The shrill ringing sound pierced his brain like a thousand church bells. He forced his eyelids open and for a few milliseconds he could not recall where he was. Somewhere off in outer space a phone was ringing and making one hell of a racket. Then, silence followed by a sleepy male voice.

“Hello, who is this?” the sleepy voice asked. “Yes, this is Rich, what can I do for you?”

The fog began to clear as Joseph remembered where he was now. He looked around the room and saw Richard on the phone; the expression on his face conveying that he was not too pleased with the way the conversation was going.

“Yes I know I promised. OK damn it, what time do you want me there?” he asked, his voice clearly upset. “I can make it. I’m going to bring a friend with me though if that’s ok with you.” Then, after listening to what the caller had to say, he scowled and replied, “No he doesn’t wait on tables. I’ll see you about 1 o’clock.” After closing the cell phone and realizing that Joseph was now awake he leaned over and kiss him on the lips lightly and murmured, “Good morning babe. How are you this morning? Have I told you how much I love you yet today?”

“Hell no, but I just opened my eyes” the soldier quipped, “The day has just started and every bone in my body hurts. Don’t even ask about my ass.”

“Why shouldn’t I ask you about that beautiful bubble ass of yours? It does belong to me now. Let me kiss it and make it all better.” he said as he playfully placed his lips on Joseph’s butt, kissed it, and gave it a few additional sloppy licks for good measure. “There that should cure it.”

“Mmmmmm, it does feel better,” he said rubbing his rear end. “Who was that on the phone?”

“That phone call was from the cafe,” he said in an apologetic tone, “They have booked a special party for this afternoon and need some extra waiters.” Taking Joseph’s hands in his and lifting them to his lips, he apologized, “Why did I have to leave them my cell number? I’m so sorry but I have to go into work. Would you care to come in with me? It will only be for a few short hours and I hate the thought of leaving you alone here and even less having you wander around this big, bad city without me to protect your handsome face.”

Hugging Richard to him, kissing him then moving his lips to his ear, he whispered, “I’m a big boy now Daddy.” he teased, “You don’t have to worry about me. You know I can take care of myself, even in this city. But yeah, I also hate the idea of us being apart. I dread the thought of us separating, but you do remember that I only have a three day pass and that I have to be back tomorrow morning.”

“Yeah I remember and that brings to mind a problem we have to talk about.” Taking a deep breath he continued “Joseph, my lov, I don’t want this to end here. I don’t want it to last for just a few days,” he confessed. “I know we only just met but, I want us to have more time together to talk and explore. Time to really become good friends. It may sound silly and trite but friendship between people in love is the basis of a long lasting relationship. I want to get to know you as a good friend as well as a lover. I hope you feel the same way. I just hope you share these feelings.”

“Rich I’m all mixed up right now, I don’t know what I’m feeling much less what I want.” The soldier stammered, “I’m confused and this ‘thing’ has thrown me for a loop. But one thing I cannot deny, I do have deep feelings for you and last night was something I will remember and carry in my mind and heart forever. Until this three day pass, I never had any thoughts about having sex with another man. Now it’s all that I can think about. If this were to get back to the army, they would make it very rough for me.”

“I thought that things were changing and the army now takes a more humanistic view of homosexuality. After all this is the 21st century!” Richard protested. “The military must have at least entered into it. After all you are no longer fighting with bows and arrows. The rest of society is beginning to even recognize same sex marriages…. Surely it’s not as bad as it used to be. They just don’t discharge you for being gay in this day and age anymore. Or do they?”

“No, they don’t, but they can make my life a living hell.” the soldier said softly. “And make me want to leave the army.”

“So you can leave the army, can’t you? I’m sure you can find other employment.”

“Look, let’s get one thing straight. I’m an ‘Army Man’, a soldier, a professional hired killer, a warrior!” Joseph proudly said, “I know it’s not chic or fashionable to put it that way in today’s world, but that’s what I am and I’m rather good at it, too. This country and you hired me to protect your asses and that’s what I do. I asked for it, volunteered. I get paid for it, not nearly enough, but I do get paid. Further more, I intend to use the army to continue my education so let’s not hear any more talk of my leaving the service. This army is not the same army that your grandfather or even your father served in. They might have been draftees and as such were forced to serve and therefore retained the right to bitch and complain. I don’t!”

“Hey! Take it easy, I’m on your side.” Richard protested. “I think I’m falling in love with you and I just want to get to know you, to find out what makes you tick. Look Joseph I have to confess that at first, I was just looking for a quick fuck. And it might have remained just a quick roll in the hay however, after yesterday and last night, I find that I want more than that. Much, much more.”

“And I’m trying to tell you that I can’t promise you anything other than sex,” a confused Joseph pleaded “I’m not even sure that I want that. It’s all so new and scary. Can you live with that? Can you live with my confusion?”

“For as long as it will take you to make up your mind and perhaps even longer. I do hope you grow to want more than just sex and that you do so sooner rather than later. However, make love with me now.” Richard pleaded, “I need you and want you right now!”

“How long do we have? Don’t you have to get to work soon?” he asked

Enfolding Joseph in his arms he whispered into his ear, “Its only 9 am and we don’t have to be there before 1pm.” Richard lighthearted continued, “That leaves plenty of time for my big strong professional killer man to fuck the shit out of me. We might even have time to have something eat also, but first SEX, SEX and more SEX.”

The two of them rolled around on the bed. First Joseph pined him down and then Richard struggled free. Arms grasping, legs entwined, kissing, nibbling and their bodies rubbing against each other. Finally Joseph, being in better physical condition found himself sitting astride Richard, his hard erection rubbing over the waiter’s ass. But try as hard as he could Joseph was unable push his cock into his lover’s ass. Using the tip of his finger, he pushed down experimentally, and still he could not gain entrance. Taking into account that Richard really wanted to be entered, he wondered why his ass muscles proved to be so tight. He was having one hell of a time and no matter how hard the soldier tried he could not gain entrance

“Damn it, didn’t you learn anything last night? You have to lube me and for God’s sake please use a condom you idiot,” Richard ordered. “Even a non virgin can be difficult to penetrate dry. A tube of KY and a condom are in the table drawer. Now prepare me, just like a caring lover should always do.”

“I’m sorry, take it easy on me. It’s not like I do this everyday,” he said reaching for the drawer and extracting a foil encased condom and the tube. “I hate rubbers! It’s like fucking with galoshes on. Do we have to use them? It’s not like your going to become ‘with child’.”

“You bet your sweet ass we do!” Rich said, taking the foil package from him, ripping it open and unrolling the condom over his lover’s hard seven-inch cock. “Pregnancy is not a factor here, but even if I was a woman it would only be one reason for condom use. Look we’ve just met. I really don’t know you and you don’t know me. Where and into whom has your love stick been? Where and with whom has my ass been? Two things I know; Number one—I do like you and respect you. Number two- Right now I’m ‘clean’ and I want to remain that way and if you care for me you will try to remain ‘clean’ also.” He reached over to smooth the condom over Joseph’s hard cock before turning over on his belly and pleaded, “Now my triumphant conqueror, lube my ass, talk dirty to and make rough love to me. Soldier, I’m your prisoner of war, your booty. Plunder me! Make me your slave!”

Sporting a big, broad grin on his handsome face, the conquering soldier placed a glob of KY on Rick’s rosebud and pushed one finger harder and harder until the digit parted the brown love hole. He found it fascinating that once past the ring he could actually feel the smoothness and heat of the love canal. He was able to move it in and out now with much more ease as he worked in the jelly. Rich’s backside started to suck at his finger. He sank his finger in so far that the flat of his hand rested on the round firm ass globe. He could not nor did he want to resist the temptation to explore Rick’s insides. And so finger number two and then three entered and he soon found himself finger fucking a moaning, gasping and ass grinding Richard.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Please my lord and master. Have pity on your prisoner.” Rich acting the part of a subservient defeated enemy pleaded and begged, “I don’t know if I can take that big spear of yours.”

“Listen you son of a bitch, I’m going to rape that ass of yours till you scream bloody blue murder.” Joseph yelled, as he kept thrusting as hard and deep as he could. “I’m claiming you as my personal fuck slave and I’m going to nail you to the bed with my cock.”

“No…Please don’t.” Richard gasped trying to add to the game they were acting out.

“Enough of these preliminaries,” Joseph said, getting into the swing of the fantasy and raising Rich’s ass by inserting a pillow underneath him. “The time has come for you to take it like a man! You may have fought a good battle —-but you fucking well lost —and now you belong to me. Your body and your soul…. Mine to use in any way I want. Spreading his victim’s legs even farther apart and positioning himself between his captive’s legs he squirted a little more KY over his condom-covered cock. Grabbing his weapon with one hand and guiding it to the center of the brown target, he pushed in. “Bull’s eye!” he yelled as the first contact sent waves of pleasure through him and as his cock forced its way pass the ass ring. Once past that barrier a sense of power gripped him and he continued to push his manhood deep into his victim. His body was now covered with sweat. He had entered what felt like the kingdom of heaven. “OHHHHHHHH,” he exclaimed, as his cock plowed deeper and deeper until his balls could feel the wet sensitive skin between Rich’s balls and his ass. At first he started with short slow strokes, but soon found that he could not control himself. The feel of Rick’s ass surrounding the delicate nerve endings around the head of his now lust filled cock head drove him faster and faster and deeper and deeper. Like a wild animal grunting and groaning, he pulled his hips back before thrusting them forcefully forward over and over again, as he became that victorious, conquering soldier, a savage.

Richard was shocked at the ferocity of the attack. He had not expected it and soon found himself caught up in the fantasy. They had reached the spot where they could not and would not have stopped even if they had wanted. The entire outside world was off somewhere in a haze. The only sound heard was the slapping of body against body, as the two lovers became a world unto themselves. Riding the crest of an ever-building pleasure wave. The both wanted it to last forever, but that big orange ball of fire building in each ones brain overcame them as a tsunami and with one last drive into his lover’s ass, Joseph exploded. Richard feeling the power, excitement and force of his captor’s ejaculation screamed and exploded also. The two of them collapsed with Joseph hugging Richard slowly kissing his shoulders and sucking his earlobe into his mouth—-his teeth nibbling on the soft flesh.

“Wow! It sure looks like I won’t be walking right for a while,” Richard groaned. “Are you always so damn forceful and violent? I never had a partner get me so worked up. Hey I’m usually a top man, but I’ll bottom for you anytime and still feel like I’m a man. This must be love. I’m really falling for you babe. It’s not often that the student outdoes the teacher, but you sure are a fast learner.”

“I didn’t think I was capable of that,” the blushing soldier revealed. “Twenty four hours ago I was a ‘normal’ guy looking for a hot girl to bed. I don’t know what came over me. It’s really frightening, like someone or something just took over my mind and body. Rich, what’s happening to me? Am I turning gay or have I been gay all along and never knew it?”

Taking Joseph’s hands in his, Richard whispered, “You are still normal, or whatever is considered to be normal. You know how fond I am of quoting lines from old movies; well here’s another one for you. If I remember it right it was a movie with Charles Boyer and Jennifer Jones. The title slips my memory for the moment. Anyway she has this rather odd passion for plumbing and in those days women just were not plumbers. It was unheard of and not ladylike. She asks Charles if he thinks there is something wrong with her for wanting to be a plumber. He replies ‘some people like to feed nuts to the squirrels —–others like to feed squirrels to the nuts’. So you see babe, you are just as normal today as you were yesterday. Love comes in all forms and types. Love is love – girl-boy, boy-boy or girl-girl. As long as it comes from the heart.”

With that he kissed Joseph’s fingers and said, “Babe I have to get ready for work. Let’s grab a shower and after work we can talk more. Just remember that what we did or may do from now on is done in love. I’m just getting so frustrated with the fact that you and I only have a short time together before you have to leave tomorrow. I wanted to spend every second making love to you. It’s like I want to make sure you never forget me and the only way I can cement that picture of us together is to spend what little time we have left loving and fucking. That’s why I’m so pissed off about having to go into work now. Are you coming to work with me?”

“You’re frustrated! What about me? Don’t you think I would also like more ‘Quality Time’ with you? Look, we are just going to have to play it by ear.” Then in an effort to lighten the situation he joked, “If you’re sure I won’t be in the way it might be fun to watch you work, otherwise I can stay here or just cruise the streets. Maybe I’ll be able to pick up a dinner partner. Since I now know that some of the men might be smiling at me to pick me up, I just might respond.”

“You do that lover boy and I’ll cut off your ‘Joystick’. You belong to me and that’s all there is to that!” he said pulling Joseph out of the bed. “Now let’s get into that shower and if you beg me, I just might let you play the plumber and have you clean my pipes.”

The two men grabbed some towels and headed for the bathroom. Rich ran the shower and asked if the water was the right temperature. Joseph assured him that it was and commented that it was beginning to remind him of taking showers on base where there were always other men in the shower. “I was just getting used to the privacy here. Now it’s community wash-up time again,” he jested as he got into the shower followed by Richard. “It’s small, but comfy. Oh! Watch that rod of yours, you almost porked my ass again.”

Grabbing washcloths and soap the two men cleansed each other. The washcloths were soon dropped and were replaces by soapy fingertips rubbing, touching and then their arms enfolding each other as they hugged and kissed under the running water. The water cascaded down over their bodies removing the soap, grime and all other evidence of past love making from their bodies, sending it down the drain, leaving a clean fresh intoxicating odor.

The kiss ended with Joseph leaning against the tile wall, his legs slightly apart with one arm hanging down his side, the other raised behind his head. The image of Michelangelo’s David flashed before Richard’s eyes, as his mouth, lips and tongue kissed, sucked and licked along the wet, well-defined torso of his shower mate. He worked his way down and around the chest to his lower body. Kneeling there before the statue like modern day warrior, he ran his groping fingers over the thighs and ass of his lover. Unlike the marble statue, the skin of this fighter was smooth, warm and yielding. Rich’s lips kissed, his teeth nibbled, and his hot tongue slowly licked its way down the now moaning body till finally reaching its erect penis. His lips opened and sucked the love stick into his hot mouth taking it to the root in one fast gulp. His mouth devouring the organ, his throat muscles squeeeeeeeeezzzzzing around the cock. Visions of the teat cup on one of the ex-farmer’s milking machines flowed into Joseph’s subconscious. Many times when milking cows he had fantasized about attaching one to his cock. Rich’s throat now took that teat cup’s place sucking Joseph’s milk from his balls. Joseph moaned and almost collapsed as the water continued to wash over their bodies…

Now it was Joseph’s mind that filled with a vision of a statue. A statue, which depicted two men sharing their love for each other, one kneeling with his face buried in the crotch of the other. The upright man with his head thrown back, howling his head off like a banshee as he reached a fantastic climax. Yes, that would be what he would call it ‘The Great Orgasm’.

His orgasm burst upon him sending waves crashing through his body leaving him completely drained. No longer the vanquisher, he had become the vanquished. When, at last, finally able to catch his breath the weak kneaded warrior moaned, “Man that was fantastic, I feel so… so wonderful, I can’t even express how I feel. Rich, I wish I could bring myself to do that to you.” Tears formed in his eyes as he confessed, “I can’t, and I just can not get my mind to accept having your cock or any cock in my mouth. I’m so sorry. Can you understand and forgive me?”

Rising to his feet Richard said, “Honey, don’t let it upset you. It’s all in your mind. Some men never want to do it. I hope someday you will reach the point where you are comfortable with the act. For now, just your wanting to think about it is enough. There is plenty of time for that later. First you have to fully accept the fact that you are gay. I’m sure once you are comfortable with that thought, the rest will fall into line and into place. Hey, we better get going. We still have to eat.”

“We can grab something to eat at the cafe, can’t we?” Joseph said getting out of the shower and drying himself off. “It won’t be as elegant as yesterday’s breakfast, but then I had better get my belly used to Army food again before I head on back.”

Richard looking downcast told him that he wanted to put the thought of him leaving out of his mind. “It’s really weird, but I dread the thought of you going back to base and perhaps not seeing you again. Like I told you before I want to see you again. I don’t want this to be the end of it.”

“I somehow think that you and I will be in each other’s future and we will be together,” Joseph patting Rich’s ass said. “Somehow this was just meant to be. Things like this just don’t come out of nowhere, out of the void.”
-To be continued…-