Your story site has become quite popular with the freshman girls in my dorm. We look forward to each set of new stories. All of us feel like we have experiences that are just as interesting as the ones we’ve been reading. The only difference is that we haven’t described them in the written word. So, over the next few weeks, we are all going to write about our most unusual, most erotic or wildest sexual experiences and submit them. Here is the first the stories I plan to submit.

Two years ago, I went to a good old fashioned kegger. We didn’t actually have a keg, just a lot of cases of beer. It was actually our end-of-the-school-year celebration. The seniors got their prom, their senior trip and their commencement ceremony. Those of us who were lowly juniors just got drunk.

I went to the kegger with several friends. We had a designated driver, and it wasn’t me. My friends all know that it doesn’t take much to make me loopy and I think they were looking forward to finding out what mindless thing I might do. The reasons I don’t hold my liquor well are, for one, I’m Filipino by descent and Asians typically don’t hold up well under alcohol. The other thing is I only weigh 103 lbs. Three beers can rob me of my senses.

I had 4 beers and it was the recipe for me to get into a lot of mischief. Like I said, my friends wanted to see what I would do. The expected me to run out to the road and moon a passing car some other form of drunken foolishness. I surprised them and myself with what I did that night.

My high school was primarily white. There was a mix of other groups, about 10% black, a few Hispanics, a few native Americans, and very few Asians. I fact I was one of only 5 Asian girls in my class. With my smooth brown skin, long shiny black hair and big dark eyes, a lot of the white guys at school considered me to be kind of exotic.

I’m really happy with my looks. When I was in 10th grade, I was 2nd runner-up in the local Jr. Miss Asian American pageant. Even though I went to a school with very few Asians, there are a lot in the greater metro area so I actually had to compete with over 50 contestants.

I’m 5-1, and nicely proportioned. My smooth brown legs are relatively long, plus they’re nicely shaped and well muscled, and I have a really nice rear end. There is a popular stereotype that Asian girls have small breasts. I don’t fit that stereotype at all. My boobies are a generous 34C, and they’re full, round and firm. I have small but perky pinkish brown nipples with nickel sized areolas. The rest of me is shapely too; I have a 24 inch waist and a 33 inch hips.

Because I’m pretty and exotic, a lot of guys at my high were trying to get into my pants and I got asked out a lot. From the time I surrendered my cherry during my sophomore year, I never had to suffer from any “dry” sexual spells. In the year and a half since I officially became a non-virgin, I had rocked the world for 37 different guys. It could have been more, but I’m fussy.

So here’s how I wound up being involved in a train for the very first time. I was dressed for warm weather. I was wearing a bare midriff top that had one strap that swept up over my left shoulder. The right shoulder was bare.

I was braless so that everyone could clearly see the outline of my nipples. I was wearing a white denim mini-skirt that let any guy who wanted admire my firm, full thighs. My panties were black thongs and I know that every time I bent over or twirled around I was flashing my firm, round cheeks. The more I drank, the less I cared about modesty.

Two guys, Steve and Stuart came over to talk to me. Both guys had already had the pleasure of fucking me during the past school year. I was horny the alcohol was making my inhibitions crumble. Steve drove a mini-van with the two bench seats removed. I found myself walking toward the van with my arms around their waists.

Before long, I was in the van lying on a soft sleeping bag. My top was off and the guys were playing a best 3 out of 5 game of rock, paper, scissors to see who would join me first. Stuart won the playoff and I was the trophy. He climbed into the van and took my right nipple into his mouth. My shorts and panties came off soon after.

I was kind of glad Stuart won the game because he has the smaller penis of the two of them. He is very average, about 5 and 1/2 inches long. I have a small pussy so without a lot of foreplay to lubricate and elongate my pussy, starting out with a smaller guy was a good idea. I spread my legs wide and raised my pelvis to take him into me. It felt sooooo good. He said “If I had known we would hook up like this I wouldn’t have jacked off this morning.”

I was glad he did because it gave him better control. He managed to last about 5 minutes before he shot his load into me. That gave me enough time to climax.

Steve got to take his turn. Now Steve has a good sized dick. It’s just over 7 inches long and its thick too. Since Stuart had loosened and lubed me, I had no problem accepting him into me. I had a really intense orgasm soon after he began pumping, then he came with a long, intense, pussy flooding orgasm. Feeling his cum splashing against my inner walls sent me into yet another orgasm.

Now I guess the van was rocking, so other guys came over to see who was causing all the seismic activity. When it was known that it was me, and that I was horny, drunk and naked in the van, word spread. At least a half dozen guys at the kegger were among the guys who had at one time or another had the pleasure of having their dicks milked by my tight, hot pussy. They wanted to do me again. Other guys wanted to do me for the first time.

One by one, they took turns joining me in the back of the van. Most chose to enter me bare, sloppy seconds or not.

The fourth guy to get into the van was a black guy named Nate. He was the first black guy I ever had sex with. I had to giggle because his penis was just average, about 6, maybe even 6 and 1/2 inches. He didn’t fit the stereotype of the big dicked black guy. He asked why I was laughing and I covered by telling him that it was because I was feeling so naughty.

I moved quickly thru the next 4 guys in line. They were all new partners to me and I think they were all getting their first piece. None of them lasted very long. The 7th guy to enter me was done in about 30 seconds. I continued to let a mix of old and new sex partners use my pussy to reach heights of sexual pleasure. I had sex with 19 guys in the back of the van.

The most memorable was a really well endowed guy name Bruce. His dick looked to be at least 10 inches long. It was also very thick and wide. He had to try to penetrate me several times. The first time I actually recoiled away from him because of the discomfort. Finally he managed to move the huge head past my inner lips. He was experienced enough to know how to enter a small vagina a little at a time. It was slightly painful, but I managed to take all of him into me. I couldn’t have an orgasm due to my nervousness and the minor discomfort. But he had a long intense orgasm.

After an hour and a half of sex, I was done and ready to leave.

I had told my parents I was spending the night at a girl friend’s. I didn’t lie. My girlfriend (I’ll give her the made up name of Danni) was the designated driver and she took me to her place. Our other two friends had hooked up with guys. Danni could have too but she wanted to look after me. Her parents were out of town. When we got there, her brother and 5 of his friends were in the family room playing video games.

By then the effects of the beer were wearing off and I wanted to take a shower than sit in the backyard hot tub. I showered and thoroughly washed the cum from my pussy.

Then Danni put me into one of her bikinis and wrapped a towel around me and led me out to the hot tub. Both her room and her brother’s room were down the hall from the family room. The towels we wore was to keep her little brother and his friends from gawking at us as crossed the family room to the back yard.

Not that they hadn’t seen us in bikinis plenty of times. I hung out a lot at Danni’s house in the summer, and so did they. Danni’s family had a pool so the boys – all of them were younger than us by a year – had spent a lot of time admiring me, Danni and our other girl friends. By the way, Danni is a beautiful blond. I say she is a Jamie Presley look alike. What she lacks in breast size – she’s A cup – she makes up for with the most incredibly beautiful legs, a great rear end and a slim athletic figure.

We lowered ourselves into the hot tub and I began telling Danni about my just completed gang bang. She said she loved sex but could never work up the nerve to do it with so many guys. I noticed a newly opened window and I realized that the younger guys were eves dropping so I yelled out “Yeah guys, you heard my dirty little secret…too bad you weren’t there or you could have had the time of your lives too”.

Danni said “Don’t get the little pervs all worked up you big tease.”

I don’t know what go into me but I said “You’re right, I should give them a break and let them do what they’ve been fantasizing about all summer.”

I got out of the tub and walked back in the family room, shedding my bikini as I did. I said “You guys are going to get really lucky but only if you agree to never leak a word to anyone about what happens here.” They all stood there wordless but nodding their understanding. Finally Danni’s brother (I’ll call him Allen) kind of stuttered “We..we won’t say a thing.)

By then Danni had caught up to me. “What are you doing?” she asked.

I just grinned at her and said “Just being nice to your little brother and his friends.”

“Oh my god” was her reply.

I went into Allen’s room with Allen in tow. I told the other guys to talk among themselves to figure out who got to go next, then I closed the door.

Allen was nervous and oh so happy. His dick was small and cute…5 inches long and it pointed at the moon so to speak. I loved the shape…no funny curves or lopsided twists, just a nice straight shaft and a beautiful head. It looked like a big cherry from the non-stem end, only purplish instead of red.

He entered me and shot his load in about a minute. I was his first. One by one, the other guys came in and fucked me. Two had already lost their virginities but they had no control. None of them lasted more than two minutes. One had a fairly large penis; it was about 7 and 1/2 inches long and medium thick.

The guys came in already naked and left the same. Danni couldn’t help herself. My detailed story and seeing those young dicks took her over the edge. She went into her room, slipped out of her bikini and let each of the guys fuck her except for her little brother. I took care of him by fucking him a second time.

So that’s my first submission to your story site. I hope everyone who reads it finds it interesting.

– The End –