She marvelled at how I’d found the little spot after I’d parked the car in a lay by and walked for about a mile through thick undergrowth, jumping in fright as startled pheasants took off from practically under our feet!

She squealed with pleasure as we watched rabbits scurrying away from us, the invaders and she fawned over the mother who lead her six little ducklings across our path, squawking in protest at our intrusion.

Those same ducks were floating on the still water of the pond when we reached the little cave in the hillside above it and looked down across the pond to the valley and beyond to where the ugly towers of London marred the landscape

“Tommy” she said quietly, “I can’t believe a place like this exists so close to London, it’s beautiful!”

I took her hand as we stood quietly together for a moment and breathed in the fresh, country air

“My boss owns it mum” I told her, “He told me about it and said I can come here when I want to be alone anytime”

“And do you?”

I kissed her cheek and squeezed her hand tenderly, “I did, but not any more mum, when I come here from now on, I want it to be with you”

A squirrel hopped from a nearby tree and she jumped, then giggled as it ran nimbly back up the tree, just as scared as she’d been.

“Come on I’ll show you something else too”

This time I made her go in front of me up the slope of the hill so I could admire the way the gossamer thin pants caressed the delicate flesh between her legs, once she stumbled and as her feet slipped apart I kissed the outline of her pouting sex.

She giggled and would have stayed there, but I put my hands on her beautiful bottom and pushed her the final few feet to the ledge where a tiny rivulet of crystal clear water emerged from the hillside, ran down for a few feet over smooth weather worn rocks and then disappeared again.

She looked with big wide eyes as I cupped my hands and held them under the little cascade then drank noisily and tasted the purest water anyone could ever wish for.

“Try it” I said but she had her hands under the flow already and slurped just as noisily as I had.

“Oh my God” she gasped, “Somebody should bottle that, it’s gorgeous”

When I’d finished laughing I held her as I explained that my boss bottled it and that it was what I moved on and off lorries all day long at the warehouse.

He found it ten years ago mum, on a picnic just like us, had it tested secretly, came back and made an offer for the land and now it’s the source of Europe’s biggest selling mineral water, what you drank here is exactly what you buy in the shop, no additives, just pure, natural water and it’s made him a multi millionaire!

We walked gingerly back down to the cave and I took a cloth out from my backpack,

“Coffee or wine Madam?” and she giggled, “Coffee I think” and she sat on the cloth to eat the sandwiches, a smile of utter tranquillity on her face

“Is there a – – -, you know”

“Sorry?” I asked knowing full well what she wanted,

“Where do I pee?” she laughed and the laugh turned to a squeal of mock horror when I said, “Anywhere you like as long as I can watch and it’s away from the spring”

“Do you mean that?”

“Yes” but I shifted uncomfortably under her gaze,

“Come on then show me where”

I lead her to where a rock fall had left a deep fissure in the hillside and told her that I’d used it before,

She decided it would be better to remove her pants, to which of course I agreed immediately,

“The top too?”

“Oh yes, just in case of a splash back” I said with an almost straight face,


I tried not to look like a dirty old voyeur as she squatted over the rocks, but I don’t think I succeeded and finally as mum strained to no avail, I turned round to walk away,

“Sorry mum” I shrugged, “Bad idea and it’s obviously embarrassing us both”

– To Be Continued… –