When I was a nineteen year old college girl, I used to work evenings in my local corner shop to help supplement my studies. One particular evening I was working alone, and being naive and self-confident, I didn’t imagine there could be any problem in working alone in a shop. After all, what bad could happen?. That night I was about to find out.

It was a spring evening and I was dressed casually in a short thigh length mini skirt and a tight top with short sleeves. There were no customers so I started stacking some cigarettes in the shelves behind the counter, I heard the door open and looked round. It was a women called Elaine. It was clear she had been working late as she was still in office clothes, a knee length close fitting business skirt and a white blouse. We greeted each other and chatted briefly as she bought a women’s magazine and some milk. I always loved when she came in the store. She was so pretty and slim, with her long blond hair, and she always looked so sophisticated in her suits and skirts. As she was in her mid-twenties, I always looked up to her and so wanted to be like her. I always imagined her to be cultured and refined. I wanted to be just like her and to know her better. And that night I did get to know her better in a way I did not expect.

Just as she was about to leave, three men burst into the shop. They were dressed all in black, and their heads were covered in balaclavas with slits cut for their noses, mouths and eyes. Before either of us could scream, two of the men grabbed Elaine and I, covering our mouths with their gloved hands, and bundled us into the store room, while the third rummaged through the till.

The store room was quite large, In the middle there was a rectangular table and against the walls there were shelves containing various stock items. The two men stood behind us holding us firmly.

The third man, who was thick set, and obviously the leader, shut the store room door behind him. He waived a few bank notes in front of my face. “Is this all there is? Where is the rest?”

“The owner banked the takings earlier this evening and business has been slow?” I said trembling. “There isn’t any more.”

“You’re lying!” He said, brusquely.

“I’m not.” I stuttered.

He looked me up and down, at my pert breasts, my short skirt and bare legs. My heart froze as he seemed to smile behind his mask. He licked his lips and looked me up and down.

“You know what happens to lying sluts?” He asked, and lifted up my skirt to leer at my tight skimpy panties. “Oh, boy. I like that.” he said, biting his lower lip.

Taking off his gloves, he cupped my pert breasts and leered down at me evilly through his eye slits. I trembled, fearing what this might lead to. Then, as Elaine and the other two men looked on, he moved his hands down to my bare thighs. I trembled as I felt his fingers moving slowly up my skirt to the material of my tight panties. He massaged my pussy through my panties, causing me to flinch and gasp at his touch. As he fingered me, he grinned down at me through his mask and made some filthy comments about the tightness of my young pussy and getting into my teenage panties. “Stop it!” Cried Elaine. “She’s only a girl.”

The leader looked round at Elaine and withdrew his hands. “I’ll deal with to you later!” He said, pointing at me and strode over to stand in front of Elaine, who was still held firmly by one of the men. Elaine did not look so brave now.

The leader stood in front of her a moment. She yelped as his companion gripped her more firmly from behind causing her back to arch. The leader looked her up and down. “Well, well. Getting jealous?” He said. “Don’t worry, I’ll see to that.”

I watched in shock as the leader ripped open Elaine’s blouse to reveal her lacy bra. Roughly he pulled the cups of the bra down and bent forward to grotesquely tongue and suck her nipples. I couldn’t take my eyes of the scene as he also moved his hands up her skirt, caressing up to the top of her black fishnet stockings until he reached her milky thighs. All Elaine could do was whimper as he fondled her.

“Do you like that, honey?” He said. raising his head and moving his hands inside her sexy panties. Elaine gasped as he moved one hands round to her buttocks and lifted the material of the back of her panties high up the crack of her ass. “Oh, yeah. She loves her tartly lingerie, this one. This high class bitch deserves a good fucking tonight.”He laughed maliciously, as he fondled her pussy lips with his fingers.

I just stared, hypnotized at the scene, beginning to feel a little faint. “I’ll tell you what!” he said to Elaine, moving his masked face right next to hers. “If you give us a good time, I won’t touch your little friend.” Elaine looked at me. I looked back almost pleading.

“Well, shall we treat your little friend as our fuck machine?: He sneered. “Or do you want it?”

I gulped as I noticed Elaine nodding just slightly, and the leader grinned. “Let’s have a party with this slut. She’s gagging for it!” He sneered, letting Elaine go and looking over to me. My heart jumped and I cried out, as I was sure I was about to get gang raped.

Then making a whooping noise, the leader grabbed Elaine, and I almost fainted with relief.

Then, the two men dragged her screaming over to the center of the room and dumped her lying face up on the table. His companion went to the other side of the table and held her shoulders down, while the leader grabbed her knees pushing her legs apart and pulling her skirt up to her mid-drift. Then unbuttoning his trousers he release his huge erect cock. With an evil victory shout he pulled Elaine’s panties to one side and drove his cock into her tender exposed pussy, causing her to cry out.

He fucked her steadily. With each stroke, she cried out and jolted back as her legs, bent at the knee, swayed back and forward. Her feet, still wearing her high heeled shoes, hovered in the air high above her.

As he screwed her, he shouted humiliating obscenities at her, calling her a slut and a whore. I just stared in disbelief, highly conscious that I may be the next to receive the same treatment. The leader looked over to me and grinned as he fucked her and I realized he intended to do the same to me. My legs went weak and it was only the grip of this companion holding me that kept me upright.

Soon, the leader gave one last thrust, groaned and came into Elaine as she cried out, almost sobbing. The other man at the table switched places with the leader. He got his erect cock out and began fucking her as well, while the leader held her down and shouted encouragement, telling him to “Fuck the bitch!”. Elaine continued to cry cried out, begging him to stop. I looked on at the scene, trembling, as Elaine was fucked hard. The man holding me pressed against me and I could feel his erect cock against my back. It was clear he was aroused from the scene before us and I felt him rub himself against me and move his hand over to my breast. I stood there in fearful suspense expecting him to force me down on the floor or against the shelves at any moment. Petrified that I might provoke his excitement, I did not dare to move.

Then with a gleeful shout, the man fucking Elaine came into her and she cried out again.

The leader came over to where I was standing and took hold of me to let the third robber have his turn. He hurried anxiously over to the table and gleefully thrust his cock into Elaine, to give her a third good fucking. “The slut’s enjoying it.” The leader whispered to me. ” She wants it. Can’t you see?”

As I watched Elaine being fucked, her legs spread out wide and her hands gripping the desk, I realized he was right. Although she was pleading with them to stop, it was clear from the way she was moaning and sighing that she was actually being pleasured as well. The leader moved his hand up my skirt and groped my pussy through my panties.

“Hey, you dirty whore.” He exclaimed. “You’re creaming in your panties. Your pussy is sopping wet.” I gulped, feeling a ashamed. “You love seeing her fucked? Don’t you, you little bitch.” He sneered.

I groaned uncontrollably as he teased my hard little clit. I just couldn’t help myself. Watching Elaine’s helpless body being ruthlessly ravished and humiliated by these monsters was turning me on, although I knew it was wrong to feel that way.

To my lustful moans, the leader continued fingering my rock hard clit whispering in my ear the things he was going to do to me. I continued to watch Elaine writhe in ecstasy on the table as the masked man fucked her harder and faster to the obscene jeers and shouts of the man holding her down. Then, her back arched and she cried out as the man came into her with a satisfied groan.

This was the moment I dreaded. It looked like it was my turn. After instructions from the leader the two men at the table lifted Elaine from the table and tied her to a chair. Then they walked grinning towards me. I was terrified, and yet a little excited, at what was going to happen. The men grabbed at me and I collapsed backwards into the arms of the leader. I groaned and gasped uncontrollably as my top was ripped open and two sets of masked lips bit and sucked my erect nipples. At the same time, the leader held me upright from behind and kissed my neck. I quivered and flinched as three sets of hands pulled at my panties, fingered my pussy and groped my buttocks, causing me to squealed and cry out. The assault must have only lasted a couple of minutes, but it seemed an eternity as these monsters ruthlessly abused my young body for their own pleasure. When they finally stopped, it was only to carry me over to the table where they laid me on my back. As his companions held me down, the leader produced his erect cock. Pulling my soaked panties to one side, he rammed it into my moist pussy. I cried out almost sobbing, barely hearing the vile taunts of the men as I felt the leader’s cock drive deep inside me again and again. Like a hot rod being thrust into a furnace, he fucked my tender body brutally for what seemed ages. I begged him to stop, but that only made him fuck me harder. Eventually, with a gleeful moan he came into me and I felt his hot spunk squirt into my pussy.

The second one took his turn and rammed his cock into me. All I could do was lie there and whimper helplessly as he fucking me long and hard. When he stopped and removed his cock, at first I didn’t notice that he had not come yet. It was only when I felt the sticky hot liquid spattering my nose and lip, that I realized he had walked round the table to squirt his spunk on my face, to the gleefully shouts of his companions. As the third one fucked me, he pushed my legs high up so that my knees were pressed against my chest and I felt his cock grinding deep in my pussy. The position was extremely uncomfortable and humiliating, a fact that the man obviously enjoyed, as he rammed his cock into me. I groaned in discomfort as he fucked me like this for what seemed forever. I thought this ordeal would never end. When he finally came into me with a long groan, I sighed out loud in relief as he released me from his vice like grip. All three had had their fun, and I thought my humiliation must be over. But I was wrong.

The leader lifted me up an turned me round. Then, he bent me over, pushing the side of my face against the surface of the table, and pulled my sopping wet panties down to my knees. Then he entered me from behind, and I realized with a whimper that I would have to endure it all over again. All three fucked me again. And then a third and a fourth time. My poor pussy was red raw as they took turns to relentlessly fuck me hard without ever stopping for a break. Jeering and shouting obscenities, they satisfied their lust on my ravaged body over and over again. I couldn’t help crying out. Sometimes it was from pain and humiliation. But sometimes the pleasure from the constant fucking became uncontrollable. I didn’t want to, but I often had to moan out loud as I orgasmed again and again on their hard cocks. Despite this, I begged them to stop, but this only encouraged them to fuck me even harder. The funny thing was that although I was desperate for the ordeal to stop, I equally wished that these hard cocks would never stop fucking my ecstatic pussy. But eventually it did stop. As a cock was yet again rammed ruthlessly into my pussy while I was lying face down on the table, I heard the leader groan as his come spurted into me one last time. Nothing happened for a moment and I thought it would only be a short respite. But when I cautiously looked round, I saw the three men hurry out the store room door. They were gone. It was over. Exhausted, I managed to lift my ravished body from the table. I staggered over to Elaine who was still tied to the chair and untied her.

– The End –