Her Buick had been threatening to cut out for the last five miles, and finally it had given up. Jennifer peered through the rain drenched windscreen as she steered the silent vehicle to a stand still at the side of the forest road. She’d come all this way out for a college party and now her pride and joy, her little car had let her down.

She gave a frustrated grunt holding her hands up in disbelief.

The windscreen wipers still screeched to and fro and she could just make out a window light not far into the trees. It was late evening and she’d seen too few cars to think one would be coming along very soon. So she decided to make a dash for it.

The light was deceptively distant and by the time Jennifer had reached the front door of the white building she looked like a drowned rat. I say building because she didn’t think it was a house, it was too big. It looked more like a county hospital or government building; white walls, flat roof, non-descript windows and doors.

She gave a flurry of loud knocks, the rain soaking her to the skin.

There was someone taking their time to walk down a long corridor on the other side. Jenny shouted for them to hurry.

“Please I’m freezing out here.”

The man fumbled with some keys then opened the door.

“Oh thank heavens, I’m soaked!”

The tall man was understandably surprised; he had so few visitors, certainly never so late at night.

In front of him was a beautiful young woman. She had long straight brunette hair made jet black and shinny by the rain soaking. Her narrow face was pale from the cold, ruby red lips and white teeth brilliant against her chilled features.

“Excuse me,” she said as he stood there admiring her, then she pointed a long finger to the sky highlighting her problem, “the rain?”

He remained silent still barring the door. She was stunning; looking so sexy in her dishevelled soaked state; firm bust and tight waist on two long perfect waxed legs.

“Are you going to let me in or what?” Jennifer asked, a little exasperated.

The strange man finally stood aside and watched her pass him. He was dressed in a white coat and the young brunette noticed a worn name badge as a doctor might wear. She in turn looked ridiculous in a skin soaked summer dress, Jennifer struggling to peel the fabric from her ample tits and curvaceous waist. He closed the door looking at the young woman walking away from him, tracing her thin legs down to two mud covered high heels.

She turned and looked down at her ruined shoes.

“I was at a party and my car…”

The man waved a hand, nodding in understanding.

“Do you have a phone?” She asked mouthing her words carefully, thinking maybe he was a mute.

Once again he didn’t answer just led the way.

In his cozy study she tried over and over to get a dial tone from his ancient hand set. The man had disappeared leaving her to dry her body against the open crackling fire.

“Maybe the lines were down, who knows?” One thing for sure he wasn’t going to be much more help to her.

“Oh! Er thank you!” she had almost yelped, startled by the man as he silently appeared, thrusting a hot drink in her hand.

Once again he didn’t speak and Jennifer sat down, legs together, dress riding up her thigh as she sipped the hot coffee. She was feeling a little nervous now. She wished he would speak. “Maybe if…”


When she came round it was the blackness that scared her the most. She couldn’t see anything. Could she hear? She didn’t know if there were any sounds to hear.

What was it over her face, on her body? Wait, she couldn’t open her mouth! In fact there was something in it; a gag maybe?

She was standing; she was definite of that, her arms above her head tied together. But tied to what and how she didn’t know. Her arms ached from the tension, her tip toes just managing to give her some support from the floor.She was in high heeled boots of some type. And her body; was she still dressed? Or was it naked under a hot second skin?

She heard foot steps descending.

Then the sound of a door unbolting, making a terrifying crack.

Someone was in the room with her.

A hand touched her head and there was a scrape of Velcro and her eyes blinked in the light.


She couldn’t speak no matter how desperate she was to. Her eyes darted left and right in panic.

She was in a tiled clinical type room. She looked up then down. She was hanging by a rope to the low ceiling, her feet just touching a glistening black slate floor.


On the other side of the room was a full length mirrored wall. Her mind screamed.

“Oh my God!”

She could see herself reflected, hanging there, and behind her a table and other strange tubular devices. The tall man was also there dressed in the same white smock as earlier.

But it was her own predicament reflecting back, that made her wriggle and gargle the most.

Jenny was suspended, on tip toes in a skin tight one piece leather cat suit. It ran from heeled stiletto boots up tight clad thighs over her imprisoned bosom to a horrid Gimp hood. She had a Velcro sealed mouth hole and only tiny mesh for her nostrils. Her eye slit was open but the Velcro cover hung at the side ready at any time to be put back in place. Her long brown hair had been carefully fed through a hole in the back of the hood giving her a cute long pony tail.

See could see her own wide terrified eyes staring back from the wall size mirror. Her mind was racing.

“Oh Jezz no! Why, why me! Ohhhhhhhh please this can’t be true!”

The strange man wheeled a rickety trolley in front of her. It was full of horrid devices. Some she had no clue about, others looked terrifyingly obvious.

He made eye contact with her and she pleaded back with her own beautiful eyes.

The man put his finger to his mouth tapping it in thought. He admired his taut bodied captive then began his work.

Jennifer felt the chest flap restraining her bare bosom in place come loose. She groaned as her white soft sweaty melons sprang out at right angles forced through the two chest holes in her tight cat suit. She had fine firm tits slightly too big for her tiny waist frame, the nipples dark and erect from the friction inside her suit.

The man cupped both hard breasts; squeezing tightly, feeling the weight and texture under his fingers and thumb. Jennifer bit down on whatever was in her mouth trying in vain to pull away from his mauling.

He moved behind her to grip them both from the rear; once again almost as if he was guessing the weight of some hard ripe fruits.

His fingers and thumbs teased the nipples, tugging the responsive flesh, lengthening and hardening the tips.

She gave a long frustrated murmur through her gag.

Jenny’s ability to show her disgust was severely limited. Only her blazing eyes gave a hint of the awful indignity she felt. The girl’s fantastic slim figure was brilliantly accentuated by the skin tight black suit. She looked like she had been dipped naked into tar; her curves and womanly bulges given nowhere to hide. Her perfect legs now seemed to go on forever the heels giving her an erect tit thrusting posture.

Either side of her, hanging down were two rings on thick ropes, like an Olympic athlete would use. He reached down to lift on of her long legs under the knee. She kicked and it was a struggle but one at a time he fed her calves through the waist high rings so she was held legs open wide in a frog squat her inside knees now carrying some of her weight onto the rings and ropes rather than all through her overhead bound hands.

Jennifer’s groin felt awfully exposed, the leather creaking as her thighs now struggled to stretch that wide.

The man began to search on his old trolley, whistling as he went. Jennifer’s mind was working overtime.

“Was he a crazed doctor, oh no! An escaped mental patient maybe?”

She tried to listen for sounds outside the room. “Was she in a cellar?”

The man worked slowly but methodically each action of eye popping intensity for the innocent cute girl.

First he unfastened a flap under her crotch; this exposed two holes cut in the tight thong leather. One hole was over her tight little ass. She bit down and gargled as he slowly, carefully inserted a greased butt plug up inside her shitter. She bucked in horror but was totally unable to make any real resistance. Her anus was so tight she felt like he was inserting an arm the bulbous head fitting snugly inside her sphincter rim so keeping her muscles continuously stretched around the exposed shaft.

Running through the centre of the plug was a quarter inch rubber tube with attached pipe. She didn’t realize at the time but this would make it easy to fill her ass with warm water, piss or anything else he might mix into a slimy solution.

He then moved to her pussy. In this spread open position she would soon find there was no way to stop him licking and tounging her slit at his leisure, maybe even bringing a stool down under her so he could sit and take hours at a time. But for the moment he greased a 6 inch ribbed dildo twisting the shaft up her tight pussy, bit by bit till her vulva almost swallowed the end. The penetrating phallus pressed against her butt plug making her feel embarrassingly full. When he was satisfied her pussy was gripping it deep enough he then refastened the crotch flap, sealing it inside her.

She groaned realizing he could leave these monsters in her indefinitely.

Finally he unfastened her mouth flap and Jenny coughed and tried to speak. Her jaw wouldn’t close. Gripped between her pearl white teeth was a thick rubber o-ring. The hole was about an inch wide and Jennifer’s tongue darted through, trying to form words.

She gave a belly groan of sensation her sweet sound echoing around the room.

The man examined the contraption making sure when ready she would not be able to resist a pipe been put over her tongue so he could feed her more vile liquid filth straight down her throat when needed.

Satisfied, he re-attached the mouth Velcro,

Jenny shook her head in frustration.

He stroked down her shiny leather clad waist, under her legs, across the groin bump where the dildo was buried until finally he reached her ass plug, with the tube dangling from it.

She watched in the mirror with growing horror as he attached the tube to a canister hanging from the wall. He twisted a valve and the canister came to life, hissing quietly to itself. The pipe began to flex as compressed air flowed down then up into the butt plug.

Then she felt it. The other end of the tube sticking out inside her cavity, it was attached to a deflated limp rubber balloon. Jennifer jerked and writhed as the rubber ball filled until rigid, like a fist inside her ass. She felt her ass muscled squeal in vain trying to resist its growth into a fat hand size balloon.

“Ooooooooooooohhhhhh, it’s going to explode in me!” Her mind cried in terror.

Thankfully the hissing stopped as he closed the canister valve, Jennifer now full of air filled leather balloon. This was in-turn accentuating the sensation of the deep buried pussy dildo.

The man was finished for now. He sat, legs apart, on the chair directly in front of her. Her eyes darted to his hand as he reached into his pocket pulling out her car keys. He flung them into a box of bits on the floor. He’d moved her car the silly bitch had run out of petrol. Well now it was safely hidden under a tarpaulin in the garage just above their heads.

He stroked his groin but resisted the temptation to expose his hungry hard cock to her. After all he had lots time.

Jenny shook her head in despair as he stood and refastened her eye flap back in place. She was buried back into pitch darkness, her slit aching from a ribbed, fat intruder; her ass belching and groaning from a pressurized leather balloon.

The man turned off the light plunging the room into black. He then locked the door as he left. She didn’t know at the time but in the weeks to come she’d look back to this time of quite captivity as a long distant piece of heaven.

It was the next morning when the police arrived at his door. The doctor spoke so little these days he found it liberating to actually talk with someone.

No, he hadn’t seen a young woman. No not even a deserted car.

The cops had listened patiently to him. He seemed eager to talk once he had started and eventually they had to bid him a hurried farewell. As they left they both gave a knowing look to each other. All that time on his own, with just his patients for company. It was definitely taking its toll on him.

“It can’t be an easy place to work.” Confessed detective Smith.

The other nodded in agreement. “Yeah I think his last nurse had a breakdown, that’s why he’s all alone.”

Smith looked back.”Hmm,” he said as in thought.

The doctor watched them go. He hadn’t spoken for months, well not in conversation. Now he felt liberated. He wanted to talk again. He looked to the floor, to the hidden cellar beneath.

“Yes,” he thought in delight. “I’ll talk to her. I’ll explain what I am doing. After all nurse Crow had understood. That’s what had made her such a good assistant. Needing that green card she’d never really objected, well not until just before her breakdown.”

Jennifer had slept like the dead. The silent man had returned last night and poured a sleeping solution into her mouth. She had spluttered and swallowed her body quickly going limp as she fell into a slumber. Now she was awake again but still in total darkness. Her ass ached from the large inflated sphere plugging her. She felt like she would crap it out eventually, her muscles slowly weakening her void wanting to release. He pussy felt numb the fat dildo buried completely in her hole. But it was he stretched thighs that made her moan the most. She had been hanging knees inside these rings for a full night, her calves limp, groin splayed wide the leather clad skin making her sweat heavily.

She heard him descending the steps then the door slamming open. Then he spoke.

“Oh my dear, you look delightfully uncomfortable!”

“He’d spoken!”

She made a muffled moan shaking her head still unable to see.

The Doc unfastened her eye flap and she blinked in the cold electric light. She was limp and exhausted her tits glistening with sweat still pert round and full.

The man reached out to cup one of her tits twisting the fine fat dome.

“The cops have been looking for you. But don’t worry they’ve gone now, we won’t be disturbed.”

“He’d spoken again!”

The doc continued to grope her tit, Jennifer biting down on the gag in disgusts.

“You are so slim and sexy my dear. My last assistant served me well, but the poor woman ended up as one of my patients upstairs before my experiments could be finished.”

Jennifer looked to the ceiling then back to him.

“Don’t worry,” he added with a smile.” They’re all locked up in their padded cells.”

Jennifer’s eyes widened. Now he had her full attention.

“My experiments are into sexual pleasure. Your pleasure! I have had many hours to refine my research and I assure you even in the predicament you find yourself in your body will respond.”

Jennifer shook her head glaring back at him. There was little else she could do to show her contempt and refusal.

“Don’t be embarrassed my dear. Being my assistant will be such an experience for you. Let me show you the type of eye popping sensations I have in store.”

The Doc slid his hand down her clad tummy over her aching pussy bump.

The flap was open a little and he could touch the flat end of the buried dildo.

She bucked at the slight extra pressure nudging deep inside her.

His finger touched a felt brass nut on the dildo’s base. From his pocket he produced a long length of wire with a crocodile tooth on both ends. He quietly explained his actions.

“The dildo buried up your hole is metal with a rubber skin. The shaft has holes punched through the rubber to the metal and one at the tip like a man’s cock eye. I’m going to stimulate your hot tired pussy, all along its tunnel.”

Jennifer began to shake. She could see the wire was like cable from jump leads. She wriggled as the teeth bit onto the now exposed brass nut the wire trailing from it as the doc attached it to a square box looking like a 30s radio.

He flicked a switch and there was a hum of electricity.

Jennifer groaned as she felt a slight tingle inside her hot aching shaft.

The man began to turn the large dial, and Jenny began to shudder.

She gargled a long agonised groan.

The rubber clad cock came alive inside her the current low but terrifyingly real. The cock tip was pressing against her cervix and the electricity hummed at her womb entrance.

She began to writhe as he slowly increased the voltage her hips bucking her tits thrusting up, erect and proud.

Her clit was swollen, the slow over night friction making it tender. Now the electricity buzzed the fleshy bud. She couldn’t speak but in her head her mind screamed.

“Oohhhhhhhhhh Gooooooddddddd, noooooooooo!”

Her clit shuddering with pleasure, her thoughts wild and desperate.

“Uggggggg no more stop turnnnnnnnnnn uggggggg!”

The Doc could see her groin thrashing her limp calves now trying to kick. He knew she was trying to plead but he’d leave her gagged her now.

He’d reached optimum setting on the dial, not enough to burn, but only just bearable.

“Poor nurse Crow had taken many hours of practice to find this ideal setting.” He said proudly.

“But you my dear are lucky; you will only experience the perfected fruits of her labours.”

He moved back to the jerking suspended girl, once again caressing a tit pinching her nipples feeling them arousing into hard ends.

“Good, nearly there.” He said tapping the air cylinder on the wall. “Your body is aroused you dirty girl. Don’t fight it, let yourself come.”

Jennifer hardly heard him her clit on fire her pussy hot, her nerve endings betraying her.

“Oooooh God I can’t hold outttt! Uuuuuuuugggg!”

She felt her ass clenching, her breasts swelling. “Oh Nooo!”

She began to convulse her pussy trying in vain to squeeze the electric cock out of her. She tried to scream, her clit unbearably tender, exploding in orgasm. Her ass bucked her muscles clenching harder and harder squeezing the inflated anal ball. On the wall the cylinder made a ringing noise as a tiny bell indicated air was been pushed back against the valve as Jennifer’s spasmed; pumping air back out of her own ass, rather like the warning bell when a tyre is fully inflated at a gas station.

“Ding, ding, ding.”

“Yessssss my dear, that’s it. Take it, take it!” The Doc stroked the needle dancing pressure dial.

“Ding, ding, ding.”

He knew she was coming; he could see it and hear the bell ring as her butt convulsed.

Jennifer’s thoughts were frantic and the current continued to coarse inside her. Her orgasm was making spots before her eyes. She’d reached the point of total explosion her clit was now tender beyond belief.


The power suddenly vanished and she hung totally limp, her ass relaxing allowing the ball to re-inflate, her juices trickling around the warm horrid dildo.

The doc undid her pussy flap and slowly extracted the cock.


It popped from her hole the air making her open slit tingle.

She wanted to piss so bad and the Doc must have known because he held steel bucket under her spread groan pressing on her tummy with his hand forcing the issue.

“There, don’t be shy, empty yourself in here.”

Jennifer closed her eyes as she urinated into the tin can.

“Good,” said the Doc when she had finally finished. “Now I think you could do with a rest.”

Jenny’s legs were giving way as he finally lowered them back to the floor. Her arms too were exhausted and as he unhooked her bound wrists from their ceiling rope she collapsed onto the floor, fat inflated ass pointing skyward the air tube like a human tail.

He pulled her body upright firmly holding both hands; unfastening them, then pulling them behind her back to rebind them together.

She lay on the floor as he pulled a human sized crate from the corner of the room. He cleared the wheeled trolley table lifting the large box onto the steel surface.

– To Be Continued… –