I hear your pants unzip, your buckle clank against the leather of your belt, and you snap the leather once you have it doubled. I flinch, goose bumps raise on my skin.

In a very stern tone “You know you why you are getting this spanking, do you not My Pet?”

“Yes Master, I know. I masturbated and came with out permission.” The cool leather of your belt stings against my flesh. I whimper.

“You know better, do you not My Pet?” Your voice filled with disappointment.

“Yes Master.” is all I can say in return, feeling another hard smack against my now pink ass cheeks.

“Please no more Master, I promise I will be good, I won’t play with myself anymore unless I ask your permission first.” Another hard spank across my thighs and ass, I yelp out in pain.


“You’re right My Pet, you will not play with yourself again, because next time I leave you alone, you will be bound to the bed.”

Emphasis on is, “Is that Understood?”

“Yes Sir, Master Sir, I understand.”

My fingers trembling against the quilted wedding ring pattern bedspread, getting ready to push my body up and off the bed. I feel your strong arm in the middle of my back stopping me.

“Not yet My Sweet, your work here is not complete.”

You attach a silver chain to my diamond and sapphire studded collar, and place the blindfold over my eyes again, helping me to a stand and leading me to the swing.

You pull on the chain, motioning me to spread my legs, I needed assistance with getting my legs into the holes. My hands feel blindly in front of me for a place to hold on to as I feel the swing moving under me. You place my hands on the cool steel chains one at a time and then secure leather straps around each wrist.

“Do not move your hands Precious, and, open your mouth.”

Your hand squeezes a few drops of precum to the tip of your cock and you smear it across my lips before I have the chance to open them.

“Lick the sweetness Precious, and suck on your Masters cock head.”

I immediately obey your direction, lapping the precum up and flipping my tongue back and forth across your head.

“Yes Master” I pause “Thank you Master for letting me suck your cock.”

You pat my head, taking a few moments to stroke through my long silky tresses. You say to me lovingly, “Such a good girl you are for Master My Sweet.”

You look down at me, watching my fuck me eyes as my mouth explores every inch of your cock, sucking each cleanly shaven ball one at a time, then licking my way back up your shaft, almost gagging as you push your hips into my face and release your passion down my throat.

Your cock explodes into my mouth, and then you pull it out quickly so you can splash all over my cheeks and it shoots into my hair. I slurp up with my tongue what I can catch, what shoots in my mouth I swallow quickly.

I hear you groan and grunt, sounds I am very familiar with. I hear you moan out in pleasure, and my heart elates, nothing makes me happier than to please you.

You stand in front of me, with a devilish look upon your face, reaching for and then grabbing each one of my ankles, spreading my legs wide.

“I want you to keep your legs open for me Princess.”

“Yes Sir” is my only reply as I do what you tell me obediently.

You lubricate the eight inch dildo with Kama sutra oil, and place the pale pink head against my pussy, running it up and down my slit, and then stopping to circle my clit counter clockwise. I moan out, loving the feeling, my pussy hungry for your love and attention.

Still circling my clit with the head of the dildo, and then rubbing down past my taint to the pink starfish. Taking the fat cock head and swirling it around and around my puckered pink asshole while you press against its opening. You probe the head of the dildo against my ass, watching it pop into my tight hole.

“Relax Precious, and take it all in like a good nasty slut.”

I don’t say anything in return, instead I close my eyes and relax, allowing the width and length of the dildo to sink deep into my ass. Feeling it stretch and burn going in, but knowing better not to complain.

In a sweet school girl voice “Yes Master, I love having my ass fucked Master” then I pause, “Thank you for taking the time to fuck my sweet ass Master.”

You push your hips forward, pressing the dildo in deeper, sliding the head of your cock up and down my juicy slit until it slips into my wet pussy. I can feel both heads going in and out of me as you begin to pound your hips into my hot cunt.

“That’s a good little cum slut, take your Masters big wide cock, and let me fuck both of your hot holes at once,” a short pause “You know you want it.”

In a begging pleading voice I reply “Yes Master, I wish to please you Master, what ever you want to do to me…” a breath in and then “Make me your fuck toy, your sex slut, and use me for all of your needs.” My body is reacting to the double stimulation and I can barely contain myself. I moan out loudly. “Oh gawd.”

“Yes my sweet cum slut, let me hear you scream for my love.”

You fuck my hot cunt, starting out slow only giving me an inch at a time, and then you stop. “I want to hear you beg for my love Princess”

“Please My Master, please let me have your cock, please give it to me, make me your nasty naughty little whore.”

Another moan of ecstasy builds and I cry out “Oh please Master, please give me what I crave!”

You suddenly ram your big fat cock head all the way into my pussy, and pound my asshole with the dildo at the same time, hips ramming against me, strong hands holding on to the swing moving me forward and back against your throbbing cock. I begin to ride the current of climax, getting closer to the edge.

I beg “Please Master, Please may I cum now?”

You look down at me lovingly, my clit hard, you know from the juices flowing out of my pussy that I am so close, you don’t want to torture me further.

In a soothing commanding voice you say “Yes My Love, you may cum.”

I scream out loudly as I feel the wash of ecstasy over me, my cheeks and upper chest flush a bright pink, my mouth parts as moans of pleasure escape, peaking a high pitched almost scream.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh, oh,” continuing to squeal.

My hot pussy squeezes your cock so hard you can barely pull it out. When you do sweet creamy cum juices squirt out and onto the bottom of the swing, leaving a small puddle on the black leather seat. My orgasm wanes and you wipe my hair from my face, bending down to kiss my lips passionately.

“I love you baby doll” you say to me in the most tenderness of tones.

“I love you too Master, thank you for treating me like such a nasty naughty lil slut!”

You help me out of the swing, and swat my ass, leaving a light pink hand print on my left butt cheek, and then you take me into your arms and hold me close.

– The End –