I was young when I had sex for the first time. I was a foolish fourteen and I did it mainly to please a guy I hoped would be attracted to me afterwards. Of course, like most girls who try to use sex to earn love, I was disappointed. The guy used me, I was just a convenient partner.

Unfortunately, I didn’t learn my lesson. I let guy after guy use me, each time thinking that the next guy would actually have feelings for me. Guys were eager to get into my panties because I am pretty. More than one person has told me that I look like a young Donna Derrico Obviously, despite my good looks, I was lacking confidence about who I was.

By the time I was a senior I had let at least seventy-five guys fuck me. After about three years of casual sex with so many guys, I had grown callous and finding love wasn’t important anymore. Sex became just a fun way of passing time. I got a sense of validation by showing off my hot little body, and the orgasms were nice too. But I had little faith in men.

Things changed for me just after Christmas during my senior year. Despite my promiscuous behavior, I cared a lot about my grades. I was an honor roll student taking advanced placement classes. My counselor and my Distributive Ed. advisor both recommended me for a coveted part time job at a department store.

I went to work in the young men’s sportswear department. The manager was a young guy, a couple years out of college. He knew nothing about my reputation. He just saw me as new employee. Since he had been in Distributive Ed. when he was in high school, he knew what the program was about and he made it a point to try to teach me a little about business. I really enjoyed working for him. He never did anything inappropriate or made a pass at me.

After Christmas he was promoted to another position and I missed him. Luckily, about a month later I ran into him at the grocery store. I was so happy to see him I ran over and gave him a hug. He hugged me back and we chatted. He told me he had just bought and moved into a condo a few blocks away. As he described it I realized that he lived about two blocks from my family’s house. I knew the building and I knew it had a pool and a hot tub. I jokingly said “You can let me be your pool guest when it gets hot this summer.” He smiled and said “Yeah, I’m in unit 301, just ring my buzzer and I’ll let you in.” He didn’t go out of his way to ask me over, but he left an opening. I’m sure for him the age difference was a barrier: I was 18 and he was 24.

It might have been different if I was 24 and he was 30. But he still saw me as a high school kid. Even so I was beginning to realize that I had a crush on him.

I think the reason I was so attracted to him was that he treated me with respect. He didn’t hit on me and he clearly wasn’t trying to find a way to get me into bed.

I had been hit on by older men, some well into their 30s. I admit, I had let a few of them fuck me. It was nice to be treated as a real person, not just a piece of meat.

I made it a point to pass by his building often, hoping I might run into him. I just didn’t have the nerve to walk up and buzz his unit.

One day as I was jogging by I heard a horn honking. He drove up, rolled down the window and said hello. He was just getting home and he asked me if I wanted to see his condo.

Soon he was showing giving me a tour. He had a studio sized unit so there wasn’t much to see but I was having fun just hanging out with him. He offered to make me a cup of coco.

I sat next to him on the couch while we waited for the water to heat. I was wearing jogging shorts and he noticed that my legs were red from running in the cold wind. He asked if I was cold and he gently rubbed my thigh to see if my skin was cold. He said “Your legs are icy.” and he went and got a big fluffy towel and gently rubbed my legs with it to warm them. It felt so good.

My legs are nice. I’m 5-5 and I a lot of my height is in my legs. They are very long and very nice. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the gentle rub down. He got some aloe lotions and told me I should let him put some on my legs to prevent them from getting dry and chapped. I thought that was so sweet. I thought he might use that as an opportunity to make a pass at me but he didn’t.

We drank our coco and I asked him if he was serious about letting me be his swimming guest that summer. He said he was, and that I could use the hot tub year round. There was a rule about “appropriate dress” so he didn’t want me to show up in a thong. He said “I wouldn’t have any personal objections, but my neighbors might.” It was the first time he gave any hint that he admired my looks. He went on to say he hadn’t used the hot tub yet and said I could break it in with him some time. I told him I could run home and get my bathing suit and I could be back in less than 10 minutes.

Twenty minutes later we were enjoying the hot tub. I know he enjoyed seeing me in my bathing suit. I have nice firm C-cup breasts and a 35-25-33 figure. My suit was a one piece style but it was French cut with high cut hips that made my long legs look even longer. He had a great body too. He is actually an inch shorter than me but it was definitely toned. His legs are muscular.

After relaxing in the hot tub, went back to his condo and he told me I should shower to wash the chlorine off. I did, and wrapped a towel around me when I was done. He took his shower and came out of the bathroom wearing a tank to and boxer shorts. I was still in the towel. He smiled at me and said I might as well stay for dinner. I was in 7th heaven. I saw the aloe lotion still sitting out and I asked him if he would rub some on my back. He told me to lie down on my stomach and he gently massaged the lotion into my back. The towel was pulled down so that it still covered my cute ass, but otherwise I was naked.

He finished my back and started rubbing lotion on the back of my legs. The he gently pulled the towel away and rubbed lotion onto my firm round cheeks. He whispered for me to roll over and I soon felt his warm tongue on my right nipple. He worked his way down my tummy and I spread my legs and let him admire my pussy. He tenderly opened my lips and circled my clit with his tongue. It didn’t take long for me to cum.

Then he stood up and took his clothes off. His penis was really cute. It wasn’t big, just barely 5 inches but I didn’t care. I have had penises as long as 9 inches pushed into me, and unless a guy knows how to use it, all that length is a waste. The shape of his small penis was perfect and the beautiful head was shiny and purple. It was pointing up toward the sky. I nuzzled and sucked it, taking it all the way into my throat. He took it out of my mouth and asked me to make love. I spread my legs and he kissed up and down my thighs before licking my pussy to help make it wet before he penetrated.

He gently entered me and it was like we had been lovers for a very long time. He knew exactly how to make it wonderful for me, his tempo and the angle were perfect to make me cum several times. His own orgasm was like a geyser. The warm semen shot deep into me.

He told me I had the softest, most pleasing vagina he had ever had. We kept on kissing and making love. We didn’t change positions, it was just a long wonderful session of missionary sex. He came in me three times. I must have cum 6 times. Nobody had ever satisfied me so completely.

After we finished, he cooked dinner for me. Then we made love some more, this time in every position we could think of. I told him about my history and that I didn’t expect him to fall in love with me. But I asked him to promise to be my friend and to let me make love with him once in a while. He just held me and said that he didn’t know if he was ready to fall in love either but that there was plenty of time to figure that out. He said “Let’s not put pressure on ourselves but let’s keep the door for romance open.” I thought “My gosh, after all these years a guy finally might want to have a real relationship with me.” He told me he had been attracted to me the moment he met me but it wouldn’t have been right for him to make advances on an employee. I realized that his transfer had been a good thing.

When I got home that night it dawned on me that after all the casual, meaningless fucking in my past I had finally truly made love for the first time.

That was 8 years ago. We took 5 of those years to shift from being friends with privileges to being a real couple.

During that friendship phase we both had other sexual partners. The past three years have been monogamous.

I’ve finished graduate school with his encouragement and financial help. I’m getting married to him in three months. So girls, take heart. No matter how many jerks you meet, no matter how many guys lead you on or lie to you just to get you into bed, there are still some great guys in this world.

– The End –