My name is Kathy and I was blessed at a very early age with a very sexual body. By 12 I needed a bra and by 15 I was a 36 DD. This form had me pregnant and married by 16. I did manage to keep in school and by 19 was attending college.

It all took place in summer school, an African History class to be exact. The professor was exceptionally tall, very muscular, very black and 36 years old. His name was Temba and I loved his attention so I wore braless halters which showed my overdeveloped form. The class was very easy for me to say the least.

One day before a test he asked me if I’d like to come to his apartment and go over some material. Of course I agreed and arrived promptly. I knew what he really wanted but acted like the perfect student. We sat down on the couch and opened the book.

It wasn’t long until I felt a kiss on my neck. All sorts of chills ran up me as I knew my fantasy was becoming reality. As we were kissing he led me to his bedroom where he placed me on his warm soft bed. I felt my huge tits drop as he slipped my halter over my head. As he suckled me I undressed him. He was naked and his nuts were the size and hardness of baseballs. Even though it was still soft his cock was much bigger than my husbands. Our bodies seemed perfectly matched, far more than my husband’s tiny prick and grape sized nuts. Temba sounded like a baby as he sucked my tits and this was turning me on but his cock was still soft.

I laid him back and licked his sperm swollen balls as I stroked his limp cock but still no response! Soon he said, “Kathy I don’t have any condoms.” For some reason this really turned me on. I whispered to him, “Guess you’ll have to impregnate me.” I couldn’t believe what I had just said! Here I was ovulating, married and naked with a Black man! But it worked as his cock quickly grew to an unbelievable length and thickness. Now I had something to fear but my body needed what was forming deep in his testicles.

I backed my ass to his huge cock as he rubbed on my pussy his natural lubricate. Slowly he entered so not to hurt me. We just slowly humped a little as he cupped my hanging tits. He knew he needed to slowly open me and as my pussy was softening he’d sink a little more. After a while of this I rolled over and spread my legs. We both knew what was happening as I felt his cock meet my now totally prepared pussy. It was so hot and soft as he slowly sank in. Each stroke sank him deeper as I raised my legs and wrapped them around him holding him tight. Before long I felt his hard balls on my ass so I reached down and gently carressed them. He said he could feel them churning and tingling. I said, “It’s time then, go deep and don’t miss.” This made him moan and push in as I could feel his balls heave. He began grabbing my tits and pushing in as deep as he could go. I felt it get very wet as he just kept ejaculating as if he’d never stop. It was so natural as if we were built for that moment.

Of course I became pregnant. As I swelled we continued our lessons. As for my husband, that’s another story.

– The End –