As Sandra Mitchell ran through the alley after the two Hispanic men, she hoped her partner would be able to cut them off before they slipped into some building and made a clean break. Damn, it sure was dark she thought just as she tripped and fell head first into some trash cans. Dazed she looked up into the night sky and suddenly a huge figure loomed over her. Someone grabbed her arms and pulled them over her head before she could reach for her gun. In a panic she opened her mouth to scream but it was cut off as someone punched her in the mouth almost making her bite her tongue. Shaking her head to clear the spider webs she kicked out hoping to make contact with one of her attackers, But instead her uniform skirt rode up exposing her panties. She felt her legs being pulled apart as excited voices floated down to her, not knowing Spanish she had no idea what they were saying. Suddenly she felt her panties being ripped from her and in a burst of blinding white light she understood. Kicking out again she started to scream and the fist hit her again. Tasting blood she ran her tongue over her lips and felt where her lip had split. They were going to rape her and she had no idea where her partner was.

Looking up she could see one of her attackers undoing his pants, and then she felt each of her legs and arms pulled out at almost right angles. Her mind registered the fact that there were at least four others which meant that these were not the men who she had been chasing or who her partner would be looking for. She knew her partner would still be after the two she had been chasing and if he caught them it would be awhile before he missed her and started looking. As a part of her mind accepted the fact that she was going to be raped the other part told her to fight and maybe she would be able to prevent it from happening. With all her strength she began to twist and pull trying to break free, but this only seemed to make her attackers mad and she felt a fist punch her stomach knocking the wind from her lungs, and then as she gasped for breath she felt her blouse being ripped open and a knife pushed against her breast. With gasping breath she begged them not to kill her, as she began to softly cry. She felt the knife slide up under her bra and then suddenly pull upward cutting her bra apart releasing her small firm tits to the chill night air. Hands began pinching and twisting her breast cruelly as she lay spread-eagled in the dark ally. As the man knelt between her legs she looked through her breast and down along her flat stomach at the dick that she knew would be pushed into her pussy without any semblance of love or tenderness. The man lowered his face to hers and she almost puked from the stench of cheap whisky and body odor that assaulted her nostrils. And then he was crushing his lips to hers and pushing his tongue against her lips. Clamping her mouth tightly shut she held her breath and then she felt his teeth bit into her lip, as she opened her mouth to scream he plunged his tongue into her mouth cutting off her scream and began grinding his mouth against hers. Dimly she heard the others laughing as she lay under her attacker, and then her body twisted in agony and she screamed into the mans mouth as her cunt lips were pushed apart by his fingers shoving into her to his knuckles. To her fear tortured mind it seemed he was shoving his whole hand into her, and as she bucked and twisted her hips in an effort to escape the cruel impalement he pushed harder sinking his hand past the knuckles. The pain was excruciating. Sandra could not believe that this was happening to her, she was a police officer. As the hand withdrew from her stretched pussy she sighed in relive and felt her taught muscles begin to relax. But before her mind could clearly think she felt the man grab her hips and lift her buttocks off the pavement while at the same time lunging his pelvis forward burying his penis fully into her with one bone jarring thrust.. “How you like my dick cop? Don’t it feel good between your legs? Or did you like my hand better? Well maybe after we all fuck you, I’ll shove my hand back in your snatch and give you a thrill.”

Sandra couldn’t believe this was happening, she knew some people didn’t like the police but to rape an officer of the law was beyond hatred. As the man buffeted her slim body with deep impaling strokes she prayed that her partner would rescue her, but deep in her mind she knew that he wouldn’t come until long after this man as well as the others had pushed their filthy dicks into her and filled her with cum. With each deep bone jarring lunge forward his testicles swung against her buttocks and seemed to tremble. As his movements became faster she prayed for it to end, and as if granting her wish he threw his head back and with a deep grunting sigh of satisfaction his balls began trembling as they released spurt after spurt of hot creamy semen deep into her tight cuntial passage. Pulling his deflated cock from her swollen cunt lips he rose to his feet and began speaking Spanish again, she wished she had studied more in school so she could understand what was being said. Suddenly she was pulled to her feet and pushed along the ally. She couldn’t understand what was happening, were they going to let her go, God she hoped so. Just as the hope for freedom flashed across her mind it was suddenly dashed. Opening the doors to a van that was parked at the entrance of the ally they shoved her inside and slammed the door shut. As the van pulled from the curb she felt hands yanking at her skirt and blouse tearing them as she was stripped naked. Kicking out at the men around her as they ripped the clothes from her body, one of her feet made contact with someone’s stomach. With a shout of rage the man grabbed one of her breast and squeezed hard, twisting her breast as if trying to rip it from her body. Screaming out in pain she grabbed for the hand trying to pull it from her breast, but then someone hit her in the stomach, once more knocking the wind from her lungs. In terrible pain and gasping for breath someone grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head from the floor of the van and shoved something cold and hard into her mouth.

As her eyes flew open she saw that her pistol had been shoved between her lips and deep into her mouth. With muffled cries around the barrel of the gun in her mouth she begged for them not to hurt her. “Suck it bitch, show me and the guys how much you like guns. Suck on your gun like it was a dick. It would be such a waste of fine pussy to kill you. SUCK IT YOU FUCKING COP!! SUCK THE DAMN GUN LIKE IT WAS A COCK!” As the last words were yelled at her she flinched, and then opened her mouth and ran her tongue along the cold hard slide of the gun and then tightening her lips around the barrel she began to slowly bob her head up and down leaving a trail of saliva along the blue steel frame. In abject horror she sucked on the gun knowing that if he choose to pull the trigger she would be dead in an instant. Her brains would be splattered all over the van. With a will to live she began to suck on the gun as her mind floated back to last night when she had made love to her boy friend. Rising her small hands she ran her fingers delicately along the hand holding the gun to her mouth and then along the gun itself. Back and forth her fingers traveled as she dreamed that it was her boyfriends cock in her mouth. Suddenly the gun was pulled from her mouth as the fingers twisted in her hair let her head fall back against the floor of the van. Laying naked with four men around her she closed her eyes and cried softly as she heard zippers sliding open. The men were laughing as she felt them moving about stripping their clothes while they talked excitedly in Spanish. She prayed that they wouldn’t hit her anymore, and swore that she would do whatever they said so they wouldn’t kill her. Again in broken English someone was telling her to get on her fucking knees, and as she pulled herself up into a kneeling position she opened her eyes and saw that the men had striped from their clothes and had taken seats in the captain’s chairs. At first her tortured mind couldn’t grasp why they were sitting down when they had planed to rape her, and as she looked at them dumbly while they fondled their cock’s smiling at her, the closest one opened his legs wider and pulled her between them as he shoved her face into his crotch. Speaking at her in Spanish she didn’t need to know his language to understand what he wanted her to do. And so with only the thought of survival and ending this nightmare she opened her mouth and let him push his foul smelling cock between her lips.

Dimly she wondered if any of these men had bathed in awhile, and then she began slowly bobbing her head as her lips slide up and down his dick. As her lithe curvaceous body knelt between his legs with her lips wrapped around his cock he pushed his pelvis forward shoving his dick further into her mouth till she began to gag. The awful smell of his unwashed genitals was bad enough, but with his cock pushing against her tonsils she couldn’t help herself. She heard them laughing each time his cock pushed forward against her tonsils causing her to gag. Her arms hung loosely at her sides as his hips bounced from the chair with each forward lunge and then he shuddered with sexual satisfaction as his balls began shooting his sperm into her mouth washing over her tongue and splashing against her tonsils before it slide down her throat. Pulling her lips from the foul smelling cock as it began spurting cum she spit most of it from her mouth before her head was rocked by a vicious slap. Cum continued to spit from the cock as it was shoved back between her lips and without understanding his words she began to swallow. Never in her life had she done what she was now doing. She hated the Clorox like taste and smell but she didn’t want to be hit again so she swallowed. As the last of his cum coated her tongue his dick softened, slipping from her mouth and he pushed her away, without being told she crawled to the next Hispanic on her hands and knees.

Opening her mouth to him as she knelt between his legs, he rubbed his cock over her lips as if applying lipstick. His cock was smaller both in length and breadth and she closed her mouth around his shaft and managed to take his full length without chocking. The smell of stale body odor again wafted up from between his legs. Each time he pushed his cock forward her lips brushed against his pubic hair and tickled her. She thought this strange but before her thoughts could make sense of this strange event her mouth was again awash with the unpleasant taste of cum. Her throat muscles relaxed as the acrid taste slide down her throat, and as she swallowed his sperm she thought two more, just two more dicks and maybe they would let her go. As the dick slipped from her still sucking mouth leaving a string of cum linking them together she flicked her tongue out and licked the cum from her lips without thinking about what she was doing. Saying something to her in Spanish he kicked her away causing her to fall backwards and again without thinking she got back to her knees and crawled toward the third man. As she knelt before him he sat there with his legs closed and smiled at her as she looked up into his face with a look of puzzlement. When he did not open his legs as the other two had, she reached out and placed her small white hands on his olive colored legs and with a little effort spread them just enough for her to squeeze her body between his knees. Sandra thought either the smell of his body wasn’t as bad as the others or she was getting used to the musky odor. She saw her hand slide up his leg and her fingers lightly glide over his abdomen before closing around his dick. She was having trouble understanding what she was doing, her body seemed to be operating without any command from her. Lowering her head she opened her mouth for the third time, her tongue swiped out and licked along the shaft of the cock she held in her small fingers and then her lips closed around the bulbous head and she began drawing a suction, her tongue slid along the underside of his dick and then around the head. She became lightheaded almost like she was floating as his hands closed around her head holding her in place. Her mind tried fleetingly to understand why she was willingly taking their cock’s into her mouth as he shoved his pelvis upward in an act of cruelty. Her tonsils felt bruised as the head of his cock pushed against them causing her to gag as she felt bile surge upward. Holding her head in a vice like grip he began fucking into her mouth as if it was her cunt. Thinking she was going to choke to death she swallowed her saliva and the bile that had come up, and when she did his dick slithered into her throat. As the cock slide into her throat she thought she was going to die. Trying to breath through her distended nostrils she heard the others shouting excitedly . The cock withdrew from her throat, and then barreled forward again, once more sinking deep into her velvety throat. Again and again the cock sank to it’s full length in her throat as her nose was pressed into the hair surrounding his cock and his balls beat a tattoo against her chin. She tried to escape the cruel torture but to no avail. Her arms flailed about as she tried to scream but only horse moans escaped from around the cock stuffed into her throat. His fingers twisted savagely in her hair as if trying to pull her hair loose, roots and all. To her tortured mind his cock seemed to swell to twice its size and flail about inside her mouth like an unmanned fire hose. Suddenly her head was pulled back and the cock slipped from her lips and with fear shocked eyes she saw the cum seem to explode from the tip of the cock. She felt it splatter against her face, coating her eyes, nose, and cheeks.

She hung her head in shame as the laughter of the men filled the van. And then she turned her cum splattered face to where the other man had been seated and started to crawl. Hands grabbed her and pushed her face down on the floor of the van and she cried out in surprise as well as fear as her hips were lifted into the air as others pulled her legs apart. Her buttocks were pulled roughly apart and a finger was shoved into her anus. Her face slide forward over the rough carpet scraping her cheek as she tried to get away from the finger. With sadistic force the finger twisted and turned inside her ass hole and then withdrew. She screamed in pitiful despair as she felt a hard thick cock head press desperately against the fear puckered lips of her anus. “Ooooohhhhhhhh Goooodd! Noooooooo! Aaaaawwwwww, your hurting meeee! Her voice cracked and then faded to a gurgling cry of abandoned ravishment as she was sodomized with the cruelty of an Arab nomad raping a newly captured slave girl. Her squirming doubled and redoubled as he started pushing his heavy erection between the clenched firm cheeks of her naked ass. As the bone hard cock surged forward entering her with a ease that surprised both of them, the taut elastic grip of her rectum slipped back over the bloated head of the dick like a powerful rubber clad fist. Screaming pitifully she began to buck and writhe hysterically as the thick cock bored relentlessly up her nether entrance deeply tunneling into the virginal depths of her rectum. As he started to fuck her with a deep thrusting savagery that almost defied description the pain welled up so intensely that everything else was blotted out. The four other men’s eyes widened as they looked at the inviting spectacle of the lady cops ass, her cheeks spread obscenely to either side of the their friends cock, while her anus lips ovaled incredibly around the blue veined hardness.

Her screams were now just whimpers of abject shame and pitiful despair as the thick cock plunged deep into her virginal ass hole again and again. And then to the surprise and delight of the men, her buttocks began a slow sensuous movement around the thick impalement as her ass hole began to quiver and contract lewdly around the blue veined hardness in a milking gesture of unspeakable arousal. Sandra began to move lasciviously back against her ravishier pushing forcefully against the deep thrusting erection until she could feel the course thicket of his pubic hair tickling the insides of ass cheeks. Her mind whirled in unaccustomed dizzying passion and through her lewd and salacious visions she heard the voices of the men and though she did not understand the words her cheeks flushed with added shame. She pushed back skewing herself on the thick meaty hardness as she groaned incessantly, she was like a woman possessed. She groaned with renewed humiliation as fingers dug coarsely into the white tender flesh of her breast as the thick cock bored even deeper into her nether passage in a cruel pistoning ravishment of wanton sodomy. Sandra no longer cared that she was a police officer and that these men had kidnaped, raped, and forced her to suck their cock’s. As a gurgling moan of savage passion rippled from her throat she knew that she looked like a cheap whore with his cock buried up her ass, a cheap cock hungry slut instead of a police officer. But she no longer cared, these men could do anything they wanted as long as they gave her their cock’s. She rode one long contentious wave of ecstasy in a mind numbing orgasm. And then she yelped with surprise at the forceful blast that gushed up her rectum in a spurting flood of ejaculation that filled her with deep ricocheting rivulets of hot creamy sperm.

As the van drove through the streets of the darkened city Sandra wondered where they were going. Why hadn’t they released her, hadn’t each of the five men used her body for their sexual pleasure. Suddenly she was pulled forward and pushed between the front seats till she found herself kneeling beside the driver. His cock was sticking up through his open zipper and in her sex fogged mind she reached out and closed her fingers around it as her head lowered and her lips ovaled in naked invitation. Without being told she began sucking his cock as if it was an all day sucker, running her tongue over the head and around the shaft. The part of her that could still think, the part of her that was still a police officer wondered how she could do what she was doing so willingly, and seeming to like it. And then her fear tortured soul screamed silently. A plaintive rending wail of suffering as she swallowed the gushing semen that began to spurt into her mouth and throat in a torrent of vicious relief. As she withdrew her mouth from the soft limp cock she noticed that the van had stopped, and as the door opened they pulled her naked body from the front of the van and pushed her toward a dark silent building. These men were not going to let her go, they were going to keep her and use her body over and over until they had tired of her. For the remainder of the night the men satisfied them self’s with her small lithe body, shoving their hard meaty cock’s into her cunt, ass or mouth, sometimes two or three at a time. And then, as light filtered through the broken windows they slumped to the floor or couches and slept. Sandra too fell into a deep sleep laying on the floor her thighs and body covered with their drying sperm.

As she awoke from her fitful sleep she wondered where she was, and then the over powering smell of sex and stale body odor wafted from her body and the nightmare of the night before returned to her bruised and sore body as well as her mind. Opening her eyes she looked around the room and then moaning softly sat up, and tried to rub some of the dry cum from her breast and stomach. One of the men came into the room and in broken English told her to get cleaned up as he led her down the hall. She tried to tell him she was hungry, but he either didn’t understand or didn’t care. As the water splashed over her tired and sore body washing the cum of the five Hispanic men away, she began to feel better. Her hope for freedom returned as she realized that since they were letting her shower they must be getting her ready to let her go. Stepping from the shower and drying her short blond hair she looked in the mirror at her small curvaceous figure noting that there were no bruises and that her face was unmarked. Her breast where what her boyfriend liked to say was a handful and just right for sucking on. Her stomach was flat and firm, and her hips flared from her waist with almost perfect measurements. Her buttocks was what some of the men on the police force said, (when they thought she couldn’t hear,) a cute, tight little ass. They only wished their wife’s or girl friends had an ass as good. With a figure of 34 x 21 x 33 at 5 ft. 2 in., and 101 lb’s., men noticed her when she walked into a room.

Wrapping a towel around her she opened the door to see the five Hispanic men standing there. One of them reached out and tore the towel from her and then walked around her pinching her ass and fondling her breast as he spoke to the other men, and then grabbing her buttocks in each hand he humped against her pelvis and laughed. As she tried to pull away he shoved his hand between her legs and buried his fingers into her cunt between her sore and bruised pussy lips. Flinching from the suddenness as well as the pain of the attack she moaned softly and then to her surprise and disgust, but to the great pleasure of the men, she moved her hips in a slow undulating movement humping against the invading fingers. With hands running over her body they led her to a bedroom and threw her to the bed. With a wiliness that surprised everyone she raised her knees and spread her legs, holding her arms out to the five men. A couple of them began to undress but were stopped as the others yelled at them. She couldn’t understand what was happening, isn’t this what they wanted. Didn’t they want to stick their dicks in her, didn’t they want her to act like a cock hungry slut, or had they grown tired of her already. Lying on the bed in bewilderment with the five men looking down at her as she slowly undulated her hips, a young teenage girl walked into the room and placed a box on her stomach and told her to get dressed because her brothers were going to take her out. Sandra stared at the teenager in shock and surprise. The girl spoke perfect English. Would this young girl help her, and then just as she opened her mouth to ask for help, the teenager spit in her direction and called her a cop whore. Sandra hung her head as the young girl asked how she liked fucking her five brothers. And then telling her to hurry up and get dressed because her brothers wanted to show her off to their friends at the pool hall.

Opening the box she looked at the clothes. The only thing in the box were a black leather miniskirt, a translucent blouse a pair or white elastic thigh length stockings and a pair of 3 inch high heels. No panties, garter belt or bra. The clothes and shoes all matched perfectly, but they were something that a whore or a house wife out on the town, looking to get fucked would wear, And as she sat there looking at the clothes she started crying. Hadn’t she been a whore, a cheap slut, who had been used by these five men. With a heavy heart she began dressing, first the white stockings and then the blouse and miniskirt. Slipping her feet into the shoes she looked into the mirror and saw that the clothes fit perfectly. And the two thoughts that came to her were that she needed some lipstick, and that she looked sexy as hell, good enough to eat. Walking into the kitchen the men all stood and looked at her whistling softly. The teenage girl told her to sit and eat, she would need to keep her strength up, and then threw a tube of lipstick to her telling her to put it on after she ate. Sandra felt better after the food and as they led her from the apartment to the van, she wondered where they were going and what was going to happen to her this night.

Arriving at a pool hall in one of the worst parts of town they led her into the smoky stinking place and had her stand beside one of the pool tables as they began to drink and play pool. To her delicate nostrils the place smelled of spilled beer and stale tobacco smoke, as well as the stink of unwashed bodies.

Looking around she noticed that there were seven men in the pool hall besides the five who had brought her here, and that they were all looking at her. She had not noticed the man until he put his arm around her hips and then rub his hand over her firm little buttocks she felt herself being turned to look at one of the biggest men she had ever seen. He must have weight 250 or 275 lb’s., and stood over six feet seven. Turning to the brothers the man began talking to them as his hands continued to explore her body, but all she could make out was cop. And with that word the man pulled his hands away and stepped back almost tripping, making the brothers laugh. To her relief the men seemed to loose interest and a couple of them started to leave, but the brothers called them over to the table and talked to them and every so often one or more of them looked at her smiling, and then she saw them each throw ten dollars on the table. She couldn’t believe what was happening, they were selling her to these men. Standing there trembling she looked for some way out but the men, all twelve of them gathered around her, blocking any hope of escape. Hands began running over her small body and despite her fear and the situation she found herself in, her body shivered with excitement, and soft moans of pleasure issued from her throat. Her body was betraying her with it’s own needs. The five men who had used her so unmercifully the night before had awakened something in her that now craved fulfillment and the only way to get the relief and satisfaction she wanted was with a cock, any cock filling her with thick creamy semen.

A hand slipped between her quivering thighs and fingers probed over her now wet pussy lips and then slowly entered and began moving in and out as her legs spread apart allowing easier accuse to her throbbing cunt. Her eyes closed and her hips undulated in a timeless dance of cock hunger. Sandra felt her blouse being ripped open and then mouths sucking on her nipples. Her body shivered with her first climax as she leaned against the table while the hands and mouths of the men turned her spine to jelly. She was lifted to the pool table as her black leather miniskirt was pushed up over her hips allowing the men a clear view of her cunt which quivered and seemed to open and close as if breathing or beckoning for a cock. The mouths that nibbled and sucked on her nipples made them rock hard and tingle with a heat that felt as if a hot cream had been rubbed over her breast. The hands and mouths pulled away leaving an empty feeling, and as she opened her eyes one of the brothers stepped forward between her wide splayed legs and holding something shiny in his hand bent down over her. Sandra couldn’t make out what it was until he held it up and showed it to everyone as he laughed and said something in Spanish. It was her badge, the badge of a police officer that until 24 hours ago she had been proud to wear. Her eyes widened in horror and disbelief as he brought it to her left breast and then pushed the pin through her nipple clipping it together, pinning it to her breast. Her screams only brought howls of laughter from the men as she was pulled from the pool table to stand before them. Her skirt bunched around her hips allowing a glimpse of her snatch with her blouse still hanging open, clearly showing her firm small tits and her police badge pinned to her left breast. And as she stood shaking in shock and horror at what had just happened she was blinded by a bright light. Blinking her eyes to clear her vision the light went off again and then she saw a camera. Sandra felt like dying, why were they doing this to her. Why had they pinned her badge to her breast. Why did they want to hurt her so, and why were they taking pictures of her. She had done nothing to these men.

Standing before the laughing men on trembling legs she felt as if she were going to faint from the pain and shock of her badge being pinned to her breast. And then the men once more closed in around her and lifted her onto the pool table. She heard more then saw clothes being removed, and then her legs were pulled roughly apart as the first of them crawled up between her legs and sank his dick into her pussy. With savage thrust he ground into her tender body as he mauled her breast. Another of the men climbed on the table and straddled her chest and as he eased forward his testicles brushed her breast and then he twisted his fingers in her hair and raised her face to his cock. She could hear the men talking as the cock was shoved deep into her mouth to lodge against her tonsils making her gag from the savage treatment. The camera flash again blinded her momentarily as the two men shoved into her face and cunt. Their actions dulled her senses and as their balls erupted with cum almost simultaneously the men laughed with savage glee. The next six men were only interested in sinking their hard dicks into her cunt and did so with long slow deep grinding movements. And as each one shoot his cum deep into her belly and withdrew he was replaced by another. She felt the first stirring’s of unbridled passion stir in her loins. Her hips began moving in a slow sensuous rhythm of the same tempo as the cock buried deep in her cunt, and all the time the camera was there. As the sixth man pushed his bone hard erection between the hair lined rims of her nibbling cunt lips Sandra lost all semblance of control and could only think of the delicious sensations of a hard thick cock in the hungry depths of her pussy.

Looking down along the sweat drenched plane of her flat smooth belly to the pink pouting fissure of her steaming pussy and the thick tunneling rigidity of the cock slithering wetly in and out of her hair rimmed slit she exploded with a mind numbing orgasm. As Sandra withered and moaned with ecstasy the cock shuddered and began spurting its hot heavy cream deep into her belly. With each spurt of his ricocheting cum another orgasm shook her body. With each spine tingling climax she moaned in pleasure. As the man withdrew, strong hands pulled her from the table as others pulled her torn blouse from her shoulders and ripped her miniskirt from her hips, leaving her with only the white stockings and high heel shoes. Hands probed every curve and swell of her curvaceous body, fingers slide into her pussy and bung hole slicing in and out as if they were cock’s. She continued to climax as she was lifted from the floor and her legs spread far apart and then she was lowered. Looking down she saw the huge man that had approached her first and she gasped in disbelieve as she saw his huge cock. It was beautiful, so big and hard and to her lust crazed mind hers, hers alone, it looked a foot long and as big around as her wrist, and she began to drool with unbridled cock hunger. Her cum drenched cunt lips touched the head of the huge cock and flowered outward as she was lowered slowly onto the tip of the monstrous fuck pole. The first three or four inch’s of the huge cock slipped easily into her well lubricated cunt. The hands once more lifted her and then suddenly dropped her. The weight of her body drove the huge cock deep into her cum saturated pussy. The pain was tremendous as it pushed into her, stretching her, and she knew that it was not just a dream of her lust crazed mind, but a real cock that was every bit as big as her sex blurred eyes had envisioned.

Her slender body spasmodically jerked as if a lead pipe had been shoved into her. She didn’t hear the laughter of the men or their words of encouragement to the man whose dick she was being impaled on, nor did she see the camera snap picture after picture as the huge cock as big as a horse’s dick slithered upward, burying its full length into her widely stretched pussy. Sandra felt as if she were being ripped apart. Incomprehensible words issued from her tortured soul and spittle fell from her mouth, as the huge cock began moving. His hands reached up to her breast and squeezed them, and twisted her badge but she only felt the pain of her stretched and sore cunt. Her head flailed from side to side as the huge monstrous cock began to push faster into her bouncing her up and down, and she wondered how she or any woman could take all twelve inches or more into her cunt and not be ripped apart. She felt her head being twisted upward as fingers wrapped in her hair and then another huge cock was being pushed to her lips, stretching her mouth wide as it slowly slide forward over her bottom teeth and along her tongue into her warm moist mouth. Her lips were stretched like a rubber band around the shaft as it too worked slowly back and forth each time slipping a little further into her mouth. Her jaws ached with the invasion, and as it pushed against her tonsils she found some solace in the fact that it was not quite as big as the one shoving into her pussy from below. And then suddenly she realized that she no longer felt as much pain as before, only discomfort, and the feeling of fullness as the huge tunneling monster stretched her to the tearing point.

Moving her pelvis slowly to relieve some of the discomfort, she found that with movement she could relax her muscles and actually find some pleasure. As she began to slide up and down on the huge fuck pole buried deep in her cunt, sensually grinding her hips, the cock in her mouth brushed past her tonsils and slide into the velvety softness of her throat. As one pushed forward the other withdrew, rocking her back and forth between them. On each forward movement the hair around the base of the cock buried in her throat tickled her lips, sending a shameless thrill throughout her body, and then she humped back onto the one pushing upward from below and she felt his balls slap against her buttocks and she shuddered with the shame thrill of knowing that he was buried fully in her cunt, and that she had at least two feet of rock hard cock fucking into her body simultaneously. Her cries of pain and suffering had changed, they were no longer pleas for them to stop, but now muffled deep throated cries for each of their huge horse cock’s to fuck her hard and deep, and to hurt her with their beautiful hard cock’s. Sandra’s hoarse cries degenerated into gurgling whimpers of animalism arousal as she began to frenziedly squirm and grind between the two men, impaling herself in a masochistic orgy of self abuse!

The men had grown silent as their eyes widened in disbelief at the site of the lady cop’s small girlish body wildly squirming between the two large cock’s being shoved into her from each end. Sandra didn’t know this, nor would she have cared, because she had faced the awful truth about herself ……….. she was a horny, cock hungry bitch and she couldn’t help it! She loved the feel of a mans hard cock buried fully into her body, and the taste of their cum coating her lips and slithering down her throat. As long as they were big and hard it was heaven to her tortured libido! An orgasm of tremendous force flowed from her distended pussy to her cock stuffed mouth and back again and then seemed to flow outward from every pore of her body as a gurgling moan of savage passion rippled around her cock stuffed lips. The raising heat of her ecstasy surged into a holocaust just as the large bulbous, lust heated knob lodged in her throat shuddered and began spurting a flood of gushing semen into her mouth and throat in a torrent of vicious relief until her belly sloshed with his hot, sweet, creamy load. As she swallowed, glorying in the delicious taste she had come to love, she pushed back with inhuman strength, skewing herself painfully on the thick meaty hardness of the horse cock fucking into her cunt. Her squirming, clinging cunt gripped the huge cock so tightly that she could feel the veined ridges and knobbish rim of its head as it tunneled up into her taut-clasping cunt. The cock shuddered as it pressed into her cervix releasing a forceful blast of hot milk colored cum in ricocheting rivulets until her insides were awash with hot thick sperm. She shook as if from a tropical fever and her eyelids fluttered over unseeing eyes. As the two cock’s pulled from her she fell to the floor on her back her legs splayed obscenely, moaning softly for someone to fuck her. A body covered her small form and she reached down and guided his cock to her yearning cunt moaning with pleasure as he sank fully between her quivering cunt lips. Locking her legs around his hips she humped up to met his pistoning hips. Looking up with a smile of deep satisfaction and unbridled lust she saw the last man standing above her, and reaching out closed her fingers around his cock shaft and pulled him toward her mouth.

The light shining into her eyes woke her, and as she moved her tired body she wondered where she was. Looking up at the unfamiliar ceiling she panicked, and then turning her head she saw pool tables and realized that it had not been just a dream but real. She had fucked twelve men in this pool hall and as she looked down at her body, she could see her police badge pinned to her left breast and feel the dried cum coating her thighs and chest. As she tried to stand a moan escaped from her throat and she collapsed back onto the pool table. Once more she looked around but she saw no one else, she was alone. Tenderly she reached up and undid her police badge and then rolled from the table to stand on quivering legs. Leaning against the table she noticed that she was still wearing the white stockings and high heel shoes, and then she saw the miniskirt and blouse half under the pool table. Putting on the skirt and torn blouse she ran her fingers through her hair and it was then that she realized that her hair also had cum matting it together. Stepping out into bright sunlight she began walking hoping to find a phone or someone to help her. After a couple of blocks she collapsed, and when the police arrived she tried to tell them she was Sandra Mitchell a police officer but her coma like dulled senses couldn’t make them understand and then they saw her badge still gripped tightly in her hand. Rushing her to the hospital she was finally able to tell them she had been kidnaped and raped.

For the next week she lay in the hospital as a massive manhunt to find the Hispanic men swung into action. But since she couldn’t tell them the address or where the house was at they couldn’t find the men. As she prepared to leave an orderly came into her room and locking the door turned and without warning grabbed her and threw her to the bed. He pushed some pictures at her and to her shock and dismay they showed her in the pool hall as she had fucked twelve men. Before she could do or say anything he grabbed her legs pulling her half off the bed, pushing her dress up he ripped her panties of and then told her to take his cock out so he could fuck her. “Don’t even think of screaming you fucking cop whore, if you do I’ll show your fellow cops and the newspapers these pictures of you fucking those damn Mexicans. You really enjoyed having your cunt stuffed with all that cock didn’t you? And sucking, I’ve never seen a bitch enjoying sucking cocks more. So take my cock out you fucking whore cause I’m going to fuck your damn brains out.” Sandra knew she couldn’t scream or fight so she reached out and unzipped his pants and reached in and pulled his cock free. As her fingers encircled his cock she bent her knees and pulled him further between her legs until his cock rubbed her pussy lips. To her surprise he rubbed his cock up and down her pussy lips and then slowly sank an inch or two inside her and then withdrew. Time after time he did this until she felt like screaming. Her hips began to bounce from the bed to meet his shallow teasing penetration. Her need was so great that she felt like screaming. To her shock and dismay the man pulled away from her stuffing his dick into his pants and then unlocked the door. Placing a key on the table he told her his address and that he was having a few friends over for the game tomorrow and that she would be the half time entertainment, and that if she didn’t show up he would see that the police department as well as the papers got the pictures.

– The End –