Frank came out of the house to greet us a drink in his hand and a big smile on his face.

“Paul how are you?” we shook hands before he turned to Katie and kissed her hand.

“And the gorgeous little Katie, let me look at you m’dear”

I’ll admit to a silly pang of jealousy as he held her at arms length and looked her up and down.

“You’re a stunning young lady Katie, I think you’re father is a very lucky man indeed!”

I cleared my throat and he took the hint,

“The three girls are in the house Katie, they’ve asked me to ask you to join them”

I took a bottle of Perrier off him and we strolled down the garden while he outlined his proposition to me.

“I own four of the biggest and best nightclubs in London Paul, as well as a casino and twelve pubs, I make a lot of money legitimately out of them but some tearaways are trying to move in on me”

“So stop them then!”

“If only it were that simple my friend, I would do, but with all this happening I’ve decided to go strictly straight and these boys have to be shown the error of their ways by someone as totally ruthless as they are, you see they’re using mug punters to sell drugs in these places of mine, users themselves who are too stupid or stoned, or both, not to get caught! The drugs squad is on top of the game and they’re arresting these morons at the right of at least one a night, all in full view of my customers and the overall effect is a gradual deterioration in the class of customer I’m getting”

I began to see where he was leading,

“So the businesses start going downhill, you’ll get pissed off with all the aggro and eventually sell out cheaply to someone who just happens to come along with an offer?”

He laughed and patted me on the back,

“There I knew I was right about you, you’re not just muscle are you, you’re right on line, I want your company to do some covert surveillance work in all my places and find out who’s doing it”

“Sounds ok”

“And if you happen to step on a few toes in the course of things, then that’ll be even better!”

I heard laughter from the house and turned round to see four naked females jumping into the pool,

“Well I recognise three of those delightful little pussy’s” I laughed,

“So how about introducing me to the fourth one?”

“Certainly dear chap, but I’ve not mentioned money yet!”

I turned back to him and smiled,

“Do you intend to pay us well?”

“Extremely well”

“Good enough then”

We shook hands and turned towards the pool.

“Paul allow me to introduce Becky, my sister”

She pulled herself out of the pool with my help and stood unashamedly naked while I shook her hand.

“Hi” she said almost shyly, “I’ve heard a lot about you from Frank, he’s impressed by you Paul and that doesn’t happen very often”

I was rather impressed by her too, she stood at just under six feet without any footwear and for a lady I estimated to be around thirty five years or so, her body was that of a teenager, her breasts were magnificent, twin orbs jutting out proudly without any hint of sag at all, a narrow waist and the longest legs I’d ever seen before lead up to a groin devoid of any pubic hair at all and two delightfully plump little cunt lips, each decorated with a delicate gold ring through the soft skin!

“Ouch” I smiled, “That must have hurt!”

She giggled at the unconventional opening remark, showing beautifully straight, white teeth,

“Sadie said you were different”

Katie wrapped herself around me and said softly but perfectly audibly,

“She’s got a tongue like a fucking serpent daddy, it found places I didn’t know I’d got!”

And Becky actually blushed.

The six of us went out to a hotel for a meal so Frank and I could discuss the matter further over a few drinks and it was then that he told me about a party they planned for two days time in one of his night clubs,

“Just a few carefully chosen friends Paul” he said with a smile, “VERY carefully chosen friends!”

“What about clothing Frank?” chirped up Katie brightly and she giggled when he replied,

“For the men, casual and for the ladies, as little as possible!”

“Well you’ll be all right then won’t you baby?” I laughed and Katie looked daggers at me.

“Go on then, show them!”

“You know I hate you don’t you daddy?” she laughed as she stood up and did a little twirl showing she had meant what she’d said earlier about not wearing panties!

It had been a long and very eventful day, so we all went our separate ways after the meal, well all except Sharon who’d been drinking more than the rest of us and asked if she could come home with me and Katie.

I agreed out of politeness, even though I’d been hoping to make love to my daughter and go to sleep with her in my arms.

It was still quite early when we arrived home so we decided to take a drink out into the garden, but as in sat down to savour the warm evening and my brandy, Katie came and sat in my lap.

“You love me don’t you daddy?”


“Will you do me a big favour?”

“You know I will baby”

“Will you take Sharon to bed and make love to her, just you two?”

“Why baby, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing really daddy, she’s just had a drop too much to drink and I think everything that’s happened has just caught up with her, do it daddy, do it for me”

“Katie darling” I ran both hands up beneath her skirt and massaged her thighs, I could feel her heat through my jeans

“Do you really want me to?”

“Yes, on one condition”

I brushed my fingers lightly over her labia, making her gasp with pleasure,

“Tell me”

“Come to me afterwards daddy”

“Oh baby” I kissed her tenderly, “You know I will but – -.”

“I know what you’re going to say daddy, but you’ve got a tongue haven’t you?”

Sharon was standing in the kitchen looking slightly worried as I walked in.

“Where’s Katie?”

Touching my lips gently to hers, I kissed her and took her hand,

“She’s outside”

“I feel awful now, I wish I hadn’t said what I did”


She shrugged, “I don’t know Paul”

“Yes you do” I ran both hands down over her back and lifted the hem of her dress,

“I want to do this Sharon” I lifted the dress right up over her head and let it drop to the floor.

“I’m a bit mixed up”

“I know sweetheart, I understand” I peeled the panties down her legs and cupped her sex.

She shook her head, but made no attempt to move away as a finger probed into the heat of her cunt.

“I don’t think you do understand Paul”

Still frigging her gently with one hand, I used the other to unfasten my jeans, I was hard and she gasped as I guided her hand onto my cock,

“I think I understand exactly Sharon”

“Do you?”

“Yes baby I do” I lifted her up so she could wrap her legs around my waist.

“Tell me then”

I looked past her to where my daughter was standing in the doorway, she nodded and smiled mouthing ” I love you” at me as I lowered the girl down onto my erection.

“Let Daddy take you to bed darling”

Sharon gasped and stiffened.

“Let me fuck my little baby”

“Oh yes daddy” she gasped and convulsed as the climax hit her!