Chapter 6

Angie pushed the bedroom door shut and stood next to it listening. What would she do if Steve knocked on her door? Let him in? It had taken all of her willpower to stop his advances and go to her room. She didn’t think she would be able to say no again. She shook her head. No, this was the right thing. It was too soon. Even though she’d been longing to do it for years, she had to keep her head and take it easy. Steve was interested. All she had to do was take it slow. But she only had two weeks. She couldn’t afford to wait too long.

She pressed her ear to the door and held her breath as the TV went silent. A long moment later she heard him walk to his room and close the door. She breathed a sigh of relief at not having to turn him away again, if she even could.

Not that she was a virgin. She’d had sex with her ex back home. They had been going out for a few months and they had slowly progressed from necking to heavy petting, then hand jobs, blow jobs, and finally sex. They had only fucked three times before breaking up and he had always finished before her, long before she was even close to cumming. And even though she had gone down on him several times, once even swallowing, he had refused to pleasure her orally. But her feelings for Steve were much stronger. She thought she may even be in love with him, and she knew in her heart it would be better with him.

She went over to the bed and slipped her pajama bottoms off. She always slept in just her panties and a nightshirt or pajama tops. She crawled into bed and lay there thinking about their kiss. It was just like she had imagined it would be – hot and passionate. Her hand went to her panties and she slipped it inside, gently massaging her erect clit. After a few minutes, she pulled them off and unbuttoned her top. She stroked her wet pussy with one hand while pinching her nipples with the other. Before long, her breathing became shallow and she began to feel the initial tingle of an impending orgasm. She pushed two fingers deep into her pussy, imagining it was Steve’s hard cock as she pumped them in and out. A moment later, her vaginal muscles contracted on her fingers and she turned her head, burying her face in her pillow to muffle her cries until she stopped cumming and her body relaxed. She lay spread eagle on the bed, her pussy exposed and her bare chest heaving as she caught her breath.

After she regained her composure, she slipped out of her top and slept nude, as she often did after masturbating. She loved the feel of the cool sheets on her bare skin, which still tingled. She was asleep in minutes, the covers pulled to her waist.

Chapter 7

The next morning, Angie awoke to the creak of footsteps in the kitchen above her room. She got up and pulled her pajama top on to go to the bathroom. It fell to her hips, barely concealing her pussy, but she didn’t care. If everything went according to plan, Steve would soon see all, anyway. She opened her door and peeked out. Steve’s door was still closed and she couldn’t hear any movement from behind it. She crept over to the bathroom, closed the door and turned on the shower.

When she emerged fifteen minutes later wrapped in a towel, Steve was on the couch watching TV wearing a pair of boxer shorts and a t-shirt. He turned to her and she saw his eyes make the trip up and down her body before locking back on her eyes. She smiled. It usually irritated her to no end when a guy stared at her chest or crotch, but with Steve, it felt kinda good.

“Good morning.”

“Morning,” Steve replied. “Did you sleep ok?”

She nodded. “Like a baby. You?”

He turned the TV off and stood up, then moved over to her. “Ok, I guess,” he replied. He leaned down awkwardly and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. She smiled.

“It’s all yours,” she said, gesturing toward the bathroom. He watched her walk into her room and turn to face him. She placed one hand on the door and the other one on her towel. Just before she pushed the door closed, she released the towel and it dropped to the floor. For a split second she stood naked before him, then the door closed and she was gone. He stood gaping at the closed door, not believing what she’d just done! He shook his head to clear it, then went into the bathroom. He took a long, cold shower, the fleeting image of her perfect naked body fresh in his mind.

When he came out of the bathroom, her door was open but she was nowhere to be seen. He dressed quickly and went upstairs. He could smell the bacon and hear the clatter of silverware before he was halfway up the stairs.

Angie was sitting at the table chewing on a piece of bacon while chatting with his father. He heard her giggle as he made his way across the kitchen. Cathy and Karen were both busy pouring coffee and cooking. Angie’s father wasn’t there.

Everyone greeted him cheerily and he sat down at the table. His mother set a plate of bacon and eggs in front of him and he dug in hungrily.

His mother eyed him over her shoulder as she went back to the stove. “So what did you two do last night?” Steve’s face turned red and he looked down at his plate as he shoveled a forkfull of food into his mouth. Angie answered for him.

“We went for a walk, but the mosquitos got too bad so we came back here and watched TV.”

Karen nodded, throwing a glance over at his father, who pretended not to see it. They had spoken last night about the possible dangers of leaving two hormonally charged teenagers alone together. His father didn’t seem to think it was a problem. Men!, she had thought, rolling her eyes. “Any plans for today?” she asked Steve.

Steve swallowed his food. “I have to work at noon,” he replied, looking up at Angie. She frowned, but quickly recovered and her face took on a disinterested demeanor. “I get off at five,” he added, anticipating her next question.

“What about you, Angie?” his mother asked as she tossed the dirty frying pan into the sink. “We’re going shopping . . ,” she said, gesturing toward Cathy, ” . . .while the guys are golfing. You’re more than welcome to join us.”

Angie swallowed the last of her breakfast and stood up, carrying her plate over to the sink. “Thanks, Mrs Wilkens, but I think I’ll just hang around here. Maybe catch some sun.”

“Make sure you put on lots of sunscreen, honey,” Cathy said, giving her a warning glance.

“Of course, Mom!” she replied, rolling her eyes. “I’m not an idiot!”

Just then, Angie’s father appeared. “Good morning, everyone,” he said and kissed Angie on the cheek.

“Morning, Daddy,” she replied with a smile, then turned and went back downstairs. Steve longed to follow her.

“What time do we tee off, Alan?” Mark asked Steve’s father. Alan checked his watch.

“Forty-five minutes. We should be going.”

“What time do you think you’ll be home?” Karen asked.

Alan shrugged. “Hard to say. We’ll have lunch at the club and probably play a few more holes this afternoon.”

Karen looked over at Cathy. “Looks like we can plan on a full day at the mall!” The men said their goodbyes and left for the golf course.

Cathy stood up. “Well, I better go get ready. Just give me five minutes.” She disappeared down the hall toward the guest room. Karen looked over at Steve, who was just finishing off his plate.

“She’s pretty,” Karen said. Steve looked up at her and swallowed his food.

“Huh? Who?”

Karen smiled knowingly and motioned toward the basement stairs. “Who do you think?” Steve felt his face getting hot and stood up to carry his plate over to the sink, keeping his back to his mother. “I’m not trying to embarrass you, honey. But remember, she’s only here for two weeks.” He paused before turning to her. Did she know they were making out on the couch last night? Surely Angie wouldn’t have said anything!

“But, I . . . I mean, we’re not . . .,” he stammered.

She just shook her head, the smile still on her lips. “You’re fifteen, Steve. Hormones are in control. And she is a very attractive girl. I know what’s going on, or will be eventually. I’m not saying not to explore your feelings, but to be careful. That’s all.” She patted his shoulder as she walked past him on the way to her bedroom. “I just don’t want to see either of you get hurt.” He swallowed hard. His mother had never spoken to him about girls before and it was a little weird. And she was right. As beautiful and sexy and into him as she was, she would be gone in two weeks. His heart sank at the reality of his situation.

Just then, Angie appeared from the basement wearing a very skimpy white bikini. Steve had to stop his mouth from dropping open at the sight of her. She was absolutely gorgeous! Her long, slender legs seemed to go on forever and her narrow waist gave way to the curves of her breasts, pushed up even fuller by the bikini top. Her long hair was brushed to a silky sheen and flowed across her bare shoulders before cascading down her back. She was mesmerizing. Intoxicating. She held a bottle of sunscreen in one hand and a beach towel in the other.

“Want to come out with me?” she asked, looking around to see who else was in the kitchen. “I need someone to rub this on my back.” Steve looked up at the clock. It was only ten o’clock. He had plenty of time to get to work. It was only a ten minute bike ride.

“Sure,” he said. “Let me get some shorts on. I’ll be right there.”

He went down the stairs two at a time, nearly falling at the bottom. He ran into his room and pulled on his swim suit, still lying in the corner from yesterday. At the last minute, he stopped and pulled his weed from his stash and quickly spun one up. He couldn’t smoke before going to work, but maybe Angie would want one after he’d gone. He stuffed the baggie back into his hiding place and ran back up the stairs. He caught a glimpse of the Delaney’s minivan backing out of the driveway through the living room window as he went out through the patio doors into the back yard. They were alone again.

He found Angie where he figured she would be. There were two reclining lounge chairs on the grass a few yards from the deck. Angie had moved them both to a spot where they could catch the morning sun, which was in a secluded area next to the shed. She had lain her towel on the vinyl cushion of one of them and was spreading sunscreen onto her arms when he walked up.

She grinned impishly and scanned his slender body. This was the first time she had seen him with his shirt off and she seemed pleased. Not that he was real muscular, but working in the lumber yard and playing sports had left him lean and well toned. She sat down and tossed him the bottle.

“Just in time. Can you do my legs for me?” He grinned. She could easily do her legs herself, but he welcomed any opportunity to touch her and didn’t hesitate. He knelt at her feet and squeezed some of the slick white lotion onto her knees, then began to slowly spread it around her slender, athletic legs. She leaned back and watched as he covered her calves and lower legs, then moved up to her thighs. She spread her legs slightly so he could do her inner thighs and wondered just how far he would go. He surprised her by going just a few inches from where her thong bikini stretched over her trimmed pussy. He looked up at her and grinned.

“Anywhere else you need done?”

She returned his grin and lay down on her stomach. “Just my back,” she said. She gathered up her long hair, pulled it to one side, then reached around to unclasp her bikini top. The thin straps fell away and she laid her head on her folded arms, waiting for him to continue.

Steve looked down at her bare back and the side of her breast as she lay on the lounger. She was practically naked! He squeezed a good amount of the lotion onto her back and began to slowly massage it into her skin.

“Mmmm,” she murmured. “That feels nice!” He continued rubbing his hands across the soft, smooth skin of her back long after the sunscreen had been absorbed. She seemed to enjoy his touch and he definitely enjoyed touching her bare skin!

“You better put some on, too,” she said, her eyes closed. “You don’t want to burn.” She was right. Reluctantly, he removed his greasy hands from her back and began applying lotion to his arms, chest, and shoulders. He looked down at her when he finished and saw that she was watching him. “Turn around,” she said. “I’ll get your back for you.”

He turned around and she sat up. He felt her soft hands on his back as she slowly rubbed the creamy lotion into his skin. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the strap of her bikini top lying on her chair and caught his breath. He had assumed that she had put it back on before sitting up! She was topless, putting sunscreen on him!

“All done,” she said, then a slight pause and her voice lowered slightly. “You can turn around now.” He slowly turned around. She was sitting on the edge of her chair, still topless. Her firm tits didn’t sag and the erect nipples were poking out a good quarter inch. His stared at them for a few seconds before realizing he was doing it and looked up into her face.

“Hi,” she said softly, a shy smile on her luscious lips.

“Hi,” he replied, licking his lips. She looked down at her perky breasts, then back up to him.

“I . . . uh, changed my mind,” she said, her eyes locked on his. “Would you like to touch them?” He nodded, his eyes moving from her chest to her eyes. She beckoned to him. “Then come here. Lick them – suck them.” He dropped to his knees on the grass and moved toward her. She spread her legs so he could move in closer. He paused, looking at the two perfect globes before him. “Have you ever done this before?” she asked. Steve hesitated, then shook his head in embarrassment, lowering his eyes. “Hey!” she said, lifting his chin. “It’s ok! Nothing to be embarrassed about!” She pulled his head closer. “Just suck on my nipples. Flick your tongue across them.” He took one of her hard nipples between his lips. “That’s it,” she said. He began to suck on it and she held his head tighter. “Oh, yes! Just like that!” Encouraged by her reaction, he sucked harder, flicking his tongue across the hard nub while his hand went to her other tit and squeezed it. “Mmmm!” she moaned, closing her eyes. He worked on one for a while, then moved over to the other one, giving it the same attention. He could smell a musky aroma, which he found very enticing.

Finally, Angie pulled him from her breast and leaned down to kiss him. They kissed hard, hungrily. When they finally pulled apart, Angie glanced down at his shorts. He was sporting a raging hard-on, creating a pup tent in his shorts. She looked up at him, the impish grin once more on her face and her blue eyes sparkling.

“I can’t let you go to work in this condition!” she exclaimed, nodding toward his hard dick. He blushed, not knowing what to say. Angie took his hands and stood up, pulling him to his feet. She kissed him again, then looked directly into his eyes. “I think I can help you relax,”she said, and dropped to her knees in front of him.

As he looked down, she grasped his shorts in both hands and pulled them down. His heart was hammering in his chest as his hard cock sprang out, bobbing in front of her face. It wasn’t huge, not like in the porn movies, but it was about seven inches long. Certainly nothing to be ashamed of at his age. She looked up at him and reached out for it. When she gripped the hard shaft in his hands, he moaned. No girl had ever touched his cock before, and it felt so good! She started to slowly move her hand back and forth along its length, looking up to his face every few seconds as she did. He had closed his eyes, lost in the wonderful sensations she was creating.

“Steve?” He opened his eyes and looked down at her. “Can I . . . suck it? Give you a blow-job?” He nodded, still not believing this was actually happening. “Ok, but I want you to warn me before you cum. Can you promise me you will?” Again, he nodded. She licked her lips and moved her face closer to his throbbing meat. She stuck her tongue out and licked the entire length of it, causing him to shiver and moan. He was so turned on, it took everything he had to stop himself from shooting all over her right then and there. He knew if she did suck on it, it would only be a matter of seconds.

She pulled her head back and looked up at him. “Ok, I’m going down. Remember your promise.” With that, she opened her mouth and slid it over his pulsating head, her tongue moving sensuously along the sensitive underside. He moaned louder, fighting the urge to cum.

“Angie!” he gasped. “I can’t take much more!” She pulled her mouth from his hard penis and looked up.

“You taste good,” she said, licking her lips. “Just relax. I want to do it a while longer.”

“I’ll try,” he panted, looking into her pretty face. She looked up at him, waiting for him to give her the ok. After a few moments, he nodded and he slipped her warm, wet mouth back over his soft head. He sucked in a deep breath through his teeth as her tongue swirled and rubbed all over his dick. Almost immediately, he felt himself back on the edge.

“Oh, shit, Angie! I think I’m gonna . . .” Instead of pulling off like he’d expected, she began bobbing her head faster. He felt his balls contract and groaned as his seed surged through his hard dick and erupted into Angie’s hot little mouth. “Ohhhhh . . .!” he groaned, his eyes squeezed tight.

Angie stopped bobbing her head, but continued to suck the jism from his spurting dick, swallowing each mouthful. When he finally stopped cumming, she let his shriveling dick slip from her mouth and looked up at him, smacking her lips. “You DO taste good!” she said with a grin.

Steve’s legs felt rubbery and he sank back to the chair behind him, trying to catch his breath after the unbelievable blow-job she’d just given him. Well, ok, it was his first blow-job, but he still thought it was pretty fucking unbelievable! “A . . .Angie!” he gasped. “Th . . . that was . . .” He swallowed, still trying to catch his wind. She smiled and stood up. “I thought you . . . wanted me to warn you so you could . . . pull off before . . .” She shook her head.

“I changed my mind. You tasted so good I wanted to taste your cum, too.” She grinned and reached for her top. “And I’m glad I did!” She picked up her watch from the little table next to her chair, looked at it, and frowned. “Don’t you have to be a work for noon?” He nodded. “Well, it’s eleven-thirty. You better get ready.”

“Shit!” he said, standing and pulling his shorts back up. He kissed her quickly, getting a faint taste of his own cum from her spermy lips. “I gotta go!” He ran toward the house, then stopped and ran back. He passed her the joint he’d rolled. “This is for you!” he said, kissing her once more. He ran off again. “I’ll see you at supper!” he called before disappearing inside.

Angie studied the joint, then stuck it inside her bikini top. She picked up her towel and started back into the house. She didn’t give a shit about sunbathing anymore. She was so fucking horny now that the only thing she could think of was her little friend that was stashed away in her suitcase. She wondered if she’d remembered to pack fresh batteries.

Steve arrived at work five minutes early. He had never been late or missed a shift, but this was the most he ever had to rush to get there on time. He wheeled into the warehouse and propped his bike against the wall next to the employee lunch room. It was going to be a long five hours. He couldn’t get the image of Angie in only her thong bikini bottom sucking his cock. Fuck, she was hot! There was little doubt in his mind that he would be fucking her before too much longer – maybe even tonight. A car horn sounded, interrupting his thoughts, and he went outside to take care of his first customer of the day.

Chapter 8

After Steve left for work, Angie went into the house and straight down into the basement to her room. She rummaged though her suitcase until she found the long silver vibrator she’d had for over a year now. She flicked the switch and it buzzed to life. She had remembered the batteries after all. She smiled to herself and went out to the rec room. She went over to the satellite receiver and saw that original card with the Dish Network logo on it was once again in the slot of the receiver. Trying to remember which drawer Steve had got the other card from, she went over to his desk and began to dig through the drawers. After a couple of minutes, she found the card and replaced the other one with it. She turned the TV on and took off her top, then the bottom of her bikini while the satellite reset itself.

She picked up the remote and sat down on the couch, completely naked, and rubbed her wet pussy with the long steel shaft, but didn’t turn it on. Not yet. The TV suddenly blinked, then the picture came up. She hit the guide, located the adult channels, and settled on one entitled ‘Wet Sex’. As two women began to sixty-nine one another, she flicked on her vibrator and leaned back into the couch, pressing the smooth shaft into her tight, wet pussy.

She watched the on-screen action as her fingers guided the vibrator to her most sensitive spots and she gasped as it triggered a small orgasm almost immediately. She must be extremely turned on to cum so fast! A well muscled man had joined the two women and was now fucking one of them doggie style while she licked at the other girl’s pussy. Angie had often fantasized about what it would be like with another girl, often masturbating to her father’s lesbian porno movies she had found in the basement. She had never actually done anything with another girl, but the idea of it really got her going!

She continued tp push it slowly in and out of her pussy, the silver shaft now slick with her juices. When the man began fucking the other woman, he really pounded her. She was screaming for him to go harder and faster. Angie pumped the slick vibrator in and out of her own pussy with the same fervor, wishing that she also had one that resembled a real cock. But the only ones the store had didn’t vibrate, and she had to decide between realistic or vibrations. The woman on the TV moaned and cried, probably faking it, but Angie felt her own orgasm becoming very real. She held it against her clit just as the man pulled his cock from the girl’s pussy and they opened their mouths to catch his load. As he shot stream after stream of hot semen all over their faces, Angie cried out as the orgasm enveloped her, her body contorting on the couch with the buzzing sex toy still trapped between her legs. By the time she stopped cumming and removed it from her pussy, the scene had changed and a black woman was getting her ass reamed by one of the biggest cocks she’d ever seen. That had to hurt!

She lay there for a while watching the never-ending porn, not bothering to get dressed. Every once in a while she’d get all worked up again and use her vibrator to bring herself to another crashing orgasm. After over an hour of near constant use, it wasn’t buzzing with the same intensity anymore. She either needed to get new batteries or turn off the porn and do something useful. A nice, warm bath would be nice. There was a full bath upstairs. She switched the cards back in the satellite receiver, tossed her vibrator back into her suitcase and went upstairs, still naked, to take a bath.

Chapter 9

Steve rolled down the street, pedaling furiously. He’d left work at precisely five pm and was about to make the final turn onto his street. He stopped pedaling and let the bike coast around the turn, then took his time going down the street to his house. He didn’t want to burst in on Angie all out of breath and gasping for air. That would come later, he thought, smiling to himself.

To his disappointment, both his parents’ Impala and the Delaney’s minivan were in the driveway. He sighed. It wasn’t really a big surprise. He knew they would already be home or soon would be. No time for any fun right away. He pulled into the garage and left his bike against the wall, then went in through the side door. He peeked into the kitchen, but no one was there. He heard male voices from the living room and made his way through the kitchen. They were louder now and he could make out his father’s voice.

“It’s a good offer, Mark. And Bob’s a stand up boss. He’ll treat you . . .” Steve poked his head around the corner and the conversation stopped. His father and Mark both stared at him for a second, then his father smiled.

“Hey, Steve! Got your day in?”

Steve nodded. “Where is everyone?”

“Mrs Delaney and your mother are in the bedroom trying on the new clothes they bought. I think Angie’s in the basement,” he replied. His eyes shifted to Mark, who was looking straight out the picture window, apparently deep in thought. “Uh, we’re kind of in the middle of something here, Steve. Could you . . .?”

Steve got the hint. “Huh? Oh, sure. Sorry to interrupt!” His father gave him a slight nod, but Mark didn’t even look at him. As he walked back through the kitchen, Mark began to speak in hushed tones.

“But I would have to uproot my family, sell the house . . .” He wondered what was going on. Whatever it was, it was pretty serious and was something they didn’t want him to overhear. He wasn’t a snoop, so he went downstairs, hoping to find Angie there.

She was there, sitting on the couch watching TV with a pillow on her lap. She wore a tight t-shirt that he could see no bra strap through, and a tight pair of white shorts. Her long legs were stretched out to the coffee table in front of the couch. She was watching something on TV that had her complete attention and she didn’t notice him until he touched her shoulder from behind. She let out a startled cry and turned to see who it was.

“Holy shit, Steve! You scared the shit outta me!” He glanced at the TV. Some slasher movie. He didn’t know which one it was. They were all pretty much the same and it was a movie genre that he didn’t quite understand what all the fuss was about. They were boring and predictable. Have sex – die.

“Sorry,” he said with an apologetic look. “I thought you saw me come in.” She turned down the volume and turned to face him as he sat next to her.

“Did you hear the news?” she asked excitedly, her scare forgotten.

He gave her a questioning look. “What news?”

She took his hand. She was practically giddy with excitement. “They met up with your father’s boss at the club last night and he offered Daddy a job here in Mason! A really good job! That’s why they went golfing today – to talk with him some more about it!” Suddenly, the hushed meeting in the living room made sense. “Isn’t it great news?! We could be neighbors again!” She lowered her voice and winked sexily at him. “Very special neighbors!”

Steve’s face broke out into a wide grin. “That would be great!” Her smile broadened, if that was possible, at his reaction. Then his grin faded a little. “But I just heard them talking in the living room. Your father doesn’t seem completely convinced.”

Angie’s face became more solemn. She nodded. “I know. But it’s only because he’s been at his firm for over ten years and he’s a little nervous about starting over somewhere new.” She leaned closer. “They’re going away to your father’s boss’s cabin tonight to talk it over some more. We’ll be here all alone!” she added with a devilish grin. Steve’s mind whirled. Angie could end up living here in Mason! She could be his girlfriend! Then he returned to more pressing matters. They would be alone tonight. All night. He had been up to his father’s boss’s cabin before. His ‘cabin’, as he referred to it, was a seven bedroom log mansion on a remote lake two hour’s drive from town. He was taking the Delaney’s up there to impress them, no question. And he needed his parents there for backup. They would be staying the night, for sure.

“Steve! Angie!” his mother called from upstairs. “Could you come up here, please?” They looked at each other and grinned.

“Be right there, Mom!” Steve replied. Holding Angie’s hand, they climbed the stairs to the kitchen. They released their hands at the top of the stairs. There was no telling what impact their getting close may have on her father’s decision. No point in taking any chances.

All four of them were sitting around the kitchen table, talking in quiet, somber tones. They all turned to the two teens when they walked in. “You wanted to see us?” Steve asked.

Mark cleared his throat. “Yes. Uh, Angie, as you may have heard, I was offered a job here in Mason last night and I was wondering how you’d feel about moving here.” He glanced at Cathy, who gave him a supportive nod, then everyone looked at Angie.

“Uh . . . I guess it would be all right,” she said, her eyes darting from one to another.

“Are you sure?” her father asked. “It’s a big decision, honey. We want to make sure we’re all ok with it before we go any further.”

She swallowed hard and nodded. “Y . . .yeah. I’m sure.” She glanced over at Steve “Steve and I are getting to be friends again, and this is a nice town. I like it here”

Mark studied her for a long moment, then turned to Cathy, who nodded. “All right, Alan. Make the call. We’ll go up and hear what he has to say.” As his father picked up the phone and dialed a number, Cathy got up and came over to Steve and Angie.

“We ‘re going up to Steve’s dad’s boss’s cabin for the night, honey. We need to talk some more about this with him. Are you two going to be all right here by yourselves?” Steve looked over her shoulder and saw his mother watching him intently. She smiled slightly when she saw him looking back, but he knew that look. She knew something was going on, but didn’t know how to stop it. Or if she should even try.

“Sure, Mom. We’ll be fine,” she replied. Cathy turned to Steve. “Can I trust you to behave like a gentleman, Steve?”

He gave her his most innocent smile. “Of course, Mrs Delaney! We’ll just rent a couple of DVDs and pop some popcorn!” Sure we will, he thought, smiling to himself. She gave him a long stare, then turned back to Angie.

“Here’s twenty dollars, honey. Get yourselves a pizza.” She kissed her on the forehead and went back over to the table. Alan was just hanging up the phone.

“Ok, let’s get packed. They’re expecting us at nine.”

– To Be Continued… –