The knock on the hotel door seemed innocuous enough, neither of the occupants of the room had any reason to suspect that it could be anything other than room service.

Bill and Anne had traveled overnight, catching the red eye from Fort Lauderdale to arrive at London Heathrow early in the morning. They had slept for an hour or two, trying to adjust to the six hour delay from continent to continent.

Their two weeks doing Europe started in earnest, tomorrow, with a scheduled bus ride around the ‘Old Town’ of London, taking in Buckingham Palace, Westminster Cathedral and the new to the programme, Princess Diane’s Garden in Hyde Park. For the next few days, England, or at least the bit that really mattered, would be visited, snapped and filed away for winter nights in front of the video player, then to be digested in manageable chunks.

Bill roused himself from the comfort of the couch with an effort, grunting at the sudden and unexpected intrusion to their leisure time. He didn’t remember ordering anything to eat, but these crazy British had some funny ideas about hospitality, perhaps it was teatime for the Limeys.

He disregarded the eyepiece in the centre of the door, electing instead, to grasp the brass handle, open it and see who had the balls to disturb him at this ungodly hour.

The first Anne knew that there was something wrong was as Bill barrelled backwards through the door to the antechamber, arms flailing in cartwheel fashion, into the living accommodation they were sharing. His shoe heel caught the edge of the Wilton centre rug and all one hundred and eighty pounds of him fell flat on his back.

Five people dressed in dark blue coveralls with balaclava ski masks over their heads, closely followed him. Only their eyes and mouth were visible. Anne began to scream, promising to go through several octaves until she hit top ‘C’. A sharp slap to her face from the nearest of the strangers stopped the mounting crescendo in mid-climb. She stood, in the middle of a floor rug, her arms akimbo, her mouth a perfect ‘O’ of surprise. Anne had never been hit before. Although the blow to her face was not really painful, the shock to her system was enough.

A knife appeared from the depths of one of the coveralls and was thrust against Bill’s windpipe. “Move and he dies.” The point pricked his skin, drawing a bead of blood to emphasise the point.

The five intruders were well versed in what they were about; moving in confident and practiced, perhaps even well rehearsed choreographic manoeuvres. Four detached from the phalanx that had pushed Bill backwards, circling the prone and gasping figure of her husband at compass points of north east and west, south east and west, just where his limbs happened to be. They each grabbed an arm or leg and picked him up, ignoring his feeble struggles to carry him to the giant centrered low-level, marble topped table. The fifth member of the group had produced from a pocket of his coveralls, four short pieces of white rope. Bill was bound fast at wrist and ankle to the coffee table with a material gag tied around the back of his neck. Bizarrely, the four then picked up the table with its burden and stood it on end against the wall. In effect, Bill was standing, but tied securely in a classic spread-eagle position.

The whole operation had taken a very short space of time; too fast to really appreciate just what had happened. Ann stood stock still, arms hanging limp at her sides, too confused to assimilate the events unfolding in front of her until, in unison, the five grabbed her and forced her to the floor.

Four of the assailants gripped her wrists, ankles and pinned her to the floor as if crucified while the fifth fumbled with the zipper of their suit. His cock emerged, flaccid, but large enough. Anne’s eyes bugged while her mouth opened to emit another ear shattering scream. It was a mistake; a steady golden stream of piss hit her full in the face, filling her mouth until she managed to spit it out and turn her face away. The stream continued while her aggressor laughed, hitting her ear and soaking her hair. Anne struggled and tried to articulate, but only managed to get more of his piss on her tongue and feel the strength of those who were holding her down.

At last, his bladder vented, he knelt astride her body, knees either side of her, his cock still hanging out of the blue suit. She turned to stare defiantly at him, then, wished she hadn’t. His tongue stuck out of the mouth hole of the balaclava, it seemed more obscene than his cock had. But, that wasn’t the problem. A hunting knife had been brought out of a hidden sheath. To Anne it looked huge, big enough to go all the way through her and out the other side. The attacker on her right, lifted Anne’s head enough so that she could see between her breasts, what was to happen next.

Sit sitting on her, he lifted the fabric a slid the wickedly sharp blade under her blouse, the cold of the steel touched her skin; she shivered at the touch and pleaded for her life. As if from a long way away, she heard Bill offering money, anything they had, if they would leave now. He was ignored. Anne was frightened stiff, her mouth clamped shut.

Slowly, the blade slid up her torso, from her stomach. The blouse parted easily, the cloth separated like butter at the touch of a hot knife. Gradually; inch by inch, he slit the garment open until it lay in rags, either side of her, exposing her white cotton bra and freckled skin. She had goose bumps, a throw back to a primeval response to danger. His tongue had stayed out all the time, slate grey eyes creased in obvious enjoyment, stared out from the eye holes of his hood. He slipped the point of the knife under the joint between the cups of her bra, the serrated back edge scraping the delicate skin between her breasts. Anne held her breath, frightened that he would stab her accidentally with the movement of her chest.

With a deft flick of his wrist, the blade cut through the thin material, her breasts sprang apart, no longer held in place. He pulled the strap up where it disappeared over her shoulder; he cut it and did the same to the other strap and threw away the useless bra, then studied her exposed tits. He licked his lips as he prodded the soft tissue of her aureole with the tip of the knife; he laughed as she gasped in total fright. The point seemed to be cutting into her, slicing as if taking off her nipple. He hadn’t pierced her skin, but the threat and implication was more than enough to sharpen her mind to the predicament she was in.

His cock was still out from his coveralls, lying on her naked stomach. Looking at it over her nose, Anne saw a drip of his piss leave the slit to fall on her skin. He noticed her staring and growled at her; do you want it cunt? She shook her head, too frightened to answer him.

Bill yelled at her to let them do anything they wanted. Again, he was ignored.

“Put her on the sofa.” He ordered. The obvious leader got up from sitting on her, his cock swinging loosely to allow his colleagues to lift her up and sit her on the settee, feet on the floor and her ass on the seat. One of them stepped behind her and grabbed her hands to lift them over the back of the leather back and hold them in a vice like grip. The position lifted her tits. Another held her ankles together, stretching her on the edge of the sofa.

He stood in front of her, his cock still free and loose, the knife waving around, but always pointed towards her. Then he knelt on the floor and ran the knife edge over the inside of her legs. The steel snagged the weave of her panty-hose tights, laddering them beyond repair. His hand disappeared under her skirt, pushing the knife up between the nylons and the wool of her skirt. Suddenly, the blade had turned and split the waist band of her skirt as if it was nothing. The blade continued, parting the heavy fabric until it reached the hem and the skirt parted like curtains opening. He reversed the knife so that it pointed backwards along his arm, then, with infinite care, he split the waist band of her tights. The knife was laid on the floor, close enough to be reached quickly if needed. His calloused hands grasped her tights, with one huge yank; he rent them from her to ribbons. He tore at them, pulling and ripping until they were completely tattered and useless.

All she had on now were her cotton panties with lacy insets at the thigh and just under her belly button as a decoration. He stood and studied her unhurriedly.

The other two attackers had now changed their attentions, leaving her to the three who seemed to have paused now that Anne was in nothing more than her panties. They approached Bill, tied as he was to the table, stood end on.

His shirt was ripped open by the taller of the two while the other knelt and undid the button of his trousers. They were pulled down unceremoniously to fall around his thigh, unable to go further where his legs were held apart. Then his jockeys were yanked down as far as they would go. His cock was grasped and disappeared into the mouth of the balaclava clad head. He was being sucked off and could do nothing about it. Neither could he do anything about the instant hard on her got. The unknown mouth was doing its magic while a gloved hand tossed him at the same time. He gasped as the mouth took his whole length.

Meanwhile, the three who were concentrating on Anne had pulled her around so that her legs were over the arm of the sofa. The knife slid up her leg to cut through the flimsy fabric of her panties. With two deft flicks, the material was rendered tattered and performing no function anymore. Suddenly, although she couldn’t see, a tongue lapped her cunt, warm and moist, it shocked her into an involuntary jerk, surprising her captors, for a moment, she was free and tried to hit the head between her legs. Her freedom didn’t last for very long, strong hands grasped her wrists and pulled them cruelly over her head. The unseen tongue, continued as if nothing had happened, lapping at her cunt, rasping over her clit and sucking it into a warm mouth, between sharp teeth.

Suddenly, at an unseen signal, she was lifted bodily in something like a sitting position by two of the anonymously clad men. The other who had been sucking on her cunt, stripped quickly in front of her, held captive as she was. His body was revealed, taught, muscular, hard with a washboard stomach. He kept the balaclava on to hide his identity. His cock stuck out at right angles from his groin, twitching in anticipation of her depths.

He lay on the rug covered floor and indicated that they should lower her onto his erectness. Anne screamed at her captives and struggled violently; freeing an arm and then fetching the one on her right a reasonable blow to the side of his head. Instead of lowering her onto his cock, they threw her headlong onto the settee once more, but before she could take advantage of her temporary liberty, her hands were firmly tied behind her back with part of her panty hose. Another length was tied as a blind fold and cinched tightly at the back of her head. Then, she was lifted roughly again, her legs parted by two strong hands while two more supported her under the arms. They lifted her easily, and just as easily, lowered her onto his cock.

It slid into her with no resistance, deeper than she was used to; Anne yelled at the top of her voice, but to no avail. Suddenly, the support of the hands was taken away, allowing gravity to take effect on her and drive him even further into her body as her weight rested on his pelvis. His length and depth effectively cut her tirade of abuse as if his cock head had entered her throat from the inside out. She felt his loathsome hands grasp her waist as he bounced her on his cock, driving even deeper. Some how, her body accepted him all.

She heard Bill, somewhat breathlessly yell to her to hang on, it would soon be all over. She couldn’t answer him, being so stuffed full of a huge cock. She felt it as passed beyond her cervix and was fucking her right into her womb. Suddenly, a hand grabbed her hair at the back of her head, making her gasp as it yanked her backwards. She opened her mouth to scream, but it was stifled in her throat as a cock head passed between her lips and into her mouth. The hand pushed her forward, still gripping her hair cruelly. The unseen cock invaded her mouth and was pushed to the back of her throat. She gagged and managed to avoid throwing up. Auto responses took over, preventing the reflex action of gagging to allow her to get a breath. The cock, seemingly even bigger than before, was shoved back into her throat and then again and again. She could do nothing about it; the hand controlled the depth and pace. The two cocks were relentless, fucking into her mouth and cunt simultaneously.

Bill was able to see the treatment his wife was getting; the hooded mouth was still sucking him and licking his aching dick. Somehow, the knowledge that Anne was getting the fuck of her life with two cocks, was taking him to the point of blowing his load. His cocksucker stopped and stood. Slowly, the buttons of the coveralls were undone, one by one, to reveal the woman beneath. He noticed the tattoo over her right breast as she shucked off the heavy fabric. She wore no underwear at all. Naked, she stepped out of her clothing and grasped his twitching cock. She moistened the fingers of her other hand and shoved them into her cunt, spreading her lips while she stood facing him. She lifted her slick fingers, covered with her wetness and wiped them over his lips. He tasted her musk and was still licking his lips as she stepped closer and pushed his cock head into her body. He couldn’t help jerking back, pulling him out of her, but she shuffled even closer, adjusted her position a little and pushed him back inside of her. She needed a shave, her stubble rasped his pubic bone, but Bill hardly noticed as he thrust into her as much as his position would allow.

Meanwhile, Anne was still at the mercy of the two cocks, pistoning into her body. The grip on her hair tightened and pulled the cock from her mouth.

“Open it, bitch”. The gruff voice instructed her. Anne, fearful of the consequences, did as she was told and felt him rubbing himself towards a climax. His cock was resting against her bottom lip; she could feel the jerking as his free hand was getting him closer and closer to spilling his load.

The first spurt hit the back of her throat, making her choke, but he held her head in place as the second spurt coated her tongue. More of his filthy spend spurted over her face, entering her nose and laying over her cheek. He shoved him self back into her mouth to finish coming. Anne had to swallow some or suffocate. He yanked her head back and then let her go. All the while, the other cock had stopped thrusting, just resting in her womb while she took the semen from the other.

“Lift her.” The order came from beneath.

Hands lifted her still in a sitting position.

“Put her back.” She felt herself being lowered again, only this time, his cock was positioned at her anus.

“Let her go.” The hands dropped her onto him. His entry into her ass was violent, but again, her body accommodated his length. He gripped her waist roughly and fucked into her pitilessly. Mercifully, he shot his load deep into her ass very quickly. Spurt after spurt emptied into her until he ordered her pulled off and laid on the floor. She landed a little awkwardly where her hands were so tightly bound behind her. Anne wriggled enough to relieve the pressure on her wrists into a more comfortable position.

Unseen, the four men divested themselves of their coveralls. The woman was already naked with bill lodged in her cunt and doing his best not to shoot.

“Get over here.” Anne heard the command, but didn’t know who it was directed at. She soon found out as a stubble covered cunt was plastered over her mouth. Her first ever cunt was now being smeared over her mouth, the woman’s essences invading her taste buds. Her unseen lover was flooding, coming and moaning at the same time as her hips gyrated, forcing Anne’s lips apart so that she had no choice but to allow the fluid to pass down her gullet. So much did the woman come, that it flooded her nose as well as her mouth. Anne needed to breathe desperately and was allowed to as the cunt lifted. She managed to blow out her nose, woman cum dribbled down each cheek and into her ears.

Warm piss splashed over Anne’s naked and prone body, running between her breasts, splashing over her stomach and directed over her mons. Another steam of urine suddenly hit her in her face, soaking her hair, getting into her ears and nose as she tried to evade it by twisting her head. The two pissers laughed as she thrashed and wriggled. Although she couldn’t see, Anne knew that the woman was now standing over her. Her piss hit Anne over her tits in a sudden gush with a familiar swishing noise that women make as they vent their bladders.

With no words spoken, Anne was left in a cooling puddle. The gang moved over to Bill who had watched the whole thing, tied in a standing position to the upended table. They untied him and forced him to the floor and held him down spread-eagled. Then Anne was dragged bodily over to lay face down at right angles to Bill, her head level with his groin. Hands under her arm pits pulled her roughly upwards and forward so that her breast rested against Bill’s thigh. It was obvious that they intended for her to take him in her mouth. What wasn’t obvious from the kneeling position was that she was going to be fucked in the ass at the same time.

As her mouth was forced down on Bill’s twitching cock, another was forced into her ass with little resistance, lubricated as it was from the earlier amount of semen that had been slowly trickling out of her anus. The sudden invasion made her gasp; opening her mouth just enough to be forced to accept her husbands cock into her throat.

His cock was being driven deeper and deeper as her ass was being reamed, the force of the thrust transferred to drive Bill further. His balls were banging against her chin, fortunately, he wasn’t too big, and so, she could manage him fairly easily. Her ass was getting a pounding, the cock drove into her at a rapid rate, pulling out enough to think that it might be over, only to be forced back inside her.

Anne, shocked at the betrayal of her body, came with a sudden gush. Her climax ripped through her as the two cocks worked into her. Immediately, she came again with a gut wrenching spasm and a second splash of amber fluid. She suckled hungrily on Bill’s cock, needing now to feel his warm and salty spunk cover her tongue. Anne got her wish as Bill shot wad after wad which she managed to swallow while the knock on effect of her ass being fucked, made him deeper than they had managed before.

Suddenly, she was roughly pulled into a kneeling position. The cock in her ass had been pulled out a second or so before. Her head was pulled back, forcing her mouth to open, she knew what was to happen and obliged by sticking her tongue out.

The cock from her ass slapped against her outstretched tongue and pushed into her mouth a little way. She closed her mouth and sucked for a moment until her pulled back. Once again, she opened her mouth wide, tasting the come from her ass and a little of her own excreta. He spurted over her tongue with perfect aim. Three, then four and five loads filled her mouth; a hand grasped her chin and closed it. She had to swallow the whole load in one gulp.

She was then dragged across the floor and laid between Bills parted legs, her mouth against his flaccid cock. They were left as suddenly as they had been assaulted.

She passed out for a few minutes, then came round as Bill was cleaning her up with some warm water and a flannel in a bowl.

“Was that how you wanted it?” He asked softly. “Did I get it right?”

She could only nod and remember the pillow talk from so long ago. She had asked for it, but hadn’t expected it ever to happen, least of all on a European vacation.

“How did you arrange it?”

He just tapped the side of his nose with a forefinger while he winked.

– The End –