I woke up to the sound of chains. It seemed like some kind of dream but there I was, just like I remebered being left. I was wearing high heels, some hood thing, a collar and leather straps and not a damn stitch more! The leather straps were around my ankles and wrists, the hood Taylor had put on me the night before, shut out all light and was snug but my nostrils were free to breathe. My breasts were hurting from being pressed into that pad, but since my hands were secured behind me, my legs chained wide apart by the ankle and my neck chained to the floor, I was not going to be turning over for the time being. I just lay there and listened to what must be Candi’s chains. Was she being unlocked I wondered.

I felt warm hands on my back and figured it was Taylor. He unzipped the back of the hood and removed it. My first sight was his face so close to mine and a nice wake up kiss, then as he raised up I saw Candi still chained at the ankle on her knees with her hands locked behind her like mine and she was being taken from the rear by some person I didn’t know! It wasn’t Jake her boyfriend but he had a good grip on the chain to her collar and was doing her good! I hadn’t heard a sound from her and I guess the plug strapped in her mouth had something to do with that. Candi looked at me but she didn’t look so happy. The guy doing her looked in my direction and I recognized him! It was that guy who tied her out in the yard with those dogs! Oh, how terrified she looked! Then I saw Jake, he was over by the wall with some wires and a steel tube in his hand. Behind him was a square frame made of thick wood with short straps hanging from eyebolts at each corner, and he was watching Candi get pummeled.

Taylor unlocked my collar chain and sort of jerked me up on my knees with it. I closed my eyes and gave a little cough at the pressure on my throat, but when I opened my eyes that guy that had been in Candi’s rear a moment earlier had his cock right in my face! My hair was grabbed and he started jacking his cum on my face then pressed that thing against my lips! I stupidly went to cry out and it was shoved all the way to the back of my throat and held there while he let go more of his spunk . I felt three distinct surges of hot liquid hitting deep in my neck while he jerked and spasmed. His dick left no room for my tongue so it was out against his hairy balls. He pulled out of my throat and I coughed for real this time! I even hacked up some of the cum he left in my throat but I don’t have the use of my hands so it all just dribbled down my chin along with the stuff he left on my face. My mouth was filled with the taste of his cum and sweat, also the taste of her ass. That short intrusion was violent enough to leave my throat sore.

That was some wake up call ! I realized that it was Taylor that grabbed my hair while the man fucked my face. I thought I knew what I wanted the night before but was having some second thoughts. After getting a grip on my own situation I saw Candi on all fours in front of that frame with her arms out to each lower corner. She was being locked by the wrist to the bottom of the frame and then Jake and the other man pulled her ankles up and she fell with a slap of her belly to the concrete floor but she wasn’t there for long as they lifted her up by those ankles and fastened them to the top corners of the frame! The poor girl was being hauled around like a side of beef then spread and suspended upside down in that wood frame. I realized what the shiny tube and wires were about now, they are the high voltage torture that Candi is so afraid of! Taylor unlocked my chains and told me to crawl on all fours over to Candi. I don’t know why but I obeyed without any protest. Jake had me stand up right in front of her and pushed me up against her warm skin. I felt her breath between my legs and my face was just inches above her exposed pussy. I could see how her ass was still opened up by that ravaging it had just taken. He does have a rather large dick as my sore throat knows all too well. Jake picked up that tube and just stuck it deep in her butt without so much as a word then took two alligator clips and just as quickly attached one to each of her inner labia! I heard the muffled yell from Candi as the clips closed on that sensitive flesh! Jake picked up the box and told me to lick her “slit”. I did this mostly out of the feelings I have for her, but was allowed only three licks then pulled back by my hair. Jake held up the box and pushed the two buttons. It made a slight buzzing sound and Candi started rattling around in her bonds immediately, making the frame squeak! He held the buttons for a minute then as soon as he released them, my face was pushed into her slit and I was ordered to lick her again! This went on for several minutes, each session getting a little longer. I was told by the stranger to stick my tongue out as far as possible but I was slow to respond and got a TAZER to the underside of my right breast!! My tongue went out as far as I could get it to go and I held it there while the stranger got a handfull of my hair and fucked Candi’s pussy with my tongue!

Then it was back to the electricity for her. My wrists were unlocked and I was turned around and put on all fours, then told to back into Candi’s face. I looked back to see her chin and neck going up from my backside! The stranger took the plug from Candi’s mouth and told her to do the same to me with her tongue as I’d just done to her. I was watching over my shoulder and feeling her tongue in me, it felt soo good! Then I saw him stick the TAZER into her stomach and heard it zapping her. I felt her going wild in my puss! She touched my anus with her tongue and I pulled away but the guys pushed me back there and she worked her tongue into my ass!! WOW was that nice! I started to work my ass into her face then DAMN! That TAZER got stuck in my left nipple and ZZAPP! I went flat on the floor! The stranger suggested that they flip me on my back and pull me under her to watch. I was dragged by the legs until her head was just above my navel. I could tell that Jake had turned up the box that was electrocuting Candi as she was vibrating but stiff! She was shaking so much I thought she would be killed and just had to look into her eyes to try and console her. The tears were streaming up her face and I could not imagine what she was feeling but I knew that the two shocks I got were enough to make me just lay there! Two or three minutes later I felt a drip and worried for a second that it might be blood but I saw the drool from her mouth and a little stream of pee dribbling from her crotch across her belly, over a breast, up her neck into her hair and onto me!

Sas left that way for nearly five minutes and I was not able to move so I ended up laying in a puddle under her. They finally turned the box off and let Candi rest a few minutes. The brief rest was ended with her being taken down from the frame, then each of the guys took turns having us doggie style while we licked up her mess and their spendings off the concrete floor. We were both taken back over to the pads, ankle chained then given some breakfast to eat. It was some weird juice and ham and egg sandwich then when we finished we were dropped on our tits and neck chained. They left us like that and locked the door behind them.
I had to ask Candi if this was the way every day started for her. She didn’t respond right away but after some delay stated that usually it was not like this so quick but the guys were using her to demonstrate to me what I might be expected to do if I agreed to be Taylors possession. I said that he was fairly rough on me too and I had only agreed to wear the collar and cuffs for the night. She straightened me out by telling me there would be a written contract for me to sign before he would have me as a possesion. I had no idea that it would be so formal, I mean I had envisioned just having some kinky kicks now and then but a contract? She told me that in order for me to really enjoy the “freedom” of sensation, I must commit totally to his will and THAT was what submission was all about! I needed to think about that for a while and I had some time that Sunday, chained naked, face down and spread to do just that.

I didnt know what time it was but I started feeling nauseous and out of it, at the same time I was getting all warm inside. The nausea gradually became just a dizzy and, well, sexy feeling. In fact I was wanting some attention and I did NOT know why! It seemed like hours but some sexual urge was growing in me and I just kept thinking about the sensations in the pit of my stomach and really wanted to have some sex, any kind of sex! Running through my mind was how I had felt like this twice before when Taylor had offered me some drugs. Yes it was a bit like this but nowhere near so strong! Then it hit me, THE JUICE we had! It had been drugged! That’s why it was so hard to figure what kind of juice it was! No doubt the entrance was well timed, just then the door unlocked and I saw in the mirror, Taylor, Jake, “King” (as I found out the stranger liked to be called) and two other men enter the garage. I knew the faces of those other two guys, one was Jeff the nineteen year old from two houses up the street and the other was Kendall one of Taylors young buddies that was always around the house when Taylor and I were a couple. Both guys just stopped in their tracks and couldn’t decide what to look at, us girls or the inside of this garage! I bet their minds were reeling but nowhere near as much as mine! I did try to say something but the words just didn’t form. I felt shame at being spread in front of these men, specially the two young guys but at the same time it seemed so necessary for me to have them sexually. I needed to have this burning urge quenched and right then was not too soon!

Taylor asked Candi how she felt and she told him she was “ready”. I guess the drug has been used on her before. I was not asked, I guess it was assumed (correctly!) that I was “ready” too. King decided to show off to the young guys by straddling my waist and spreading my asscheeks for me and letting a gob of spit land quite accurately on my butthole. Someone held something up against my anus and just held it there. It wasn’t the young guys because I could see a reflection of them in the mirror watching my backside intently! I fully expected to be reamed right then with the object but it was just held there for maybe a minute or so. I heard King say “Wait. Just wait, she’ll do it” and Jake grunted in agreement. I didn’t understand but I did know that I could NOT wait any more and lifted my ass to engulf the object and impale myself on it! I worked my ass like never before and gave myself a superior reaming! My neck was attached to the floor as were my ankles but with my arms loose and the small amount of slack in the chains I was able to get my rear up in the air and onto the rod or stick or whatever it was that had been held there. The thing was pulled away from me and I whined and strained to reach it, then it was teasingly touched against the opening I really wanted it in. I tried and tried but could not get it to enter me. King let go of my cheeks and I had to reach under myself to finger the itch now burning at me! The two guys were commenting on how desperate I acted but it didn’t sink in that it was me and I really didn’t care right then! That TAZER went off on the hand I had in my crotch then my ankles were released, I turned on my side to see what was going to be done and there the five men were looking at me. I guess the two young ones had not recognized me like I was and were quite stunned to see MY face on the slut tied to the floor!

Taylor then decided to re-introduce me to the boys, he said ” Ken, Jeff, you remenber Julie don’t you and over there is Caroline”. Ken and Jeff said “Hello” then Jeff told Taylor how he had not noticed how big my “Tits” were before, Ken had to chime in with how he didn’t know how “Sweet” my ass and legs were! I do enjoy being humiliated like that and was getting even hotter there exposed and chained to the floor. There was some discussion of my condition and it was revealed to the boys that it was my first day with the collar on but Candi was well trained. I then remembered Candi’s philosophy and how it applied here, I was on my left side so I raised my right leg to point my now wet pussy directly at the boys. I did have their attention, I wanted to be extra naughty so someone would releive the pressure in my loins! I remember asking if they though I was pretty while I rolled on my back, grabbing both ankles. For some reason they both agreed that the slut with her legs spread so far apart was really pretty, at least I thought “What a big slit” and “Look her butthole is open” meant that at the time. I told them they could see by my wetness that I like them and asked if they would feel “It”. They looked at Taylor and he told em to go ahead and do whatever pleased them. Ken got his hand to me first and touched my pussy then both were fiddling around there. I lowered my legs to the floor and as soon as one had a finger in front of my hole I thrust my hips up to do as before and engulf the hand in warm flesh. I got a finger for just a moment but I startled them and they quit rubbing me.

Jake leaned over me and jammed that damn TAZER in my left breast and let go a several second charge when I tried to finger myself! He handed the thing to Jeff and told him to try it! He DID! And then Kenny took a turn too! “SHIT !” I thought to myself, unlike Candi I was beginning to LIKE the shocks! Or was it just being used with no regard for my own comfort that turned me on? Could the drugs be strong enough to do this to me? Right then it did not matter, I was going to get off on anything that was done to me! Jake took one of my ankles and locked a short chain from about three feet up the wall to it, then the other. He grinned and told the boys to “Watch this”. Jake reached for my crotch and I reached around either side of my ass and pulled my pussy lips apart for him expecting a finger or two to go in me. I tried grab his arm a second later when he stuffed his hand and arm past the wrist into my womb! I cried out but it sounded to me like a grunt, I grabbed at his arm and KENNY reacted with several shocks from the stun gun to my breasts! Jeff was very happy to witness this I could tell ! My hands went to my thighs and he continued the reaming of my sex! I felt his hand open inside me but there was no pain inside, just the pressure, outside was a different story! The opening to my vagina did hurt as he stretched me wider than I had ever imagined possible! In my wriggling around to ease the discomfort of the invasion my head rolled over to see Candi looking at me with such a knowing smile. Jake revealed to the small audience there that only my ass was going to be useable today as he stretched me out!

Jeff and Ken had not guessed that they were going to be allowed the use of the females in the garage until then! There was some agreement that my anus would do nicely. The same was to be done with Candi too because of the risk of an early cum by the boys. King unlocked her neck chain and lifted her ass up off the mat. She left her face and tits on the pad as he dropped his pants and pulled the shirt over his head. He spit in his hand and rubbed his now growing dick with it. He placed the end of his cock (fairly big one too) against her backside, then while holding her hips, he pulled her onto it slowly and let out a loud groan. I couldn’t see behind her but I knew that he was far enough in her to have his balls pressed against her vaginal opening. Jake still had the boys attention with me and told them that the best way out is not to go slow but just make a fist and yank it out. I must say “NO! That is NOT the BEST way!” The loud slurp was immediately followed with the feeling I had been slugged in the stomach and stung by bees at the opening to my vagina!! I distinctly heard myself scream out this time!!

My neck was unlocked too and so were the ankle chains, I sat there with my hand pressed against my hurt puss and watched Candi get it good for what seemed like ten minutes. Every so often he would pull out and invite everyone to spit in her open ass then put his dick back in and continued to wreck it. King was tensing up and I could see he was going to unload. He pulled out of her and “Worked his penis with his hand until he shot a bunch of goo into her hollow ass pipe.” (which is a quote I heard from Jeff when I was present as he told some buddies what happened to us girls). An accurate description I’d say but the fun was not over. My collar was locked to the floor at her right foot, her hands cuffed behind her left ankle was released from the eyelet in the floor. She was pulled up by her hair and told to squat. It put her (no other term for it) gaping hole just above my face. I could see between her spread thighs up her pretty stomach to the underside of her breasts. I also saw Jake swing his arm and make those breasts bounce with a sharp crack of a cane directly across both! He yelled “squeeze it out!” and struck her again! She whimpered each time the cane landed and grunted out loud in between. I wasn’t looking but felt the warm spit and cum syrup dropping on my face then Jake hit her fast and hard until she peed! I could turn my head but not escape the downpour of bodily fluids. She, fortunately for me, didn’t have much in her, just enough to get my hair wet. King announced “That’s how ya do it to these dog bitches” I could tell that King was a bit low on respect for girls but he did know how to work the mind of, yes, “Dog bitches” like me. I really did not want to know what was going to be done to me, I don’t want to be asked either, Just push me down and do it! The boys were quick studies and each had his own way and each of us girls got plugged in her ass and filled in her mouth with the remnants of that act in one way or another over the next few hours. The boys came a bit soon the first time but the second they held out a bit longer. Each male caned at least one “Bitch” on the tits, no, I was not spared this pleasure. My mistake was asking Taylor to let me use a toilet to pee. Minutes later after a good ass ream by Jake I was made to squat like Candi had been and caned on the breast until I released into a dogs water dish (Candi was licking a dick clean at the time). I feared I would be forced to drink it but the brew was just poured in my hair.

It was late Sunday afternoon and Jake took Candi out of the garage after he cut a hole in the bottom of a plastic trash can liner and pulled it over her like a poncho. She was shackled at her ankles and wrists cuffed high behind her but she looked proud (and worried) in her high heels and collar! I was “allowed” to dry and become a sticky smelly mess of human waste. My hair was like I had poured hairspray in it and I doubt if there was an inch of skin on me that didnt have some combination of dried sperm, spit, pee, sweat or whip welts on it! I was wrecked and didn’t think I’d get the feeling back in my lower extremities for weeks nor rid of the burn in my red striped breasts for as long. I was unlocked, uncollared, uncuffed and sent to my car with NO CLOTHING!! No nothing except the high heels that had stayed with me through the whole ordeal! I had to run to my car and drive home in the dusk like that and then run across the lawn and up the stairs of my apartment naked and stinkin’ like a dumpster, only to fumble with my keys and then find my roomate has three friends over! There was nothing for me to do but walk fast between them and the show they were watching on TV and I do believe the silence may have been caused by me. There was a lot of talking after I closed my door and Elise knocked at my door a minute later. She came in my bathroom as I entered the shower and asked if I was ok. I told her I had been through quite a weekend and would NEVER be the same again. But that is a GOOD THING !

The End