Last week I got a phone call from Komal telling me how horny she was and how she wanted me to come over to her apartment and do something about her condition. Having nothing better to do, I told her I would be right over. We have been together a few times and there are very few things that are more fun than alleviating Komal’s feelings of horniness. Although not attractive in the conventional way, she is extremely sensuous so we hugely enjoy making love together. That day was no exception. After she buzzed me through the security door, I walked up the flight of stairs to her floor and knocked on her door in our prearranged way. When she let me in I saw the reason Komal was being so cautious.

She was standing in her hallway, completely naked, even barefoot, and smiling lasciviously at me. Her breasts are small but her nipples are big and I knew they were already erect and waiting to be caressed by my tongue. There is a roll of fat around her belly but her body felt good to me as I hugged her tightly and kissed her rather plain but smiling face.”I’m really glad to see you, Suhail. C’mon” I followed Komal down the short hallway to what I knew to be her bedroom, watching her short, blonde ponytail swinging as she walked. Once in the room, I knew what she wanted me to do so, after removing my shoes and socks, I lay down on my back, otherwise fully dressed, with a pillow under my head. Komal sprawled full length on top of me and started kissing my face. “Nice of you to come over on such short notice,” she said to me after kissing my eyes. Before I could answer, her tongue was in my mouth, seeking mine and finding it easily.”Nothing I like better than coming here to see you,” I answered when she took her tongue out of my mouth. Komal smiled, opened her mouth again and we resumed kissing and mingling our tongues until she pulled back and started unbuttoning my shirt. When she was through with the buttons, I sat up so she could remove it and toss it onto the floor.I lay back down. Komal straddled my waist and leaned forward so I could reach her breasts with my mouth. With her hands cupped under them, she presented the first one to me and, after I had licked the large, firm nipple a few strokes, she moved to present my mouth with the other. As she moved from side to side to let her nipples and my tongue mutually pleasure each other, she was cooing happily and I could smell her pussy juices and feel them trickling out onto my belly.”I really love it when you lick my pussy, Suhail, but now I need you to suck my boobies,” Komal said, unnecessarily as she leaned closer to me so I could take a breast into my mouth. Although they are small, I was able to get a nice mouthful and suck on it while my tongue caressed her nipple and areola. She was sighing and murmuring her pleasure with what I was doing, and my mouth was also enjoying the feel of her soft flesh on my lips and the hardened ridges of her nipples against my tongue. For a long time, we continued, with Komal alternating pushing her breasts into my mouth until it was time for me to start eating her pussy.

She sat up and lifted one knee over me so she was kneeling beside me. After turning on that knee and swinging her other leg over my body, she was facing my crotch where my erect cock was tenting the pants I was still wearing, and her beautiful, wet pussy was staring me in the face, although still too far away for me to lick. Komal immediately changed that, backing toward me on her knees to press against my face so I could start doing what we both wanted me to do. Once she had stretched her legs out beside my head and I had curled my hands around her hips to spread her plump ass cheeks, we resumed our love-making. I admired her cute pink rosebud but Komal doesn’t like me to lick her there or put my finger into her so I wouldn’t.

Although we were in the 69 position, she would not be sucking my cock. Komal gets no particular enjoyment from that and, in my case at least, considers sucking a man off to be a waste of an erection. She does like to look at my cock and play with it, though, and when I started licking the fresh pussy juices from her thighs, crotch and everywhere else I could find them. Komal unfastened my pants and pushed them down my legs. I bent my knees so she could pull them off around my feet and toss them aside. I was wearing just my under shorts and Komal pushed them down and reached into the waistband so she could take my cock out to fondle and lick.

By the time my cock was in her hands, I had finished savoring her juices and my tongue was caressing her between one pair of inner and outer pussy lips. Starting at their origin just below Komal’s pink love hole, I licked this very soft and smooth area, immensely enjoying the feel of it on the tip of my tongue. She enjoyed it too and her pussy was squirming above me as I licked farther along the pair of lips.

When I reached the end of her inner lip, where it merges with its opposite number to form her clit hood, the squirming had graduated to slowly fucking down into my face. As I caressed the top of the hood, her cooing changed to moans of pleasure and fresh juices spurted out onto my chin.”Keep licking me there, Suhail,” she murmured. “I love it when you lick my clit.” I hadn’t actually touched her clit yet but I changed that, curling my tongue under the hood to gently fondle that extremely sensitive place. “Oh!” she gasped at this very intimate contact. “Yeah! Yeah! Like that.”

Komal was on top but I still controlled where my tongue went and I didn’t want to spend too much time licking her clit just yet. I wanted her to cum big, so both of us would get the most pleasure possible from it, and that meant not too quickly. First I wanted both of us to enjoy what my mouth and her pussy could do for each other so I brought my tongue back to the place where I had started, below her pink love channel.

This time, after devouring all her fresh juices, I licked the other pair of pussy lips in the same way, slowly, covering the same surfaces many times over. I delighted in the way Komal’s inner lip felt, spongy from engorgement with fluid. When I reached the hood that protects her precious love button, I caressed her there again, happily listening to her ecstatic moans, ending in whimpers, and her pleas to me to lick her clit so she could cum. I could tell, from the spongy feel of her lips, the way her ecstatic moans were ending in whimpers and the volume of the fresh juices gushing from her pussy that she was ready to cum.once again, I started at her wet, pink hole, this time probing in at the edges with my tongue. One thing I like about doing this, especially from this angle, is the way her delicious juices spurt directly onto my tongue as it is thrust into her. Another thing I like is the way her pussy was writhing and squirming above me as if trying to wrap itself around my face. By the time I reached the top of her love hole, my tongue, as it probed the edges, was indirectly stimulating her clit. That was not enough for Komal, though, and she slid her body slightly downward so her adorable love button popped right into my mouth. I decided it was time anyhow, so I started sucking on it and caressing the swollen sides and top with my tongue.”Yes! Yes!” Komal cried out when she felt my mouth where she wanted it, and doing what she wanted. “Suck my clit! Make me cum!”

That was my intention and, less than a minute later, “Oh! Oh, my God! I’m cumming,” she trilled. Komal ground her pussy into my face and I could hear and feel her feet kicking the mattress on either side of me. My hands kept a tight grip on her ass cheeks because I didn’t want her to slip off me and my lips kept a tight grip on her clit because I didn’t want her pulling away from me until she was through cumming.

When she climaxed, it was with a shout of triumph and a strong push of her pussy against my face. After her orgasm, Komal lay quietly on top of me and I licked up the nectar from her thighs, crotch and everywhere on the outside her pussy. There was a pool of her juices inside her precious love hole but I left them, even though I knew they would have been even more delicious than those I did devour. I was fully aware that, after regaining strength from her orgasm, Komal would want to fuck, and the juices would be needed for lubrication.It didn’t take long before she was ready. “That was wonderful, Suhail. You did wonders for my pussy with your mouth. I hope you can do the same with this.” As she spoke, she was fondling my cock, which was still erect.”Well, there’s only one way to find out, isn’t there?”

Komal didn’t answer right away, but rolled off me, turned and slid over to the nightstand beside the bed. She took a condom from the drawer, removed the wrapper and knelt beside me, rolling the contraceptive on to where it belonged. With my cock in her hand, ready for action, she straddled my legs and rose up to crouch over me. Before she slipped it into her pussy, Komal answered my question.

“Well, then, let’s find out, shall we?” Komal smiled lewdly at me, knowing my answer.

As I smiled back at her and nodded my head, Komal held her pussy open with the fingers of one hand while the other held my cock against the wet hole it would soon be fucking. She was dripping from the juices I had left there and the fresh ones she was already secreting, and she rubbed the head of my cock against the wetness. With both of us properly lubricated, she eased the tip into her waiting pussy, sighing happily as she felt it wedge inside.I sighed happily too as I felt Komal start to envelop my cock. Still crouching, she lowered herself farther, stopping after two more inches had slipped into her pussy. Before continuing, she grinned and said “So far it feels pretty good. Let’s see what happens when the whole thing is in me.”

Having no need to say anything, I grinned back. She was so wet and eager to fuck that juices were running from her pussy, down my cock and soaking into my pubic hair, but she wanted to take it slow and make it last. Putting her hands on my chest to support some of her weight, Komal raised herself until just the head of my cock was still inside her pussy, paused, and lowered herself again, taking in more of my cock and cooing from the pleasure it was already giving her as it spread open her tight hole. Over and over she raised and lowered herself, grimacing in pleasure every time her pussy enveloped more of my cock, until her pubic hair was mingling with mine.

“Ooooo, that feels even better,” Komal murmured and lowered herself so her upper body could lie full length on top of me with her legs stretched out beside of mine. We both enjoy the full body contact of this position and I especially enjoyed her hard nipples digging into my chest.As Komal sprawled on top of me with part of her weight supported by her elbows, I curled my hands up and rested them on her soft, round ass. By bending my knees I spread her legs farther apart so my cock could penetrate a fraction of an inch deeper. Komal expressed her additional pleasure and started fucking with long, slow strokes.Pushing herself forward with her feet and pulling with her arms, she moved on top of me until just the head of my cock remained inside her pussy. After pausing for a second, she reversed direction to once again envelop my cock. Just as she had taken my hard shaft almost all the way back in, I thrust forward to meet her, pushing down on her hips. Komal cooed happily as we both enjoyed the soft collision of our bodies and my entire cock was once again embedded in her pussy. Her cooing became louder and evolved into moans of pleasure as we continued stroking, slowly, and with a minimum of contact between her clit and my cock. Both of us wanted to make it last as long as we could and when we were ready to cum, she would change her position. Until then, we would fuck slowly, building up our level of bliss until we had reached the point of ecstasy.

Although Komal’s pussy is tight, her juices were flowing so heavily that my cock glided easily in and out. For a long time, she slid back on forth on top of me as we whispered to each other how great it was. Sometimes I kissed her and sometimes she kissed me. The longer we continued, the more erratic her movements were becoming as she writhed on top of me, her pleasure mounting. Abruptly, she slid too far forward and my cock slipped out of her wet pussy. For a moment, all four of our hands groped for the slippery shaft until Komal held it, put the tip inside her pussy and slid back until my cock was back where it belonged. We both giggled about the sudden emergency and she started using shorter strokes. We were having such a marvelous time that neither of us wanted it to end but we both knew it would. As we continued slowly fucking, I could feel pressure mounting in my groin. “I’m getting ready to cum,” I whispered into her ear. “Me too,” she responded. With my cock embedded deeply in her pussy, Komal moved slowly to avoid dislodging it. She pushed against my chest to raise her upper body and brought her knees forward until she was in the cowgirl position, kneeling on the bed while straddling my body. She smiled down at me and started stroking her pussy up and down on my cock from the different angle.”Ohhhh, that feels so good on my clit,” she murmured.

It felt good to me too, as she slowly raised and lowered herself, my cock scraping against the base of her most sensitive spot as she engulfed it with her pussy and again when she rose back up. I put my hands on her ass cheeks, partly to guide her because I knew she would soon lose some control of her movements, and partly because I liked fondling her there. At first, her movements were slow but, as we continued, she increased the speed of her strokes. I fucked up into her, matching the faster pace. “Uh! Uh! Uh!” Komal whimpered as she moved up and down on top of me. I was moaning also as incredible pleasure radiated from my cock and coursed through my entire body. Faster and faster we fucked. “Give it to me!” Komal demanded, and I did, but mostly she was giving it to herself. I raised my hands to the sides of her hips, more concerned with helping her stay safely in place than with feeling her soft skin. “Yes! Yes!” she pleaded. “Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” I rammed my cock in and out of her pussy as hard as I could and, moments later, “Oh! Oh! I’m cumming!” she cried out joyfully. Komal’s body was so out of control from the ecstasy that flooded through her that I had to take command. While she pitched and tossed on top of me, I drove my cock in and out of her pussy, shoving down on her hips for the deepest penetration and to make the best contact with her clit. For several minutes, tremendously pleasurable for both of us, she continued cumming, until she climaxed with a great jerk of her body. I held her in place and pounded my cock into her until my entire buildup of bliss flooded my groin and I climaxed, ejaculating into my condom. I fucked into her pussy for a few more strokes until I was done, and then I let her fall forward on top of me. We lay together, with her sprawled on top of me, each of us telling the other how great it had been. My cock softened and slipped out of her pussy, followed by a gusher of her fresh juices. They smelled wonderful and I regretted not being able to lick them off her, but both of us were too contented to move just then. Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Komal and I did. I like writing stories on this site but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them. That’s why I always appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most other writers on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such comments help me to write more and better stories, and I respond to them whenever I can.

– The End –