I mentioned our friend Sarah earlier. She’s a lot like Kelli and me; a petite brunette with a nice figure and pretty legs. She doesn’t much care for her room mate so over the first couple of weeks she developed her friendship with us. She often came to our room to study, and she began joining us when for meals and meeting us for coffee between classes. It was, and still is a pleasure to include her in our circle of friends. She’s a lot like Kelli, really sweet, open and genuine.

She’s also an extremely horny little thing. Over the first two weeks of the school year, when Kelli and I were focusing mainly on each other, Sarah managed to get banged by three different guys.

So one evening, a couple days after Kelli and I had our double date with Sid and Barry, Sarah came to our room to study and escape from her bitchy room mate. We finished as much studying as we were in the mood to do and we broke out the Diet Cokes and Cheetos and sat around talking. I couldn’t help admiring how cute Sarah is. She has big, dark, piercing eyes, a cute slightly turned up nose like mine, and a sweet smile. Her breasts are bigger than Kelli’s or mine, they’re a generous C-cup with very suckable pink nipples and small nickel sized areolas surrounding them. I hadn’t sucked them yet, but I had admired them in the showers.

We were talking about one of our favorite topics, sex, and Sarah asked for more details about the double date we had. She asked me what it was like to have an eight inch cock in me for the first time. She lost her virginity when she was sixteen and had fucked over twenty guys in high school. Even so, she had never been penetrated by more than a seven inch penis. She said she thought she would meet lots of well hung guys in college, but none of her three partners so far was very big. Two had penises that were barely over five inches long the other’s was about six inches long. She laughed and said “I hope that doesn’t sound mean, I mean a guy can’t help it if he has a small penis.”

Kelli asked if size matters a lot to her and she said “It does to some extent although a guy with a small penis can be a lot of fun if he knows what he’s doing.” I had to agree since I had good times in high school with guys who had penises between five and six inches long. She added that she could fall in love with a guy with a small penis, but it would be nice to experience a really big guy or two before she picked her future husband.

Sarah asked if it hurt when Barry pushed his way into me and I told her it did, but only briefly. That’s when Kelli said “I was so proud of her, her vagina is so tiny, even smaller than mine.”

Sarah gave me a smile of wonderment and asked “So just how small are you down there?”

“Small” answered Kelli, “show her your cute little vagina.”

Sarah smiled and looked at me expectantly and I felt my self blushing.

“Don’t be shy, it’s not like Sarah’s never seen one before.” Kelli said in an encouraging way. “I’m sure Sarah will show us hers.

Within a minute, all there of us were naked. You can see where this is going. There we were, three adorable brunettes, naked and horny.

“Well, let’s do our little comparison” Kelli said.

Sarah sat on my bed, leaned back and parted her legs. Kelli immediately began to gently explore it with her fingers. She spread the soft, pink lips apart and blew a stream of hot air over Sarah’s clit just as she had done when she made love with me for the first time.

“So what do you think?” asked Sarah.

I said “It’s cute, just as cute as Kelli’s.” I wasn’t exaggerating either, she has lovely, delicate lips, evenly formed lips that are very pink, with faint brown tinges.

Kelli asked if she or I should do her first.

“Go first?” asked Sarah with a big grin.

“Girl friend” said Kelli “you are gonna have your pussy eaten.”

I wanted to go first but didn’t want to look over anxious so I shrugged and said “You can go first, I’m sure she’ll let both of us”

Kelli asked Sarah if she had ever had a girl go down on her before. She said she hadn’t but had wanted to see what it would be like for a long time. She also confessed that she suspected that Kelli and I were having sex with each other and had been trying to think of a way to be included.

Kelli gave Sarah an expert tongue wash while I gently sucked her beautiful beasts. I also hovered over her and lowered my breast into her mouth and she eagerly mouthed and sucked my nipple. Then I took my turn working on Sarah’s sweet little pussy. Her body quivered as I made her come and the scent of her made me light headed.

Sarah then went down on both Kelli and me. She was as good at it as Kelli.

When we finished making love, Kelli and I flipped a coin to see who got to snuggle with Sarah all night. The little twin beds are too narrow for three. Kelli won but she said she would “give Sarah up” midway through the night. She kept her promise, at about three in the morning she gently woke me and told me to move over to her bed and cuddle with Sarah.

So as you can guess, the three of us made love often, almost daily. Both Kelli and I had chances to make love with Sarah one on one.

There is no longer any doubt that I’m bisexual. I stress that I like guys and hope to get married some day. But for now, I’m going to continue enjoying the bodies of my two friends.

Next, I’ll describe our three couple orgy and Sarah’s first monster cock.

– To Be Continued… –