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As he stared at the ceiling, Ray thought about what had brought him to this point in his life. Oh, he knew the events and reasons, remembering every last detail, but still didn’t know the underlying cause. The reasons were the doing of that girl, Suzie. She brought it all on herself.

Ray thought back to the night he first met her. She was walking along the unlit side road late that night, it must have been at least midnight, and Ray almost ran over her, having to swerve at the last minute to avoid hitting her. He pulled to the side of the road as soon as he could slam on his brakes and backed the car up to where the girl was standing, obviously quite shaken by the near-accident. Ray lowered the passenger window and, leaning across the seat, asked, “are you okay, lady?” As the girl approached the car, he added, “I didn’t see you until I was almost on top of you.”

The girl leaned over to speak through the open window, “yes, I’m okay. It just scared me and these high heels made me trip.”
Ray could see down her top as she leaned into the car window and he couldn’t believe the size of her tits. The were humonguous! He figured she had to be wearing a 4D bra at least. “Must be silicone,” her thought. His eyes went to her face as he struggled for his next words. She had a pretty face, although it looked a little chubby. He couldn’t tell the color of her eyes in the dark, moonless light, but her hair appeared to be a light brown, and she had it pulled up on top of her head, rolled into a bun. “It’s a little late for a woman to be walking on these roads,” Ray finally managed to say. “Where are you heading?” “Oh, I was going down to The Shack, is all. No car, so I had to walk.” The girl leaned her head further into the car, possibly to see who she was talking to a little better.

Ray had heard of ‘The Shack’. It was a small club just outside of the one- traffic-light town they lived near. He had never been there, but had heard it was a pretty rowdy place and was surprised the girl was going there by herself. “Have you been to The Shack before?” The girl nodded as she spoke, “yeh, I usually go there on weekends with friends, but they couldn’t pick me up tonight.” Ray thought “either she’s very brave or stupid, walking these roads at night.” The club she was going to was still a good two miles away, and Ray was going right by it on his way home from work, so he offered, “well, I’m going that way. Can I give you a ride?”

The girl was already opening the car door as she thanked him, “hey, thanks. It’s a pretty long walk, and these shoes are killing me.” As she slid into the seat beside Ray, he noticed she was wearing a very short skirt, which almost revealed her panties as she slid into the seat, and a low-cut top that her breasts were doing their utmost to spill out of. “Dressed like a hooker,” Ray silently observed, then stuck out his hand, saying, “my name is Ray. What’s your’s?”

The girl shook his hand with a limp handshake, “I’m Suzie. Short for Suzanne.” They briefly studied each other as they shook hands. Ray saw that she was a little plump, but not really fat, weighing maybe 140 to 150 pounds, and he judged that she must have been about five foot six in her heels as she stood by the car. It was difficult to guess her age, but Ray figured she was somewhere in her twenties, maybe twenty-five. Suzie studied Ray a little longer than he had her as he pulled the car back on the road his attention on driving. She saw that he was kind of average, certainly no hunk, with balding brown hair, slender build, maybe six feet tall, appearing to be in his early thirties. Trying to make conversation, Ray asked, “where did you walk from, Suzie? I don’t know of any houses along this road for miles.” Suzie lazily replied, “oh, I live in that trailer park off of Farm Road. I must have already walked two or three miles before you came along.”

Ray knew where Farm Road intersected the highway they were on and realized she was pretty close on her estimate. He didn’t know of the trailer park, but never had any reason to go down Farm Road. “Been living there long?” “Naw, I just moved there after leaving my old man. Been there about a month is all.” Suzie put a cigarette to her lips and lit it with a lighter she fished from her small handbag before continuing. “It’s the only place I could find that I could afford. Just wish it wasn’t so far out.”

Ray couldn’t help but sneak looks at her legs as he drove. She had them crossed, her skirt riding up to her hips, and he knew that if he could find some pretense to lean forward, he would be able to see her panties. “They were nice legs,” he thought, “but a little pudgy like her face.” Still, they looked firm, smooth, and shapely. His eyes moved up to her breasts, wondering what it would be like to squeeze them, and if they dropped to her waist with no bra. He saw her studying her chest, and quickly darted his eyes back to the road. Suzie laughed derisively, “what’s wrong, Ray? You wondering if they’re real?” She laughed some more, then added, “well, they are. They’re all mine. No plastic in this body.”

Ray was embarrassed that he had been caught, his words stumbling as he apologized, “I-I’m sorry, Suzie. I-I-I didn’t mean to stare.” Suzie patted his leg, “that’s okay, Ray. I didn’t mind. Guys are always looking at my chest.” Her hand felt warm on his leg and Ray took her touch to be an invitation, so he reached over and grabbed the nearest breast. Her rebuke was immediate, her hand flying up to grab his and pull it from her breast. “What in the hell do you think you’re doing, you sleaze bag?” Her words cut to the quick as he returned his hand to the steering wheel and attempted an apology. “I’m, I’m s-sorry,” he pleaded. “I d-don’t know wh- what came over me.” Suzie appeared to enjoy his discomfort, “well, see that you don’t try it again. Looking is one thing, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let some nerd touch ’em.”

Her opinion of him put Ray into an immediate depression and he drove the rest of the way in silence. He was relieved when he finally pulled into the club parking area and rolled the car slowly across the crushed stone to the entrance. Acting as if nothing had happened, Suzie once again touched his leg and cheerfully suggested, “wanta come in with me? I might let you dance with me and take me home later.” She was so magnaminous in her offer, but Ray couldn’t resist accepting. “Wh-why, sure, I’d like that.”

It was obvious that Suzie was immensely enjoying her control over the grown man and she decided to use him for what it was worth. “Got any money? It costs four dollars to get in. Then there’s the drinks, you know.”

Ray really had no idea that the girl was using him and was having fun at his expense, only happy that she had included him in her plans. “Yes, yes, I have some money. I’ll take care of it.” His life was so uneventful, so void of successful relationships, that he would have given her his life savings if she had requested. He pulled the car around to one of the many open parking spaces, observing there were only four other cars in front of the rundown building. Ray quickly got out of the car and went around to help Suzie get out, but she was already putting her feet on the stone when he got there. She seemed to make a point of insuring that he would get a good look at her crotch as got out of the car, smiling up at him in a patronizing manner.

They walked through the bright green painted door and Ray handed the man sitting on a stool just inside the door eight dollars. The heavy set man informed him there would be a two-drink minimum as he stuffed the money in his pocket. Ray looked around the place and saw the name was well-fitting. It was indeed a shack, with a long bar on one wall, ten or twelve wooden tables with straight back chairs in the center of the building, and two pool tables next to the wall opposite the bar. Ray saw one couple sitting at a table, and old man perched on a stool at the bar, and two guys playing pool at one of the pool tables. That was the whole Friday night crowd at ‘The Shack’. “Some place,” he thought, as he followed Suzie on her way to the bar.

One of the men playing pool looked up and saw Suzie and yelled, “hey, there’s Suze! Now this place will start hopping.” Suzie waved at the loud-mouth, a big, bearded redneck-type wearing suspenders to hold up his pants on his beer gut. The big man laid down his pool stick and made his way across the room to Suzie and grabbed her in a bear hug, lifting her off her feet and hiking her short skirt half way up her ass. Suzie screamed good naturedly, “Bear, put me down, for god’s sake. You’re showing my ass.”

The man she called Bear dropped his hands to her white-panty-clad ass and bellowed for all to hear, “yeh, and its a mighty fine ass, too.” Then he put her back on her feet as he guffawed over his comment. Holding her with one hand around her waist, he suggested, “get your drink and come on over and shoot some with me and Weasel, sugar. We can liven this dead place up.” Suzie bent forward and kissed the big man as she agreed, “sure, Bear, I’ll be over in just a minute. Rack ’em up for me.” As Bear turned back to the pool table, Suzie turned to Ray, “get me a drink, Ray. Make it a screwdriver.” Not a request, but more like an order she expected to be obeyed. Then she added, as an afterthought, “and you can sit at one of the tables while I play some pool with Bear and Weasel.”

Ray didn’t like the way she spoke to him, but he did as she said, ordering her a screwdriver and himself a beer from the old man behind the bar, busy doing nothing but wiping glasses and the bar top.

Suzie took the drink and headed to the pool tables, swinging her ample ass as she walked, knowing she was the best looking woman in the place and the object of every man’s attention. Fact of the matter was, the only other woman in the place was at least in her fifties, so Suzie didn’t have any competition. Ray found a table not far from the pool tables and observed the two guys and Suzie cut up as they played pool. The one named Weasel was aptly named, with a face that looked just like a weasel. Sharp features with beady eyes, long unkempt hair, and a beard that reached to the middle of his chest and didn’t look like it had been washed in a month.

It was obvious from the loud talking of the three that Weasel was winning every game and, from what Ray could see, that was because Suzie and Bear were more interested in playing with each other. More than once, Ray saw the big man run his hand up Suzie’s skirt as she bent over to make a shot. She seemed to be enjoying the man’s uncouth advances, sometimes grabbing his crotch in return. After the three had played about four games, Ray saw Bear lean over and say something to Suzie, to which she vigorously nodded. She put her pool stick in the rack and, turning to the big man, informed him, “just a minute, Bear. I gotta go pee.” She picked up her small handbag and disappeared down a corridor nestled next to the bar.

In a few minutes Suzie returned and Ray could see what appeared to be the elastic of her panties sticking out the top of her purse. As she walked up to Bear, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her to him. Ray saw that the white cloth in her purse was her panties, as the bottom of her ass cheeks were revealed for all to see. The two men and Suzie turned and headed toward the door and Ray got up as they neared his table, looking at the girl quizzically, “are you leaving, Suzie? How about our dance?” Suzie looked aggravated that he would approach her, sneering, “shut up, Ray. I’ll be back. You just wait here.” The three pushed on past him and Ray heard the one called Weasel comment, “man, what a woose! Where did you find him, Suze?” Suzie laughed at Weasel’s observation without answering his question as they went out the door. Ray sat at the table nursing his beer, not really caring for it, but he didn’t want to feel out of place. He had finished the beer by the time the threesome returned and started another one. He noticed the two men had a bragging look on their faces as they possessively walked in with their arms around the dishelveled looking Suzie. Ray stood as they approached his table, hopefully requesting, “can we have that dance now, Suzie?”

The big man put a huge paw on Ray’s chest and pushed him forcefully back in his chair, almost knocking Ray and the chair over. “Shit head, she’s with us,” he announced, “so you just sit there and wait.” Ray looked at Suzie with a question on his face, but she just laughed and added, “yeh, Ray, you better do what Bear says.” The three returned to the pool tables and played some more, but were no longer cutting up as before. After a couple of games, the two men put up their sticks and gave Suzie a kiss with a pat on her ass, then shouting ‘goodnight’ to all, left the club. Suzie made her way to the table where Ray was sitting and, not even acknowledging him, said, “I’m tired. Take me home.” Ray dared ask, “but, Suzie, you said we could dance. Can’t we have one dance before I take you home?”

She gave him that exasperated look again, “dammit, Ray, I don’t want to dance! So shut up and take me home.” Wordlessly and feeling somewhat like a eunuch, Ray rose from the table and followed Suzie out the door. He started to open the car door for her, but his courtesy was rejected by a curt “I can open my own doors, stupid.” His pride further damaged by the hateful sound of her voice, Ray went to the driver’s side and got in, started the car and pulled slowly out of the lot. They rode without a word between them until turning on Farm Road, then Suzie informed him, “the trailer park is just up ahead. Take the dirt road next to those woods.”

Ray turned on his bright headlights as he peered through the darkness looking for the dirt road and the woods. He barely could make out the narrow road in the beam of the headlights and eased his car onto the sandy drive. Suzie spoke briefly, “it’s the first trailer on the right. Turn off your damn lights or you’ll have everyone mad at me.”

Ray did as she told him, pulling up in front of the first trailer on the right, about two hundred feet from the paved road. It was an old trailer, and Ray guessed it couldn’t have been more than a two-bedroom, and maybe fifty feet long. As he got out of the car, Ray looked around and could see the shadows of perhaps ten other trailers, each one sitting a good fifty feet from each other. He couldn’t believe people would want to live out here, thinking that they probably didn’t even have phones and had to depend on wells for water. He went around the car to the wooden steps leading up to the door in the side of the trailer just as Suzie reached the landing and, fumbling with her keys, unlocked the door. She opened it, reached around the door frame and hit a switch, turning on a lamp in what must have been the living room. Ray couldn’t see much, but did see that the room was cluttered with boxes and scattered newspapers.

Ray stepped beside Suzie, hoping she would invite him in, but that hope was quickly doused. “Well, I’m going to bed, Ray. Maybe I’ll see you sometime.” Ray didn’t know what to say, so he shrugged and leaned forward as if to kiss her, but was instantly rebuffed. “What in the hell are you doing, creep? I don’t intend to give you a kiss or anything else. Jesus, all you did was give me a ride!”

Her words stunned Ray, and he couldn’t understand why she talked to him the way she did. And the names she called him. Why? He didn’t think he was a creep, and all he wanted was a goodnight kiss for giving her a ride and buying her drinks. No big deal. But she was sure making a big deal out of it. Ray shrugged again and, without speaking his mind, returned to his car, humbled and rejected. He heard the trailer door slam as he got in the car, so he started it and drove back up the dirt road to the highway, heading toward home, his thoughts on the way the girl had treated him. Ray couldn’t help but think there must be some- thing wrong with him. He knew he wasn’t handsome, but he wasn’t ugly, either. He certainly looked better than the two guys Suzie had left the club with earlier. Ray wondered what they had that he didn’t? Perhaps it was true that ‘nice guys finish last’. Maybe that was it. Maybe he was too nice. But Ray knew he couldn’t help being nice. It was the way he was raised, and he just couldn’t bring himself to behave the way those guys at the club did with Suzie.

Ray went to sleep that night thinking of the girl and her treatment of him, finally falling asleep when he had convinced himself that she would treat him different once she got to know him. He vowed he would see her again and show her how nice he was, give her a chance to get to know him.

It was late afternoon before Ray awoke, the sun streaming into his bedroom windows. He hadn’t meant to sleep so late as he had planned to drive to Suzie’s place and see if she wanted to do anything. He jumped up, quickly shaved and showered, hoping that she would be at her trailer by the time he got there. It was an hour before he got to her small trailer because he had taken extra pains to groom himself and dress nicely, hoping she would be impressed when she saw him in the daylight.

Ray walked up the rickety steps leading to the door and heard music wafting through the open trailer windows. He meekly knocked and, not getting a response, knocked again, slightly harder. Still no response, so Ray started to descend the steps when the door was jerked open behind him. As he turned to say hello, Suzie rudely blurted, “what the hell do you want?”

Ray was disappointed that she would greet him in that manner, but, swallowing his pride, replied, “hi, Suzie. I just thought I’d drop by and see if you wanted to go somewhere.” She had that aggravated look on her face as she retorted, “listen,” then abruptly stopped, appearing to be thinking. The look on her face changed from aggravation to condescending as she continued, “well, I have to go buy some groceries. You can take me to the store.” Ray was delighted that she was going to include him in her plans, even if it was just a trip to the store. Maybe she would start to like him if they spent some time together. “Sure, Suzie, I’ll be glad to take you,” he eagerly responded.

Suzie nodded, “wait here. I’ll be ready in a minute or two.” She stepped back inside the trailer and closed the door behind her. Ray heard her turn the lock on the knob after it closed, then heard her foot steps echoing through the door as she apparently went to the other end of the trailer. It was a good ten minutes before she reappeared, wearing cutoff shorts and a low-scooping blouse similar to the one she had worn the night before, her clothing very revealing of her ample figure. As she brushed by Ray on the small landing, he got a whiff of her perfume, cheap, but still exciting. He couldn’t help but look at her ass straining against the cutoff denim shorts as she went down the steps and he followed a few steps behind. She did have a hot figure, he thought. Dresses like a slut, but Ray found her attractive. Suzie opened the door on the passenger side of the car and got in, looking impatiently at Ray as he made his way around to the driver’s side and got in. As he started the car, Ray asked, “which store do you want to go to, Suzie?” “It doesn’t matter,” she answered curtly. “Just as long as they have plenty of groceries.”

As Ray drove, he attempted to make conversation with Suzie, but each time was given short, disinterested answers, her attitude making it clear that she wasn’t interested in small talk. After several attempts, Ray gave up and drove the rest of the distance to the store in silence. It was only a fifteen minute drive, but seemed like an hour to Ray, and he was glad when they finally pulled into the parking lot.

When they entered the store, Ray pulled a shopping cart from a long line and dutifully followed Suzie down one aisle and up another as she pulled items from the shelves without even checking the prices. He was thinking she must have plenty of money, the way she was shopping, but dared not say anything. What he thought was going to be a quick shopping trip turned out to be at least forty- five minutes and they hadn’t even gone through the checkout yet. Finally, the cart full to over-flowing, they made their way to the checkout. After everything in the buggy had been rung up, the cashier announced in a friendly voice that the total was one-hundred-twenty-something.

That’s when Suzie sprung it on him, “you’ll have to pay it, Ray. I don’t have any money.” She walked on through the opening between the two checkout lanes and waited by the line of shopping carts near the exit. Ray looked at her dumbfounded, taken completely by surprise with her announcement. It was embarrassing for him and he didn’t know what to do, as the friendly cashier’s face took on an impatient look, glancing first at Ray and then at the girl standing by the exit. Recovering from his shock, Ray fished out his wallet and counted what money he had. Forty dollars. That was all he had brought with him. His face flushed as he looked at the cashier apologetically, then turned to look at Suzie as if asking what he should do. She wouldn’t even look his way, so Ray turned to inform the cashier he didn’t have that much money when, suddenly, remembered his ‘mad money’ he kept hidden in his billfold. He fished the folded-up hundred dollar bill out of its hiding place and added the two twenties to it, handing it to the cashier who was by now looking pretty annoyed. She gave him his change and long receipt with a mumbled ‘thank you’ and turned to the next customer in line.

Ray pushed the cart to the door and saw that Suzie was already half way across the parking lot. He hurried to catch up with her, wanting to ask her why she hadn’t told him she didn’t have any money before she got all those groceries, but she had made it to the car and got in before he could. Ray stopped the cart at the back of the car and opened the trunk, then filled it with all the groceries, having to put two bags in the back seat. He was annoyed that Suzie didn’t even offer to help as well as the stunt she pulled in the store, so as soon as he got behind the wheel, he asked the gum-popping girl, “why didn’t you tell me you didn’t have any money, Suzie?” She looked at him with a sneer, “well, it was your idea to come to my place and ask me if I wanted to go anywhere.” She punctuated her excuse with a loud pop of the gum as she turned her head to look out the window, showing her contempt for the bewildered Ray.

Ray’s annoyance made him reply, somewhat belligerently, “true, and I don’t mind spending money on you, but you could have TOLD me. I mean, that was embarrassing in there. If I hadn’t remembered that hundred dollar bill, we would have had to put some stuff back.” Suzie gave him that look again, “oh, Ray, stop your whining. You had the money, didn’t you?” Ray saw that his words were having no impact on her, so he drove her home without saying another word. Only when they had pulled up in front of her trailer did he speak, “you want me to help you with these groceries, Suzie?” Suzie’s attitude hadn’t changed any during the drive as she answered, “well, what do you think? I sure can’t carry them in by myself.” She got out of the car and walked up the steps to her door, opened it and disappeared inside.

Ray grabbed the two bags out of the back seat and walked up the steps, then stepped through the open door. He looked for Suzie to ask where to put the bags, but she was no where in sight. He then looked for a place to set the two bags, but didn’t see any place that wasn’t covered by either clothing or trash, so he put the bags on the table on top of some clothing, and returned to the car to get some more bags. After four more trips to the car, he finally had all the groceries inside the trailer. Suzie had reappeared after the second trip to the car and began to put the groceries away, so Ray turned to the task of helping her, handing her the items from the bags as she decided where to put them.

When they were finished, Suzie’s refrigerator and shelves were well-stocked with food. Ray made an observation, “that should last you awhile, Suzie.” She shrugged and walked out of the kitchen, heading to the back of the trailer. Ray didn’t know what to do, so he stood there awkwardly waiting for her return. She returned in a couple of minutes, and Ray was pleasantly surprised to see she had shed her blouse and shorts, now clothed in just white panties and a bra that couldn’t contain her mammoth breasts.

He must have been standing there with his mouth open, because Suzie emitted a loud laugh before asking, “what are you staring at? It’s hot in here and I wanted to cool off.” As she spoke, Suzie slid the straps of her bra off her shoulders and arms, then pushed the bra to her waist as she worked it around so the hooks were in the front. She undid the three hooks and threw the bra on the cluttered table. Her actions were nonchalant, as though Ray wasn’t even standing there, eyes transfixed at the huge globes of flesh. Ray couldn’t believe the sight she had revealed. Her breasts hadn’t sagged hardly any at all as she undid the bra, but had merely swung outward to point sideways. They looked like two small cantaloupes, white and heavily veined, with evidence of a mass of stretch marks on the outside. He couldn’t remember ever seeing such nice tits, and the sight made him feel a stirring in his loins.

Ray was brought back to the present by Suzie’s derisive laugh, “you like to look at my tits, Ray?” As she asked the provocative question, she put her hands under her breasts and lifted them as though she was offering the globes to the awe-struck man. Ray couldn’t stand it any longer and took the two short strides across the kitchen to Suzie, reaching to take her in his arms, his lips prepared for a kiss he was sure she wanted. Just as his hands touched her waist, he saw the blur of her hand and arm swinging toward his face, but he didn’t have the time to react. Ray felt the sudden blow to the side of his head and quickly stepped back, raising his arms to ward off any further blows. His cheek stung and his ear was ringing as he heard Suzie shout, “you bastard! I didn’t say you could touch me.” He saw her advance a step toward him, her hand once again raised to swing, and Ray took another step back, trying to explain, “I thought you wanted me to, Suzie.”

He blocked her next swing with his arm just in time, as she shouted, “you asshole! You’ll be the last man to touch me! Get out of my house.” She continued to step toward him, raising both her arms threateningly as she repeated, “get out, get out, you mother-fucker!”

Ray made a hasty exit from her trailer, not from fear of her, as he knew he could easily have defended himself, but because he didn’t want to hurt her. He stood in the sandy yard and looked at the raving girl standing on the landing, her breasts bare and quivering with her anger, uncaring if there were any neighbors watching. Ray shook his head in disbelief, unable to fathom her sudden rage. It wasn’t like he had tried to rape her or anything. Suzie went inside, the door slamming behind her, as Ray got in his car. He pulled away from her trailer, heading to the end of the dirt drive to turn around and, just as he had reached the third trailer, a man stepped out and waved him to stop. Ray saw he was about his age, maybe a couple inches shorter and a little heavier. The man leaned in the passenger window as Ray came to a stop. “That bitch gave you the treatment, huh?” Ray’s features gave him away as he asked, “what do you mean?” The man jerked his thumb in the direction of Suzie’s trailer, “I heard it all, man. Sounded like the same thing she said to me.” He had Ray’s curiosity. “What, you made a try for her, too?” “Hmmph! Didn’t even get a chance to,” the man explained. “Took her out to dinner, bought her some clothes, and then she cusses me out.” He studied Ray’s face, then queried, “she did the same thing to you, didn’t she?”

Ray had to admit he had been used, “yeh, she took me for over a hundred dollars. I didn’t mind the money, but she treated me like shit.” The man nodded his understanding, offering advice, “well, you’re better off without her, man. You oughta just stay away from her. That’s what I’m doing. She’ll get her’s some day, you just wait and see.” Ray nodded in return, “yeh, I don’t plan on coming anywhere near her again. I’ve learned my lesson.” The man patted his car door as he straightened up and Ray continued his way out of the trailer park.

All the way to his house Ray thought of how he had been used. From what the man in the trailer park had said, he wasn’t the first one, either. His face still stung from where she had hit him, and he was sure he would have a shiner. But his pride stung even more, and the anger in him began to build, becoming stronger with each remembrance of her cutting words. He began to express his anger out loud as he drove, “bitch, goddamn bitch, the fucking whore. I’m not good enough for the fucking slut, huh? She needs to be taught a lesson. She needs to be gang-raped, that’s what she needs. The bitch.” Ray continued his tirade against Suzie, becoming more excited with each outburst, even beating on the steering wheel with his fists, his eyes watering with his building rage, his shame, his rejection.

When he got to his house, Ray’s anger was at a fever-pitch. He mixed himself a drink and sat in the darkening shadows brooding. Around midnight, his anger subsided, replaced by a cold resolve, and Ray began to plan, methodically, thoroughly, as he did everything in life, but this time in greater detail. This had to be the perfect plan. The stakes were too great for him to take any chances. After an hour of thinking it through, Ray got up and went out to his garage, found a little-used toolbox and began to fill it with items he knew he would need to carry out his plan. When he had everything gathered up, Ray went through his mental list, “let’s see; ropes, duck tape, knife, propane torch, lighter, screw drivers, vice grips, needle nose pliers, and oh, yes, the huge channel lock pliers.” Ray thought over the list again and remembered two other items. “Ah, yes, the small baseball bat, and a stogie.” He found the baseball bat, something he had since he was a kid, but it was perfect for what he wanted it for. It was only twenty-four inches long and about two inches in diameter with the normal disk-like end where the bat was held. Ray went inside and searched for the last item he needed, finally finding them in the bottom of an old cupboard. He pulled out the box and selected two of the eight-inch cigars, placing them under his nose to test. Hmmm, stale, he thought, but they would do. It was after two in the morning by the time Ray was satisfied he had every- thing and he had to car loaded. He headed to the trailer park where Suzie lived, planning where he could park his car, remembering details of the surrounding area and seeing no risk in his plan due to the remoteness of the park. When he got to the dirt drive entering the trailer park, Ray turned off the headlights and let the car crawl along the drive, then stopped when he was about a hundred feet off the paved road. He reached up and removed the cover over the dome light and then removed the bulb, placing it in the glove box. Quietly, Ray opened the door and got out. He picked up a large screwdriver and roll of tape from the seat and pushed the door to without letting it latch.

Steathily, Ray made his way to the first trailer, staying close to the woods and brush bordering the drive, thankful for the moonless night. When he got to the trailer, Ray stood in the trees for a moment and studied the darkened residence. Seeing no sign of a light, he walked around the trailer, listening for any sound from within. Satisfied that Suzie was either asleep or gone, Ray carefully made his way up the steps, making sure he stepped on the treads closest to the building where they would be less likely to squeak from his weight. When he reached the landing, Ray put his head to the door and listened, hearing nothing but his rapid, adrenalin-pumping heart and his short gasps of breath. He was both nervous and excited now that he had begun to put his plan into action, his whole being seemed to be more alive than he could recall. Every sense was heightened, bringing forth the primordial man lurking inside. Ray took the big screwdriver and stuck it in the opening between the door and door jamb, forcing it in next to the locking bar. Slowly, Ray applied force to the handle of the screwdriver, bending the metal of the door and the jamb, spreading the opening. The metal protested, making a short creaking sound, and Ray froze, resting on tip toe, ready to flee at any sound from within the trailer. Not hearing anything, he returned to his task of forcing the door open. It only took another push before Ray felt the door catch slip out of the hole in the jamb.

Again, Ray listened at the now-open door for any sound. It was still quiet, so he pushed the door open far enough to enter the dark room, then pulled the door almost closed, not wanting it to latch. He stood at the door, picturing in his mind where each piece of furniture was, where he could remember boxes on the floor, anything he might trip over. Not sure, Ray put the screwdriver in his back pocket and the roll of tape inside his shirt, then dropped to his hands and knees, crawling while feeling ahead with one hand in the direction of the back of the trailer.

Ray managed to crawl across the living room floor to the narrow hallway running down one side of the trailer without knocking anything over or making a noise. He moved slowly down the hall, pausing at the first door he came to. It was open and he could make out a small bed pushed against the opposite wall with several boxes piled on it. He backed out of the doorway and continued down the hall, coming to another open door. Ray immediately saw it was the bathroom and went the remaining few feet of the hall, which ended in a doorway. As he studied the room on his hands and knees, he could hear the whirring sound of a small fan and the deep breathing of someone in sleep. Ray could make out the white sheets covering the bed and the lumpy form of a body. He held his breath as he advanced to the side of the bed, then slowly exhaled, not wanting his breathing to be detected, as he raised up to see the figure on the bed. There was Suzie, lying on her back, wearing just panties and bra, one leg bent and leaning to the side, the other leg straight. She had one arm folded back and resting on the pillow beside her head and the other across her belly.

“Perfect”, Ray thought, “he wouldn’t have to turn her over.” He fished the tape out of his shirt and carefully, so slowly, peeled off two strips about six inches in length. He stuck the two strips on his forearm, then slowly rose to a crouching position, leaning slightly over the bed, listening for any change in the sleeping girl’s breathing that would indicate awakening. Her breathing continued unchanged, her mouth partially open and slack, her nostrils flaring with each breath. Ray laid the roll of tape on the side of the bed and peeled one of the strips off his arm, wincing as the sticky tape pulled the hair. Taking a deep breath, Ray quickly slapped the piece of tape over Suzie’s mouth, pressing down firmly for maximum adhesion.

Suzie awoke with a start, a muffled scream bursting against the tape gag, her hands immediately flying to her face and grabbing at the strip of tape. Ray grabbed one arm, twisting it to her side as he flipped her on her stomach, then forcing it behind her back and pinned it with one knee. He quickly snatched up the roll of tape and yanked out several inches, having to put his other knee on the bucking girl’s neck to hold her still as he wrapped the tape around the arm at the wrist. She continued to scream against the tape covering her mouth as Ray shifted on the bed to pull her other arm out from under her and behind her back. In a matter of seconds, he had wrapped the tape around each wrist, using all of his weight on her back to hold Suzie as she squirmed and resisted his hog-tying.

Certain she was secure, Ray flipped her over on her back. Suzie’s eyes went wide with recognition and her silenced screams increased, the tape across her mouth wrinkling and puckering with her efforts to open her mouth. As Ray moved to rise off the bed, Suzie kicked out with one leg, her foot striking Ray squarely in the stomach, knocking the breath out of him and sending him backward to the floor. He hit the floor with a thud and, as he fell back, his head struck the wall at the foot of the bed. Dazed, Ray fought to catch his breath and get to his feet. Just as he regained his feet, Suzie managed to stand by the bed, a leg drawn back ready to kick at her foe again. Before she could land her kick, Ray hit her with his closed fist on her cheek and ear, sending her flying back onto the bed. In a flash, Ray was squatted over her and swung his other fist at her face, smashing into her other cheek. His punches momentarily took the fight out of her and to make sure she understood what she would receive for any further resistance, Ray grabbed her by the hair with one hand and slapped her across the face as hard as he could swing, once, twice, three times. When he released her, Suzie’s head fell to the bed, and he could detect her sobbing behind the taped mouth. He reached for the other strip of tape he had placed on his arm, but couldn’t find it. Figuring it had been torn off in the struggle with the girl, he searched for and found the roll of tape and tore off another six inch strip. He placed it over the sobbing girl’s eyes, pressing down on her eye sockets firmly, partly to make it stick firmly, and part sadistically.

Satisfied he could now control the bitch, Ray grabbed her hair again and pulled her to a sitting position on the bed. Then he pulled her hair straight up as he commanded, “get on your feet, bitch. You and I are going for a little trip.” Pulling on her hair and one arm, Ray got her to her feet and pushed her toward the door of the bedroom. Suzie still had some fight in her and braced her feet on the floor, fighting Ray’s forward push. He slammed her head into the door jamb and warned, “keep it up, whore, and I’ll cut your throat.”

His words made Suzie freeze, then the fight in her evaporated, leaving her almost limp as she whimpered. Ray guided her on down the hall and across the living room, kicking boxes and trash out of the way as they crab-walked in the darkness. When they reached the door, Ray slowly swung it open and peered out. He looked at the shadowy outlines of the other trailers in the park and was relieved to see they were all still dark. He listened for a moment and then, his hand wrapped securely in Suzie’s hair, forced her down the four steps to the ground. He pulled her around the front of the trailer, constantly looking over his back for any sign of activity, then guided her down the dirt drive to where he had left his car. He pushed her around to the back of the car and fished the keys out of his pocket. Ray opened the trunk and turned Suzie to where her back was pressed against the back of the car. With one push, he knocked her off her feet and sent her backwards into the large trunk, her head striking the raised lid as she fell. Ray reached to lift her legs inside the trunk and Suzie’s fight quickly returned as she kicked out at him. This time she missed, however, merely pissing Ray off. He reached up for the trunk lid and brought it slamming down across the girl’s shins. The sudden pain caused Suzie to jack knife upward as she screamed and then writhed and flailed her legs. Ray laughed cruelly, “that’ll teach you, slut,” then pushed her legs inside the trunk and closed the lid.

Ray got in the car and did a u-turn, not turning on the headlights until he had pulled onto the paved road. He headed down Farm Road, aware that there were no houses or businesses for miles past the trailer park. All the surrounding land was pulpwood forests owned by Georgia Pacific, fenced with barbed wire except for where the occasional dirt logging road cut through the trees. He knew there was small chance that anyone would travel any of the logging roads until hunting season, then few would trespass on the property. Ray drove with the bright lights illuminating the highway ahead as he searched for one of the logging roads. He had gone about two miles when he spotted one of the dirt roads, the entrance almost obscured by undergrowth. Checking his rear view mirror for other headlights and seeing none, Ray slowly guided the car off of the pavement and onto the rutted road, hearing the brush scrape his car as he forced his way through the growth. He drove at least a half-mile before he came onto a small clearing, apparently a turn-around for the logging trucks. Pulling to one side of the clearing next to a large tree, Ray turned off the lights and the motor. He sat there for a minute, listening to the sound of crickets and other night life, then heard a muffled thumping against the lid of the trunk.

“Bitch wants out,” he thought as he got out of the car and headed to the back. “She’ll wish I had left her in there when I’m finished.” He unlocked the trunk and stared down at his captive, arms secured behind her, her legs drawn up in a fetal position. “Pay back time, whore,” he spoke to her as he reached in the trunk and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head around to the back of the car. He could hear her squeal as he pulled her dead weight, giving him even more enjoyment. Placing his hands under her arms, Ray dragged her out of the trunk, letting the metal latch scrape her back from shoulders to ass as he pulled, her bra strap catching in the latch and coming unfastened. When he had her body almost out of the trunk, Ray just let her drop. She landed on her back in the dirt, her legs resting on the car’s bumper. He kicked her on the hip as he ordered, “on your feet, cunt.” She moaned from his kick and rolled onto one side, letting her legs fall from the bumper. When she didn’t do as he had ordered, Ray gave her another kick, this one landing square on her ass. “I said on your feet, you bitch.”

His second kick brought results as Suzie struggled to her feet, fighting to keep her balance with her arms fastened behind her. Ray stepped in front of her and, without warning, grabbed one end of the tape across her eyes and snatched it off, plucking most of her eyebrows with the tape. She screamed again, bending over slightly. Ray then pulled her head up by her hair and repeated the move with the tape on her mouth, hoping it pulled some skin with it. She didn’t scream when he pulled the tape off of her mouth, but began to cuss him. “You bastard. You sonofabitch,” she spouted. “You’ll rot in jail for this.”

Ray stepped forward and punched her in the stomach and, using the same words she had said to him the night before, warned, “shut up, Suzie. Shut up. We’ll see who rots in jail.” Suzie was bending over wretching from his blow to her stomach, her tits falling out of her loosened bra, hanging down like her head. Pulling a pocket knife from his pocket and opening it, Ray stepped behind her and cut the remaining straps of her bra, then jerked it off of her. Suzie straightened and turned from him as if to deprive him of the sight of her naked breasts. He wasn’t interested in her tits at the moment as he stepped behind her and tore her panties off, having to grip her by the arm as he ripped the cotton. He spun her around and stared at her now-naked body, seeing that she had shaved most of her pussy hair. What she had was dark and stood out against her white, pudgy belly. He mimicked her derisive laugh, “you’re shit, bitch. Think you’re hot stuff, but you sure don’t look it now.”

Ray went to the car and got his tool box out of the back seat and set it on the hood. He got a heavy rope and two clothesline-sized ropes out of the box. Walking to the big tree in the clearing, Ray dropped the two smaller ropes and, looping the heavy rope in one hand tossed it up in the air, aiming for a large limb about ten feet off the ground. His first toss struck some branches and didn’t go over the limb as he intended, so he repeated the effort, succeeding on the second try. He wrapped one end of the rope around the tree and left the other hanging just above the ground. Ray picked up the two smaller ropes and walked back to Suzie, her eyes following his every movement, questioning what he was planning. “Wh-what are you going to do?” she asked, fear causing her voice to quake.

“I’m going to have some fun,” Ray replied as he stepped up to her while his hands formed a slip-knot loop in one of the lines. He roughly pushed Suzie against the car and bent her forward. Holding her in that position with one hand, Ray slipped the noose around one dangling tit with the other, working it with his fingers until it closed tightly around the top of the globe, squeezing the skin tight and causing the breast to look like a gourd. He straightened her back up and gave a final yank to the line, causing it to bite into her tit. Ray dropped the end of the line to the ground and repeated the procedure with the other line, ignoring the whimpers of the naked girl as he cinched each line tight. Ray then tied the two loose ends of the lines into one double loop, pulling them tight to make sure they didn’t slip.

Satisfied with his handiwork, Ray pulled Suzie like a man leading a horse by a halter, the lines pulling her tits straight out as Ray walked to where he had thrown the large rope over the tree limb. She must have thought he was going to hang her and began to beg, sinking to her knees in tears. “Oh, please, Ray, please don’t. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. Please don’t hurt me. Please.” Ray ignored her pleas, running the end of the big rope through the loop he had made in the clothes lines and tying it in a square knot. He then untied the end from the tree and carried it to his car. Stooping under the front bumper, Ray attached the rope to the bumper brace, knotting it twice for security. He heard Suzie cry out again, “p-l-e-e-a-s-e, Ray, please don’t.” Not even giving her a look, he got in the car and started the motor, then put the car in reverse and began to slowly back up, the headlights illuminating Suzie as she quickly rose to her feet as she felt the clothes line tighten.

Ray watched as the rope pulled taut, lifting Suzie by her tits until just her toes were touching the ground. He put the transmission in park and set the emergency break, got out of the car and reached in the back seat, pulling out a cane fishing pole. Ray walked to where Suzie was hanging, doing her utmost to relieve the tension on her breasts by pointing her toes and pressing against the ground while she moaned from the tearing pain in her tits. He could see the white globes were turning a little blue, the veins beginning to stick out like small ropes. Ray reached out and grapped one distended nipple, savagely twisting it, chuckling at her instant reaction to the pain. He thought how much the scene reminded him of the movie ‘A Man Called Horse’, where a man was hung with leather thongs peircing his lateral muscles. Suzie’ body was tilted slightly backward as the ropes held her by her breasts.

Swinging the cane pole in a fast whipping motion, hearing it whistle against the air, Ray grabbed her by her hair, forcing her eyes to meet his, and nonchalantly informed the helpless girl, “now, bitch, it’s time you learn not to fuck with men.” He stepped back a couple of paces, swung his arm with the cane behind him, then brought it forward with all the force he could muster. The first blow of the flexible wood struck her across her lower belly and brought a blood-curdling scream from her mouth, her feet leaving the ground in reflex to the blow and the sharp pain, putting all her weight on the ligatures binding her tits. Even as she screamed, Suzie fought to put her toes back on the ground, only to instinctively jerk them back up as the second blow of the cane hit her thighs. Ray saw the red welt across her white belly from the first blow and smiled, satisfied at his handiwork. He aimed the next swing at her breasts and hit the bulbous flesh straight across her nipples, the force of the blow sinking into the bluish skin. Her continued screams only served to further excite Ray and he swung again and again, leaving welts across the entire front of her nude body, blood beginning to seep from some of the wounds. Ray worked his way around her now-swinging body, covering her skin with stripes of pain. Standing to one side of the crying, whimpering, girl, he concentrated on her moon-white ass, whipping it mercilessly, laughing with each blow to the plump behind. When he finally moved to her swinging legs, her ass was one solid mass of red, the cane marks running in criss-crossed stripes across the bleeding flesh. Ray whipped her for at least fifteen minutes, only stopping when his arm began to ache. By then Suzie’s screams had ceased, replaced by a deep moaning, her body hanging limply from the ropes, her head thrown back, her eyes staring at the sky, glazed over with pain. Ray walked around her and studied the results of the whipping, running his finger across some of the bleeding welts, admiring the effect of the cane on her tender skin. He noticed that the ropes around her breasts was now buried in the flesh of her tits, the skin underneath the once pretty globes tearing from supporting the weight of her body, blood oozing from the stretched, torn skin. He went to the car and removed all of his clothing except for his shoes and socks, then got in the car and moved it slowly forward until Suzie’s ragdoll- like figure collapsed on the ground, then untied the rope from the bumper and walked to the prone girl. He removed the looped ropes from her abused breasts and, taking her by the hair, pulled her up into a sitting position. “Get up, slut,” he ordered as he pulled up on her hair.

Whimpering, Suzie pleaded, “please, Ray, please stop. Don’t hurt me any more, pleeease.” Ray continued to pull her hair and Suzie fought to get her feet under her, awkwardly getting to her feet. “I’ll do anything you want, Ray, but don’t hurt me any more.” Tears streaked down her puffy face, dripping onto her chest to mix with the thin streams of blood leaking from her wounds. “Yeh, you’re going to do anything I want, you fucking whore,” Ray sneered as he pulled her toward the car by the hair. Turning her with her back to the grill of the car, he ordered, “get up on the hood, bitch.” He lifted her with his hands under her arms as she tried to comply by stepping backward on the bumper. When her ass was resting on the hood, Ray pushed her torso back on the cold metal, her legs hanging over the front of the car. He turned and went to the tree and retrieved the two small ropes, then returned to the car. Ray picked up one leg and slipped the loop of a rope over her ankle, then wrapped the loose end around the curved end of the bumper, pulling the leg to where it hung over the front of the fender, causing her body to slide to the edge of the hood. Ray then repeated the move with Suzie’s free leg, having to pull the rope tight to spread her legs, causing her to cry out as he jerked the rope tight, almost pulling her legs out of their hip sockets, each leg hanging over the front of the fenders, her body back in the center of the hood. He stepped back to view the spread-eagle girl, his dick beginning to rise at the sight of her pussy spread so wide, her legs held painfully apart like a giant wishbone, her breasts forced up by the arms behind her back.

Ray began to massage his awakening prick, feeling it grow from its soft five inches to the aroused nine inches of thick meat. Ray may have been average looking but his dick was certainly not, as a few, very few, girls had learned. He stepped up on the bumper, then straddled the helpless Suzie, moving up her body on his knees until his ass rested on her bloody tits. “Okay, bitch, you wouldn’t give me a kiss, so now you can kiss my dick. And if you bite it, I swear, I’ll cut your damn throat.” Ray placed the swollen head against her lips, rubbing the precum dripping from its eye on them. “Lick it, cunt. You better give me the best sucking you’ve ever given, if you know what’s good for you.”

Suzie quickly stuck her tongue out and began to lick at the purple head, fervently hoping that if she did as he ordered, his abuse of her would end. As she licked, Ray began to feed her his monstrous dick, lifing her head with a hand grasping each ear as he pushed forward, filling her mouth with his rock hard cock. When he had just a little more than half of it in her mouth, Ray could feel the back of her throat, so he raised up, releasing his grip on her ears, and lunged downward his entire nine inches, quickly shoving it into her throat until his tightened balls slapped against her stretched lips. Suzie immediately began to gag and fight for air, but Ray held her head still as he made short strokes into her throat, the convulsing muscles squeezing the head of his dick, enhancing the sensation he was feeling. She began to vomit, the hot, acid contents of her stomach splashing against the head of his cock, the heat stirring the cum deep inside of him, then spurting down her gullet to mix with the contents of her stomach. Ray held his dick buried in her convulsing throat until he felt the last spurt leave him, then quickly withdrew from her violated throat, letting his dick collapse on her face as he sat back on her bloody tits. Suzie’s chest heaved as it worked to suck air into her starved lungs, her breasts pushing up against Ray with each gulp of air.

Ray climbed off of her and stepped to the ground, his dick returning to its relaxed state, but his passion unabated. Not his passion for sex, but the new passion he felt to inflict pain, cause suffering, to punish the girl before him for all the times he had been rejected or laughed at by other women. She would have to pay the price for all that he had suffered, and he found he was enjoying it beyond belief, the adrenalin pumping in his veins, driving him to greater heights, controlling his every emotion.

The End