His eyes adjusted to the changing light as the bus left the darkness of the Lincoln tunnel and came into the bright sunlight of morning. Once again he was looking out the window at Manhattan, only this time he was staring at the receding skyline of the city. As he leaned back into the seat trying to get comfortable, his mind wandered and images of the past three days flooded his head.

Three days ago, was it really only three days ago that all this started? Just three days since he had entered this city, with nothing more in mind then having a good time. A belated twenty first birthday celebration was all he had planned on. Perhaps to get a little drunk, pick up some cunt, have a ball, possibly even shack up and fuck the living shit out of her. But a woman was not what he wound up with. No instead of a woman he had shacked up with a GUY. Impossible but true! He was still in a state of shock. What a difference those three days had made. He could not believe what had happened and how he had changed in so short a time. What had happened to him?? Where did he go wrong, (if it was wrong)??? He closed his eyes and shook his head trying to clear the thoughts and pictures from his brain. But one thought kept returning over and over and over again.

That thought was Richard or Rich, as he preferred to be called. Richard just filled his mind. Even the lingering smell of his aftershave triggered erotic sexual fantasies. Joseph’s fingers reached under his shirt where they found and touched the heavy gold chain that Richard had placed there. He felt his cock getting harder and harder. Stop it, he kept telling himself. But, try as hard as he might, one indelible picture kept reappearing before his mind’s eye. The picture of himself and Richard, dancing nude together last night after diner. The sound of the music filing his ears and the combined odor of that damn aftershave and their heated bodies… Closing his eyes he drifted off into a deep sleep only to be awakened by the bus driver, shouting, “Hey this is where you get off soldier boy.” As quickly as he could he shook the sleep from his eyes, gathered his gear, stepped down from the bus and found himself at the base gate. After showing his orders to the MP in the guardhouse and asking directions, he was directed to a bus stop where he caught a base transport to the school compound.

Being a new-comer on this base, he was still unsure where things were and how to get around. After telling the driver where he would like to get off he took a seat and looked at the passing scenery. While the driver had assured him he would notify him when to get off, it was still fun trying to guess before hand. He was looking for a familiar landmark, but the different company areas all looked alike. Finally, the driver called out “Language School” and he gathered his gear and got off. He still felt like a fish out of water, but that was to be expected. After a few wrong turns he finally recognized his barracks, went in and found his quarters. While unpacking his canvas travel bag, he noted that his roommate must have also returned from his pass. His bed was messed up, however he was not around. Joseph washed up and then reported into his company clerk.

“Glad to see you made it back, safe and early yet.” the company clerk greeted him. “Your roommate also checked in earlier. He went to the PX I think. If there anything you need to help you get settled, now would be a good time to ask.”

“Well corporal, you wouldn’t happen to have a map of the area? I feel a bit lost and could use some directions or maps as to where things are located. You know, like the PX, the theater, mess hall, cleaners and the laundry.” Joseph asked.

The corporal pushed himself away from his desk, got up went to a filing cabinet, withdrew a few sheets of paper and handed them to Joseph. “This should tell you everything you need to know for now. Orientation is at 1000 hours tomorrow and you will be given additional information as well as your schedule then. Till then you are free to roam around the base, go to the PX or the base theater, they are showing a new movie there tonight. By the way, my name is Williams, Corporal John Williams. As you can see I’m the company clerk and if you need anything, Benson, just give me a holler. You look kind of tired and beat. Bet you had a hell of a time in the city?”

“Yes, one hell of a fantastic time. New York is really a great town. Lots to see and do there. However, I know I missed a lot. I can’t wait to go back again. What’s the company leave policy like?” he asked.

“Well if things go the way they usually go around here, after a week or two, you should be able to get a weekend pass almost every weekend. How do you think that girl you met in the “Big Apple” will like that?”

Joseph smiled at the clerk. “How did you know I met someone?”

“It’s written all over your face! I could tell by the way you walked in here. I can always tell the ones that got laid. There is that self-satisfied look on their faces. And they look like they could use a full nights sleep. Did I guess right?” he asked.

“You’re batting 100 percent, Williams. Maybe I’ll settle in and take a rest before chow time. Thanks for the maps. See you later corporal,” he said, and with that he walked out of the office and headed back to his quarters.

Those quarters were shared with a black soldier from Atlanta, Georgia. Their room had the usual Government Issue furniture; two single beds, two OD green metal wall lockers, two OD green desks with chairs & lamps and the required and ever-present army footlockers. When he entered his room, his roommate, Private Ibrahim Smith was resting on his bed with his eyes closed. He appeared to be out like a light. Not wanting to disturb him, Joseph slipped onto his own bed and recalled their brief meeting before Joseph had headed to New York City and he had gone to a town in Jersey called Patterson.

Ibrahim seamed to be a nice guy. He was taller than Joseph; about 6 foot 2 inches, with light brown skin. The light skin color and his rather handsome Caucasian features were most likely due to “mixed” blood. For an enlisted man he was well educated, having graduated High School and gone on to a community college in Georgia. He did well there in his studies, until a recession hit and dried up what little money he had put aside for his education. Unable to find the money or a part time job, he was forced to leave school. Ibrahim’s family, like Joseph’s, were farmers and just could not see their way clear to continue to help pay for his education. It was a shame, because he loved learning and was a good student.

While there might have been scholarships, the recession had also dried up their ability to collect funds. The only other means of continuing his education turned out to be the army. They offered to enroll him in their ROTC program, but he was not really looking for a career as an Army officer. Besides he did not want to tie himself down for that long a time. As an enlisted man he could serve his time and save enough to continue his education without having to sign his life away. Who knew, in two or three years the economy was bound to get better and more part time jobs might be found.

The army was glad to have him because he had something they needed badly. Ibrahim was a Muslim, having converted in High School. He had learned to read Arabic in order to convert, but he had never really learned to speak the language. Ibrahim was therefore perfect for a new method of language instruction with which the army was experimenting. Potential translators would be gathered together and totally submersed in the language and culture. There were two main components to this new method.

1. Creating an envioment where Arabic was used as the prime means of communication and restricting the use of English. 2. Grouping together novices and people with some knowledge of the language. By doing this it was hoped that they would play off each other and speed up the learning.

So it was that by the luck of the draw Joseph found himself rooming with Ibrahim Smith, a black guy. Joseph, coming from a small town in upstate New York, had very little experience living and dealing with people of color. Except for seeing them on T.V., the movies, and having a few in his Basic Training unit, he knew nothing of colored people. He never really had the desire to get “close” to any of them. Well, — thats not exactly the truth, he did have this vision of Halley Berry and himself in bed, but then that was just the sexual fantasy of many young sexually active guys after seeing the movie “Monster Ball”. So, when Ibrahim and he were paired as roommates, he was a bit on edge. He expressed these feelings to Ibrahim, and told him that in spite of this he hoped that they would get to be cool with living together.

“Well we have no choice. We are just going to have to adjust to this situation. Perhaps if we just forget about this race shit we might even get to like one and other. We can try to be easy with each other; we can even joke about it. Hey, remember that we are both human beings and bound to make mistakes… By the way,” his handsome face breaking into a big smile and with an over stated southern accent said, “Y’all safe with me, white boy, I’ze a partial vegetarian, don’t eat no pork, nor do I’za eat the other kind of ‘white meat’. I won’t eat you and to start with, you can even have my share of the pork in the mess.”

“If you’re sure you are not just trying to fatten me because I’m so tough and if that includes the bacon you got a deal…. I think we are going to get along just fine. Hey, as long as you are supposed to know some Arabic, how about you teach me a few words. You know like the ones I would need to pick up a belly dancer or two.” Joseph asked.

“You infidels! Belly dancing is an old respected art form like your ballet. But just to get us off on the right foot here are a few words like, ‘I love you’ and ‘darling’ that might help,” his roommate taught him these. It was difficult getting Joseph’s tongue to twist and turn in order to get the words out properly. There were sounds that did not appear in English. Frustrated at times, Ibrahim kept using one expression over and over. When Joseph asked him what it meant, he just lowered his eyes and said, “Never mind, this is Arabic 101 and that lesson is a bit too advanced for you.”

“Come on now. What does it mean and how do you say it?”

“It’s just a very rude curse expression, that unfortunately, may Allah forgive me, I use too often.” he said. “I have to be careful not to use it around my mom. My mother, is still a Christian, and would kill me if she knew what it meant. It’s ‘Koos Emach’. Roughly it means, ‘your mother’s vagina’.”

“Well let’s see now — I love you –darling,–cunt–and mother. I think that’s enough for one day. As long as we getting some time off, how about you coming into the city with me and help me celebrate my birthday?” Joseph had asked him.

“Thank you for the invitation, I would like to, but I have already made other arrangements. There is a large Muslim community in Paterson and I am looking forward to visiting a few of the Mosques there. You can come with me, but somehow I don’t think a sober celebration was what you had in mind. Maybe some other time.”

And so each had gone their own way and now they had both returned exhausted. They lay on their cots and rested till it was time for chow call. After waking up and going to eat they went to the PX picked up a few last minute things and Joseph was able to make a phone call to Richard. They talked about little things for a while. Rich told him about his day and how much he missed Joseph. Joseph in turn related details about his day and they set a time to call each other every day. Joseph told him that it might be two weeks before he was able to get another pass.

“Two weeks, that long?” he said dejectedly. “Two whole weeks, damn, can’t I come and visit you on the weekend? There must be motels near the camp? If you were able to get away in the evening I could stay there and we could at least see each other for a few hours. Ask around; see what you can come up with. Two weeks will seam like a life time without you, baby.”

“I’ll check it out and let you know.” The soldier said, “But I wouldn’t want you to spend all that money and we would have to be very careful not to be seen together as ‘you know what’. I miss you too babe, but with my being in the army and all, we have to get used to being apart. After all, I will be going overseas someday soon and you won’t be able to follow me there.”

“Don’t remind me. That’s why I want us to be together as much as we can while you are still here. I love you and want your warm body close to me.”

For close to half an hour the conversation continued along those lines; each not wanting to break the connection. Just wanting to hear the voice of the other, afraid to let the other hang up. Finally, Ibrahim who was waiting outside knocked on the phone booth door and Joseph told Richard he had to get back to the barracks as it was getting late. They kissed good night and hung up.

“Sorry about that. You know how it is when you get to talking and loose tract of the time.” He said after getting out of the booth, “We better get back. We have a busy day tomorrow.”

“How is she?” Ibrahim asked as they walked back to their quarters. “I assume that was your girlfriend. No one talks that long on the phone except to the love of his life.”

“Well, what do you know? Besides being a scholar you’re a detective and clairvoyant as well.” Joseph smiled and said, “I hope you don’t read minds also.”

“No I don’t read minds, but I bet you are going to want another three day pass soon.” he said as they entered the barracks to bed down for the night. The next day was fast paced. The orientation went well and the introductory classes were interesting. The culture classes were fascinating. The history of the Arab people and their near conquest of the entire Christian world made the head spin. Until now, Joseph had no idea that the majority of people on earth were Muslims and that at one time they had just about controlled all of Europe. Their empire had spread from the Middle East westward across North Africa to included all of Spain and part of southern France and spread East to China and north through most of southeastern Europe until Austria. They had been an enlightened people interested in science and poetry. He was also taught about several differences within Islam.

Learning to read threw him for a loop. He had trouble, absorbing not only the different alphabet, but on top of that having to “read backwards”. His eyes just kept wanting to to go to the upper left hand side of the page. Joseph was not the only one afflicted with in this problem. Most of the students had this problem. Most of them thought that it was silly, and the instructor had to point out that western languages were new to writing using an alphabet. Until they came in contact with the Semitic sea traders they had no written alphabet of their own. The Semitic alphabet was developed before the use of paper and pen. It was carved into stone and as most people are right handed, it was hard to carve the letters from left to right. Arabic being a Semitic language is still written the old Semetic way, right to left. When the Greeks and later the Romans adopted the Semitic alphabet they changed certain letters and after a while the direction of reading and writing. In fact as the instructor pointed out, old Greek at one time was written starting in the upper right hand part of the page and going to left — at the end of that line instead of going back to the right side and starting another line, it just moved down one line and continued to the right. After a while, with the introduction of clay tablets and stylists it became easier to write and read left to right. Anyway by the end of the day most of the students were in ‘Culture shock’ and had headaches. On top of all this–there was plenty of homework to do.

After school let out Joseph made a few inquiries and was told that he could leave the base at night as long as he gave them a telephone number where he could be reached in case they had an alert or other emergency. He just had to get a pass and be back by morning roll call at 0800 hours. The telephone number worried him until his next conversation with Richard later that evening when Rich suggested that he get a cell phone.

“Look don’t worry about it, I’ll pick up one for you and bring it with me when I come to see you.” he told him. “Besides it’s a great idea for you to have one, this way we will be able to talk and leave messages for each other. Everything is going to work out fine.”

“Yes, but you can’t call me when I’m in class, unless it’s a real emergency.”

“That’s one of the real beauties of this thing. You can turn off the ringer and use the caller ID to see who called and then return the call later when you get a free moment. I could leave messages for you and you could do the same on my phone. I’ll show you all about it when I see you,” Richard said and added. “I could be up there Friday night and stay till Sunday.”

“That would be great, but I don’t know if I could get off before noon Saturday. Friday nights are G.I. night. We have to scrub our quarters and stand Saturday morning inspection. After inspection we usually have time off till 0800 hours Monday morning. Rich, how are you going to be able to afford all this?”

“No problem.” It’s going to work out perfectly. I love you and I want to be with you and damn it, it will workout because we will make it work out! Did you find out a nice Motel where I can stay?”

“There is a motel not too far from the main gate,” he told him and gave him all the information. “It’s not a classy place but it is cheep and some of the guys I spoke to said it was clean. I can walk to the main gate from there easily and pick up the base transport in plenty of time to get back for morning roll call.”

“You know what?” Richard said, “I’m going to come down there by car. I can pick up my old Ford at my parent’s house and drive down there early Saturday morning. I can check out the motel and then we can have lunch together. On Sunday we can take a drive in the country or maybe even go on a picnic or something.”

“Sounds like a plan. I didn’t know you had a car. I had one before I went into the army. It was an old beat-up Ford also, but it got me from place to place—well, most of the time. No girl would even go out with you, if you didn’t have wheels by age 16. Hell most of us were driving by 13.”

“Are you kidding?” Richard laughed, “It was the same with us. You can’t live on Long Island without having a car. You need it to get to the Railroad Station. It’s not like the city where everything is within walking distance or public transportation. Just about everyone drives there. Hell, even if you want to get a pack of condoms you have to drive.”

“Oh, so that’s why you had a gross of them in your night table drawer.” The soldier quipped.

“That was for, ‘just-in-case’! Since your three-day visit, I’ve laid in an additional gross. Old Rich, wants to be sure to have enough on hand when that big strong soldier captures and conquers him again. God I miss that ass of yours.”

“Damn stop it! You’ll make me cummmm in the phone booth. Can you just keep that though till we meet again? I miss you also babe. Only a week since we parted, but it feels like an eternity.”

The next few days, Joseph was too busy to think of anything but work. Classes were grueling and frustrating to say the least. Having to carry on conversations using hand signals and a limited vocabulary was almost impossible. If it had not been for Ibrahim he would not have known what to do. But slowly, very slowly he began to learn. He had no alternative and neither did most of the students. Those first few days saw about ten students drop out. All of them harbored that attitude that English was enough. Any other language was a waist of time learning. How they ever got picked for this school was a mystery. Thank god that the history and customs classes were conducted in English, but here too he began to notice that more and more Arabic was being introduced.

The weekend finally came and the students were looking forward to a little time off. Joseph and Rich had spoken by phone every night. They had set up plans for the coming weekend. Corporal Williams had got the OK for him to stay over night in town and Joseph had given him the cell phone number that Richard had given to him.

“Is that girl you met in the city coming up to see you?” Williams had teased him. “Does she have a friend for me? If she does, then we could make it a four some and do it every week.”

“I wish she was coming,” Joseph said and with a sad face continued. “It’s just a long lost relative that I have been trying to meet.” he lied. “You see I was adopted and have been searching for my birth relatives all my life. You know trying to find my ‘Roots’. This guy’s name came to me from someone back home and he thinks we might be related. Hey, if he has a sister, I’ll try to set you up for next time.”

Well not all of that was a lie. Like most adopted children, he had always been curious about his ‘Real Family’. The meeting a relative part was just something he thought up on the spot. This way in case he and Richard were spotted in town together, he would have a cover story.

Saturday afternoon finally arrived and right after inspection, dressed in his civilian clothes and trying to act real cool, he picked up his overnight pass and headed for the main gate. Showing his pass to the guard he started walking toward town. A red Ford Mustang convertible with its ragtop up, pulled over to the curb and a smiling Richard leaned over, opened the door and said, “Can I give you a lift soldier boy? You are Private Joseph Benson aren’t you? Its been so long and I almost didn’t recognize you in your civvies.”

“Hey! This is some old Ford you have here. It’s a collector’s item,” he said throwing his overnight bag in the rear and seating himself as close to Richard as he could without sitting on his lap. “Where are we going first? I leave it up to you, whatever you want to do. Do we go for a drive first or right to that motel?”

“We are not going to that motel. It was not fit for us baby.” Richard said as he pulled away from the curb and as his fingers squeezed Joseph’s thigh he said, “When I went home to pick up the car my folks questioned me about why I needed the car. One question lead to another and finally I told them all about us. Well, not all, but enough anyway. My father let me have it.

“No son of mine is going to get caught in some cheep sleazy motel room with some horny soldier,” Richard said imitating his father. “Here’s a few hundred, get a room in a first class hotel and have a great time. If he is as great as you say he is, he deserves better than that.” Then continuing in his own voice he said, “Joseph, he and mom want to meet you as soon as possible.”

“Anyway when I got down here and took one look at that motel I decided that father really does know best and I checked us out of there and got us into a first class hotel with a swimming pool AND an in-room hot tub.”

“You and your family are going to spoil me rotten.” He said, a little perturbed. “I was so looking forward to a little debauchery in a cheep rundown motel that rents rooms out by the half hour, but I guess we will just have to make do.” Then becoming serious, he said, “Your parents sound wonderful and while I would love to meet them, I don’t want to embarrass you. I told you I’m adopted and I never had a real family of my own. The thought of meeting your parents just scares the shit out of me.”

“You’ll do just fine. They will love you.” he said as they pulled into a parking space in the hotel parking lot. Leaning over to Joseph and kissing him on the cheek and he said, We’re home lov–well home for now anyway.”

They entered the hotel, went through the ostentatious lobby to the elevator where they entered and Richard inserted a special key in the keypad and pressed the penthouse button. “Nothing but the best for us.” he said as the elevator climbed quickly to the top floor. The elevator doors parted and they found themselves in a small foyer, looking at a door that had a gold plaque on it announcing that it was the ‘Presidential Suite’. Richard opened the door, turned to Joseph and said with a twinkle in his eye, “Shall I carry you over the threshold, Habibi.”

“Don’t be an ass. The last thing we need is for you to get a hernia. It would ruin every thing,” he said pushing pass the door way and dropping his canvas overnight bag, he turned and reached out and beckoned his lover to him. “Rich, I missed you so much.” The door slammed shut and their arms circling each other, lips meeting, their tongues engaging in a romantic love dance.

They stood there kissing and hugging, but not for long. Richard breaking the kiss whispered, “I got to show you this joint. You’ll love it.”

“To hell with the place! Who has the time for the ‘Grand Tour’? Just show me the bedroom.” Joseph moaned as his fingernails dug into Rich’s back. “Damn that aftershave of yours is driving me bonkers. It’s like an aphrodisiac. Makes me so horny. I want you to rape me four of five times and then start all over again.”

Well there goes my great seduction plan. The hell with the fancy hotel, the flowers, the wine, the candle light supper, the music and the foreplay; to hell with it all.” Richard grinned as he pulled the neckline of his lover’s shirt aside and started to nibble on the crook of his neck. His mouth devoured his throat and his fingers reaching under Joseph’s shirt found and squeezed his hard pecs. Guiding him into the bedroom and he pulled the shirt off him as they went. Easing Joseph onto the bed his fingers touching the gold chain around his neck Rich smiled and moved his fingers down his chest to his belly to undo the belt and unzip his pants. Then he pulled them and his OD boxers down his lover’s legs exposing his hard seven and one half inch uncut cock. “There is nothing that turns me on so much as that damn Government Issue negligee you have on and that big cock of yours. I missed nibbling on that sweet foreskin of yours.”

Removing the rest of Joseph’s clothes, he then stood back and admired the nude body laying crossways on the bed with its feet on the floor. Richard quickly got rid of his own clothing leaving bits and pieces of clothing where they fell. Kneeling between his lovers spread legs, he took first one and then the other foot to his lips and kissed them and sucked each toe into his hot demanding mouth. His tongue then licked under the moaning soldier’s foot causing him to giggle. “Oh! You think it’s funny, do you? I’ll show you funny,” he said reaching up and grabbing the hard cock of his lover and skinning back the foreskin. Using his tongue, he probed and ran it under the skin and over the purple cock head. Finding and tasting the dripping pre-cum flowing from the cock slot, he lapped it up. His lips circled the hot angry head and closed down on the wet pulsating manhood. One thrust and it sunk into his throat and as the moist warm throat closed around it… BOOOOOOM it exploded pumping hot cummmmmmmm deep into his throat.

“Shit shit shit!!! I could not hold it. I came too soon… Just like a teenage idiot!” Joseph cried, the tears flowing down his cheeks.

“Don’t cry baby, It happens to all of us when we are ‘overheated’. He reached up and took Joseph’s face in his hands and leaned into him and kissed away his tears and then his lips, his tongue driving into the sobbing mouth of his lover.

“MMMMMM Rich you taste salty and sweet at the same time.”

“I hope you like it…I concocted it just for you– Your tears and your cummmm. Get used to it baby we are going to taste the result of our love for a long, long time.” Then getting up he flipped Joseph onto his belly and shoving a pillow under his belly he reached into the nightstand draw, pushed aside the Gideon’s bible and selected a lubed condom and rolled it on his hard cock.

Joseph reaching back and spreading his ass cheeks with his fingers moaned, “No prep. No KY jelly lubricant— I want it as dry and hard as you can give it to me.. I want to feel your cock rip me apart.”

“You sure? I don’t want to hurt you. Your ass is almost virgin territory!”

“Yesssssssss. Yes I’m sure; hard and deep and fast.”

“Okay plow boy you are about to be plowed.” he said and grabbing his rock hard dick and placing it on the soldier’s rosebud he forced his cock into his screaming victim. The ass hole was tight as hell but it gave way and his penis, once passed the ring, pushed deep into the bowels until both men’s balls were slapping against each other.

“Man that smarts!”

“I’ll rest and let you get used to it.”

“NO! NO! NO! Fuck me hard and fast and deep.”

“Okay Trooper. I’m the cavalry and you are my horse and I’m going to ride you till you drop dead.” And with that Richard pulled his cock out to the ring and plowed it back in again. Again and again over and over, in and out he drove his cock. He continued long dicking the screaming soldier.

“Scream all you want–there is no one here to hear you.” He plowed in and out hitting Joseph’s sex button with every forward stroke and rubbing over it on the up stroke. He heard the helpless whimpering mass of flesh beneath him screaming; YESSSSSSS, YESSSSSSSS with each forward thrust. Again, do it again. With each outward pull, Joseph could feel his insides being sucked out while Richard felt like a vacuum pump was drawing the stored up cum from his balls to the tip of his cock. The room began to spin for both of them. Both caught up in a spiral of emotions and feelings. Richard was an ocean wave hitting against Joseph’s ass. Little by little eating away at it and then boom; the cannon roared and exploded and Joseph could feel the cummmmmmm filling the condom. And then silence and calm as Richard collapsed over Joseph’s body. Joseph’s cock shooting ropes of cum while his ass squeezed the invading prick over and over, sending electric after shocks through both of their nervous systems. As they entered into a state of orgasmic oblivion,

“God! Fantastic, that was fantastic,” Richard whispered. “Are you okay? I didn’t hurt you too much did I? There was a moment or two there when I thought I had gone too far. I wouldn’t want to really hurt you – you know that don’t you?”

“I’m okay, a bit bruised and battered, but I wanted you to do it. I wanted to feel what you felt when I conquered you last week.” Joseph said with a small smile on his face. “Now I’m the one that’s going to walk kind of funny.”

” Only one difference–no! Make that two,” Richard said. “I was not a virgin and at least here we have that hot tub to recuperate in. We’re paying for it, so let’s make use of it Just the two of us together in the tub with the warm water massaging our aches and pains away… Then maybe we will start all over…”

“What the fuck do you mean — Maybe?”

-To be continued…-