They were making the lovers undress as we returned and pouring Scotch down their throats. My wife looked pleadingly at me, but I just ignored her and walked over to Joe and Pete to put them in the picture.

“Bitch!” that was Katie’s voice and I turned to see her picking up the tiny white panties at her mother’s feet.

“Daddy look” she said quietly.

A fresh tattoo had been done just above her shaven mound, it was a huge spurting phallus, with the words, “Hal’s slut” on either side of it!

“Rot in hell” I said and walked away with my daughter’s hand in mine.

We agreed not to meet Sadie and Sharon until after the police had spoken to us all and then what could be more natural than two grieving families to comfort each other?

“Daddy is it wrong for me to be so aroused?”

I glanced over at her as I pulled onto the main road and joined the heavy traffic, she was fingering herself again, her mother’s panties on the seat beside her.

“No baby, it’s a natural reaction, I’m just the same”

“Let’s hurry them, I want you to take me to bed daddy”

“Mmm, nice idea Katie” I put my foot down hard!

“Oh fuck yes” she said and I looked over again, she was licking the gusset of the panties whilst continuing to finger herself.

“She wet herself Daddy”

“Take your jeans and panties off” I said.

“Oh yes” she was ahead of me, her own panties were damp with her little accident earlier, being careful not to obscure my view, she wiped them sensuously around my mouth and nose.

“Do you like that?” she giggled,

“God you horny little bitch, you fucking know I do!”

“What about this then?” and she pulled her mother’s soaking wet panties up over her thighs.

“Oh baby” was all I could manage as she kissed my neck.

“I’ve got her panties on daddy” she whispered, “They’re right up in my cunt, all wet and juicy from her cunt and her pee daddy”

I swung off the road sharply, almost throwing her out of her seat and bumped down a narrow dirt track into some trees. She was on me even as I pulled the handbrake on, straddling me, her back pressed against the steering wheel, her hands scrabbling at my zip.

“Yes daddy oh yes fuck me, fuck me” she came as I entered her, ramming myself savagely up into her hot little cunt, it was a mutual rape I think, she mashed herself down on me hard and moved her hips in a circular motion. Our mouths were locked together, tongues probing, I swallowed her saliva as I fucked her, not caring if I hurt her, wanting to hurt her even!

She was just as much out of control as I was, she ripped my back through my shirt as she eased herself almost right off my cock then rammed herself down again

“Shag me you bastard” she spat at me, “Make me your slut daddy, fuck me harder, make me pregnant daddy!”

“Yes baby, fucking hell yes, you’re my slut you’re sweet little cunt is mine, you’re daddy’s little fuck slut!”

My cock exploded and she screamed again, biting my lip in her ecstasy, she climaxed again as I held myself rigid letting her fuck herself on the hard rod that was still jetting it’s load into her body!

Finally she slumped against me and I held her, she was trembling with the power of her orgasm.

“I love you daddy” she whispered

“I love you Katie, my darling”

“It’s going to be all right, isn’t it daddy?”

“Yes baby” I stroked her hair, “It’s going to be perfect, just perfect!”

I was still inside her, enjoying the feel of our juices mingling and trickling out of her pussy.

“Tell me if you want me to stop daddy” she whispered.

I didn’t know what she meant until I felt a warm wetness around my genitals,

“Oh baby, baby, baby”

“Is that nice daddy?”

“Wonderful Katie, absolutely wonderful” and I began to move again as I felt my erection growing inside her!

The investigation was over in less than a week, their car had rolled over the steep bank of a quarry, exploded half way down and the two bodies inside were only identifiable via their dental records. The police were very sympathetic towards Katie and myself, never actually referring to the fact that they’d obviously parked there for sex, or that they’d been drinking, or that his car (the Audi) had a faulty hand brake!

As soon as the last police officer shook my hand and left, I phoned Sadie to tell her the news.

“I know” she laughed sounding slightly out of breath, they were here an hour ago.

“Are you all right Sadie?”

“I’m fine Paul, in fact I’m absolutely fucking wonderful, oh yesss!”

I heard whispering and another voice came on the line.

“Paul old chap, how are you?”

A shiver ran down my spine, the last time I’d heard that voice had been at the gravel pit!

“It’s Frank, old bean”

“Yes I know” I said softly, “I know who it is”

“Paul, I detect a note of concern in your voice old chap, you’ll really have to learn to trust me you know”


“Well no you don’t HAVE to, but look, I can hardly blame you for being suspicious of me, why don’t you pop round here for a little drink, I have a proposition to put to you about rather a big contract for you and your organisation?”

I thought about it for a few seconds then agreed, “We’ll be right there, but can you put Sadie on again please?”

“Er well actually old boy, it’s a little difficult at the moment”

“Why?” I still wasn’t fully sure of him,

“Well, she seems rather smitten with my sister and they’ve just gone upstairs looking rather gooey eyed at each other”

I laughed out loud, Yes that sounded like Sadie all right!

“I’ll be there in a few minutes”


“Sharon says can you make sure you bring Katie?”

I laughed again and went out to find her.

She was in the pool naked, looking an absolute stunner as she pulled herself out and the sunlight glistened on the droplets of water running off her bronzed skin.

“I rather like him daddy” she said shyly after I’d told her everything, “He’s an exciting man, a bit like you, you know!”

“In what way?”

She lifted herself and kissed me, wrapping her arms around my neck and pressing her wet naked flesh against me.

“Dangerous daddy, dangerous and very fucking sexy!”

“Do you fancy him?”

I ran my hands down onto her bottom.

“Would you mind if I did?”

“No baby, I don’t think I would, what we have is ours, nobody will ever take that away from us because it’s special, but there are an awful lot of people out there we’ve not met yet”

“Or fucked yet” she breathed into my mouth.

“Or fucked yet” I agreed and slowly insinuated my hand between the cheeks of her sexy little bottom.

“Mmm” she said softly, “In that case, I don’t think I’ll bother with panties!”

-To be continued…-