I met a beautiful woman at a party given by a mutual friend and we hit it off immediately and began dating. She was very demure and cautious about our sleeping together and after the third date she came to my apartment for dinner and we finally had sex. She was incredible! She sucked me to a wonderful orgasm and then I ate her while she had about ten loud, long orgasms until I got hard again at which time we fucked for about twenty minutes and about ten orgasms by her until I shot a load into her sweet cunt. We lay close to one another and whispered sweet things into each other s ears until I got hard again and she took me in her ass. She spent the night, and we had glorious sex the next morning and then we went to her apartment to get her stuff so that she could move in with me.

Our life together was wonderful and the sex was so good that I couldn’t believe my good fortune. I am forty-five and divorced about three years. I have my own business and am very comfortable and what I needed was a woman to give me not only incredible sex but comfort and love. Marcie was all those things and more. She is also divorced and thirty-seven with no children. She says she apparently can’t have any, and since I have been fixed, that is not a problem for us. As the weeks went by she pleased me in a hundred little ways which showed her concern and care for me. I was falling head-over-heels in love with this wonderful woman. Since I am so well off, I asked her if she would like to quit her job and just take care of me. She said she loved her job so much that she didn’t want to quit but she would work less hours so that she was always home when I was. She works for a company that has several magazines that they own and print and she is the publisher of one of them.

In my bedroom I have two little chests on each side of the bed which have a lamp on each one so one can read without disturbing the other side of the bed. I was looking for a book I had been reading before I met Marcie and I looked in her nightstand drawer for it. I was surprised to see that there was a birth control monthly container there with a few pills still in it. From the looks of it, the pill count and the start of her period coincided, so I could only conclude that she was taking the pill. This puzzled me since I was fixed and she said she couldn’t have any children why take the pills? I decided not to say anything until I saw if she was taking the pills while with me or was this just a coincidence. Every morning for the next three days one more pill was gone and the next day she started her period. I let all of this pass but now I was curious about why she would do this and not tell me about it.

While helping her move I saw a drawer she had which was filled with pictures. There were shots of her large family which she showed me and she said that she was always meaning to put all her pictures into albums to enjoy as she got older. I began to go through her drawer while she was out to see if I saw anything which would begin to answer my questions. At the bottom of the drawer there was an envelope with about two hundred high-gloss pictures and Marcie was in every one of them. What she was doing was having sex with black men in all the pictures and most of them she was servicing two or more at a time! It looked to me that she had, in this one collection, about twenty-five different black studs she fucked. And studs they were. One guy was so big that when she sucked him, it looked like her mouth was so stretched that I would have thought that she couldn’t possibly get his dick in her mouth. The same man was in her cunt and the look on her face with his dick in her was so much like she gets as she cums that I knew what she was going through. And the pictures were all professionally done, it looked like there was a whole cast of people setting up this fuck fest. The dates on the photos were all over the last two years with the last batch two months ago, which was the day before she moved in with me and meant that she was doing this since knowing me.

I have to admit that I was so aroused by seeing my beautiful girl friend getting royally fucked by these big-cock black men that if I had stroked my cock just once, I would have cum. I was dying to find out what was going on but I concluded that I should take it very slow and see if Marcie would explain the situation.

About a week later, I came home and she had obviously been crying. When I held her in my arms and asked what was the matter, she really started to cry and said that she had been living a lie with me and she couldn’t do it any more because she loved me so much. She said that since she was 14, she has been fucking black men. Her father set up her cherry being broken when he invited his handyman and the handyman s brother and his son to fuck her. Her mother died at her birth and I think her father blamed her for his unhappiness and so he arranged for her introduction into sex. Those three black men fucked her every day until she graduated from college. After the first month of their fucking, she became pregnant and her father knew that if word got around as to what happened, he could be in big trouble. He arranged for the abortion and going on birth control pills.

These three blacks had very large penises and after her original scare and disgust at what they were doing to her, she began to enjoy it, particularly since they treated her so well. As she got older and in high school, she tried sex with two boys in her classes and they were both about five inches long and quite thin and she now appreciated the two ten inches and one eleven inch that was fucking her at home. She was determined to go to college and she threatened her father with what he introduced here to do so that he would pay for her education. All the time she was still fucking the three men almost every day and usually twice or three times a day. She was a very well fucked young lady. When she went to college, she chose the local school so that she would still be near her three black men. She continued to fuck as usual and she did very well in school. When she graduated she was a business major and the only offers she got were from out-of-state and she chose a job in New York City. Her love life took a dramatic downturn at that time. She had been fucking her brains out for eight years with three huge cocks and now she was getting nothing. She knew she had to do something about that and she got one of those smut newspapers that are in racks in almost any corner in NYC and immediately saw an ad for women wanted to make xxx rated movies with black men. She knew that was for her. She called and then showed up at the place they told her and they were not at all sleazy, like she expected.

They asked me to bring nude photos if she had any and, if not, they would take some. She didn’t have any and so when she showed up, they took a lot of data from her, height, weight, bra size, phone number, etc. and then they took her into the next room where they had their cameras set up. She was asked to get naked and after a few shots, one of the black men came in who was going to be in the shoot with her the next day. He was gorgeous and very nice to talk to. They were chatting, with her still naked, and she asked if she could see his equipment. He pulled out a ten inch cock which was almost fully hard and she started to suck him as the camera rolled. When he came, she held his cock about one inch in front of her wide-open lips so that every shot of cum could be seen going into her mouth and when he was done, she opened wide and you could see her mouth almost brimming with his big load. She closed her mouth and took a big gulp and open it again and the cum was all gone. Anyway, she got the job and began a fifteen year career, on and off, of making fuck movies with black men. She got married to a white man who said he could cope with her movie making and he did for about five years and then he couldn’t take it and she didn’t care for him enough to stop.

She still worked for the company who hired her from college since the porn movie business doesn’t pay very much. She had become a manager there and made pretty good money. Why she told me the story she did, she could never figure out but once she did, it became hard to change it. Also, she liked making the movies until she met me. In her words, for the first time in my life, I wanted a man for himself and not what was hanging between his legs. Your seven thick inches is fine with me and I honestly can say I don t miss my previous men at all. All I want is to live with you and prove my love. If we end up married, that s fine but all I want is to live and love you.

I told her I loved her for her honesty and she has given me more love and pleasure than any other person I have ever known. But I admitted that I was in shock with her story and needed to think about it. I also admitted that the thought of her getting fucked by a huge black cock aroused me like I would not have expected. She asked me if we could stay together and take each day at a time and see what happens. She said if she was going to anything with another man or woman, it would be with my full consent and presence. We have continued our fantastic fucking but now as I am banging her, I keep thinking about the huge black cock I saw going into her cunt and mouth as I cum in her.

– The End –