I can trace back to the very moment this all began. The memories are quite clear of my not so subtle introduction to submission by Taylor (and his friends).

The very day I became ‘Legal’ drinking age I went to a bar and got tipsy with some girlfriends. The place itself was great! There were all kinds of guys in there. This fascinating man was there and came right over to me. That helped make my day and he even asked me to go to his house for a small party the next night. I went home alone but feeling good.

The next night while on my way to his house, I wondered if the party was for real. When I arrived I was relieved to see that there was a party but sort of disappointed too. His party was fun and I met a lot of new people, I also got to look around his real nice house. Most people left early as it was a Thursday, some stayed until near midnite before they left. I’ll just say it was the greatest night and we became a couple for nearly two years, much to the amazement of my friends. He was fourteen years older than me but it was sooo good to be with him.

After two tears and much to my surprise, he broke up with me! I was so down for a few months. I kept thinking about him and trying to find out how he was and what he was doing. I tried to keep in touch with mutual friends. I really missed him so much. Eight months after we broke up I found an opportunity to see him. I heard he was going to have some friends over to watch some game on TV. I got dressed up in high heels, stockings, garter belt, lacy bra and a sheer black dress then sat down and watched the game myself. After it ended I put on a long coat and went over to his house and rang the bell.

He came to the door sweaty and wearing only a pair of jeans hastily pulled on! Then I heard a male voice AND a girls voice in the den. Taylor told me I looked great and he was glad to see me but it was not a good time. He also said I should call him the next night. I left feeling rejected and hurt but I wanted to see him so much. I called the next night and we talked for close to an hour during which time he mentioned how good my sexy outfit looked. He brought up how he would like to see me in a very specific outfit! The suggested outfit consisted of Pumps (high heels), white ruffled ankle socks, a short pleated skirt and a white plain blouse. Very ‘Catholic School’ I thought! Taylor also mentioned that he would be home next Saturday and I should drop by! WELL my mind started running right away and I had a good time with myself after that phone call, then resolved to show up there in that little outfit at his front door next Saturday!

I went shopping during the week and by Friday eve. I was prepared with the whole costume. Saturday morning arrived, I was in the shower and I got bold and shaved EVERYTHING! Clean as a baby girl I was! I put on the ruffled ankle socks then the Fuck-me-Pumps I bought. Those were about four and a half inches of spiked heel with ankle straps that just fit under the ruffles of my socks. I put on some lacy white panties and bra then the pleated dark blue skirt and white blouse. What I saw in the mirror was so, well, like a schoolgirl! That skirt was so much shorter looking with those heels on and not having stockings made my legs seem a foot longer. I admired myself for a minute and could feel the excitement building up in me. I thought “I can NOT go out in public like this!” but told myself I was only going to his house and lets face it I wanted to get LAID! I figured that since I would only be in the car for a few minutes and I would be wearing a long coat, why not go all the way. So I unbuttoned the blouse and folded in the cups on my bra to make it a shelf type bra that exposed my nipples. I buttoned back up and could feel the blouse drape across them. I was so ready to go!
The drive there was a thrill. It felt like everyone knew what I was wearing and knew what was on my mind! When I got there I was so worked up I ran to his door holding the coat closed with one hand. He sure took his time answering it though. I stood there and for what seemed like five minutes (probably closer to one). I began to worry that he might have left with someone as his truck was in the driveway. Running through my mind were scenes of me getting caught out in the open like this, then he answered. The door opened and I let go of the coat. His eyes widened and he said “Well. Let me see!” so I held my coat open for him to take in the view. I reached for the screen door to go in but it was latched! Taylor told me to take the coat off and I did. Then he wanted me to turn around so he could see it all which I also did. Then he said I would have to leave my coat in the car! I was a bit stunned but quickly decided to do it and walked back out to the car with the coat over one shoulder doing the sexiest walk I could muster! I was getting the car keys out of the coat to open the passenger door but dropped them. I had the keys in my hand when I realized that I was bent at the waist in a very short skirt! I felt my face go red and immediately squatted down, but I heard him say “NO. Stay up there!” from inside the screen. In my defense I will say I did hesitate, but not for long. I kept my backside towards the house and got my legs as straight as they would go! Mmmm, I was getting so turned on, I put my feet apart a bit and took way too long opening the door and putting my coat inside. I thought to myself “What are you doing? but the answer came right away….I was trying to get dicked! And hoping it would be a real workout!

The long walk back to the door found me doing my sexy walk again with new found enthusiasm and unbuttoning my blouse as I went. One button for every two steps, right then I knew why strippers do what they do. Then in a bold move about twenty feet from the door I Thought “why not” and opened my blouse then held it open the rest of the way! I could feel the cool air on my exposed nipples and the bounce of my breasts as I walked. I hoped the neighbors were watching, and knew I was going to get a good once over by that georgeous man in the doorway. When I got to the door he let me in and did me good right there in the living room! I didn’t even have a chance to get out of my skirt, he just pushed me over the end of the sofa, pushed the skirt up on my back pulled my panties down and had me good. Hair pullin’, nipple pinching, ass slappin’ good! He had me twice that night and I slept so good. The next morning after a nice breakfast I had to leave. I was so done that I didn’t even care about my looks. My roomate knew what had happened to me from the outfit and my smile.

The next night we talked on the phone (more like him talking and me cooing) I said I would like to visit again next weekend but he couldn’t next one cause he was going out of town. He would be back in three weeks he would love to have me over then. That was just fine with me, I was worn out anyway.

Three weeks later I was going to go to Taylors house and took it upon myself to get a short, tight skirt, like a business suit type but much too short, I can see my panties in the mirror. I also bought a naughty little demi bra that doesn’t cover anything it only lifts my breasts in an obscene sort of offering which will look great in the new white see through blouse! The rest is the same, heels and ruffled socks. This time I have resolved to leave the coat at home! I didn’t know I would really like being exposed like this. I even stopped at a liquor store to get some “bubbly” and took my time walking the aisles. The clerk never got his eyes off my nipples so you know I HAD to drop my key’s just before I got to the door. Yes, feet slightly apart and straight legged. I heard the clerk moan then I stood up , arched my back and twisted to the right so he could see a profile of my breasts, smiled then departed.

At Taylor’s house, I gave a short honk on the horn and got out of the car. I stood there leaning against the car with that bottle until I saw him at the door then did my walk real slow towards him. Before I got to the door I was told to remove my top. I asked him if I could come inside. He said after my top was off so I removed it as quick as possible with one hand and headed for the door but he made me turn completely around three times with my arms straight up before he opened the screen. As I turned I noticed my nipples pointed straight out and saw the whole street pass in front of my eyes. I knew someone had to be watching me do this dance for Taylor. The big surprise was yet to come for me though.

When I walked in I hugged Taylor and was kissing him as we headed for that wonderful living room however there were two people already in the room! Some guy I’ve never seen and a girl Taylor had introduced me to at that party! I was the only one dressed (or undressed) like that. They both said they enjoyed the show out front and I was introduced to the girl again and to her boyfriend Jason or as he preferred Jake. Her name is Caroline but the guys seem to call her Candi. Now that was a bit uncomfortable for me but nobody seemed to want me to get dressed and being on display in front of those people so close was getting me hot! We started some small talk that quickly turned to the subject of my “show”. Candi asked if Taylor told me to wear that or was it my idea. I told her that he had suggested the outfit to me a few weeks back but I added the tight skirt, Demi bra and sheer blouse. She asked if I had thought of not wearing the panties. Actually I the idea had crossed my mind I said. Taylor asked if I would take them off now. I looked each one of them in the eye and could see they were genuinely curious to see, so what’s a girl to do, I stood and pulled down the panties. Now all I had to do in this little strap of a skirt was part my legs and they would see all I have to offer. I sat down on the chair and we all taked about the relationship between the three of them. Taylor had known these people long before I met him, but It was news to me that both guys have had sex with her. I was getting uncomfortable in a good way. There were images of those guys having at either end of this pretty woman running through my mind and it was working me up. Jake asked Taylor if HE would mind having me stand up again and walk around the room, Candi wanted to watch me too saying she loved the sexy walk I did outside. I really didn’t want to but I have removed my panties in their presence , may as well get in the swing here right? Taylor told me to stand in front of him then lift my skirt!. When I did he reached right out and felt my sex! I, shocked and embarassed, just stood there while he rubbed me and even slipped a finger part way in me. They weren’t wasting any time getting started on me! I mean what else could I do?! I was sent to Jake for the same inspection and then to Candi. I stood in front of each one holding my skirt up around my waist while they rubbed and penetrated my sex. Candi (always with the info) said she could tell I was really liking this treatment because my “Pussy” was getting all red, puffy and the wet was starting to run down my thigh! She asked Taylor if he had a towel she could use to wipe me, like a mother would wipe the drool from a baby’s chin! Well I stood there while he got the towel and then she told me to spread so she could wipe me. I was even told to turn around, bend at the waist and spread myself so she could get it all! Of course I complied immediately and was loving every second of it! She told the guys I will still be producing a lot of wetness for a while so if they wanted me, now was a good time. Jake had his pants off before she finished the sentence and revealed a great looking hard on. Big but hard! I was bent over and watching him. He went around behind me, Candi put him in her mouth to get him wet, rubbed my sex with the head of it, put him right in my opening and he SHOVED!

I heard “aaAGH!” echoing in the room, I guess it was me. Taylor didn’t wait for anyone either, he was stripped down and hard too. He got a handful of hair and pulled my head back to put his cock in my mouth. I didn’t even get a few seconds to protest. Those two men had at me for ten minutes while Candi cheered them on (I guess she figured I needed help ’cause my face was stuffed). Jake had my arms together behind my back and Taylor had my hair while they both worked me over and she sqeezed the hell out of my nipples and slapped my breasts! She even was so kind as to finger my clitoris for me ’cause Jake had my arms, not that I needed that, I was having some orgasm to beat the band!. The room was filled with the slurping of my sex clinging to Jake’s big cock, Candi slapping my tits and the combination of me choking and moaning on Taylor’s dick. Jake let go a bunch of hot cum on my backside with a yell and I could feel Taylor was about to let go in my throat when Candi grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, making him shoot in my open mouth and all over my face and hair. I was so stunned when she licked the cum off my face then scurried around behind me and licked my ass clean while the guys encouraged her. It turned out that she didn’t swallow it. I found out when she grabbed my head and kissed me open mouth! Her tongue went in my mouth with a mixed batch of her spit and their cum! I would have thrown up if I hadn’t just been done better and harder than I imagined could be possible.

Jake and Candi held me up while Taylor went to get a big pad from the Papa-San chair in the den. They let me collapse on that. Candi got her clothes off and cuddled with me while the guys cleaned themselves up. She stroked me and ran her hands through my hair and over my body like a big pet. I loved it! The guys put some clothes on and were ready to go out and get some food for us but first Jake had Candi get up and he put a big collar on her! It was then I saw the gold hoops imbedded in her nipples! She stood there while he put straps on each wrist and ankle too. Her hands were locked behind her in the middle of her back with a chain going to the back of the collar then she laid down on her back without a word from anyone and lifted her legs up until she had a heel in each ear! I’ve never knew a girl could be so open! Jake locked a short chain from each ankle to the the collar and there she was like a dessert plate! Very visible were three more gold rings, one going through her clitoris and one in each inner labia too. Taylor handed Jake a stubby cone shaped thing that was fairly wide but tapered real quick to thin before it flared out to a flat base. I was already in a state of disbelief. I have never heard of this kind of behavior! I mean she got collared then just laid down like a dog to be tethered to herself without so much as a sound! BUT here is the one! Taylor grabbed my left ankle and pulled it up until my leg was stretched straight and my butt was off the ground then Jake rubbed that cone thing on MY totally exposed cleft then went right to Candi and stuffed it in her REAR! I have no idea what to do at this point. Taylor told me that I could touch her but not let her cum and dont take that “Plug” out of her and they walked out! Too strange.

I heard the guys drive away then I had to ask Candi why she did that. From her all too exposed position on the floor she “matter of factly” tried to explain her need to be possessed and made to do things she would never think of doing on her own. She liked the release of knowing that everything was in someone elses hands and she didn’t have to take resposibility for the bizarre things she likes to do. It’s like she has a good excuse, “They made me do it”. She said that she could see that I like it too, perhaps not as strong as her, but she can tell. I asked about the “plug” and she told me it is used to stretch her anus out so the guys can have her from the rear easily. If they leave that in there for a while it opens her up for them so they don’t get hurt by her butt pulling the thin skin on their penis. I asked “What about your pain?” Candi said very simply it doesn’t matter and she liked it that way. Doesn’t it hurt I asked and isn’t she uncomfortable like that? Once again in a tone that was meant to drive the idea home she told me that this was real comfy compared to things they have done to her and she wants them to try to find her limits, it excites her. Of course I had to ask “Like what for instance?” She listed a few “scenes” where she was hung by wrapping rope around her tits and then hoisted in the air as they pushed thin needles in her sex and nipples! She proudly admitted to having endured 15 minutes hung like that and to having over TwoHundred needles at one time pushed deep into her flesh! Another where they took her out to a dirt road just outside of town, stripped her and she had weights hung from clamps on her sex and from her rings (Yes nipples too) then whipped to make her run for nearly two hours. They even have a cart they harness her to so they can ride while she hauls them around! There are two torments she does NOT like. One is where they fasten her and put a long rod with a metal tip in her as far as they can push it. The handle has two wires coming out of it that are connected to a machine. The machine puts out very high voltage but almost no amperage (so she won’t be damaged). They clip wires to her nipples or clit and turn the machine up until she just spasms. she said she can’t cry out at that point because all her muscles are contracting so rapidly that she has no control. The very first time she was not able to control her sphincter and made a mess so now they flush her rectum out with cold water before they shock her. To her the bad part is spazzing out drooling and peeing all over hersef then she has to clean it up. One time she was left on the machine for twelve minutes. The other was a bad night where she was “loaned” to some guy and he fastened her to a short sawhorse in the middle of his back yard on her hands and knees. He had his way with her in all three openings over the course of the day but never untied her. Later in the afternoon he let these five big dogs into the yard and smeared some sort of scent oil on her sex. This guy left her out there the whole night! The dogs sniffed around for a while then one climbed up on her back and humped her! She said it hurt as three of the five mutts had her repeatedly, a couple times they missed and got her ass too. She found out later the guy had Video Taped her the whole time and put some of it on the web! She offered to show me later.

I asked why she doesn’t leave after something like that and she says that it is a powerful bond she has with Jake and the other people who use her. When she is so exposed “Like this” there are not many secrets to be kept and she must trust the people that are in control completely! That leaves her free to experience all the sensations, most of which turn her on she says. She trusts that Taylor knows who I am and feels safe being exposed to me in fact she would rather be introduced to someone like that, with all her “secrets” out in the open and go from there. It is difficult to be shy when you’re like that. That sort of relationship has less deceit and both people KNOW what is on each others mind from the start. In clothing people can’t usually tell if a person is turned on, specially girls but laid out the way she is, her nipples stick out and the visible wetness, swelling and reddening of her vagina give her secret away. There is nothing she can do about it so she just has to be open and honest! There are so many advantages that it makes the difficult moments just fade away.

I can see her point and have to agree with the basic philosophy there. I have been lulled into a feeling of comfort with her and am no longer uneasy seeing her there all opened up. In fact she asked if I wanted to use her while the boys were out. At first I said no but realized that I was exposed to her eyes too and she could tell that I was curious. She was nice enough to not bring it up right then but I noticed my red, stiff nipples and knew I was not being “Honest” like she said. Candi helped me along with my first “girl girl” contact. First she asked if I’d ever squeezed a girls breasts, then encouraged me to do so with her. At first I just rubbed them a bit but she wasn’t having that. She knew I wanted to squeeze hard and told me to do it as hard as I could, the men do and they are a lot stronger. That was fun and I got to pinching and pulling her nipple rings too. In fact I was able, with her encouragement, to roll her completely upright on her butt just by pulling her nipples! I lowered her down on her back again and she said now would be a good time to pull the plug out of her just for a minute to see what it did to her anus.

Where to start? And I didn’t want to just pull something out of her so I began to rub her thighs. She sensed my discomfort and asked me to do her a favor as her hands were tied up. She wanted me to rub her sex. I hesitated so she guided me step by step. She told me to run a finger in her slit to get it moist with her natural lubricants then slip it in her. Next she asked for two fingers and so on until I had my hand in a cone shape pushing into her. She said just to add my thumb and push my whole hand in! I thought “I have four fingers in there now, Why not? “, so I pushed my hand in her. My hand slipped in and I stopped pushing but she blurted out “NO! Push as far as you can!” and I did. I felt and saw a third of my lower arm sticking out of this girl on the floor and liked it. She asked me to pump her and I was doing just that when I reminded her that the guys didn’t want her to cum, so she asked me to do one more thing before I took my hand out. She had me make a fist inside her womb and pull it out still clenched! I don’t have a big fist but it was not easy to pull it out of her and when I did she was so stretched, I could see right in her! Candi said to take the plug out of her rear and not to worry because Jake had made her clean out with five cold water enemas and she had not been allowed solid food for two days. I tugged at it harder and harder until she stretched open so wide and it almost popped out of her! Now her anus was open wide too, what a sight. I could have given her an exam right there (I did do a visual inspection). She told me to feel the difference between the two holes. Her rear was smoother inside and had a tighter opening made evident when she squeezed my finger with her sphincter muscle. Now I know why guys like to go there!

Just then I heard Taylor’s truck pull in the driveway and panicked so I jammed the plug back in her butt and she let out a little yelp then thanked me again! I wanted to thank her for the best bonding experience with a girl I’d ever had so I just started licking her clean between the legs! The guys came in just then.

What a DAY ! That morning I was just a girl in a naughty little outfit and later in the same day I found myself on all fours in High Heels, Ankle Socks, my skirt up around my waist my nipples exposed by that little half bra and licking a girls pussy while two guys watched! I Love it!

Jake grabbed my hair and pulled me away from my ‘snack’ then inspected her genitals. He said to Taylor he could tell I’d had my hand in Candi. Jake said rather sternly “Did she cum?” I responded quickly that she had not. He let go of my hair and looking into her eyes I gave her two more long slow licks then got up. Jake unlocked Candi and helped her up then pulled a dog leash out of his pocket. She parted her legs slightly, he clipped the leash to the gold ring in her clitoris, and pulled her into the den where we all sat down to have some Pizza. A few minutes later I realized that the guys were fully clothed but Candi and I were naked. We both had high heels on but she was naked with collars and cuffs, I on the other hand had a skirt still up around my waist and because of that half bra, my nipples were up and pointed straight out for all to enjoy! While thinking about that I remembered the plug in her rear and wondrered what it felt like.

The guys wanted to know what had gone on while they were out and Candi jumped right in with every little detail. They weren’t too happy with the “fisting” of Candi because it makes her pussy too loose, or the plug removal either, but I said it was only out for a minute and she added that she still has a throat and ass for them to use and anyway all of MY openings were still good to use! I thought to myself in a sarcastic tone “Thanks for offering me!” but will admit to feeling a twinge in my loins when she did. We finished off the food and Candi stood up to gather the Pizza box and paper plates. The chain Jake had clipped to her was still there and the weight of the thick chain hanging from her pulled the clitoris right out into view. Everyone caught me looking at her cleft but said nothing as she walked into the kitchen trailing that chain.

Taylor turned on the TV but the sound was low. The conversation turned to me and what did I think about Candi’s stories, was I interested in something like that and how did I feel right then. I admitted that the stories turned me on a bit and how I thought Candi’s philosophy seemed like something I wanted to try but was afraid of pain. They all tried to convince me that there was such a fine line between pleasure and pain, if I learned how to cross over from one to the other I would find a whole new world of pleasure. Taylor wanted me to show them how I “feel” right now. He told me to sit on the edge of the chair and lean all the way back. He then told me to lift my legs as high as I could and spread them open. I was so embarrassed but I did it which felt to me like some kind of acheivement! I felt as if I had really acomplished something, holding my legs by the calf and wide apart I showed my true inner feelings to them! Funny that it should be important but I was so glad I had a clean, smooth shave right then. One at a time, each of them pushed a finger deep in me. I was determined to hold my pose for them and DID! I was hoping one of the guys would just ram a dick in me right then! I would have even gone for some anal. Taylor asked if I wanted to wear a collar like Candi’s and I said ok. I decided to hold my position while Jake went ouside and returned with a little travel bag. Jake pulled out a bunch of light brown leather goods that had shiny chains mixed in with them. He separated the thickest one of the bunch and held it up for Taylor. I stood up next to Candi and he put it around my neck then buckled it making sure it was not loose but not too tight either. Jake handed him some small padlocks which he put in his pocket, all but one which I heard click closed behind my neck.

This day was not over by a long shot I could see. Standing totally nude in heels and wearing a locked collar like the nude girl next to me and have two men looking me over. Taylor asked what about the cuffs. I am in so far, may as well go the distance right? So I agreed to those as well. This got a gleeful little hop out of Candi who was glad to be sharing her world with me. Taylor clipped a leash from the bag to the front of my collar and handed me the chain to Candi’s clit. We all caravaned into the living room with Taylor towing me, me towing Candi and Jake no doubt watching the four female buttcheeks wiggle their way out there. Taylor told me to sit on the pad and clipped my hands together like hers had been, then to the back of my collar with a short chain. He pushed me back and got hold of my ankles then bent my legs to where I was in the same predicament Candi had been earlier but the chains to my ankles are much longer. Those were locked to the collar and I was set! Candi said “See dear, you are open now and you have no choice but to be honest because your body will give your true feelings away!” She is so right too. My nipples are stiffer than ever and I feel the wetness brewing down there. Taylor asked me if I thought that Candi tasted good and I naively asked which candy. He said the candy between Candi’s legs and I remebered they caught me licking her! I remebered liking her taste and said yes. He took the chain from her clit and the chain from my neck then told her to stand over my head with her feet alogside my body but inside of my spread legs, then get on all fours. She and I are now in an official sixty nine position. She was told to squat down and Taylor put a tiny padlock through her clit ring and locked it to the ring on the front of my collar! Her clit is stretched across my chin and my lips are less than an inch from her “lips”! At this point they tell us they are going out for a while and had better find us both right there when they get back! As a parting gesture Jake puts a finger right in her pussy just an inch from my face and says “Not enough” then slaps her ass several times real hard as I watch in close detail, too close to actually focus!.

The door closes and the truck leaves. There is a silence over the scene and then I first feel then Hear Candi giggling. I asked what was so funny and she said that if she sits up I will smother in her pussy and have you ever thought you would be in a situation like this? I admitted to not imagining even a close copy of this scene EVER and if she sits up I’ll bite and lick my way out! Now she is laughing and it is getting me going too. She sort of sits up a bit to tease and I stuck my tongue as far in her as I could then got an inner lip and bit down lightly. Of course she moaned and squealed then leaned forward and I felt her hot breath on me then tongue! Oooooh, that felt sweet! She said that they had not forbidden orgasms this time and wanted one so bad. I wanted to help her and wouldn’t mind being there myself, so we got at it fast and furious for several minutes. Candi got hers first and a bit of thick white foamy stuff started oozing from her. I licked it and it had sort of a lemonish flavor to it. I tried to get all of it. She apologized for the mess but she can’t help it her body is just being honest! Well my licking got her to working me over with fingers, nose, tongue and chin. I came soon after that! The two of us just lay there in a heap of sweat and saliva. I really loved having her sex smell in my face and I thought I was in love!

After a while I asked about anal sex. Did she like it, does it hurt and does that plug feel uncomfotable in there. She told me that it wasn’t so much the feeling in her ass that made anal fun but the idea that she was being used for pleasure that turned her on and yes she has had anal orgasm. It doesn’t hurt if you are loosened up a bit with a plug like the one in her rear. The plug just feels like she has to go, in fact anal sex feels like taking a good dump over and over again. I inquired about the rings and she said they were for her to be fastened with like the way we were or to a post or for the reigns when she is harnessed to the cart. She shared another story of a time when she was taken to a S&M Club and attached to a girl nipple to nipple and clit to clit then their hands were tied together and pulled way up until they were almost on toes. There she was belly and breasts rubbing together as they were whipped one at a time and she could feel the other girl jump when the cane hit her and watched her eyes at each stroke. It was real special and she felt so close emotionally with that girl because she was literally part of her body and she could share her self while she was being whipped. After the first few strokes they kissed during the rest of the caning. She said she hopes to be taken anally while locked to a girl that way sometime. Doesn’t it hurt I asked and she said the first strike or two but then it just becomes punctuated warmth. She admitted to having orgasm when whipped, in fact when she is pulling the cart she will slow down or veer off course just to get a few strokes so she can cum! Since Jake has taken her for his toy she has so many orgasms, sometimes she sets a new personal record like her daily best was fifteen orgasms in ONE day! The dogs made her cum twice! She even orgasms while being shocked with the machine, in fact that’s where she did the fifteen in one day.

Candi asked if I wanted to be “owned” by Taylor. I had to think about that for a minute. I said I dont want to be whipped while running naked down a road or raped by dogs. She responded to that by telling me she wasn’t raped by the dogs. She had orgasm and had allowed herself to be placed there. The real fun is NOT knowing what will be done with you next but at the same time knowing it is done to give someone pleasure. She knows it’s sort of sick but she has fingered herself to orgasm watching the tape of her being taken by those dogs. She has learned to let go completely and just feel the sensations and enjoy the submission. Once again Candi has made me feel like I’m really missing the good part of life and at the same time I know it is so wrong! I asked her if she thought Taylor would want to own me. She gave an emphatic “Yes!” and went on to say that I was so sexy and seemed to have a natural ability to just go with the flow, to enjoy the ride. I was told by her that I would be his sooner than I could imagine, I was already halfway there! I asked her if I’ll have to bark at burglars if I do become his “pet” and we laughed.

A couple of hours had gone by when the truck pulled up. We were still there like good pets waiting for our masters. This time when they came in no one spoke. Jake reached down in front of my face and pulled Candi’s plug out then took his shirt, shoes and pants off. He wasn’t wearing shorts and his erection was so stiff it bounced. He knelt down over my head and I was expecting a face full, instead I saw his arm reach for her head and his cock disappeared right into her backside! ALL the way! His balls dragged down my face then he began to pump her only inches from my face. I could tell from the way she was jerking around (and that muffled gagging sound) that Taylor was deep in her throat too. Her inner thighs were across my breasts and I felt her stiffen up then shudder! I can’t tell you why but I felt the need to get my tongue into the action and just licked whatever was on my face at the time. Balls, cock, clit, it didn’t matter! I even got my tongue to her anus on a few of his ‘out’ strokes. In just a few minutes Jake pulled completely out of her ass real fast with a nice slurp from her anus, but it wasn’t soon enough because he just unloaded on and around her ass! He rubbed his wet dick on my face and his jizz dripped to my face while Taylor kept at her throat. Just like me she has not yet conquered the gag reflex (some never do) and was moaning and choking around Taylors dick like I had earlier. Jake slapped her ass several times which made the cum there splatter in my face. It also made her shudder again when while Taylor came on her face. I knew he had because I felt hot stuff drip on my lower stomach. It just proves a girl will do anything for you if you give her a good cum.

Once more, Candi and I were left there for a while. Later as it was getting dark, we were unlocked and Taylor wanted to know if I’d enjoyed the day. I told him it was the most peculiar and fun day ever and I don’t know how I’ll ever top this! I looked at Candi and said “I’ll bark at burglars!”, she knew I was hooked!

After we had been unlocked from one another Taylor removed my shelf bra and asked if I would wear the collar and cuffs for the night and I quietly said “yes”. Our arms were still chained up behind us. Each of us girls had a leash attached to her collar and lead into the den where we stood totally naked in high heels and collars next to the chairs as the men watched some porno tape they had. It turned out to be the one that had Candi on all fours in a yard and taking dogs in her rear. From the camera angle you couldn’t see she was tied it just looked like she was having a good time. She had mud, grass and scratches from their paws on her back and the when the camera zoomed in on her you could see that her sex was all red from the abuse. I was wishing someone would rub between my legs as I stood there watching but was afraid to ask. Candi announced that this scene coming up is the one where she had orgasm when the light brown dog humped her. Now that IS uninhibited! The dog did his deed in her for quite some time then she moaned and wiggled. At the end of the tape, which I’ll say had some very unusual people doing the most bizarre sex scenes, we were lead out to the garage. I’d never been in here and found out why he always parked in the driveway. There was a room in there like I’ve never seen. There was a two seat cart (like harness racing style) and a wall full of leather straps and riding crops and chains etc. There were two thick wood beams going the length of the garage that had eye bolts and pulleys in them and there was a plain leather or vinyl covered wall with eyelets all over it. Where the concrete floor meets that wall there were a couple of three foot by five foot pads (Futon I think) and more eye bolts imbedded in the floor around them. Those bolts had short lenghts of thick chain attached to them with a brass padlock at the end of each. It was amazing in here! Warm and cozy and so clean! Of course it had not escaped me that I might be spending the night in there, I wondered if I would be tied. I also wondered if Taylor was actually going to do this to me. I knew for sure that Jake would have no problem leaving Candi in there, but me? I wasn’t into this scene, or was I! Candi was lead over to one of the mats and stood legs far apart at the “foot” of it facing the wall. She had done this before I could tell. One chain from the floor at each side of the mat was locked to her respective ankles, then she kneeled down and Jake with a handful of her hair leaned her forward until she was almost to the wall. Taylor then locked another short chain from the base of the wall to her collar. Jake then gently set her all the way down. There she was legs wide apart, ass in the air and chained face down with her arms up behind her for the night I guess. She is very pretty I thought to myself, then it was my turn. The chains are farther apart than they look and I really had to spread for them to lock my ankles. Kneeling was a knees in affair and then the handful of hair. I let myself fall forward and kept my neck as stiff as I could while Taylor guided me. My nipples were just touching the mat when Jake locked the thick chain to my collar and then Taylor set me down. I could really feel the air between my legs and more than that I felt the pressure against my breasts as I lay face down. I would never sleep like this because, well I have big, as the guys say, “tits” and it is uncomfortable to do so. I presumed this will be my position for the evening. I was to find out we were not through yet. Taylor came back over to me and whispered some nice stuff in a sexy voice right in my ear then pulled a hood over my head and zipped it down the back then zipped the mouth closed and then zipped the eye openings closed! It wasn’t uncomfortable and my nose was still free to breathe but I hadn’t expected it. As a last gesture for the night, one of them I still don’t know who (like it matters) ran a finger up my slit and in me then they both left. I don’t remember hearing a light switch go off but it didn’t matter, there was no light seeping into this hood. I lay there in the dark thinking about how fast I had taken to this sort of thing, I mean here I am being kept in a garage like a dog! I beleive you have to be a certain type of individual to take on that kind of treatment and somehow like it. It is clear to me now that I am one of those people. Candi was so right about me and I really love her for sharing the philosophy she has with me. I have to admit that I enjoyed leaning back on that chair, lifting and spreading my legs for them and showing my true self so openly. No secrets there! Every second I spent standing there nude and collared while the men went about the evening was exciting. In fact at this time I hope to never wear clothes again and want to be Taylors possession. He could walk me through Central Park as I am and I would just love it! Don’t get this wrong, I know that I am very good looking and have a lot of self respect, I just enjoy the letting go part of this, the having all the decisions made for me and being there to feel the sensations only. I love and trust Taylor. It may seem that he just wants to use me and that would be fine but I can tell he will care for me if I give him full control over my fate. I hope to have a lot of good adventures like this in the future. It is a huge step for a young girl to take but in these high heels and collar I think I can make it!

more later! Julie