Looking at my wife as she walked into the living room made my cock as hard as a lead pipe. Sherri was wearing a skin tight yellow leather miniskirt and translucent pale yellow blouse, and I could see by the way that her nipples pressed against the thin material that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Of course the two open buttons helped also. The four inch pumps were a pale yellow just like her blouse and her long legs were covered with nylons. The outfit highlighted her curvaceous 34-20-34, five foot six, 107 lbs., beautifully.

We had been married for four years and lately our sex life hadn’t been as great as it used to be, and even though we had talked about spicing up our sex life, and even told each other a fantasy or two, until now it had only been talk. My mouth hung open as I stared at her wide eyed not saying a word. What the hell do you say when a sex goddess is standing in front of you with a body that’s saying “fuck me”? Dressed like she was, showing off what I had always thought was a perfect figure, I was at a loss for words.

“Well, Phillip!! How do I look? Would you try to pick me up and get in my pants if we weren’t married?” And then she laughed softly as her sultry voice tickled my ears. “I think tonight would be a good time for us to live my fantasy of flaunting my body to a bunch of strange men.”

I almost shot a load in my pants as I looked at this redheaded fox standing in front of me as she ran her hands over her miniskirt-clad hips before cupping her breast and moaning softly that she only had on a pale yellow, lacy garter belt under her miniskirt. As she walked toward me swaying her hips provocatively, she told me that we were going out for a night that we would remember for a long time.

As we drove to the restaurant she almost sat in my lap, nibbling on my ear as her small hand traveled over my thigh before playing with my bone hard cock. I felt like saying to hell with dinner and just pulling off the road and fucking her brains out. I hadn’t felt this turned on in months. The heady scent of her perfume as well as her actions was driving me up the wall and I didn’t think I could wait till we got home, I wanted to fuck her now. Eating dinner was pure hell, every man, and a few women too, kept looking at my wife, and I could tell that they wanted to get her in bed as bad as I did. Of course the looks she was giving some of the men was just as good as saying “I’m yours, fuck me.”

Later as we danced she rubbed her lithe body against mine driving me even more crazy. My cock actually hurt it was so hard. I was getting one hell of a case of blue balls. I think if it hadn’t been so dark in the club, people would have seen the third arm I had growing between my legs.

As she kissed my neck and whispered how hot and horny she was she unbuttoned two more buttons, and put my hand inside her blouse. “Do you want to share me with any of these men Phil. You told me you wanted to see me get fucked by a stranger. If you want, you can pick out one or two and watch them fuck me, or do you just want me all to yourself?”

Telling her I had changed my mind and that I damn sure didn’t want to share her with a stranger, I told her I was taking her to a Motel and then going to fuck her brains out. When I mentioned the motel she kissed me so hard that I thought she would choke me with her tongue. Heading toward the car she told me she could hardly wait to feel my cock in her pussy.

When you want a motel you can never find one. Here I was driving around looking for a motel with my wife sitting beside me, her miniskirt pulled up giving me and anybody driving beside us a view of her hot tight pussy. Sherri’s legs opened wider and she pushed two fingers into her pussy, as her fingers worked between her pussy lips her ass began bouncing off the seat. Her head fell back and moans of ecstasy issued from her sweet lips. I was about to cum in my five hundred dollar suit as I watched my wife bring herself to an orgasm. I never saw the other car till it was almost on us, and as I swerved and slammed on the brakes my wife screamed out her climax. I had been on the wrong side of the road. I was lucky I hadn’t killed us both as well as the people in the other car. As I sat there shaking I looked over at my wife. She still had her fingers buried in her cunt and her hips were still slowly moving. If I hadn’t been so shook up I would have found it funny. She was so hot she hadn’t noticed that I had almost killed us.

Suddenly I heard screaming as someone pounded on my window, and as I tore my eyes away from my wife I looked out at two angry teenagers. Rolling the window down I asked if there was a problem.

“Damn right you stupid son of a bitch. Where the fuck did you learn to drive? Look at my car, I had to run into a ditch to keep from hitting your dumb ass. It’s going to cost big bucks to get my car towed and fixed, you damn well better have insurance to cover fixing my car, or plenty of cash.”

As he was yelling the dome light came on as I heard my wife’s car door open, and I thought that now was a hell of a time for her to be getting out of the car. As I turned toward my wife she was still sitting their with her hands between her widely splayed legs but her door was open and two men were looking at Sherri with wide disbelieving eyes. One of them reached out and slid his hand inside her unbuttoned blouse and began squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples. Her eyes were closed and she just moaned as she kept fingering herself.

“Oh, god Phillip fuck me now!! I need your cock so bad I can taste it. Ooohhhh Goddddd your hand feels so good on my tits, Kiss me Phillip, kiss me and pinch my nipples and then fuck me like you used to.”

The guy looked at me, grinning like a damn fool as he massaged her nipples with his finger tips, and then winking at me, he bent and began kissing my wife running his tongue deep into her mouth and grinding his lips against hers. She never opened her eyes as he massaged her tits and pinched her nipples, while his tongue worked against hers and their lips ground together. I heard her moan my name again just before my door opened and I was dragged from the car.

Looking around I saw four men, actually three men and a teenager – not counting the man that was still fondling and kissing my wife. As two of them held me, the teenager climbed behind the wheel of my car and slid across the seat toward my wife. Struggling against the men holding me another man stepped in front of me slapping my face hard enough to rattle my teeth.

“You just better calm down old boy as we work out how your going to pay for our car. Hey, I’ve got it, how about if we all fuck that hot redhead as a down payment? She’s so hot she’d probably like that. How about it friend, don’t you think that hot woman of yours would like fucking five strange cocks?”

And then turning around he looked over the car watching his friend as he continued to kiss and fondle my wife. Whistling softly I heard him tell the others that I had one hell of a hot sexy woman that wanted to get fucked real bad. In horror I saw the teenager slowly removing her blouse, and then as one of his hands slid between her legs and began fingering her cunt he brought his lips to one of her nipples and began sucking and nibbling like a newborn baby. I couldn’t believe it when she reached up and grabbed his head and pulled his face tighter to her lust hardened tits and moaned softly while her ass bounced up and down matching his deep thrusting fingers that were buried in her pussy. Yelling at them to leave my wife alone, the two boys holding me laughed as one of them told me to shut the fuck up or they wouldn’t let me watch while they fucked the hot bitch’s brains out. I couldn’t do a damn thing as I watched the man that had been kissing my wife raise his face from hers and then began undoing his pants as he asked her if she would like a nice hard cock to suck on. Her only answer was a long sigh and a slight nod of her head as she continued to cling to the teenager’s head and push her hips from the seat as he shoved a third finger deep into her snatch.

“Did you hear that Phil? That is what she called you, right, Phil? Well Phil, this hot redheaded bitch of yours would like a cock in that sweet little mouth of hers. What to do…what to do? Ahh ha…I’ve got it Phil, why don’t I give the little lady what she wants?” What’s her name Phil? I always like to know the name of the slut that’s sucking my dick.”

As I stood staring at him dumbfounded and in shock I felt my arms being twisted. Then one of them hit me in the mouth and as I sank to the ground in pain one of them kicked me in the ribs. I heard myself mumbling that her name was Sherri. They laughed as someone kicked me again I screamed out her name.

“Well, lets see this Sherri bitch suck my cock while Joey fingers her snatch and nibbles on those firm little titties of hers!”

I felt myself being pulled upright and then a rope or something draped around me and as it tightened I couldn’t move. My arms were pinned against my sides and I was fastened to the tree and the only thing I could do was look straight ahead at what was unfolding before my tortured eyes. As he brushed his hard cock over her face, he called her by name asking her if she really wanted a nice hard cock to suck on while she was getting finger fucked. And to my utter amazement and shock she turned her head toward him running her tongue over her lips and then her mouth opened and one long drawn out word escaped her before his cock slid between her lips.


Her lips closed softly around the shaft of his cock as it slide between her soft lips and I could see her cheeks hollow as she drew a suction on his cock. As more and more of his cock slide into her sucking mouth I found myself wondering if she would deep throat him and then I quit wondering as one of her hands reached up and began fondling his balls as the other reached around his hips and grabbed his ass cheek pulling him toward her face. Her lips slid down his cock till they were around the base and her nose was pressed into his belly. My wife of four years who had only sucked on the head of my dick once in a blue moon was now deep throating seven or eight inches of a stranger’s cock and loving it.

As the cock slipped into her throat the teenager removed his fingers from her cunt and then gripping her hips shifted her position, raising her leg placing her foot on the seat beside him allowing him easy unhampered access to her cunt. Then he turned looking at me asking if I could see her hot snatch.

“Hey Phil can you see that hot little snatch of hers? Well I hope so because I’m going to shove my whole damn hand inside and fuck her with it. Oh yea going to fist fuck this redhead whore, going to fist fuck her good.”

And then raising his hand for me and everyone to see he tightened his fingers together and spit on them a couple of times and then looking directly at me he shoved his hand into her fully exposed cunt and pushed. His clenched fingers sank to the knuckles as he turned to my wife.

“Going to fist fuck you bitch, going to shove my hand in that hot cunt of yours and fuck you good. Do you want me to shove my hand in that sweet pussy Sherri and fuck you with it? Oh yea Sherri. Oh yea, going to fist fuck that hot pussy of yours as you gobble that cock, going to fist fuck you good.”

Her mouth opened around the cock in her mouth and a gargled word hissed from her throat before her lips again clamped tightly around the pistoning cock. And as in answer to her plea he shoved again and with unbelieving eyes I watched as her pussy flowered open and his hand slipped into her cunt to his wrist. Sherri’s body began to twitch and spasm like she had a tropical fever as the single gargled word issued from her lips. I had not heard her answer but when her pussy had flowered open and seemed to suck his hand inside and from the way her body twitched and spasmed I knew that the answer had been yes.

Her back arched raising her buttocks from the seat as she lunged upward meeting the fist that was now in her cunt halfway to the teenager’s elbow. As he worked his fist in and out of her cunt his wrist glistened from her juices. She was having one hell of an orgasm as she gobbled on the strangers cock in her mouth and humped into the teenager’s fist buried in her cunt. Both of her arms encircled the man’s waist and her fingers gripped his buttocks tightly as she pulled him into her face taking him deep into her throat as he yelled out that he was cuming. Everyone could see that she was swallowing one hell of a load of cum as her lips locked around the base of his cock and her throat muscles worked making sure that she didn’t lose a drop while her own juices flowed from her fist stuffed cunt. As the cock slipped from her still sucking mouth leaving a string of cum joining her lips to the cock she moaned soulfully as her back again arched lifting her buttocks from the seat and ground her pelvis into the youth’s plunging arm before collapsing back to the seat and swiping her tongue across her lips.

With a shit-eating grin as he looked at me the teenager pulled his fist from her cunt and then climbed from the car joining the man whose cock she had just sucked and together they pulled her from the car and led her across the road to the front of their car laying her face down across the hood. By turning my head I could see everything because the headlights from our car bathed the area around theirs in stark brilliance as every thing else was dark. Their car was at such an angle that I was looking at my wife sideways. Pulling her tight leather miniskirt up around her waist their hands began running over her tight firm ass cheeks before pinching and needing her nipples and pussy lips. Sherri soulfully moaned out her pleasure and satisfaction, and as the others joined them she soon had five pairs of hands running over her body.

Her firm tight ass was sticking up as they spread her legs widely. The teenager stepped behind her and dropped his pants. He began rubbing his cock over her cunt lips and I watched in fascination as her hips began gyrating and moans of wanton passion gargled from her throat. As the teenager continued to tease her with his cock, two others fondled her small firm tits. The one who had hit me entwined his fingers in her hair and twisted her face to his as the last man climbed onto the hood and sat down with his legs spread to either side of he prone form.

“That was nice wasn’t it Sherri? That hard cock pumping in your mouth as that young boy shoved his fist in that hot cunt of yours. Your old man is watching Sherri, he doesn’t think that you want us to fuck you. He thinks that we’re forcing you. He thinks that we’re raping you, that you really don’t want our five hard cocks buried in that hot cunt of yours. Tell us Sherri, tell us if you want our cocks Sherri? Show him that he’s wrong. He is wrong isn’t he Sherri? So show him that you really want our five hard dicks, show him that his little dick isn’t enough for you. Show him that you’re a cock-hungry slut and that having five strange men fucking you is what you really want.”

I could see her chest heaving as she gulped in air and her body quivered both from the teasing of the teenager who was still rubbing his cock up and down her pussy lips as well as the man’s words. Then, as he dropped her head into the man sitting in front of her on the hood, she moaned,

“Oh Goddddd. Fuck me, I don’t care if he watches, just fuck me, all of you fuck me. I need a cock bad. Stick your cock’s in my cunt and fill me with your cum, Fuuuuuccckk meeeeeeee.”

The teenager lunged forward burying his cock in one swift bone-jarring thrust. She pushed back almost pushing herself from the hood of the car impaling herself on the teenager’s bone hard cock. As the teenager pounded into her the others cheered him on, telling him to stick it to the fucking bitch. I could hear them asking how she liked the cock pounding her pussy. Sherri was now beyond caring whose cock was fucking her. Ignoring me as they fondled her wildly bucking body they kept whispering to her that she was nothing but a cock-hungry slut and that she was going to fuck and suck all five of them.

While the teenager pounded into her from behind the man siting in front of her yanked her head up and scooted forward toward her and then dropped her head onto his dick. Opening her mouth she gobbled his cock like a street urchin who was starving to death and as the other three ran their hands over her body pinching her tits and nipples, she bobbed her head in time to the teenager pushing into her from behind. As the boy fucking her shot his load and stepped back, one of the men took his place and began fucking her just as hard and fast as the boy had. She was now getting a cock at both ends and from the way she was moving I could see that nothing or anyone could stop her till she had satisfied herself as well as all five of these men. While the two cocks moved almost in unison the others fondled their dicks and joked about what a cock-hungry slut she was.

Standing there tied to the tree with a raging hard-on watching my sensuous wife getting fucked by those two cocks as three other strangers watched and cheered them on, I wondered how much cock it would take to satisfy her. The cock pounding into her pussy shot its load at almost the same time as her own orgasm ripped through her body. She seemed to vibrate like a guitar string as she climaxed over and over. She frenziedly squirmed between the one she was sucking and the one filling her pussy with cum before he pulled out. Another took his place and within two strokes Sherri was pushing back against his lunges just as she had the two before him. As the forth dick sunk between her quivering legs I wondered if before these five strangers were finished, they wouldn’t have three dicks pounding into her at the same time.

As if reading my mind one of them twisted his fingers into her hair and pulled her head from the cock she was still sucking and laughingly told her that they were going to fuck her brains out.

“This is going to be a night you and your old man are going to remember for a long time you redheaded cock hungry slut. You’re going to fuck and suck our cocks while your husband watches. That’s right whore, your husband is going to watch as time after time we fuck you, he’s going to see everything. He’s going to watch as you beg us to fuck you. And he’s going to see just what a cock-hungry slut you really are.”

“Hey one of you guys untie Phil and bring him over here so that he can clean Sherri’s cunt out with his tongue and then we’ll have her show him how much she likes having three of us fuck her at the same time. I can’t think of a better way for this cock hungry piece of white trash to show her husband just how much she loves our dicks then to take three of us on at the same time. Would you like that whore, would you like three cocks filling you with cum at the same time after your old man laps your cunt clean? Would you like us to fuck you three at a time so you can show your husband that you’re nothing but a cock-hungry piece of white trash?”

As he untangled his fingers from her hair, releasing her, Sherri sank to the ground. As they dragged me forward and threw me to the ground beside her my mind was racing as it tried to take in what was happening. They propped her against the bumper of their car and spread her legs before shoving my face into her crotch. Yelling at her to grab my head so I could lick out her filthy cum-filled cunt I realized that the dirtier they talked to her the hotter she got.

Grabbing my hair she ground my face into her snatch, lifting her ass from the ground while spreading her legs. I found myself wanting to suck her clean, heaven help me I really found myself wanting to do this. My teeth nibbled on her pussy lips and my tongue entered her cunt and began lapping the juices from her. My hands reached under her and cupped her ass cheeks pulling her tighter to my face. Her back arched as my teeth nipped at her clit and one of her legs locked behind my head as she screamed in ecstasy. Sherri’s body arched so high that she lifted me almost two feet off the ground as she climaxed with a tremendous orgasm.

Just as suddenly as I had been shoved face-first between her long legs I was suddenly pulled away, and as I looked down at her still twitching body I couldn’t help but think that I couldn’t blame these five men for wanting to fuck her. She was one hell of a sexy looking woman laying there. Tits that were the perfect size, a handful, hard and firm, with nipples that just begged to be sucked. A slim waist and flat stomach with her leather miniskirt around her waist almost making it look like she was dressed in just a lacy pale yellow garter belt and stockings. While her ass bounced up and down her soft sensuous voice was begging someone to fuck her.

One of them knelt beside her head as another laid beside her and twisted her toward him as he lifted one of her legs. Sherri reached for the cock brushing her lips, and as she opened her mouth and slipped her lips over the head of his cock the other entered her pussy. And then another one of them laid down behind her and pushed his hard cock against her asshole. With a little lubrication from her wet cum soaked thighs and pulling her hard back against him the third cock slipped into her ass.

A muffled scream escaped from her cock-stuffed mouth as the cock pushed forward into her ass. Her body stiffened and cries of pain and degradation escaped from her. The three cocks began a rhythm that would bring them to satisfaction and empty their cum into her three holes. The three men grunted and strained as if trying to meet and blend into one giant cock, filling her completely. Their bodies glistened with sweat as their cocks worked in and out of her lithe form sandwiched between them. Her chest heaved as the air was knocked from her lungs each time the three cocks lunged forward together. Suddenly her cries of pain and degradation ceased and in their place were cries of pleasure and lust.

Her body bucked and twisted as she moaned and screamed out her lust around the cock plunging into her throat. Her eyes flew open and somehow locked on mine, and as we starred at each other I heard myself tell her to fuck those cocks till they emptied their cum into her.

“Fuck them Honey, show me how much you like these men fucking you. Show me how much you like having them fill you with cum.”

Her eyes closed slowly and she seemed to smile as a long soft moan of satisfaction rumbled from her chest. All too soon it was over as if on cue the cock in her mouth and cunt erupted and began filling her with cum. Her throat muscles were milking the cock but she couldn’t swallow fast enough and some of it flowed from her nose and around the cock stuffed between her lips. The guy fucking her ass began to howl as his cum burst forth and flooded her bowels, filling her with what I can only imagine was a deep ricocheting river of cum, because as the cock fell from her lips she yelped with surprise and pushed back harder against him.

“Uuggghhhh! Goddddd, YEEESSSSS! Yeeessssssssss!” And then she exploded in a mind numbing orgasm of her own that made her body quiver in pleasure. As she gasped for air, her chest heaving with exhaustion, moans of satisfaction slipped from her lips as the cock was pulled from the clinging grip of her asshole.

Before they let us go, each of them fucked my wife again. But this time they were satisfied with having her long legs wrapped around them as they fucked her cunt. As each of them took his turn at her wildly bucking body she moaned with pleasure and pent up lust.

Since that night Sherri and I have lived our fantasies out several more times. But that is another story. Maybe sometime I’ll tell you about the time Sherri and three policemen…

– The End –