Note : This story is completely fictional!

These are the adventures of Rachel Goodbody. Once a sexy reporter for a media giant but now believed dead; lost with her film crew in an unfortunate air accident while deep in the African jungle. However she was not that lucky! And now she is the personal toy of the evil dictator she once crossed. If you would like to know how she started on this insane journey and what it took to get this over confident TV babe to become the ‘African Slave Queen’ then read the aforementioned story. If you don’t really give a hoot then dive straight in.

The ride in the presidential helicopter was the first freedom she had felt in over two months. High above the Butta River following it south the large green bird rattled and hummed intensely. Inside the rear cabin Rachel sat in a flowing red dress flanked by two of Mobana’s notorious elite troops. She was not bound or restrained in any way instead allowed to sit prim with knees together on the hard vibrating seat. She could just see out of the window; the sea of jungle green below turning desert yellow as the chopper passed over the capital and then headed even further south towards the gold coast.

In the last 24 hors since her all night humiliation with the two Arab VIPs she had been treated more as a valued possession than a captive. Pampered by two young women they had painted her face and manicured her nails. She had been bathed in scented oils and even her hair had been restored to its fabulous golden cascade. To look at her you may have believed she’d imagined the last eight weeks of indignity, however as she stretched her neck some things remained to bring her back to reality. Her tits and shoulders ached, her new bosoms weight still something she was coming accustomed to.

She arched her back her porn star 40 DD melons almost busting in the fabric, the nipple rings pressing their shape into the red cloth. She was elegantly beautiful, ultra slim, flowing blonde hair about 5’6 with perfect pins; but Mobana had wanted even more and with the help of his pet plastic surgeon he had made cleavage and pussy enhancements to the lithe beauty.

Rachael sensed the enlarged bud clenched between her thighs, her engorged clitoris not aroused at the moment but still feeling like an alien tadpole nestled in her washed and perfumed slit. Her ass felt numb on the seat but this was one thing he had not needed to improve, full and firm a great rump for sauntering provocatively by and also as she had learnt perfect for enduring concentrated slapping and spanking.

The two guards furtively eyed her long legs visible from the knees and felt their lips dry in the heat. She sensed their lustful gaze but looked straight ahead her chiselled nose and full lips glowing in the humid cabin. Both men had seen her blue eyes looking a little dull. Unknown to Rachael she was drugged and was slowly coming down from the manufactured ease that had allowed her to be dressed and transported without fear of escape or resistance. She felt something was wrong but she just couldn’t remember what or why. She felt no inclination to escape as if kidnap and sexual slavery were an everyday occurrence to her. The two men knew she would be easy to take advantage of but the risk of horrendous torture was too much, even for one as perfect and usually unobtainable as her.

It was an hour later when Rachael saw the coast and Mobana’s personal island; her new home. She tried to scan the coast line for signs of where she was but the guards pulled her back onto her seat.

The chopper descended and with a thud touched down.

As she was helped out she could see the island had an army base with barracks as well as large ornate buildings. The whole complex was interlinked by gardens and pools; it looked like a luxury hotel but armed to the teeth.

She stood there in heels and the billowing dress as a waiting fat figure smiled then bowed.

“Joseph,” she said surprised but not understanding why. After all Joe Mobana was the eighteen year old son of the president. Already a healthy 20 stone his portly frame showed that although he wore the military uniform he was no jungle warrior.

“Miss Goodbody it’s so nice to see you again and I must say you’re looking lovely as ever.”

Rachael heard the sarcasm in his voice.

“Joe, please I just want to leave. Please I never did…”

“Oh no? Of course not.” The son said hand behind his back; a pale imitation of his father’s style.

“No you never led me on did you? Never flirted to get your dirty little secrets for the world press?”

Rachel had been a guest of the family not so long back and she remembered how the young man had fawned around her. His sister had even laughed and teased him about it. But that was before; before she had betrayed their hospitality.

“You cock teased me you gorgeous white bitch,” he added turning and walking away. “Now I will tease you at my leisure.”

The two guards gripped under her arms and frog marched her behind the preening fat fool.

“You teased me so much I would jerk myself raw imagining having you.” He said continuing his reminiscing.

Approaching them was a beautiful late 30’s oriental woman dressed in a business suit.

“This is madam Chui; you answer to her from now.” He explained.

Madam Chui nodded to the son then glared at Rachel.

“Now take her to my dungeon.” He commanded.

“But the president, your father says she is for his personal harem. She is to…”

The son gripped his cane snapping it down on his leather boot.

“My father is not here,” he bellowed. “I’m in charge!”

Madam Chui gulped and nodded.

The son strode off at pace eager to start his games.

Rachel tensed her arms but was pulled along; Madam Chui walking in front leading the way as her gorgeous captive began to remember what a predicament she was in.

“OH god his dungeon, please I’ve been good, I’ve done what I’ve been… The general…”

Rachael had heard rumour of the sons appetite for torturing whores and street runaways. Many had been kidnapped and brought here to play in the young mans dungeon. She had on many occasions felt her stomach turn knowing this while she had dined with him and his family. She had played games with evil itself for a story and had gotten too close.

The madam showed her no pity just annoyance at having to explain later to the general himself. Madam Chui noticed this one seemed more resistant than all the generals other slaves. She’d heard the general had decided to allow her to keep a name and quite clearly the conditioning had not gone far enough to break her spirit fully. A bad idea as far a Madam Chui was concerned

“It seems you are the general’s favourite,” The woman said patronisingly. “Well cross me and you’ll wish you were a mindless slut like the rest.” And with that the two guards dragged her underground.

An hour later little Joe Mobana stepped confidently down the dark stone steps as he neared the cell. He straightened his shirt and smoothed his hair as if looking in a mirror, then entered the cell. Today he would repay her teasing and flaunting.

Inside Rachel was alone.

“Oh Rachel,” he said in a husky nervous voice, “I see you’re ready for me.”

The sexy blonde was in the centre of a device strewn room. She was standing though not fully upright. Rachel was on tip toes, eight inch heeled boots the black rubber up to her thighs. The boots were so tight they seemed to mould to her perfect calves; her ankles visible in the tight material her thighs gripped firmly by the boot tops.

She had no skirt instead her full white ass and hips were bare followed again at her tummy with another rubber garment, a corset so tight her waist looked like a cartoon Jessica rabbit character with the massive encased bosom included. Her tits were encased in the rubber too showing an amazing bottomless cleavage pressed tightly closed together. Her shoulders were also bare with both her arms behind her back wrapped together in a rubber bandage, like some black mummy. The bandage went from elbows all the way to two rubber gloved hands, her long fingers stretching the material to its limits.

Rachel could hardly move her wrist as they were fastened to a rope suspended from the ceiling. She almost hung there her arms in the rubber splint trying to lift upwards, her feet only just touching giving precious relief. She tittered on her ankles and slipped a few times yelping at the pain in her arms.

Her head and face were unmolested with restraints. He didn’t want her gagged to start with he wanted to hear her beg.

Rachael moaned. She knew it was pointless, but she had to try.

“Please Joe,” she said with respect; “I always liked you, that’s the truth.”

“Be quiet and take your punishment.” He snapped.

He was already sweating; his excitement uncontainible. He knew once his father was hear he would have to ask a great favour to be allowed time with her again. He remembered how sweet she had been, how sparkling and seductive her smile. But that was before when she was a member of the civilised world.

“Now bitch,” he commanded, “you will address me as sir.”

He walked behind her and gripped that fabulous ass with both hands squeezing the flesh. He groaned in satisfaction her rump full and malleable. He caressed her waist cupping his hand around it fingers almost touching. Rachel continued to speak in a calm sweet voice asking him not to do this, he didn’t need to, he shouldn’t; he didn’t need to follow his father.

Her beautiful eyes fluttered, he remembered back to evening tea on the palace lawn.

Little Mobana snapped back to reality. He was just eighteen, son of a dictator and he had a stunning mid twenties women half naked and suspended. It was time to begin!

He took a firm grip of his parade cane.




Rachel screamed, her voice echoing along the corridor. Her eyes were seeing spots in the buzzing electric light. The sons cane was striking down on her raised ass like he was swotting flies




Rachel yelped and screamed over and over doing a tap dance in her heels as she bucked and tried to dodge the blows. Junior was now stripped from his shirt his hairless fat bellied body glistening with effort his cock rampant in his slacks.




“Eieeeeee ogh shit stop please sirrr ugggggg ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Another flurry of blows made her squeal like a stuck pig.

Searching on the table of equipment he changed from cane to a paddle the slaps less sharp but more thundering her jelly ass wobbling at each blow. The paddle had more padding but each blow made her buck just as intensely.




“Please, please ugg stop that,” she moaned her eyes as wide as saucers.

Junior paused for a moment panting from the effort.

“You’re ass is like a fucking overstuffed pillow! You can take it!”

He began again



Rachael thought she would puke, each slap making her body spring forward her arms almost breaking, her ankles twisting inwards.


He stopped, now more than a little out of breath.

Like a practiced pro he lowered the rope a little allowing her to stand solidly on both feet. He then kicked her legs apart from behind so her high heeled boot toes touch shackles on the floor. Moments later he had her rubber clad ankles attached to rings in the floor about 4 foot apart making her legs split wide ass still high in a difficult split.

“I’m going to teach your ass a lesson,” he coughed already showing the signs of over exertion. “Remember how you used to bend over in those tight business skirts, always in front of me!”

Rachael shook her head,” no, no, you’ve got it wrong I never meant to lead you on.”

The man wasn’t listening. “Maybe you didn’t but so many times I imagines caressing such a fine full rear. Imagined what it might endure.”

His hand held her butt cheeks like he was examining ripe fruit in a market, fingers squeezing, palms feeling the weight.

His hand slid up the sides of her waist then over her encased tits; his fingers gripped the tight rubber top of the basque and then pulled down. Rachael fantastic tits popped out, the rubber springing back to grip around her ribs just under her cantilever cleavage.

“Yes my father’s improvements are most impressive!”

She groaned in embarrassment. It was so easy for him. She couldn’t resist even if she wasn’t shackled. She was a slave now and all that mattered was enduring.

The young man walked away from her toward the table covered in items including a couple of champagne bottle and a glass. He picked up a black leather mask. Rachael gulped in horror. The presidential son then pulled the stretched material over his own head until only his eyes and thick lips could be recognised. He then approached with her mask. Rachael swung her head desperately but it was useless the thick rubber sheath slid over her bedraggled hair covering her face but allowing her hair to billow out of the top.

Rachael’s mask appeared only to have a slits for a nose and oval mouth hole.

“Oh god, uh oh please no,” she stammered head rocking in her new desensitised state.

Now Rachael couldn’t see but she could feel.

Little Joe picked up his next toy. It was a 10 inch rubber cock. He’d fashioned it himself ribbed and black it was like a man’s forearm. The base was moulded into a sword grip a lead running from its base. Through many hours of fun with his captives he’d perfected it. Joe’s toy was mains powered creating a 200v vibrating monster the chunky gnarled surface guaranteed to hit in all the wrong spots. In her semi bent spread position he found it easy to push the tip against Rachael’s pussy lips.


She gave a shrill gasp of sensation as the young man slid the long horrid cock up into her hole. He pressed the switch the thing buzzing at incredible high voltage speed. Brrrrrr!


“Is that good?” He laughed angling the fat rubber thing against her cervix making a spiral motion widening her shaft.

He began to pump in and out the vibrations making her teeth chatter Rachael was shaking her head unable to see. But she could hear the high pitch buzz, feel her clit and shaft vibrate, smell the humid stale air the sweat of bodies on heat.

“Ohhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh!” The cell echoed with the voltage hum and the blonde’s moans.

Joe was sliding it in and out her lips quivering her ass wobbling. She strained her arms pulling on the rope but was unable to escape the penetrator. Her booted legs were held far apart her arms pulled high behind her forcing her to bend over allowing easy access with the vibro-cock.

Joe reached around cupping her swaying udders feeling the nipples harden.

“Hmm you say no but your training has gone well, look how turned on you are.”

Rachael shook her head trying to turn to speak to the invisible voice.

Ah, ah no uggggg its uhhhhhhhh tooooooo muccccc speeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddd!” Her legs were buckling her pelvis numb from the pneumatic drill like vibration.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! She was nearing climax.

“Stop you bitch!” He shouted pulling the hot wet device from her pussy the vibrating tip spitting her juices everywhere.

“You will not come, understand I forbid it!”

Rachael gasped and spluttered, her lips glistening her back a wash with sweat.

“Do you think I’m going to just let you get away with just a massive vibrator up your pussy?” He asked menacingly.

Rachael felt his hands go down to her ass. He was kneeling behind her his palms pushing her cheeks apart. He could see her chute the sphincter tight closed

“First a bit of grease!” He said, inserting a finger up her rear hole then smearing her rim.

“Oh oooooh what? What’s that?” She moaned as he pushed something into her. It felt like a butt plug, maybe an inch wide and 2 inch long. Then…


She gave a yelp realising that was all of it. She’s swallowed it up her ass; apart from what felt like a long string tale.

Suddenly she blinked in the electric light as a flap was pulled back on her mask. Her blue eyes almost crossed focusing on the objects at the tip of her nose.

“Let me show you what I have for you.”

In his hand were five or six black capsules with cords attached.

“Have you seen these before?” He said smiling to her. She shook her head not wanting to speak.

“Sure you have,” he said holding one between his fingers.”

“Oh Jesus!”

Rachael sobbed her knees turning in as she felt feint. She had seen them before! They were party poppers!”

“Happy new year!” he shouted pulling the cord on one. The tube exploded forward the tip disintegrating gunpowder propelling a mass of thick chunky goo out in a spray; pieces hitting the floor some spattering the closes wall.

“Quiet a spurt!” he laughed, then looked deep into her eyes. “I’ve just put one up your ass!”

“Oh God no no, no..!”

He closed the eyes flap plunging her back into darkness then went behind her, Rachael pleading desperately. “No don’t set that of inside me!” But he wasn’t listening.

“Now here’s the tale get ready you bitch here it comes!”



She felt the explosion hard up in her rectum her tunnel seeming to expand with the force.


Her sphincter felt like erupting, the cannon type shot packing her ass with sludge.

The evil man pulled the empty chamber out. Then pushing in…announcing.



“Eieeeeeeeeee! Ahhhhhh stop uggggggggggstop! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

But he wouldn’t, he had five to play with and after each gunshot ejaculation she felt her intestine stuffed with goo. Her ass was belching each explosion filling her with gas

“Nooooooooo!” POP

The final popper he pulled almost all the way out opening her sphincter fully, she felt her self shitting it out then!



“Your ass deserved that!” He laughed and admiring her quaking shapely body he added. “Now for that arrogant pout and amazing new tits!”

Rachael wanted to get out of this stress position she was sure she would pass out in the hot sticky mask.

“Please I’m soo tired let me down I uggg splurr mmmmggggggggg!”

Something was been forced in her mouth. It was like a rubber pipe with a golf ball tip; the tube running through the middle. It had a head band around it which he hooked around her skull. She tried to shake it off but couldn’t. She now had a fat tube between her teeth over her tongue. Her lips closed around the tube like she was sucking a long cock.


Little Joe looked up to the glug tank above their heads. It was oil drum type barrel with the bottom a funnel tapered to the thick black pipe.

He turned a value at its base and her mouth began to fill with water. She swallowed but after moments began to panic it was too much.


Some was spilling out around the side of her lips but not enough, she went rigid in terror. “Oh God!” She thought in panic,” I’m going to drowned!”

The beast turned the value off the liquid halting. Rachael began convulsing a torrent out of the edges of her lips down her neck over her sweaty wobbling tits. Joe was already on to his next device.



Rachael bit hard on the tube and gave a muffled scream. “Mgggggggggggg!”

Little Joe had pinched both of her long nipples with steel crocodile clips. He snapped the teeth at the base of each nipple the big rings still fed through each one.

He flicked the transformer on and turned the dial.


The transformer hummed as he electrified her fabulous melons.

Rachael bucked and twisted but could not move. Her tits glowed with power her nipples screaming for release. The glug tank began again and as she coughed water over her body adding to the electric conduction

She spasmed and danced in electric shock.


He turned the dial up a notch. “Try this western slut your tits look so horny like that. Big fat nipples just asking to be tortured.”


Her knees gave way and she hung there her arms pulled painfully high behind her. She was passing out the water in her mouth, the sparks on her tits, her ass numb and wanting to shit a concrete log.

“One last turn Rachael,” he said seeing she was almost unconscious. “Full power lets see those domes on fire!”


She came around slowly and delirious, she was so disorientated. He was carrying her over his shoulder across the room.

He laid her down her hands still bandaged behind her. She slipped into a reclining chair her arms hooked over the back rest her ass sliding down to an almost non existent seat. But she didn’t need to support herself there as gently but quickly Little Joe lifted her ankles into birthing stirrups. These were spread apart making her open her thighs at about 90 degree angle to each other. She slipped down the seat further pushing her legs wider still her ass and pussy slit totally exposed. With buckles around her ankles she didn’t need to be restrained any more.

“Oh you dirt bastard uuhhhhhhhhhh!” She cursed her nipples still stinging her tits heavy feeling numb. She felt so exposed in this position like she was a human doll.

Joe pushed a ball gag into her mouth. Now she was unable to see or speak.

The son began to disrobe fully as Rachael lay reclining her legs wide apart booted ankles high. The son’s massive belly wobbled as his car boot ass came loose from his pants. His cock was shaven bare the black rod curling up like a palm tree trunk; ribbed and bowed. He wiped his bell end, fingers under his helmet rim pulling the tip in excited teasing tugs.

“I always imagined fucking you in a big white bed with the African sunset streaming through palace windows. But that was before.”

He turned to the table picking up another strange set of attached items. It was like a rubber strapped brassiere but without the cups. Instead of stitched fabric there were two glass tubes; wide tubes looking like tall coke cans though completely clear. The tubes had open ends on both sides. On the tit facing side the rims were coated with rubber so when pressed onto the nipple tipped dome of a tit and the bra straps pulled they would make an airtight seal. The other ends thrusting out had large corks pressed in once again making airtight seals.

The young man went to work attaching the straps over her shoulders as Rachael struggled unable to see but guess what was happening. He fastened them under her shoulder blades making sure both tubes sat firmly over her melons pressing down making her arose and nipples bulge inside the glass. Her nipple rings tapped against the glass as she bucked but in a few minutes he had the brassiere tightly on; her tits now pointing out at 45 degree angles glass towers on the ends.

His cock stood rampant now hard against his paunch.

He removed the cork bung from the end of one tube.

“These are soldier ants,” he explained as her poured a container into the upright tit tube.

Her nipple and surrounding tit were covered in maybe a hundred big jawed bugs.” They love to bite!” He added tapping the cork seal back on and then repeating the exercise with the other tube.


Rachael back arched tits almost launching to the sky. The ants were biting with their big jaw; her nipples getting countless nips and stings a second.


As she bucked and writhed legs splayed on stirrups, gimp mask and gag on Joe wasted no more time in mounted her.


He gave a long satisfied groan as he thrust his scimitar shaped cock up her pussy. The blonde babe was wriggling and shuddering adding to his penetration, involuntarily massaging his cock.

“Hmm yes, yes ride me, ride me you bitch!” He groaned his thick hands gripping her waist, ribs showing as her body tensed continuously.

“MggggggGGGGGGGGGGG!” was the only response Rachael could muster.

She could feel his hard long stabs up her, but it was her nipples tickled and bitten which were making her see flashes of light in her pitch black vision.

“Ahh, ahhh, ahh, ahhh!” Joe was getting into a rhythm drool running from his mouth as he admired his fuck toy.

Rachael was foaming around her gag, her heeled toes wriggling her hips and chest swinging from side to side trying to throw the brassiere of. But it was useless.

Slupp! Slupp! Slupp!

Her pussy squelched with the fleshy invader her pelvis feeling the hard slam of his as the cock touched so deep inside. He was working his rod franticly angling the tip to touch in intimate places but all the while slamming hard in letting her know who was boss.


The pounding was amazing. In her desensitised state it felt like a huge machine servicing her as she lay strapped onto it. Her tits burned the nipples now numb but as hard as bullets. She bit for relief on the gag as she began to build to the climax so rudely taken from her earlier.

He pushed her stirrup ankles wider the metal clicking three then four more notches. She was almost doing the splits. As he thrust in he could see her massive sore clit pushed up and out glistening with juice sending shockwaves through her body.

She was almost coming, her pussy flooding her ass coughing popper chunks as the muscles contracted. Joe suddenly withdrew his cock jerking his hips machinegun spurting his long strands of white filth up over her tummy around her tip encased tits.

“Yess, yess, yess…!”


Rachael pussy glowing with intensity the hole dripping onto the floor but not finding relief

Her bronzed chest was criss-crossed with white webbing her belly button filled her waist dribbling rivulet of semen down to the nape of her back.

Joe was dripping with sweat as he undid her gag and removed her mask. The blonde beauty was silent her lips apart in a permanent pout her eyes wild with frustration and the constant attention of the nipple ants.

He stood back as she moaned and groaned waving her breast in frustration and discomfort.

“Oh for good sake gets these off me!” she gasped pink lips puffed beautifully.

The son sneered with pleasure her humiliation complete, he unbuckled the tubes tugging them off the ants pouring out. He cracked open a bottle of champagne and like a racing driver hosed her stinking ant covered body down. The fizz covered her splayed legs and sore abuse tits in a reliving sticky shower.


As he dressed she lay there moaning to herself. Madam Chui had appeared at the dungeon door.

“I’ve finished here Chui,” he said as he marched past her,” take the white cow to the Harem.”

As his footsteps faded Madam Chui unbuckled Rachael’s ankles allowing her to sit up. Next she removed her bandaged arms, Rachael feeling the blood flood back into them. The blonde struggled to stand her body exhausted and the madam saw blazing eyes and hared her mouse like whining pants of frustration and embarrassment.

Next to the table was a wooden chair.

“Bend over the back rest.” Madam Chui said unexpectedly.

Rachael almost robotically responded

“Reach down hold onto the legs,” She added.

And as Rachael stood legs apart bent over the chair in her thigh boots madam Chui took the vibro-cock and slid it back up the white girl’s dripping loose pussy.


As the voltage hummed through the stick Rachael gripped harder on the chair legs her body about to explode.

“Ohhhhh god yessss yesssss ugggggggggg ohhhhhhhhhhhhh “She was grunting enthusiastically.

Madam Chui slid the monster in and out twisting the shaft her own hand feeling the numbing sensation of the electric cock, knowing full well what it was doing to this young bitches insides.

“Ohhh harder, harder uggggh oh ohhhhh ugggggggggg!” Rachael groaned and gasped in an aroused dream like trance. She needed so much to be released.

Madam Chui pressed the vibrating length firmly against Rachael’s massive clit.

Release came!


Madam Chui let the long twisted length drop to the floor as Rachael’s knees finally gave way and she collapsed over the creaking chair.

The Madam huffed with satisfaction; unlike that idiot son she knew well a satisfied slave would always be the better slave.

– The End –