Her driver’s license said she was just 19, I would love to load her pussy with my hot cum. On the screen, Amber casually stripped off her top revealing two cantaloupe sized breasts. “Looks like clothes isn’t the only thing daddy bought you” I whispered to myself. Her black bra was a size to small, and the perfect breasts were spilling out. She slid her skirt down her lithe body, I was pleasantly surprised to see that she wasn’t wearing anything beneath. I started to think about fucking that dumb slut, pounding her recently waxed cunt with my thick 7 inch cock. Blasting her pussy with my hot seed and then making her suck my cock clean. I could almost feel my fingers through her hair, bobbing her head faster and faster and taking my cock deep in the back of the throat. Mmm with her hot lips around cock, I would cum again, making her swallow ever drop. “Ahhh” I cried aloud. Some of my cum hit her image on the computer screen.

Two weeks later Amber returned with some hot shot fly boy. The kid couldn’t have be taller than 5′ 7” and was decked out in designer everything. He clearly had money, but didn’t have much else going for him. Amber on the other hand was delicious. Her lip gloss called for my cock. I wanted those luscious collagen filled lips wrapped around my hard shaft. Her over done makeup was on the verge of trashy, and made her look like a little young whore. I loved it. Beyond that, she wore a pink sun dress that was so short, I could almost see her round ass cheeks peeking out beneath the dress. The young couple looked around a little bit, but within five minutes they both casually made their way back into the dressing room. I didn’t waste any time, I made my way into my office. My cock growing harder with each step. I opened the live feed from the camera on my desktop. The boy was seated while Amber straddled him slowly rubbing her crotch over his jeans. The kid quickly undid the tie of the dress to release the beautiful breasts. He began sucking on her tits like a hungry baby. I could tell the little slut enjoyed it. I wished this damn thing had audio, I would love to hear the bitch moan. Moving much too quickly, the kid unzipped his jeans. Amber slid the hard, but rather small cock in her snatch. She moved like a pro, she arched her back, trying to move his little prick on her G spot. She knew how to please herself. I had no idea she was such a slut. My dick throbbed, wanting her wet dirty cunt. The boy, thrusted twice and cam. Amber was clearly disappointed, I wanted to show her what a real man felt like. All too soon they were done and got dressed and left the dressing room. I watched the scene three more times and cam, thinking of pounding the rich slut’s dirty pussy. What a waste of such a fine piece of ass. The kid doesn’t even know how to use the bitch right.

Amber returned to the store the following day just as I was locking up; this time she came alone. She asked me to open just a little long. There was a great party and she had nothing to wear. Apparently she and the boy came here for a purpose besides fucking the prior day. She gave me a small smile and asked me quietly to stay open just a moment longer. That cute girl act didn’t work on me, I new she was a rich slut who fucked guys in dressing rooms. Obviously I let her in, but kept the closed sign on the door. We were completely alone, my employees had left for the day. I quietly locked the door and then turned toward Amber. “What are you looking for?” I asked nonchalantly.

“I need a killer dress for this party, something new and expensive” she responded. The cute girl act was clearly dropped. Now that she got what she wanted, the rich snob attitude returned. That was just fine by me. I selected pink tube top two sizes too small and a jean mini skirt, if you could call something that small a skirt. It could almost double as a thick belt. She looked at the selection and left to try it on. I watched her ass as she walked to the back room. The same room where she had fucked that kid. She came out, to take a look at it in the three way mirror. I never saw anything so dirty. Her knee high black boots and thick makeup made her look like a real tramp. She admired her self in the mirror, it was exactly what she was looking for.

I took a risk and said, “You know, your guy doesn’t fuck you right”. She spun around, startled by the comment. “You should experience how it feels like to be fucked by a real man”.

I slowly walked over to her, she didn’t move, she seemed frozen. She wasn’t used to being caught off guard. My hand reached for her paid-for breasts. How I wanted to feel these tits for weeks. I leaned down and nibbled her neck. “Wait” she said, I looked into her bright green eyes. She didn’t move or call out. I could tell she wanted me. “I think you want it baby, like you wanted that kid yesterday”. The bulge in my pants pressed against her hot tight body.

“I …” she breathed. She couldn’t help it, she did want to be fucked by a real man.

I pinned her against to wall. Her hot body felt great against my skin. I was going to enjoy banging this slut. I slid my left hand down her body, easily sliding my hand beneath her skirt. I found her wet dripping pussy and slowly caressed the folds of her cunt. I made my way to her swollen clit and gently rubbed, still stimulating her hard nipple with my other hand. She started breathing heavier, just as I knew the slut would. I worked her to the brim of cumming. She moaned softly, frustrated by the tease. “Do you want to ride me baby?” I asked.

There was a pause, “Yes” she replied. She was hornier than ever now and needed relief. “You know, I haven’t been fucked well for a really long time”. Man this bitch really is a slut I thought to myself. My eyes lingered on her disheveled tight top her nipples barely visible. I loved the effect of the slutty boots, I definitely wanted her to keep those on while she rode me.

She walked toward me and told me to sit in a armless seat just outside the dressing room. I shook my head, and walked to the seat where she fucked the boy. This seat had better camera coverage. “Suck my cock bitch”. She immediately kneeled in front of my like a good little slut. She unzipped my jeans and released my large hard cock. She gasped slightly and was clearly pleased with the size. Her tongue slowly licked from the base to the tip. Her hand slid between her legs, she began to play with her clit while slowly licked my head getting the first taste of precum. She hungered for more wrapping her lips around my hard shaft. My hand reached for her head to set the pace. Her head bobbed faster up and down my 7 inch tool. She continued to pleasure herself and was clearly close to cumming herself. I leaned over and whispered in her ear, “I want you to ride me now”.

Slutly little Amber obeyed, not bothering to take her skirt off, she guided my cock into her pussy beneath her skirt. I slid her tub top down revealing those beautiful breasts and began sucking her nipples as she bucked against my cock. She started too fast. I slowed her down wanting to enjoy the young tight cunt. She moaned, “Mmm fuck yeah”.

“Thats right baby, nice and slow, I don’t want you to cum to fast”. She moaned, inching faster trying to reach orgasm. Her speed increased, and breasted bounced as she road my cock, faster and faster. “Ahhhh, Fuck, Fuck Yeahhhhh Mmmm” she came her pussy spasming around my cock.

“Uhhh” I grunted releasing my hot seed in her tight cunt. Breathless she collapsed, my cum seeping out of her twat. Slowly she recovered, her eyes still dreamy. “Lick it up bitch” I commanded.

She reluctantly obeyed dropping to her knees and sucking my now limp cock. She savored the mixture of juices. I felt life come back into the cock, I once again filled her mouth with my thick shaft. My hand guided her head up and down just as I had imagined. “Have you ever been titty fucked Amber?” She was started that I knew her name, but shook her head no with my cock still in her mouth. “Well today you’ll get to learn”. She placed my cock between those twin mounds. I loved watching the hot tits slide up and down my shaft. Within seconds I know I was about to cum, I aimed watched my hot seed splash on her face smearing her thick makeup.

I stood up and looked down at the used bitch. It was like a tissue ready to be thrown away. “Time to close up shop babe, you can keep the clothes.” Humiliated she left the store, her face and pussy was dripping with my cum. Needless to say I never saw her in the shop again. But like I said, there are plenty of snotty scantly clad rich girls. Plus, this is nothing compared to what I did with my assistant Jenna.