I lay there in bed, looking across towards the other bed, and he didn’t know I was watching him touch himself. My dick was already hard and I was horny as hell looking at his hand sliding up and down his dick. There was just enough light coming into the room that I could see the head of his dick and it was wet and shiny. He was taking his time and would stop every now and then and bring his hand up to his face and place his fingers to his lips. I knew he was tasting his own wetness. I was getting wet too.

My breathing was irregular as I watched and I could hardly control the loudness of it. I was trying to restrain myself as I wanted to cum so badly. I didn’t want to admit it, but I also wanted to touch him. Feel his dick with my hand and fingers and well, maybe my mouth too. I had never sucked another guy’s dick before, but tonight there I was thinking about sucking his and letting him cum in my mouth. And, well, even swallowing it. I admit it, I wanted to do it. I knew I did, but I was so afraid to just tell him. I knew if I waited too long he would cum and my chance would be over, I was afraid, but I wanted it bad enough to overcome my fears. So I raised up in bed, leaning on my elbow and asked him if he’d mind if I watched him.

He froze immediately. I knew I had scared him, another guy had seen him jacking off. But the realization of my question hit him right away too. That question let him know that I thought it was OK and wanted to watch him do it. I was telling him I wanted to share in his pleasure. That in itself was hard enough for me to do, since I have always been a regular guy, chasing the girls and dating so often. But tonight I wanted him to know that I wanted to see his dick and maybe more.
His dick was still hard and his hand started slowly sliding up and down his dick again, very slowly as if he wasn’t sure what to do. I told him I had been watching him , but I wanted to watch without hiding it from him. I told him I was horny and was jacking off too. He seemed to relax then, and I got out of bed and sat on the edge of his bed so I could see his dick better. Being so close to it, I could see it clearly and watched as his foreskin slid up and down over the head of it. He was as big as I am, except his dick had a slightly bigger arch to it than mine. He took his hand off of it and I realized that he was bigger than me, maybe an inch or so, but bigger and I reached over and touched it. My friend told me he thought I might want to touch him and I looked at him and told him that he was right and I began jacking him off. My fingers began to get covered in his slippery precum. I told him that I saw him tasting it and he told me that it tasted sweet to him. I raised my hand up and tasted it for myself and he was right, it was sweet tasting. Not sugary, but it had a sweet flavor. My friend told me that he was surprised at me tasting him. I told him that I was scared but I wanted to jack him off and maybe even suck it.
He told me that If I sucked his dick, he would do the same for me. I had slid my shorts off when I came over and he reached out and began jacking me off at the same time. I was covering his fingers with my precum too and he even licked it off of them. I told him to stop because I wanted him to enjoy what I was doing for him. To be truthful, I didn’t want to cum yet, I wanted to enjoy what I was doing to him. As I slide up and down his dick I stopped and leaned forward taking it into my mouth. The first time I had ever sucked a guy’s dick before, and I was thrilled to be doing it.

It didn’t take me long to make him cum, but I licked and sucked every bit of his cum from him. I swallowed it all and couldn’t get over how much he had squirted out. It was so thick, and strong tasting, and well making him cum was such a nice thing to be able to do. I slowly jacked him off some more and licked and sucked the head of his dick to get the rest of the cum that I had squeezed from him. I gently massaged his balls in my hand, slightly squeezing them and more cum came out. I licked that off too. He lay there all relaxed and comfortable. He then opened his eyes and told me he had promised to suck my dick and wanted to do it.
He took me into his mouth and the warm wet saliva and the softness of his lips drove me to cum almost right away. I had never shot so much cum before, but he sucked me, he swallowed and I watched as my cum came out past his lips and back onto me. He licked it up from me and swallowed and sucked me some more. I was so aroused I was out of breath and my dick was so tender, I felt I could cum again. He kept me in his mouth, just slightly sucking on me and flicking his tongue on the tip of my dick. I had went soft in his mouth and he started sucking me really hard. I could feel it in my balls, in seconds, I was cumming again. Not as much this time, but he made me cum a second time.

He told me that he had seen my dick earlier as I came out of the shower and he knew then that he wanted to go down on me. I hadn’t ever realize that he wanted to suck me. I always thought he was a pure girl chaser. But then, I had always thought I was too, now there I was with his cum in my stomach.
That night we decided to be honest with each other and we did all kinds of things together. We rubbed our dicks all over each others faces and bodies. I let him cum on my face and he let me do the same with him. We finally went to sleep. For weeks after that night we continued doing it. We knew it was wrong for two guys to be doing it, but we wanted each others dicks and that taste of cum shooting into our mouths. We did nothing more than touch or suck each other after the first night, but it was with him that I realized how much I enjoyed having another guy’s dick in my mouth.

I’ve since been married and told my wife about having sucked guy’s off before. She was upset, but was nice to me, playing along and letting me get aroused at my own stories. She knew I wanted to do it again, but she also knew I wouldn’t. Still it was nice being able to tell her. She always knew me as a man’s man and never suspected I would do such a thing. I know I took something away from her by telling her, but I wanted her to know the truth about me. That I like sucking dicks and tasting all of that cum. I had always thought of her fucking another guy and letting me lick his cum from her pussy. If she would do that for me, she would get to fuck other guys, and I would get their cum. Such an arousing thought for a guy like me.

The End