You cursed as he bumped into you. You had only gone into the Supermarket to pick up a few bits and pieces for dinner. He apologized and helped pick up the spilled contents of your bag that had fallen as he pushed past you at the checkout. You didn’t notice him pick up the letter with your address and phone number as he apologized once more before leaving. You watched as he got into the passenger seat of a large red car parked outside and thought it strange to see a black man around the area, especially one so big. You paid the bill for the food you had purchased unaware of the phone conversation going on between your lover and the passenger in the car. The false identification documents and the stolen telephone company jackets had been used various times before and had always worked.

He told him they needed to check the phone inlets and outlets and would be around in about five minutes. He had no reason to believe anything else as he opened the door and was shown the identification papers of the black man that had earlier pushed you in the supermarket. After inviting him in he showed him where the phone connections were, but as he turned around to close the front door he felt a small jab to the back of his neck and fell to the floor, not unconscious but immobile from the contents of a syringe filled with a strong muscle relaxant. Unable to move he watched as the three other large blacks came through the front door carrying various cases and bags.

Unable to move or speak he watched as they scurried up and down the stairs carrying various bags and pieces of equipment. He watched as they set video cameras in the rooms downstairs and carried more upstairs as well as one hidden in the front curtains pointing out towards the front path. By the time you come out of the supermarket and make your way home they have moved your lover to the smaller bedroom upstairs, still unable to move because of the drug given to him he earlier. The bedroom has been converted and contains various video screens showing all areas of the house. He watches one screen unable to move as one of the blacks puts mirror tiles on the ceiling, and the second secures red ropes to all four corners of the bed and two ropes in the middle. The video screen switches to the front door and unable to move he watches you approach the front door and put in the key. You turn the key, walk in and shut the door behind you unaware of the happenings that have been going on for the past thirty minutes or so. After taking of your jacket you take the groceries to the kitchen and put them away, you can’t understand why no one is in after calling and getting no reply. Making your way up the stairs you notice the cables on the floor running from the main bedroom to one of the smaller bedrooms, the doors on both being almost shut. You can’t believe what you see as you open the door to the main bedroom and walk inside. The wires run to four video cameras placed around the corners of the bed now re-positioned in the middle of the room with a white sheet spread on the top.

You pick up one of the red nylon ropes each with a silver studded leather wrist, ankle or knee restraint attached and trace the anchor points to the four corners and middle of the bed legs. You look up and see the mirror tiles completely covering the ceiling and three more video cameras connected to articulated brackets hanging from the ceiling. In the middle of the bed you can see a large rabbit fingered two pronged dildo, you pick it up and hold the larger diameter rubbing your nails along the convolutions and bumps that surround the entire length and diameter. The rotating head is an exact replica of a large prick and the larger portion grows in length and girth when turned on. The rabbits foot has five hard rubber protrusions for working on the clit and as you touch one you get a shock and drop it back onto the bed, and as it falls the head starts to rotate and the body starts moving up and down, expanding and contracting along the whole length.

You move away from the bed and walk out onto the landing following the wires to the smaller bedroom but as you about to open the door a hand is put around your mouth, your arms are pulled behind your back and you feel the warm sensation as a needle is stuck in your neck. You move away from the bed and walk out onto the landing following the wires to the smaller bedroom but as you about to open the door a hand is put around your mouth, your arms are pulled behind your back and you feel the warm sensation as a needle is stuck in your neck.

You are caught under the arms before you fall to the ground, the muscles in your body completely useless and watch unable to speak as the bedroom door opens revealing the other three blacks all with black leather face masks wearing nothing apart from a small leather loin cloth covering their pricks. You can see all the equipment they have put in the bedroom, the video recorders and the displays and the remote controls for the cameras in the main bedroom and behind them tied to a chair and gagged your lover seated in front of a display screen showing scenes captured from the cameras in the bedroom. One of the blacks lifts your legs and you are carried back into the bedroom and thrown onto the bed, you can see yourself in the mirrors above unable to move or speak as the four blacks start ripping your clothes off.

Your jeans are ripped open and roughly pulled from your legs, your panties are left on and your blouse is ripped open and then your bra is forced down below your tits pushing them up and out as you are lifted into the middle of the bed. The straps are attached and tightened around your wrists and ankles and the ropes pulled tightly spreading you wide open before being tied off, then the knee restraints are attached and the ropes tightened, pulling your legs even wider before two cushions are forced under your body pushing your pelvis into the air giving total access to your cunt and arse. You look above and see yourself in the mirror tied spread eagled and you know that very soon you will be fucked and fucked hard the only thing you don’t know is when, for how long and how many will be fucking you, but the knock on the front door gives you a glimmer of hope thinking it maybe someone coming that may disturb the men that have you captive and may prevent the shagging they are going to give you.

Hopes completely dashed when one of the blacks answers his mobile and says he will be straight down. You can hear the noises of people downstairs, unable to move strapped spread eagled on the bed awaiting your fait you hear people coming up the stairs and watch unable to do anything as four more really big muscular blacks dressed in masks and thongs come into the bedroom followed by a black girl wearing crotchless panties and a bra solely for supporting her massive tits. You watch in the mirror unable to speak or move as she comes over to the head of the bed wets her fingers in her mouth and rubs them all over her tits and nipples pulling and squeezing her nipples until they become hard and rigid. You can see the size of her nipples as she bends over your tied spread eagled body and rubs both her tits all around your face. She wets her fingers again and forces them in your mouth rubbing all around your lips before placing her nipples one at a time into your mouth while squeezing her tits all around your face.

While rubbing her tits all around your face she keeps the rigid nipples in and on your lips and you can feel the harness and size as they flick in and out of your mouth. She spits on each of her big black tits and rubs all the saliva around them before forcing them around your face again leaving it soaking wet while she bends over spits on both your tits and rubs the saliva in the same way but takes great pleasure in squeezing and pulling both your nipples hard making them go rigid. She traces her hand down your body moving her hand over your panties and gropes your cunt from the outside before sliding her hand underneath and rubbing down your slit. She rubs her fingers up and down your slit forcing your cunt lips apart and then scratches her nail on your clit before grabbing the crotch of your panties and pulling them deep into your cunt lips pulls until the material rips, and gives way leaving your cunt open and vulnerable with your cunt lips hanging wide open. She rubs her fingers around your open cunt hole and shouts,” the white slut is all wet, she’s enjoying this”. You couldn’t reply to agree or disagree as you watch her pick up a bag and take out a large black strap on dildo that looks just like a real prick, sucks on the end and forces it into your mouth.

As she forces it in and out of your mouth she tells you that it ejaculates when filled and she is going to fill it with an antidote for the muscle relaxant jab you were given earlier because they want you to be able to struggle and shout when they use you, and your muscles especially your mouth, cunt and arse muscles need to be working. She laughs as she tells you of the two side effects that you experience when given this drug the first being it inhibits and stops you from having an orgasm and if it touches sensitive areas like cunt lips, clit, nipples and tits it can cause irritation and swelling but the second drug you are going to be given mixed together with the first is a jelly Viagra that will make you so horny that you will beg to be fucked.

You see her take to small bottles out of the bag and empty the contents into the dildo strap it around her waste and get on the bed straddling your stretched out naked body. She rubs the head of the dildo up and down your slit making sure she rubs your clit before positioning it at the entrance of your cunt hole and ramming it deep inside your cunt. As she fucks your cunt hard she sucks and squeezes your nipples and forces her tongue into your mouth while all the time calling you a white slut that needs to be raped by big black cocks. After five minutes of hard thrusting deep into your cunt she slows down and starts pulling right out rubbing along your slit and clit then ramming in back inside your cunt thrust hard on your pelvis and you feel the warm sensation as the drugs are squirted deep into your cunt. She pulls out of your cunt and squeezes some of the drugs onto your cunt lips and clit then kneels over your tits and squeezes the last drops on both your tits and nipples.

She gets off the bed and tells you she will be back later for afters when you have all your senses back and can use your lips and then you will taste black honey from a black honey pot. Before she goes out of the bedroom she takes out three photographs, shows you them and tells you this is what will happen to you after they have finished with you. She walks out of the door and tells them to put a gag on you in case you start screaming when the drugs take effect. They place a red ball gag in your mouth with a long rubber hose attached.

You were only left alone for a few minutes and in that time all your senses returned, as the drugs coursing through your veins started to work. You could feel the pain in your arms and legs from being tied spread eagled although the pain was not unbearable and as the drugs spread through your body your tits, nipples, clit and cunt lips start to tingle and come to life as you feel them start to swell from the effects of the drugs given to you earlier. You hadn’t felt any of the earlier abuse although you could see your tits being mauled and your nipples being sucked, pinched and twisted from the mirror on the ceiling there was no feeling because of the drugs you were given earlier, and even the rape of your cunt had no effect even though you could see how wide your cunt was being stretched by the dildo as the black girl rammed in and out of your wet cunt hole. You look in the mirror and you can see how wide your cunt has been stretched from the dildo, you can see how hard your nipples are and your clit feels as hard as a rock and as the drugs take their full effect you start to feel so horny it hurts but are brought back to reality as the black girl walks back in the room followed by two of the blacks escorting your lover.

He is tied, gagged and blindfolded and has been stripped naked. They connect his tied hands to a rope hanging from the ceiling and pull the rope hard to bring his arms high above his head then tie each leg to the corner of the bed. The black girl comes over to you rubs your hard clit and you moan from the pleasure you get she then rams three fingers deep into your cunt and frigs you fast and hard, she then shows you her fingers and you can see how wet they are. She pushes them between the gag into your mouth and continues to ram her fingers deep into your wet cunt calling you her white slut. The blindfold is removed from your lovers eyes and she continues her abuse on your cunt knowing she is getting you hot. She tells him what a slut you are and you really want to be fucked and raped by blacks with really big pricks and starts to rub his prick with her cunt juice covered fingers until he becomes hard.

He has been given Viagra and cannot stop himself from getting hard and she kneels down and starts to suck him off. She milks his prick with her lips until he groans and you know he is going to cum but she keeps sucking him taking all his cum in her mouth until she drains his prick completely then she pulls her mouth from it and straddles across your waist. She straddles across you, sits on your stomach with her knees up by your tits and starts to pinch and twist your nipples. She rolls both of them around between her fingers and thumb and pulls then hard against your tits. Your tits and nipples have become swollen and hard from the drugs and she slaps both tits hard backwards and forwards then she pulls and twists your hard rigid nipples and all you can do is moan in pleasure and pain from the abuse your nipples and tits are taking. The drugs have taken full effect now and your body feels so sensitive any little touch on your nipples or tits or your clit or cunt sends you into ecstasy. She knows this as she pulls and twists your swollen sensitive nipples before pulling away your ball gag forcing your mouth open and spitting the contents of her cum filled mouth into yours.

She closes your mouth as you try to spit the cum out and spits the rest of the cum in her mouth all over your face before pushing her big tits into your face and rubbing them around all the cum then she forces you to suck and lick all the cum from her tits and nipples and finally she puts her mouth to yours and you have to lick and suck all the cum from her mouth and tongue. She climbs off you pulling your nipples hard as she gets off and comes around to the top of the bed by your head and makes you look at your lover still tied in the same position at the bottom of the bed. You can see how rigid and hard his prick is and she tells you he wants to fuck your wet open cunt but she wants to let him see all the action and she will milk him dry later. She tells you he likes watching you being abused and he said he wants to watch you being gang raped and how hard he got when she told him what they were going to do to you. He got so hard watching you being raped by the black dildo and he will be even harder after watching the things they are going to do to you now. She kneads your tits and pulls your nipples and crawls onto the bed licking your tits and nipples and then your belly until she has herself in a 69 position with her head above your cunt and her cunt above your head.

One of the masked black men comes by your head, slaps your face and lifts your head up and pushes it up against the black girl’s cunt and forces you to eat her and lick her out. You lick her cunt lips and suck on her big clit and flick your tongue in and out of her cunt hole. As you continue licking the black girl’s cunt she starts doing the same to you. She licks all along your swollen cunt lips pulling each of them wide with her teeth before sticking her tongue in your wide open cunt hole and flicking it backwards and forwards over your tender swollen clit. She chews on your cunt lips and clit and sucks your clit into her lips and pulls away causing you to moan in ecstasy. The drugs they have given you have made you so excited and the constant abuse your cunt and clit are getting from her tongue starts to build up so much you feel as though you are going to cum but you cant because the drugs will only allow you to reach a peak of orgasm and no more and once you reach that peak you cant go backwards you stay totally aroused at the brink of cumming and the pleasure is so intense you don t know whether it is pain or pleasure. Your whole body aches as she continues to suck and chews on your wet spread wide cunt lips spreading them wide and sticking her tongue as deep as she can in your wet cunt hole. She says to you your lover is enjoying seeing you being sexually abused because he is so hard and he can’t wait to see you being gang raped by all those big black pricks. She says to your lover you re enjoying everything that s happening to you because you are so wet and wide and she tells him to look at your wide open wet white slave cunt.

You don t seem to have any fear, the drugs are confusing your brain and you don t know whether to scream in fear or in ecstasy all you know is the constant licking and chewing of your cunt and cunt lips and the brutal treatment of your now very swollen and red tender clit has got you to a state just short of being able to cum. Your head is pulled around by the black and he slaps your face with his massive black prick. You re shocked by the length and width and how hard it is. He forces his prick head in your mouth and forces you to suck him off. He forces the entire length down your throat and you start to gag from lack of air as he continues to pump his thick black prick in and out of your mouth. He tells you that you will soon get used to taking big black pricks once you have had some practice. He pulls his prick from your mouth and rubs the head up and down the black girls cunt lips opening them wide after rubbing two or three times and you watch as he stretches her cunt hole as the head of his prick enters her cunt and then he slowly pushes the entire length deep into her cunt.

You can see how wide and stretched her black cunt has become as he starts to fuck her hard and fast. You seem in a daze as you watch his massive black prick slide in and out of her cunt hole stretching it so much but a slap to the face brings you back to reality as the black girl forces her black cunt onto your mouth again and you are forced to suck and lick her clit and cunt lips as she is being fucked. The black girl highly aroused from the severe fucking she is getting starts to work on your cunt and clit again and you moan in pleasure and pain pulling against the ropes holding you spread wide on the bed as she sucks on your cunt lips chews and sucks your tender clit and stabs her tongue constantly into your wet and wide cunt hole.

You lose track of time and don t know how long he fucked the black girl’s cunt but as he starts to moan you know he is going to cum. He forces his massive black rigid prick deep into her cunt and you see the base of his prick expand and contract as he squirts load after load of his black seed deep into her cunt. You can see the cum covering the entire length of his prick as he pulls it out of her stretched cunt hole forces your mouth open and squeezes the last drops into your mouth then forces it into your mouth to lick dry. He pulls his thick rigid black prick from your mouth and holds it wide open and you struggle to get free as the black girl positions her cunt above it. You watch, unable to move your head or close your mouth as his black seed trickles from her cunt straight into your mouth. It trickles slowly first in a small stream but then gushes into your mouth, splashing against your teeth and tongue and covering your face and eyes as well. The black girl lowers her stretched cunt onto your mouth and you are forced to suck and lick her cum covered cunt and clit until all the cum is gone.*****. She makes sure you suck all the cum out of her cunt before she gets off you after slapping your face a few times and calling you her white slut.

She stands by the bed and rubs her hands up and down your tied spread body rubbing your tits and pinching and twisting your swollen red nipples. She comments on how stiff and hard they are and tells your lover you must be enjoying all you re getting and starts to rub her fingers up and down your already abused cunt lips. She pinches your clit in between her thumb and finger and rolls it around causing moans of painful ecstatic pleasure to come screaming from your lips then rams three fingers deep into your cunt and continues to plunge them deeply in and out while twisting and pulling your swollen red clit at the same time.

Two of the blacks come either side of you at the top of the bed and start to squeeze your tits and pull and twist your nipples just like the black girl but your hair is pulled back and your head twisted around and a big rigid black prick is forced into your mouth. If you don’t suck he pulls your nipples hard and you soon do as he commands and continue to suck the whole length of his black prick as he rapes your mouth again and again. You gag as he pushes it deep down your throat unable to breathe and he laughs and pushes it in even deeper until his balls are resting on your chin before pulling completely out to allow you some breath. He makes you suck and lick the entire length as well as his balls before plunging it deep into your mouth once again. Your mouth is being stretched so wide to accommodate the size of it but that doesn’t stop the constant mouth fucking he is giving to you. Your hair is pulled and your head is pulled the other way and a second large black prick is forced into your mouth giving you the same treatment you were receiving from the first black as the second black continues to ram his rigid black prick in and out of your mouth making you gag and struggle at your bonds.

You feel as though you are going unconscious from the lack of air from the pricks being forced down your mouth but they always pull out before you do, laughing as you take in deep breaths allowing you a few seconds before continuing the double mouth rape. Your hair and head is being pulled backwards and forwards as they continue fucking your mouth one after the other, they spit on their pricks to make it easier to slide down your throat and while one is fucking your mouth and throat the other slaps your face with his rigid black prick. All the while you are being mouth raped you are being fingered brutally by the black girl who has now got four of her fingers inside your wet wide open cunt and is continuing to ram them in and out of your cunt. She is talking to your lover telling him how much you are enjoying being raped and abused and how lucky he is to have a front view seat but that was the least they could do considering he arranged the whole thing. You cant concentrate on sucking the two black pricks because the black girls fingering has kept you so aroused and the pleasure and pain is so intense because the drugs will not allow you to cum.

You moan and scream in between the black pricks being rammed down your throat or slapped on your face and beg them to stop but the cunt fingering and double mouth rape continues. You try to pull your mouth away as you feel one of the black pricks expand in your mouth but your head is held tight and you feel the warmth and powerful squirt as the first black cums in your mouth, and continue to struggle with no avail as squirt after powerful squirt of black seed is deposited in your mouth and down your throat. He pulls out and squirts the remainder of his load all over your face and eyes but before you can spit any of it out the second black prick invades your mouth and continues to fuck you in the same manner until you feel the same swelling of the second prick in your mouth and feel for the second time the powerful squirts in your mouth and down your throat ending with the last six squirts being directed at your face and eyes. They hold your mouth closed forcing you to swallow all the black cum deposited in your mouth. The black girl still finger fucking your cunt tells your lover what a cum slut you are enjoying having all that black cum down your throat and all over your face and she pulls your cunt open with her fingers to show him how wet and ready you are.

You can see your tied spread eagled body in the mirror and watch as she finger fucks you pushing four of her wet black fingers in and out of your wet stretched cunt rubbing and pulling your swollen clit with her other hand. You feel so aroused you feel no pain when she slaps your cunt hard with the back of her hand then starts slapping both your tits and pulling both nipples causing only low moans to come from your cum filled mouth. She rubs both her tits all around your face and hair covering them with the cum that escaped from your mouth and forces you to lick them both clean. You lick the remainder of the cum from her tits and one of the blacks forces his prick back in your mouth. She tells you they can cum maybe four or five times more before they will be finished with you and you are again forced to suck on the two large black pricks having your head pulled backwards and forwards to service them both as they continue to force you to suck them off.

You have no idea of how long they mouth rape you forcing their large pricks in your mouth and down your throat choking you when they go too deep, laughing as they pull out allowing you air before plunging in again and again before they finally hold your head still force your mouth open and both cum inside. You gag as spurt after spurt of their thick cum fills your mouth and coats your face as they both rub their pricks all around it. You try to move your head sideways to let the cum run out but the black girl holds it still scooping any cum that has run onto your face back into your mouth. She forces her lips onto yours and sticks her tongue in your mouth coating it with the cum and licks all around the inside coating it even more before holding your mouth closed and forcing you to swallow.

She laughs as you choke on the thick liquid as it slides down your throat checking your mouth to ensure you swallow the lot before letting your head go. You feel as though you are in a dream world so aroused it is almost painful every time your cunt or clit is touched or your nipples are pulled or twisted and you watch as the two large cameras on the ceiling start moving. The black girl tells you they are both being positioned to film the action your cunt is going to get and they are calling the film they are making of you “Lisa Taken”.

Part 2 Lisa be continued