The deep bass throb of gangster rap as well as bright light washed over me as the boy that had moments earlier climbed from atop me swaggered from the room. As the door closed behind him muffling but not quite stifling the sounds of joviality and music my room was once more one of deep shadows and near silence. For a moment I maintained the position in which the boy had left me as together my breathing and the rapid thumping of my heart slowed. Then slowly my knees gave way and I sank face down onto the rumpled cum dampened sheet.

Slowly rolling onto my side and then onto my back a soft sigh, one more of contentment then of tiredness, issued from my cum coated lips. Aided by the thin sliver of light coming from beneath the closed door my eyes flitted about the filthy room. A room which over the past several months had become more of a home to me then my own had. In fact the room was so familiar to me that I not only knew where every discarded beer and whisky bottle was, but also where every half eaten piece of chicken and other assorted pieces of food had been careless tossed.

Absently I wondered how long I had been here and if it was dark out yet. Time has a way of going by exceedingly slow when one is in near darkness, especially when your alone. At other times though, times like when one or another of the boys had rutted atop me time had flown by all to quickly. For a fleeting moment I thought about turning on at least one of the three huge photographer lamps that had been pushed over near the painted over window. But then I thought why bother, after all that much light wasn’t needed.

Hours earlier though all three had shown brightly. Beneath their glare it had been as if I were lying beneath a tropical noon day sun. All hint of shadow or darkness had been obliterated thus making the squaller of the room as well as the lumpy smelly mattress upon which I lay stand out all the more starkly. But that was then and this was now.

Again my eyes went to the dark window and again I wondered if it was dark out. If it were, then that would mean I had been laying atop this filthy cum stained mattress for at least seven maybe eight hours. If that were the case how much longer did Jamar intend I lay here. After all, the time between one boy’s visit and another’s had grown longer and longer. Or was that just my mind playing tricks on my senses because of the near total darkness. Oh well what matter. If Jamar intend I stay then there was little doubt that another boy would soon walk through the door.

A slight smile creased my lips as I dreamingly relived his gang’s reaction the first time I had visited their crib. Their suspicion and open hostility though had vanished in the twinkling of a flash when together with pulling me into his arms and kissing me deeply Jamar had pulled my short skirt up exposing me. As our tongues had entwined and dueled each with the other his hands had squeezed and fondled my bare heart shaped firm ass.

I knew that what was happening was wrong. That I shouldn’t be letting him expose and fondle me in front of his gang but I could no more stop what was happening then I could stop breathing. My lustful moans of want were swallowed by Jamar as obedient to his slight touch my left leg rose and wrapped about his waist. Flashes of his and his four Lieutenants use of me days earlier flashed before me as his fingers teased first my anus then hairless snatch.

In response to his fingers as they probed first my anus then pussy I unashamedly humped and ground against his growing hardness. My lustful moans grew louder as the earlier images were replaced by ones so depraved, so degenerate that I tried to give them voice. Jamar must have sensed my want as breaking the kiss he chuckled why don’t you put on a show for my bro’s slut. Then turning his back to me and his attention to them he’d laughed my cum slut needs a black cock in her tight hot snatch. How about it bro’s, any of you up to giving the minister’s wife what she be wanting.

For untold minutes they had sat their wide eyed and with mouths agape as in time to the deep base throb of Gangster rap I had slowly, teasingly removed my blouse and skirt. When finally I had stood before them in but garter belt and stockings they suddenly and as one recovered. Shouts of breeding the white slut. Of fucking the white bitch bull legged had filled the room drowning out all else and then as one they had rushed me.

Only the fist and curses of Jamar’s four Lieutenants had saved me from being swarmed beneath a sea of dark flesh. But the respite was only temporary as after pushing and shoving them into a semblance of order the first of them fell between my legs. Then, just as has been the case the majority of times over the past eight months most simply yanked down their zippers and pulled their dick’s out.

In a few rare cases though some of the boys did disrobe. I guess it was so they could better feel my body against theirs. Or maybe it was because they got a perverse thrill in the contrast between their skin color and mine. What ever their reasoning was I appreciated it. After all, zippers can play hell with bare flesh.

As one after the other they had shoved their cock’s into me that afternoon I had screamed out my want, my need for their hard youthful cock’s. Sputtered grunts of what a slut, of what a black cock hungry whore I was filled my ears as each in turn had rutted atop me. Brilliant intermittent flashes of light had flared as together with meeting each hard animalistic thrust I had sobbed out my need. Unashamedly and in answer to Jamar’s taunts of what did I want near hysterical pleas for them to fuck me harder spilled repeatedly from my mouth whenever it like my pussy wasn’t filled with cock.

Another sigh of contentment bubbled from my lips and thoughts of the past were temporally forgotten as like a lioness I stretched languidly. In a dream like state my hands slowly rose to cover my cum splotched breast. As my left hand rolled and squeezed each tit in turn the fingers of my right hand fluttered done over my abdomen. A purr like that of a contented feline vibrated in my throat as my fingers traced around and through the splotches of cum that had been deposited there over the last several hours. Slowly my hand slid downward then moved between my legs, feeling, rubbing the sensitive yet still highly aroused lips of my well fucked cunt.

As first two then three of my fingers slipped between my stretched and swollen cunt lips my thoughts drifted to this morning. A smile touched my lips at the memory of the phone call I had received a little before ten. Jamar, his voice as authoritative as always cut straight to the chase after snickering you wasn’t planing on spending a long boring day with the family was you Mrs. Daniels? Least ways I sure hope not seeing as how there’s a whole bunch of horny young niggers that are looking to be pleasured.

A shiver of excitement, of arousal had surged through me as his youthful but masculine voice had snickered why don’t you put on something really sexy bitch. Something that’ll let my bro’s know your as eager to get fucked as they are to fuck you. Though I had tried to answer I doubt he even heard my stuttering response as without pausing he laughed I expect you within an hour slut so don’t disappoint me you hear. Then a descriptive tirade of dozens of hard black cock’s being repeatedly and continuously shoved into me blurred reality and turned my legs to Jello.

For a moment I had felt as if I were standing naked in the middle of the Gobi desert at high noon. The heat encompassing me had been so unbearable that I was having trouble breathing, and though I continually licked my lips they felt unbelievably dry. His next remark made little sense as my heart was beating so furiously and my ears ringing so loudly that his words were gibberish to me. Something about my husband but what? After a moment when I didn’t reply he slowly and as if talking to a child or an adult lacking full mental facilities repeated his taunt.

“Maybe you ought a bring your limp dick husband wit you Mrs. Daniels? Dat way he can see first hand what a black cock cum slut you really are. Hell who knows, da ass hole might even get off watching you pull a train. Lots of white boys dream bout shit like dat you know. Just cause your old mans a Preacher don’t mean he doesn’t fantasize bout his woman fucking nigga’s any less den another guy. Hell he’d probably think he’d died an gone to heaven if’n he saw you humping two, three big dick young bro’s da same time.”

That such a depraved thing as what he proposed was not beyond his mentality I was well aware. More then once over the past eight months as the members of his gang had fucked me he had teased me with just such a prospect, and though a part of me was always aroused and excited by it another part was frightened to death. So yea I had little doubt that if such a thing ever did happen it would be more for his pleasure then my husbands. Still though the thought of my husband witnessing up close and personal my shameless and immoral behavior set my body to trembling, and without realizing it a chocked sob of yes oh God yes burst from my lips.

As the whimpering soulful sob had burst from my lips my husband had looked up from the sermon he was writing with a questioning look on his face. A note of concern was in his voice as he’d asked what was wrong. But before I could reply that nothing was wrong, that everything was fine Jamar’s snickering voice lanced into my addled brain telling me to put the righteous ignorant ass hole on.

For a minute I had stood there trying to calm my breathing then with croaking voice I’d told my husband that Jamar wished to speak with him. As I pulled the phone from my ear I remember silently praying for Jamar not to suggest that my husband accompany me. I knew as certainly as I needed air to breath that if he did so and if my husband accepted it would not only destroy my marriage but my husband as a man as well as his belief in a just and righteous God. If such a thing did happen whatever it was that Jamar had planed for me that day would leave me with but two options and neither truly appealed to me.

Well that wasn’t exactly true. But still, living with Jamar and the gang twenty four hours a day day in and day out wasn’t really my cup of tea. I’d be laying to myself here though if I didn’t admit to enjoying the through fuckings I received at his and the gangs hands. But damn, even a cum slut like I had become needs a break every now and again and I most certainly wouldn’t get that living in the gangs crib. As for my second option which entailed leaving town and trying to build a new life well I couldn’t see how that was possible either. Especially since I had no money.

Most of all though I worried about my precious little girl. About what would happen to her if Jamar were to be so foolish as to destroy my marriage. With a sense of foreboding and not a little trepidation I held the phone out honestly dreading letting my husband talk to Jamar.

As I’d stood there listening to my husband’s side of the conversation my mind had drifted back to the first time I had met Jamar. He had come to the house asking to see the goody goody two shoes Reverend. When I had told him that my husband was meeting with the women’s auxiliary and that I didn’t expect him to return for at least three hours he had snickered I’ll wait cunt, an while I do you can wrap them long legs of yourn about me and give me some loving. As I’d tried to slam the door in his face he’d shoved against it hissing menacingly. “What’s the matter vanilla, humping just one nigga to tame for you. Well don’t you worry your pretty little head bout that cause if’n you pleasure this nigga like I specs you will I’ll sees you get all da black cock you’s wants and den some.”

Then with the door still wide open he’d grabbed me and before I knew what was happening his lips were on mine and his hands were all over me. I had tried to fight him off but he was to strong, to demanding. Between his hard rough kisses, his vampire like sucking on my neck filthy disgusting words of how he intended to use me had filled me with fear. As his lips and hands had mauled me utterances of me becoming his white trash cum slut to use whenever and however he wanted had sent shivers through me. I had never been talked to like that before and the shivers that racked my slight frame increased two fold.

Like an enraged beast he had torn at my clothes. I had pleaded with him that my little girl was in the next room. Tear filled sobs that if he left now I wouldn’t tell my husband were answered with a scornful laugh. A moment later I was standing before him as naked as the day I was born. As I had stood there trying to cover myself he’d chuckled he don’t think I’d tell shit to anyone once I get a taste of his black baby maker. But if I’d a mind to give my husband all the sordid details of his breeding me then go ahead cause if he wasn’t afraid of cops he damn sure wasn’t afraid of no limp dick holier then thou son of a bitch.

Then in a voice as rough as sandpaper he’d growled drop your hands bitch and let me get a good look at that fine white body. Let me see just what it is that me an other horny big dick nigga’s is going to be fucking regularly. An arrogant contemptuous smirk had lit his face as unable to help myself my arms had dropped useless to my sides. Stepping to me he ran his hands over me while mirthfully chuckling you likes this don’t you slut. You likes it when a man takes charge, tells you what to do.

All that and more seared into my brain. Not until his huskily whispered words of me begging him to fuck me, of my daily pleasuring him and others did I make a sound though. But instead of a scream or a plea filled sob bursting from my mouth a throaty moan escaped. Despite the callousness of his words and what they portended a shiver of unwanted arousal had laced through me. His guttural words that I was made for fucking, that I was made for pleasure nigga’s had almost made me swoon. Lurid ramblings that once he’d fucked me I would never want a skinny little white dick again had beat against my ears like a bass drum.

Though I was shivering like a leaf in the wind I unhesitatingly and without forethought complied to his next hissed command. With trembling fingers I reached out fumbling with one after another of the buttons on his shirt. When the last popped free I pushed it from his shoulders and as it fluttered to the floor I dropped to my knees without thinking. As I worked to free him of his pants Jamar’s dark fingers toyed with my nipples.

Moans of pleasure, of lust bubbled from my mouth as he pinched and tugged at my nipples while I in almost feverish obedience worked to loosen his pants. As his pants and boxers fell from his hips his blue black thick veined cock sprang up almost smacking me on the forehead. For what seemed like an eternity I’d simply knelt there starring at his uncircumcised almost wrist thick cock, and then my hand as if with a mind of its own reached out.

As my fingers closed about his fat nine inch cock he chuckled you likes my cock don’t you vanilla. Well then wrap them pretty red lips of yours bout it and pay it homage slut. Show your nigga master how much you loves and wants his black cock. Never in my wildest dreams had I ever remotely considered, let alone done such as he was commanding. Yet obediently and without hesitation my lips parted and I leaned toward him.

As my tongue flicked out stabbing at the skin covering the head of his thick veined cock I knew unquestionably in my soul of souls that this black boy who was every bit of ten years my junior was right. Like a European Princess of old before her Nubian captor I slavishly lathered and rained kisses on his monstrous blue black hardness. It was at that moment that I knew beyond a shadow of doubt that if he but commanded me there was nothing, absolutely nothing that I wouldn’t do to please him.

Inexperienced as I was at performing fellatio as my lips closed about the head of his cock I instinctively drew a suction and my tongue pressed against its underside. My pussy felt as if it were both on fire and drenched at the same time as my lips moved up and down the first few inches of his cock. My whole body felt as if it were vibrating like a guitar string as like a baby sucking on a pacifier I slavishly worked on the thick veined blackness between my lips. Above me but as if from a great distance I heard the boy chuckle oh yea slut thats it, thats what I’m talking bout. Thats how white bitches is supposed to suck their nigga masters cock.

Clutching his slowly pumping hips for support I brought my feet under me then balanced myself on the balls of my feet. Clipped half understood words telling me to both finger my snatch and fondle his nuts filtered into my addled brain. Whimpering pleasurable moans spilled from my saliva rich cock stuffed mouth as without conscious thought I did as told. As my fingers both hefted and massaged his nearly egg size nodules and rubbed vigorously over my wet pussy lips he chortled suck me slut. Suck your black masters cock and drink your fill.

In answer to his taunt I became as one possessed. Like a traveler upon a desert dying of thirst I sucked and slobbered on his thick veined monstrous hardness. Minutes, hours, a life time later with a last quivering jerk of his hips my amateurish efforts were rewarded. As his slightly Clorox tasting cum flooded my mouth my pallet was inundated as if by a fine liqueur. Ravenously I drank my fill not even stopping in my efforts when his last weak spurt dribbled onto my tongue.

As the last of his thick wonderful sperm slithered down my throat he pulled me to my feet. Without a word from him but knowing full well what he expected my finger closed about his semi hard slick cock and led him to the bedroom. Hours later he was gone, but not before having pleasured himself upon my petite white body in ways I had never before imagined a man using me. As I had lain there luxuriating in the after glow of his demanding even savage use of me shame had filled me. I felt both like the white trash slut he professed me to be and yet wonderfully and gloriously alive.

I should have told my husband that the young negro had raped me. That he had made me do things a proper woman of the south shouldn’t. But each time I had started to the memory of the rapturous bliss I had felt at his hands washed over me. Then two days later and because of my silence any chance I might of had in proclaiming I had been raped forever vanished. Hardly had the front door closed behind my husband when as per Jamar’s instructions to call him the next time my husband left the house I dialed his cell phone.

With thoughts of Jamar’s wonderful hard dark cock thrusting into me I hurriedly fixed my daughter a bottle and put her in her crib before moving to my own bedroom. Less then ten minutes later I was standing in my living room anxiously waiting to answer Jamar’s knock the moment it came. When it did come I was like a young school girl greeting her first boyfriend.

The look Jamar gave me as I stood before him in my new flyaway frilly lace babydoll with matching hip hugger bikini panties made my heart beat crazily. But that feeling was as nothing compared to the wave that washed through and over me as together with his thick lips closing on mine his eager demanding hands explored every inch of my nearly naked 34 X 22 X 33 petite body.

There before the wide open door and for all the world to see, if it so had a mind to, I unashamedly and hungrily returned his kiss. His chuckle of my eagerness as I literally wrapped myself about his youthful muscular body was felt more then heard. Not until he pried my clinging arms from about him was I aware that we had moved from the open doorway into the house and that he had closed the door. Once aware though my hands worked feverishly to both loosen and pull his clothes from him.

As his clothes fell away I unashamedly less then five feet from the front door gave myself to him while reveling, nay glorying in his masterful use of my 26 year old lithe body. At his bidding I willingly, yes even eagerly once again performed sex acts that until recently I had attributed only to sluts and whores. Warbling sobs of affirmation spilled from my lips in answer to his taunts that I was his slut, his black cock hungry bitch to enjoy whenever and however he desired. Even his taunts of sharing me with his gang; of them as well as untold others one after another continuously using me like a white trash cum slut were answered with near hysterical sobs of yes, oh God yes.

Twice more over the next three days he visited me, and twice more my warbling nearly hysterical sobs of affirmation of being his black cock cum slut resonated through my home. My supplication to him was total as without shame I readily begged him to fuck me, to make me his black cock whore. Though I was filled with shame by my wanton behavior I could not deny my needs. I was completely and totally his and he knew it. His ever command was readily and eagerly obeyed and by the second week of my supplication to him there were several changes in my appearance.

The first alteration that Jamar had insisted on, was that not even a stubble of hair cover my pussy. Though at first I had worried what my husband might say, once I’d shaved away the last hair and saw how sexy and erotic my hairless pussy looked I cared less whether or not he approved. The second alteration like the first was only apparent to those knowledgeable. So except for Jamar and his uncle, whom I’d flashed during church as per Jamar’s instruction, no one knew I no longer wore bra and panties. The third change though was apparent to all.

At first my husband disapproved venomously the drastic rise of my skirts hem line. But then grudging he relented and said no more when I reminded him of two very important facts. The first was that several parishioners wife’s wore mini skirts and the second was that on more then one occasion I had caught him starring at the woman in question. Then to sooth his childish hurt pride I had fucked him such as I never had in the four years of our marriage.

I was completely shameless but I couldn’t help myself. The changes Jamar insisted on and that I readily complied to had me in a constant state of arousal and Jamar took advantage of it at every opportunity. Twice while I was out grocery shopping Jamar was waiting beside my car upon my return, and there in broad daylight after putting my groceries in the back seat he simply raised my skirt and took me. After that and because of my willingness to submit to him where anyone might see and take note of my wanton behavior it was inevitable that his taunts of sharing me with his gang take fruition.

Less then forty eight hours after I had submitted to him for the second time in the grocery store parking lot not only did Jamar come to my home in response to my phone call but so to did his four Lieutenants. In the six plus hours that my husband was at the hospital attending a sick parishioner the five young negro’s, at first singularly and then two and even three at a time used me for their pleasure.

That they did so animalisticly and at times even savagely made little difference to them nor in truth to me. That day was a first, but by no means the last, for me in two ways. It was the first time I was fucked by multiple partners and the first time my submission to members of Jamar’s gang were captured by camera. When hours later they finally left it was with the jovial promise that they as well as the other members of the gang would call on me regularly.

Suddenly my revery of what had led up to today was broken as the door opened. The brilliant glare of light that washed over me nearly blinded me but I didn’t care as I knew what the opening of the door signified. A soulful moan of lust and anticipation issued from deep in my chest and my heart beat crazily as a dark figure followed closely by another strode into the room. Expectantly my legs opened wider and I held out my arms. Husky pleas for him, for both of them to take me, to shove their hard young cocks into my black cock loving slut body rasped from my cum coated throat.

As the taller of the two strode to the bed a voice I knew well, a voice I had heard for more then four years sent a shiver of fear and panic racing up my spin. Not believing what was happening my eyes traveled back and forth between the two figures as the one beside the filthy bed upon which I lay ranted why you filthy slut, why? But I had no answer for him, or at least none that he wanted to hear.

In anger and hurt he lashed out slapping me several times while screaming that I was a Jezebel, a filthy shameless wanton slut. Then a maniacal laugh burst from his mouth and he sputtered you should be arrested whore. Arrested and sent to prison for molesting and corrupting these young negro’s. You would be to if as a man of God I didn’t think that what Jamar had planed for you wasn’t worse then a million life times in prison.

I cried and pleaded. I begged for forgiveness. But my husbands only answer was contemptuous laughter. Then Jamar strode up beside my husband and the glee in his voice was like a knife in my chest.

“Don’t cha be worrying none Rev, I’ll sees she gets all da nigga cock she be wanting and den some. Your cock hungry slut wife gonna be busier den a string of two bit whores. Course that’ll mean she ain’t going to be home much, so’s you best be thinking bout hiring someone full time to clean house and take care of da little one.” For a second as my husband looked down at me I thought I saw something in his eyes and I began to rise from the cum stained bed. But the thought that he had forgiven me and wanted me at home quickly vanished as he lashed out angrily.

Before I, and perhaps Jamar, could react his fingers entwined in my long reddish blond hair and though I tried to ward of his blows I was helpless. As his open hand time and again slapped my face spittle flew from his mouth to mix with the cum covering my lithe body. His screams of rage and hurt were little more then incoherent babble and I honestly thought he was going to kill me. Finally the blows stopped. As he stood over me breathing heavily I reached out to him weeping and pleading for his forgiveness.

But any hope that I might of had that his heart would soften and once more accept me was shattered as together with brushing my reaching arms aside he spit on me. As I fell weeping back onto the cum stained mattress Jamar’s chuckling voice filled the deathly silence. “Damn Rev, I knows you pissed but ain’t nobody going to want to fuck the slut if’n you fuck up her looks. So why don’t you just chill out and we’ll talk bout how you going to be able to pay someone to take care of things at home.

Now way I sees it we got two choices. One is dat we put da cock hungry bitch on da street an hope like hell one of the members of your church don’t recognize her while he’s cruising da strip looking for strange tail. Two, and da one I’m in favor of is that shit go on being da way da has been for da past eight months. She going to take care of your house just like she has been. She going to cook, clean and do all dat other motherly housewife shit like before. Only difference be is dat instead of you being ignorant of what she doing and with who like you has been da last eight months is dat you’ll know.

Ain’t going to be any dis sneaking away when you off doing your church shit like she been doing. Instead an whenever I decides I wants her she be at my beck an call. An since I going to be wanting her near every day and for hours at a time you going to have to get yourself someone to do her wifely duties. An if da cunt you hire be good looking an you beds her well den dat’s one for you ain’t it. Now as for money you’ll need well dar going to be plenty of dat when da Minister’s Wife is up an running in da next day or two.”

For a second as my husband whirled about and faced Jamar I thought he was going to lung out at him but then his shoulders sagged and his head drooped. “Dat’s right Rev your slut wife’s black cock hunger is going to be seen by millions. Dar going to be stills and thirty second clips of her doing what she likes doing best to entice horny surfers into buying membership to the site. Once da pay da price da going to be able to see and buy not only hundreds of photos but full length movies of da cum slut fucking young nigga’s.

Hell Rev dis last video alone of her humping not only da Broadway Boys but my gang as well ought a make use both rich. Fact I could probable make two, maybe three movies out o what was shot today. An let’s not forget da other three videos I made. Guy either have to be blind or dead he didn’t jerk off while watching what da nasty slut do in dem. Specially da one I shot in da schools locker room. God but da slut looked good in dat skimpy little cheerleader uniform. Course she didn’t have it on long what with all dem horny boys and even da coaches wanting a piece of her.”

For a moment Jamar fell silent. It was as if he were waiting for some reaction from my husband but none came. Then as one they turned their backs to me and together walked from the room. The last words I heard from my husband before the door closed were directed not at me but at Jamar seeking assurance that he would get sixty percent before expenses. Jamar, laughing uproariously replied God damn but you’s a greedy old bastard Rev. But if dat’s what you be wanting den so be it. After all it’s da least I can do seeing as how you be letting me keep da cock hungry slut. So don’t you worry none I’ll sees to it dat you gets what’s due you.

Slapping my husband on the back he chuckled believe you me Rev dar going to be plenty more videos. After all dar be seven other gangs dat I got’s to bring under my control. An dar ain’t no better way to do dat den to dangle a good looking piece of white tail like your slut wife in front dar horny asses. Like I told you earlier Rev yo bitch going to be one busy slut, and hell who knows, maybe after she goes through all da gangs a few times I’ll shot a few videos of her fucking winos and derelicts. Dem boys won’t mind none dat da skanks holes be big enough for a horses cock or dat she looks a little worse for wear.

For a second they paused in the doorway as Jamar laughing uproariously sputtered what you think bout our slut humping an sucking dogs Rev. Dar be a lot of sick mother fuckers out dar pay big money see her doing shit like dat. Make for some interesting video at least don’t you think.

Then the door closed behind them leaving me once more in semi darkness. But this time my thoughts were not on the past but on the future and what it held in store.

–The End–

by A.G. Thomas