The morning sun streaming into the room through the Venetian blinds woke him up. The sunlight, leaving patches of light and dark on the bed, gave him the feeling of being behind jail bars. However, the smells of freshly brewed coffee and something frying filled his senses bringing him out of his dream world. Joseph stretched his body out and for a few seconds he did not remember where he was. Then, it hit him like a ton of bricks and he remembered what had happened last night.

“My God, what did I do? How did I get into this mess? I’m not a fucking fag. It must have been the drinking… Yes, I was drunk. That must have been the reason. If I had not had that much to drink, I would never have let that happen to me. He took advantage of me, drunk, lonely and feeling rotten, he was kind and I just could not resist him in that drunken state. Yet, damn it, I did enjoy it. What’s wrong with me??? Am I turning into a fucking faggot? May be I am, or may be I always was and never knew it. Now that it’s daylight and there is no darkened room, nor is there a drunken stupor to hide behind, how do I relate to Richard? Falling back against the pillows closing his eyes and saying to himself, Never mind that shit, how do I get out of this mess?”

“Well the sleeping warrior awakes,” said Rich holding a cup of steaming coffee, “Didn’t know if you wanted cream and sugar, is black ok?”

Taking the cup of hot coffee in his hand and taking a sip Joseph made a sour face and said, “Shit this stuff is strong. You should bottle it and sell it for furniture finish remover. It could use a bit of milk to cut that goop.”

Rich, bringing over the milk and pouring some into the cup said “Well it looks as if I’m going to have to use less coffee from now on. Now what do your want for breakfast? Something special. If not with my coffee, perhaps I can win your heart through your stomach.”

Win my heart? Joseph thought, does he think last night will be repeated? Thinking he should tell him the truth, but not wanting to hurt his feelings, he said, “Just a few eggs will do, any way that’s easiest for you, but please, not scrambled. We get them all the time in the mess hall and they taste like raw cardboard. Guess it’s because they use powdered eggs.”

“MMMMMM got an idea,” Rich said and returned to the kitchen, “I’m going to make the eggs a special way and also brew another pot of coffee. This one will be more to your taste. In the meantime you can get up and get washed and dressed. I put your stuff in the bathroom for you.” Then peeking into the living room he said grinning ear to ear, “Or would you rather I serve you breakfast in bed.”

“Thanks, but I’ll come to the table after I wash my face,” Joseph smiled and swing his feet out of the bed. Tiredly he made his way to the bathroom, and started to wash the sleepiness out of his eyes. There was a knock on the door and he heard Richard said, “Hey, you’ll find a new toothbrush on the top shelf of the cabinet and you could take another shower, if you want. I won’t join you— well, not unless you want me to. Hey, all you have to do is whistle.”

Joseph pursed his lips as if to whistle and then relaxed them. What are you doing, he thought. Are you going nuts? Is this what you want? Sure it was wonderful and exciting last night, but it’s perverted. Everything he had been brought up to believe in and think said it was perverted and and and ……yes dirty. And yet, after reaching for the toothbrush and closing the mirrored door, he saw his pursed lips. His mind raced with all kinds of erotic thoughts. He felt himself developing feelings for Rich, but the thought of this scared him and prevented him from doing anything but brushing his teeth.

Hearing no response Rich went back to his cooking. He cut up some potatoes into small cubes along with some onions and bell peppers and started to fry them to make home fries. When they were done cooking he placed them in the oven to keep warm. He also put up another pot of coffee, this one not as strong. Hearing the shower stop and knowing that Joseph would be out soon, he took a slice of white bread out of the bread box, cut two holes side by side in it and placed it in a fry pan to brown on one side. After flipping the bread over, he cracked two eggs, one into each hole and fried them flipping them once. By that time Joseph was out of the bathroom and dressed in his pants and under shirt. His shirt and tie were still on a hanger that he hooked over the door.

“MMMM what smells so good?” He sniffed at the delicious aromas around him as he sat himself at the table. “Is there anything I can do to help?”

“No, Just sit there and enjoy”, Rich said and placed a glass of orange juice before him and a cup of freshly brewed coffee. “I hope this coffee is more to your liking.”

“Better, much better” Joseph said taking a sip as Rich placed the eggs and potatoes before him. “This looks great.” After tasting the eggs and savoring them he asked, “What do you call these things? I’ve never tasted anything so good.” He started to wolf them down.

“They are sometimes called “Adam and Eve on a Raft or Eggs in a hole”, Rich smiled and joked, “But for this occasion I’ll call them ‘Joe and Rich’ on a bed.”

Joseph turned beet red and pointing his fork at Rich for emphasis said, “We have to talk about last night. What happened was something that should not have happened! I don’t know what got into me. I’m not Gay, not that there is anything wrong with being Gay. I don’t know what really happened, nor do I understand it, but I did not want to lead you on. I don’t think that I can, with all honesty, even say that I was so drunk that I did not know what I was doing. All I know now was that, shit, I don’t even know what I think I know.” Joseph paused with his babbling and looked up at the other man. “Can you make sense of anything I’m trying to say?”

Rich looked into his blue eyes smiled and said, “Yes, I understand what you are saying. You are suffering from the ‘morning after’ syndrome. Relax; one little escapade doesn’t make you queer. And there are two words that I do not tolerate, queer is one and faggot is the other. I’m not going to apologize for what happened last night.” Rich shrugged, “I wanted it to happen, it may seem to you that I had it planned all along, but you’re wrong, it just happened. But I for one, am happy it did.” He reached over and took Joseph’s hand in his. “If you really don’t feel happy about this, then let’s just finish breakfast and I’ll take you to the subway and show you how to get back to 42nd Street.”

“Rich, the problem is that I just don’t know how I feel.” Joseph whispered, “It’s all so new and confusing. To tell the truth I’m scared shitless, my head says run, but my feet won’t permit me to.” Rich leaned over the table and lifting the hand that was in his own to kiss the fingertips, “Then stay with me till you find out how you feel. If you run now, someday you may wonder why you didn’t stay and explore this new feeling. Look I already called in and told the Cafe that I was taking a few days off and they said that since it was during the week, it would be ok.”

“Hey,” Joseph protested, “You didn’t have to do that. I could have hung around waiting for you to finish off work and we could have gone out after you finished.”

“What! And give some other guy a shot at grabbing you? NO WAY soldier boy, you are mine.” And to prove it Rich got up and walked around to Joseph, lifted his face to his, and kissed him on the lips lightly. Joseph blushed nervously at the contact, which caused Rich to smile. Next he ran his fingers through Joseph’s close- cropped G.I. hair do and pulled his face and mouth closer to his. “Mmmmmmmm the eggs taste good on your lips”, he smiled, “I bet you taste as good without them also.” He began kissing him deeply, his tongue touching Joseph’s lips, but not wanting to push through them, as he was not sure if the private was ready for this yet. However, to his surprise, Joseph opened his mouth and the two tongues touched and it was like sparks and fireworks went off again.

Soon the tongues were playing field hockey, touching and sending shocks through their bodies. Their kissing became hot and so torrid.

“I think I could get used to that,” Joseph moaned, “This is crazy you know that Rich, don’t you?”

“Yeahhhhhh” Richard drawled, “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, Louie.”

“I see you are a Bogart fan, just like me.” Joseph laughed, “That’s the second quote from his films that you’ve made.”

“It is? When did I make the first one?” Rich asked.

“Just a while ago outside the bathroom door, as I was going to take a shower,” Joseph quipped, “By the way did I thank you for your hospitality last night and for breakfast this morning?”

“You sure did and today I’m going to show you my town” Richard grinned and sang, “New York, New York —-It’s a hell of a town’.

“Yeah, the Bronx is up and the Battery’s down. And we are going to make this one hell of a town.” Joseph paraphrased the song quote.

After breakfast Joseph asked if he could borrow a shirt, as he did not want to be in uniform. When Rich asked why he said that just in case he did anything silly he did not want to be picked up by the MPs. Also he did not want to “disgrace” the uniform. “A drunken soldier or one in a sloppy uniform is something I don’t want to portray. The army and service men have enough problems without enraged civilians making complaints, besides, now and them every soldier likes to relax and live like a civilian,” he elaborated.

Rich gave him a choice of three shirts and he picked one and put it on. “Baby, I hate to say this to you, but in or out of uniform, I can still tell you are 100% army”, Rich said, “That haircut gives you away. Also the marvelous way you carry that body of yours, makes my cock want to salute you. Here, put on this baseball cap… That looks better. Now lets get moving as I have a lot to show you.”

“Yeah I’m ready, let’s get the troops moving,” Joseph said and turned to look at Richard. “Can we make a stop on the way back so that I can pick up my money and my travel bag at the locker?” “Your wish is my command, but first we go up to the Bronx Zoo.” They hopped on the subway and traveled up to the Bronx and spent the morning in the Zoo walking, looking at the animals and having lunch in a small nearby lunchroom. They talked for what seemed hours. Joseph told him about his former life in the small town and his work on the farm. He also told him all about his ex-girlfriend. Rich listened and began to understand the reasons behind his joining the army and his need to get away from ‘Smalltown, USA’. Joseph also told him about his plans for the future, about wanting to see the world, earn enough to may be go to college and about his love of art and sculpture in particular.

“So that’s how you knew about the other David,” Rich said. “I knew there was more to you than just a good looking face and body. There are some brains up there behind that sexy face of yours. They are not all in that cute bubble ass.’ he teased. “I just hope that you get your chance to live out your dreams before, God forbid, you get that ass shot away.”

“Hey stop that talk, think positive.” Joseph said. “I could get killed here on the so called safe streets of New York or any city and in my hometown as well.”

Rich realizing that he had a point, dropped the subject, but, they continued talking about themselves and their lives. Rich told him about his parents who lived out on the Island. He told him about how, in the beginning, his parents had trouble learning to accept the fact that Rich was Gay. Then about how they finally came to accept his sexuality to the point whereby they help him with some money as a sort of ‘advance on his inheritance.’ “That’s the term they prefer to use rather then saying it’s an allowance.” Rich joked, “They tell me that it’s just a way to prove to me that they will never disinherit me, and that I’m their son —-no matter what and that I am welcome to come home anytime!”

“I think that is sweet”, Joseph said with a tinge of sadness in his voice. “I lost my parents in an auto accident when I was very young and was raised by foster parents. They never really loved me. They did it for the money that the state paid them and to have an extra hand on the farm. That was another reason I wanted to get away and be free. So I joined the Army and here I am, having lunch in New Your City, with a guy that I met less than a day ago. A guy that has me doing and thinking about things I would have found repugnant 24 hours ago.” Joseph took a deep breath and glanced up at Rich. “And, damn it, I’m having a ball.”

“Well I hope you are having fun, because I am.” Then Richard smiled and said in a determined voice, “Joseph, tell me if there is anything you would like to do or see. Anything at all.”

“You’re going to think I’m nuts,” Joseph answered, “There is one thing that I have been wanting to do, but it’s silly.”

“Tell me!” Rich insisted, “Tell your fairy god daddy now! Tell me and I’ll try to way a magic wand and grant your wish.”

After much cajoling and getting assurances that Rich would not make fun of him, he shyly confessed, “I would love to go for a carriage ride through Central Park. I saw it once in a movie and I have been dying to do that. Can we try it? I’ll pay; it’s just that it’s not the sort of thing one does alone. Come to think of it, would two men do it? I always pictured it with lovers, you know, a man and woman together, snuggling.”

“And what’s to prevent two male lovers from enjoying a night of snuggling together, in a horse drawn carriage in Central Park”, Richard smiled and said with determination in his voice, “Yes, Yes, we will do it. Why should the ‘Heteros’ be the only ones to be able to make love and enjoy themselves like that? Would you like to do that tonight or tomorrow night?”

“Don’t you have to work tomorrow night?” Joseph asked, “I can’t have you taking any more time off. I don’t want you to get fired.”

“I told you that I asked for a few days off, besides I told them that if they needed me, they could get me on my cell phone.” he said, “If they do need me and I have to go in, you could come in with me and wait just like a good boyfriend.” Half seriously he added, “That way I could keep an eye on your ass, and make sure you behave yourself. Come, let’s get a move on; we have a lot to do today. First, I want to take you to see Rockefeller Plaza. Second, we can pick up your kit and drop it off at the apartment. Third, we are going to visit a lady I know that lives in the harbor. I hear that she just loves having her fighting men visit her.”

“You mean the Statue of Liberty?” Joseph inquired.

“You bet your sweet ass, that’s who I mean.” Sheepishly Rich commented, “I’ve lived in New York, New York all my life and just like 85% of the people here, I have never been to see her. You see what you are doing to me Joseph, you’re turning me into a tourist and believe it or not I’m as excited as you and I’m having the time of my life.”

Thus began a fantastic fun filled day that would find them, at sun down, holding hands at the Statue of Liberty, looking out at the busy harbor. “I know a place to eat that’s right in Central Park,” Rich yawned, “Sorry about the yawn, but it’s been a busy day and I can not think of a better way to end it, than having dinner and a horse drawn carriage ride.”

They took a cab up to the restaurant had dinner and then went outside to where the Carriage ride began. After Joseph arranged the price, they got in and the driver pulled away from the curb. Sitting back in the seat, Rich pulled Joseph to him and kissed him. The two of them snuggled and let their fingers do the talking for them. They continued to hold hands and their lips met in small sweet kisses. The clip klop, clip klop, sound of the horse’s hooves on the pavement added to the romance of the evening. All too soon the ride was over.

The two of them, almost unable to contain themselves, and acting like a pair of love starved teenagers, hurried back to the apartment. The prospect of making love, in private to each other, made them lose all sense of decorum. Once inside the apartment, Rich and Joseph embraced and started to frantically undress each other. Shirts were pulled off and thrown into the air. One landed on top of the lamp shade the other on the floor. Hands and fingers of both of them grasped, touched and pulled off the other’s under shirts and pants. Rich pushed Joseph into the easy chair and pulled off his shoes and socks, then opened his belt, unzipped his fly and pulled down his pants. The pants sent flying through the air landed on the kitchenette sink. Rich stepped back, surveyed the picture of the young soldier laying there stripped to his BVDs. Falling to the floor in front of him, he started to strip off his own shoes and socks, open his belt and unzip. He felt Joseph’s fingers grab his trouser legs and pull them slowly off his body. Both men were now clad only in underpants. Their eyes locked on each other. Their arms wound around each other, each hugging the body of the other to itself. Each feeling the heat of the others arousal. Their lips wanting to say things but instead quickly found and joined together in a long and passionate kiss, tongues entwined. Somehow, still kissing and hugging, the couch was converted and they found themselves rolling around on the bed. Then for some reason Rich stopped, looked around and started to laugh. For about a half minute he could not stop.

“Look at this place, it looks like an A-Bomb hit it” He said between gasping for air, “I guess that’s the price I pay for making love to the military.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you clean it up.” Joseph grinningly said, “A broom, a dust cloth and a little G.I. elbow grease and the place will be as good as new. I’m not worried about that now. What happens next? Rich, you are going to have to teach me. I’ve never done anything like this before, I never even played the usual childhood games”

“Just go with the flow. Relax I’ve had experience. I’ll try to be as gentle with you as I can.” Rich murmured as his lips moved over Joseph’s face and neck, “I want you to enjoy this as much as I will. This will be a together experience. We are going to make LOVE; not me or you, but both of us together.” He moved his lips and tongue down Joseph’s neck to the nook under Joseph’s Adam’s Apple kissing and licking all the way there. His teeth playfully nipping at his neck and shoulders, before moving on down his chest to his pectoral muscles. His tongue flitting out and teasing the left nipple, then taking it in his mouth alternating between sucking on it and grazing his teeth over the fast erecting nub. Arousing first the left nipple, then the right. His fingers exploring Joseph’s body and back running his finger tips along up and down the spine causing his young lover to shiver and moan. His hands reached around Joseph to his backside and resting one hand on each globe, his fingers squeezed the hard flesh.

“Man that’s one fantastic ass you’re got there, lover.” Rich whispered as he moved his lips from the nipples down to his belly button, his tongue finding the hole and probing it. He started to push the tip of his tongue in and out of the hole, and began to suck on the flesh around it. When his chin stubble rubbed over Joseph’s sensitive cock head, he could feel its hardness and its heat. Joseph’s hard manhood was like a bar of hot steel. He could almost feel the blood pumping through it and pre-cum leaking out and covering the head with love juice. Feeling the wetness Rich moved his lips to the moist surface and blew hot air over the head and piss slit. His lips moved lower and lower until he felt the cock head rubbing against them. The head already wet with pre-cum tasted sweet. Rich kissed the cock head and could feel it jerk in excitement. He stuck the tip of his tongue in the piss slit licking up Joseph’s love juice. His lips opened and encircled the hot cock. Working the cock into his mouth and running his tongue around and under the hard organ he sucked and used his mouth as a vacuum. Rich could feel Joseph’s body stiffen and he could feel the hands of his lover caressing the back of his head holding Rich’s face to his dick. The soldier’s body stiffened as his head began to pound in erotic pain. His voice was loud pleading, begging and moaning.

“OHHHhhhh Rich, I’m going to blow any second.” He moaned, “I can’t control it. It’s coming. It’s going to flood your mouth. Pull off!!” He tried to push Rich’s lips off him, but Rich held on sucking harder. “Auhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shittttttttttt”, He came as Rich took all the hot love juice his lover could give swallowing it as fast as it flowed from the hard hot man meat. “I’m so sorry Rich. I tried to, but I could not control it.”

“It’s ok baby, you did great for a first timer.” He said as he licked Joseph’s cock and balls clean, “You’ll learn to control yourself in time. The first time is always like a ‘gushing oil well’. The pressure of everything we did today, was building and building then the boooommmm.” Rich licked his lips and smiled alluringly at the soldier. “Did I ‘do you’, good? How do you feel?”

“Well, not that I have much to compare it to”, Joseph smiled, “But that was the best blow job I ever had. No woman I have known would even want to take my cock in her mouth let alone suck it. As for swallowing my juice, I would have thought that was the worse thing in the world. But you made me feel like I had just given you the most expensive gift in the world.”

“Baby, what you just gave me is one of the best gifts you could give.” He smiled, “But that is just the first of many gifts we will exchange tonight and I hope for a long time after this.” Rich then told him to turn over onto his front and placed a cushion underneath his belly. Next, he ran his fingers over the hard, muscular body and proceeded to spread Joseph’s legs wide. Scooting down so that his face was between his lover’s legs, he began to blow his hot breath over his balls and ass. Bending down even closer, he kissed and licked the ass cheeks. He started licking around the tight ass hole and taking little love bites out of the ass cheeks and his tongue tip hitting the rosebud and working over and into ring. Rich felt Joseph’s body freeze up. Pulling off and reaching for the table draw he extracted a tube of KY jelly and a condom. He showed Joseph the tube and said, “If you are not ready to do this, we can wait. I don’t want to do anything you’re not ready for. It hurts the first time, but I’ll use a lot of this and a condom.”

“I’m scared, your cock is so big,” Joseph quietly admitted, “Will you stop if I tell you to?”

“It will hurt, I don’t want to lie to you, but there are things

we can do to make the pain less.” He began applying some KY to his index finger and rubbing it onto Joseph’s rosebud. Working the jelly into and around the ring he applied pressure until he was able to pierce his finger past the ring and into the ass. Joseph gritted his teeth, and initially fought Rich’s finger.

“Make like you are almost going to take a shit” he instructed, “But for God’s sake don’t. Yeah that’s it. That’s better now. Now we will try two fingers. You are doing fine, my love.” He proceeded to work the two fingers in and out, moving them faster and faster until they were fucking Joseph’s ass smoothly and then he switched to three fingers. Rich could feel him shiver. “It’s OK Joseph, calm down, I’m trying to be as gentle as I can.”

The fingers continued to slowly slide in and out of his anal tract, spreading more and more lubricant. “Man, what a tight ass hole you have, my darling, and to think you saved it all for me.” Richard could soon feel the sphincter grabbing at his fingers, and whispered into his ear. “I love when it grips my fingers. Make sure you remember to do that when I’m in you.”

Joseph felt the fingers being pulled out and he nervously questioned, “Are you sure that’s enough?” He could hear Richard fumbling and cursing as he struggled putting the condom on his cock and then covered it with more KY.

Rich’s 8-inch cock was fully erect as he moved into position behind Joseph. “Spread your legs open for me baby.” He instructed as he rubbed his condom covered cock head along the valley between Joseph’s ass cheeks and finding the rosebud he pushed down on it. “Now, make like you’re going to shit again.” Joseph felt something hot and hard pressing against his asshole and it was pushing slowly past the ring and into his ass. Rich never felt anything as hot and tight as this virgin ass. Using short and slow strokes he was able to get in all the way. He stopped and waited until Joseph became accustomed to the invader within him.

“There, baby, the worse is over now, I’m in all the way.” Rich murmured soothingly, “I know it must hurt, but it will only get better now.”

Joseph could not believe the pain. It had felt like he was being split in two. He grimaced as he felt the cock head slowly invade up his ass, pushing and shoving and stretching his anal walls. When Joseph finally felt Rich’s balls hit and rest against his perineum, he breathed a sigh of relief. He felt every inch of Rick’s shaft, the bumps, the valleys, all of it… even the big vein that ran up the length of the penis. His ass hole squeezed down on the shaft. Rich moaned and started to take short strokes. He leaned over Joseph’s body and whispered into his ear, “Baby that feels so good. Your ass fits my cock like a glove. I love you.” He kissed his ear and then started his long slow fucking of his soldier’s ass. Soon the both of them started to move, matching each other’s thrusts and gradually picking up speed and passion. Joseph felt Rich’s balls slapping against his own as the cock became buried deep into his rectum. “Can you hear my balls slapping your balls?” Richard asked as he drove his cock in and out with Joseph trying to match his movements. Faster and faster they moved and then he reached under Joseph with his fingers to encircled Joseph’s penis, forming a tight artificial cunt. The captive flaccid cock began to harden and Joseph fucked his now hard cock into the KY jelly covered hand. The only sounds that could be heard were their combined heavy breathing and their bodies slapping against each other. Their moaning grew louder and louder and then Richard yelled “I’m commmmmmmmmmmming!” and plowed deeply into Joseph as they both released their sperm at the same moment in one beautiful explosion of love. Rich could feel Joseph’s ass hole gripping his cock as he came and it sent him almost into orbit. Orange and yellow lights were flashing in his head. Joseph started crying and sobbed. Rich hugged him and asked if he was OK. “Oh yeahh, I’m fine. I just never, ever, came like that.” he said through his tears, “Was it too difficult for you? Was I all right? I tried not to complain too much. Was it as good for you as it was for me? Will it always be that good?”

“From now on I promise that it will only get better.” Rich answered, “Now that you’re not a virgin, it will be easier. There will be less strain and we will both be more relaxed. I’m going to pull out now I want to face you so that I can kiss you and hold you. Next time we will do it facing each other, I want to be able to see you and kiss you as I enter you and see your face when you cum.” Rich slowly stood up and reached a hand out to Joseph. “Now let’s take a shower and get cleaned up for round number two.”

“Yes, a nice hot shower will help” Joseph agreed, rubbing his backside, “My ass is killing me. That tool of yours really opened me up. How long before it returns to normal?”

“It’s hard to say for sure,” Rich said after examining his ass, “There might be a bit of blood, but I think you’ll be fine, it looks real good and not too damaged. In any event the next time will be less painful. We’ll just see how you heal.”

“Errr, Rich,” Joseph stammered, “Your cock…. does it hurt? I know I must be asking silly questions, but did it hurt you to ‘Bust my ass?” “He blushed when Rick looked at him blankly. “I can’t think of any other way to put it.” he mumbled.

“It’s called ‘taking your cherry’ or your ‘virginity’.” Rich answered smiling, “The same as if you were a girl. Do you remember the first time you laid a woman? It’s almost the same thing. While a hole is a hole, yours was sweeter than anything I ever poked my dick into before. Why do you ask about my cock hurting?”

“I bet you say that to all your conquests.” Joseph coyishly said faking a blush, “I just wanted to know if I had hurt you and… well”.”

“Well what? Are you asking because now you want to ‘do me’?” He asked as Joseph nodded a shy yes, “Well lookie here! A monster I created! I’m really so happy to hear that you want to do that. For a moment or two I thought you were having second thoughts about the whole thing.” He reached over and pulled Joseph to him, hugged him and kissed his lips. “Come clean up! I want to clean that dick of yours good and in more ways than one.”

-To be continued…-