My husband called me from work and told me that tonight he expected to find me blindfolded and tied to the bed waiting for him when he got home and that I wasn’t to say anything unless I was asked a question. We have been experimenting with bondage and had each tied the other up several times over the last few months. This was new and different so about 3 o’clock, I went upstairs and got undressed and proceeded to tie myself down. I used some padded cuffs on my ankles and tied each one to a bottom corner of the bed. I put on a partial black hood that we had used before that covered my eyes and head all the way to the bottom of my nose but left my nose and mouth uncovered. I then laid back and handcuffed my wrists to the headboard and started waiting.

I must have dozed off, because I all of a sudden became aware of someone climbing on the bed. I almost said hello but remembered that I wasn’t supposed to say anything. The man climbing on the bed stopped between my legs and I was aware that he was naked too. He immediately pushed his cock up against me and started rubbing it against my clit and down along my slit. I was getting worked up and started pushing back. He slid in and started fucking me. Unfortunately, he didn’t last as long as I needed for me to get off and shot his cum in me. He then got off the bed quickly and it was only then that I was aware that there was someone else in the room. Another person climbed on the bed and stuck his cock into my wet vagina and started fucking me. At this point, I figured that my husband had really gone overboard and that I would go along with him and settle this separately when I had him tied up. So I decided to go along with whatever happened and enjoy myself. Well since I was pretty worked up after the first guy, I started an orgasm after just a few thrusts from the second man. It went on in several waves and I just rode them and he came soon too.
The second man didn’t climb off immediately but after what seemed like a few minutes he got off me and I was wondering what else would happen when I felt someone getting on the bed but crawling towards the top. They started playing with my boobs and I felt my nipples growing hard under the attention and thought that I was going to be giving someone a blowjob as they started to straddle my head. As the person lowered down onto my mouth, I was surprised when I didn’t feel a cock but felt another woman’s pussy covering my mouth. This was the first time I had ever had sex with another woman and so I clumsily started licking at her clit and after a few minutes she leaned over and started licking on my very wet pussy. She was really grinding her clit into my lips and about all I could do was wrap my lips around her clit and suck. She was drenching me with her cum. She sat up and put most of her weight right on my face and just rode me. While this was going on, a man climbed up between my legs and started fucking me hard. This was too much and I just went into what seemed like an endless orgasm. I was shaking and crying and thrashing as much as my cuffs would let me. I think I passed out for a little bit because I became aware of someone with a wet cloth wiping my face off and then giving me a sponge bath down my body and cleaning me off pretty good. They toweled me off and said goodbye and left.

I dozed off again and woke up when someone sat down beside me on the bed and said I looked lovely all tied up like a big present. He pulled my hood off and my husband was sitting there and said that he was very sorry for getting hung up on a project at work and not getting home until now and could I wait for what he had planned for another time.

Then End