“Your next punishment will be a true combination of pleasure and pain. If you raise your hips to the maximum, you will feel a buzzing vibrator pressing directly on your clit. You will be required to mash your clit against the vibrator until you climax. Remember, Chrissy, I know when it is real with you. I didn’t see it often, but it is a combination of sight and sound that any male would remember for a very long time, indeed! To encourage you to climax as soon as possible, I will be whipping your tits. I will whip them with a double-stranded quirt, short, but very effective. You may scream if you wish. Everyone here would enjoy hearing you immensely.”

Ted Richardson stood just above Chrissy’s head. “It’s too bad that I can’t see the show from between your legs. I’ll just have to leave that choice spot to all the others, I guess.” Chrissy knew all too well how she looked from between her legs, especially having to lift her hips with her legs spread as widely as they were. Absolutely nothing was left to anyone’s imagination.

She saw the blur of an arm, and felt the sting of the whip against the side of her left tit! Before the swell of pain fully hit her, she felt a similar sting across the side of the right one! Then the full swell of pain hit, and Chrissy screamed! Chrissy began to realize that the fewer the strands of leather on the quirt, the more force each one would carry!

She decided she should comply with the requirements of her punishment, and immediately raised her hips to mash the vibrator against her clit. IT FELT SOOOOO GOOD, and she felt so ashamed to be enjoying it in such a public spectacle. The blows hit again, this time across the nipples of each breast, and then on the sides again. The blows were criss-crossing in rapid succession, almost unendingly. The crescendo of pain was almost continuous now, unrelenting.


Chrissy kept the vibrator mashed tightly against her clit, but the fire in her tits kept her from a climax as rapidly as usual. But the desire was building. She could feel her nipples standing out at full attention, as if to beg for the sting of the quirt. She could feel her full tits jiggle with each blow, even pulled taught against her chest as they were! And the pain. Chrissy’s screams were almost as constant as the pain in her tits and the building fire in her loins.

It took Chrissy a full ten minutes to finally hit climax. By that time, her tits were a mass of red streaks, and felt as if she had been rolling in a nest of jellyfish.

Ted Richardson remembered full well how Chrissy climaxed. She stiffened, then her eyes rolled back. She made little grunting sounds at first, and then began a slow, long, guttural moan which rapidly progressed into a long low scream, unlike those she had made from the pain of the tit whipping. As she began to grunt, she began to relax from the initial stiffening, and began to shudder all over. After the guttural screaming, she renewed the short grunting sounds, until she quieted, and completely relaxed. Then it would be over.

As she began the initial stiffening and grunting sounds, Ted stopped whipping her tits, allowing her to concentrate fully on the sensations of the vibrator against her clit. She did not make any effort to lower her hips. She wanted this climax more than anything right now, and didn’t care any longer who watched, or how she acted. She went through the full act that Ted remembered–right down to the scream and then the complete relaxation. Chrissy felt exhausted, but released. The vibrator was released, even thought Chrissy reflexely continued to raise and lower her hips in an attempt to renew the sensations in her pussy. Her display was the height of wantonness.

“Very entertaining, Chrissy,” Richardson continued. “Now on to the next punishment. The last time I didn’t have the pleasure of watching you from between your legs. This time I will have that pleasure. You will raise your hips and present your pussy to me for whipping. You may lower your pussy only briefly after each blow. If you lower it more than five seconds, this will happen.”

Chrissy felt a drop of liquid ooze between her lips onto her tongue. Then a new fire erupted! TABASCO SAUCE!! Her mouth felt on fire! It lasted a few seconds, and began to ease. It was certainly an inducement to present her pussy for punishment. It would be a close call to decide which was worse. But, either way, her pussy would be punished. She quickly figured that there was no sense in causing her mouth to be punished also.

As she sensed Ted Richardson moving down for a full view between her legs, she slowly raised her hips to present her pussy for its punishment. She raised her head as much as she could in an attempt to see the blows. Watching her closely, Richardson held the quirt high in his right hand. Chrissy saw that it was the same double-stranded quirt. SHE FEARED HER PUSSY WAS ABOUT TO BE CUT TO RIBBONS!! As Richardson held the quirt high, well within Chrissy’s view, her struggles mounted to their fiercest intensity so far, and very audible pleadings escaped from her blocked-open lips, and her head, despite its binding, was able to move slightly, but vigorously, from side to side. Instinctively, she lowered her hips in anticipation of Richardson’s lowering of the quirt, and another squirt of tabasco sauce hit her tongue.

Chrissy screamed, because just as the intensity of the tabasco was mounting in her mouth, Richardson struck the first blow on her left labia with the quirt, the tip lapping up to strike her lower abdomen! Remembering to raise her hips, Chrissy moaned loudly as she, without real choice, again presented her pussy for its next blow. It came without warning against her right labia! Just as the pain of the blow was at maximum, the next one hit her left buttock, then the right. To do this, Richardson had to strike a glancing blow with just the tip of the quirts against the buttocks. It hurt like HELL! The next ones struck the insides of her thighs about halfway to the knee, first one side, then the other. She felt the stings of the quirt slowly begin to work their way down her thighs toward her pussy again. As the stinging blows approached her pussy, she began to grunt and groan loudly through her bite block, and began to swing her hips up and down wildly. Then the tabasco hit again!! AND AGAIN!! AND AGAIN!! Both of Chrissy’s mouths were on fire!! Then she felt the worst pain she had felt so far directly against her puckered asshole. She knew the next one would be AAAHHHHGGGGHHH! right in her slit! She could not bear the next– NNNOOOOOOAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH. Chrissy screamed constantly as the next slashing cut hit her squarely on the swollen clit!!! Then Richardson started over again!

Chrissy’s pussy punishment lasted about fifteen minutes, but it seemed like an eternity to her! The crowd applauded several times at her gyratio

The end