I have an online sub named niki who enjoys exhibiting
herself at my command. She has two accomplices in
real life named Rosie and Judy. This is a story about
their trip to the rodeo. First, Rosie’s account, then
niki’s. I hope you enjoy it as much as they did!

Date: 96-08-04 12:25:34 EDT
From: RosieRose
To: LineMstr


The rodeo was a success. Niki did a good job attracting a
large crowd of cowboys just to watch her eat cotton candy. Let me
start at the beginning.

Judy and I got ready for the rodeo. You said for us to dress
sexy as well so Niki did not stick out so much, so we tried. Judy
had a pair of tight black jeans, with a black and white checked
cowboy shirt, red scarf, and red cowboy hat. She looked so much
better than the usual outragous clothes, I complemented her to
reinforce her better look. I had some tight jeans and a blue
shirt with a straw hat that looks best with my red hair. The
two of us look like two little cowgirls out to meet some cowboys.
If they only knew.

We arrived at Niki’s, and I knew we were early enough that she
wouldn’t be dressed Sure enough, she answered the door
wearing a towel. It was close to the time we had to leave, so
I told Niki to finish getting ready. She put on her outfit and
she really looked like a cute cowgirl, with the big blue bow in
her pony tail, her boots and hat. And, of course, she was
completely naked underneath her skirt and vest. The denim skirt
came to just mid-thigh and had a bit of a flair in it so, if she
turned quickly or lifted her legs too high, anyone could get a
peek, and the vest fit her like a glove with the front wide V
coming down to almost right between her breasts so her cleavage
was apparent. This cowgirl was ready for some cowboys. She then
announced that you had given her instructions. She was to be
cuffed in front and her vest unbuttoned for the trip to the rodeo.
Judy thought this is great! I cuffed her and we left. I helped Niki
in front and got her settled with the lap belt over the chain
between the cuffs so she could not prevent her vest from coming
open “accidentaly” during the ride. With her hair in a pony tail,
we wouldn’t have any interference like on the library trip when she
tried to wear it down and in front, covering her breasts. As I looked at
the unbuttoned vest, I remember the nipple rings, and asked her if
she wanted to remove them. She answered, “No, they are a part of me,”
so I let it be. I got in, and told Judy that I though it was a
lovely Texas night, warm and clear, and I thought we should ride
to the rodeo with the windows and vents open. There would be enough
breeze on the freeway so we wouldn’t be too hot. Judy agreeed, so
I zipped down the windows and we took off, literally. It was great!
Poor Niki was so embarrassed! The wind would blow her vest open,
Judy would wait until somone got a peek and then flip it back
over Niki’s breasts. I would swerve the van, or the wind would blow it
open again, and Judy would wait, and so on all the way to the Arena.
As we approached the parking attendent I put her window up as Judy
re-buttoned Niki’s vest and removed the cuffs.

We got out of the van, and, to “help” Niki show herself, Judy got on
one side and I got on the other. We took her arms and started moving
toward the ticket booth fast enough so she had to open her stride and
let her skirt open up. I know at least one man got a good look, but
I don’t think he believed what he saw! We got our tickets and started
toward the seats, when I stopped and bought her a big goob of pink
coton candy and a cup of ice. I gave it to her and told her to eat
it with her fingers, to lick it off her fingers, and to take her time
eating it. She looked at me like I was demented. I sent her up
the stairs and had her stand on the first landing. Now this arena
was built with the metal ramps and seats so, from underneath, they
can move from one area to another and move stock under the seats.
It’s all sand down there so it is easy to clean. I think they really
did it so no one would sneak under the seats. Where I had Niki stand
first is where the contestant cowboys and clowns wait to enter the
main arena ring, and where cowboys stand and watch. There was a
good crowd down there, so I dropped some ice to get them to look up,
which they did. Soon, we had even more cowboys down there. I decided
I’d better move Niki to our seats. This was not a premier night, so
there were empty seats. We went high up in the top tier where no one
would be sitting in front of us, and took our seats. Judy sat on one
side of Niki, and I sat on there other. We sat down and put our legs
up on the bench in front and waited for Niki to do the same. She
settled down on her seat, wiggling about so she wasn’t on her skirt,
saying somthing about how cold the seats were, and put her legs up on
the bench with her legs closed–not tightly closed, but not open either.
I was sure anyone coming up the steps could see all the way up her
skirt, but I was not sure, until about 4 cowboys came up the stairs.
I saw by their faces that they had seen it all! Niki was not paying
attetion, as usual. She was playing with the cotton candy, licking
it off her fingers, feeding some to Judy, and generally turning it into
an erotic experience just like I knew she would. Well she looked up
and caught the eye of one of the cowboys, who took that as a “hello,”
and they all came over to us. One of the cowboys asked for some
cotton candy, as she took the last big goob and pushed it in my mouth,
innocently announcing she had no more, as I choked on the stuff. Well,
of course, they offer to get her more. She said, “No, thank you, but
I’d like a coke with straw.” This one young man went running off to
get her a coke, and soon was back with three of them, all with straws.
Niki was really loving this! She started to play with them, and sucked
the straw, licked the straw, drew the straw across her cheek, and
generally turned coke-drinking into another erotic experience! She
even asked them what big animal did they ride?! She finisheed that
one and then a couple more cowboys were nearby with more cokes and cotton
candy. After about 3 large cokes, she said she had to go to the restroom,
and we had drawn a rather large crowd of about 18 to 20 cowboys, so
they parted to let her go. I let her get about halfway down the steps
when I shouted and told her to stop. She did, and turned, and all of
us get a look with one leg up and one down. I told her to wait, we were
coming, too. We left, telling the guys we would be right back. By
this time, she was waiting where I had her first stop when we got there,
and she looked down and realized there were alot of cowboys down there,
and that is why I dropped my cup of ice. She just shook her head as
we caught up with her, and went to the ladies room. We got into the
restroom laughing about so many cowboys so little time. I decided we
better leave now because there seemed to be too many cowboys interested
in Niki, and it was easier to go now than later. I sent Judy out
first to check the way, and we left, running to the van, laughing about
the night, the cowboys, and the cotton candy.

I got Niki in the front seat, cuffed her, and put the seat belt on like
before, and we left the parking lot. We got to the highway, and Judy
unbuttons Niki’s vest, as I opened the windows, and we took off again
down the highway. It’s dark now, so the effect is not as great, but
it is still embarrasing for Niki. I got her home and dropped her off,
as Judy told her to make sure and wash her bottom, because the dust had
probably turned to mud from the wettnes she left in the chair. Last
I saw of her wass her back, as she was trying to open the door, and
keep her vest closed with her cuffed hands.


Date: 96-08-04 12:43:57 EDT
From: nikigirl
To: LineMstr


Another incredible night for the three of us….

Rosie and Judy arrived early to get me, and so, of course,
i was not ready. It was getting to be time to go,
so i put on my short blue denim skirt, denim vest with no
blouse, blue cowboy boots, tied my hair in a pony tail
and secured it with a blue bow, and put on my black cowboy
hat with the silver sconces….and, of course, NO UNDERWEAR!
i was quite the little cowgirl now! i told Rosie you had
ordered that i was to leave my vest unbuttoned, and my hands
were to be cuffed in front until we got to the rodeo. Judy
thought it was a delightful idea! Rosie unbottoned my vest,
cuffed me, and we headed for the van. Judy got in back and
Rosie and i got in the front. Then i was wishing i had not
put my hair in a pony tail, as i tried to pull it over my semi-
expsoed front. Rosie was prepared this time. She put my seat
belt on, making sure the lap belt went across the chain between
the cuffs, effectively pinning my hands down. She then
arranged the vest so it was covering me, but still unbuttoned.
She asked if i wanted to take the nipple rings out, and i said no.

Off we went to the rodeo. The rodeo was located in a city
adjacent to ours, but about a 30 minute drive away, and Rosie
tried to make sure i had to endure every minute of it. She
turned off the air conditioning and opened the windows, and
on the highway, this was not uncomfortable temperature-wise,
but she knew the night breeze would show all i had on top.
Again, she drove like a manic, hoping my vest would fly open!
Every time it did, i could not reach it to close it, so Judy
came to my aid and closed it for me…eventually…thank you

Rosie, of course, took this as a continual challenge to see if
she could catch the wind, and so the drive went. My vest would
open. Judy, after a few embarassing moments, would close it.
Rosie would swerve and it would open, and it would start all over
again. i thought we would never get there…

When we got there Rosie unlocked the cuffs and let my button my
vest before we got to the parking lot attendent. She parked the
van and Judy got out first. She attracted a fair amount of attention
in her black tight jeans her black and white shirt, a red scarf
and red cowboy hat. Rosie was in jeans, a dark blue shirt, and a
straw cowboy hat. They both looked real cute, so the three of us
went arm in arm to the ticket booth, not even looking at anyone.
i know we made quite a trio. They moved me right along so my skirt
would be kicked up, but finally we got to the ticket booth. We got
our tickets and started into the arena, when Rosie bought a cup of
ice and me some cotton candy, you know, that pink glob on a cardboard
tube. She told me i was to eat it with my fingers–not take bites
out of it–and to slowly suck my fingers clean at intervals. i
looked at her like she had lost her mind…but i knew better than
to question or protest. Now following Rosie’s directions, i walked
up the stairs to the first landing and waited. i watched Rosie
drop some ice down the landing grate, but i just stood there and ate
cotton candy. i couldn’t really see, so Rosie smiled and we moved
up to a high seat. Since it wasn’t a premier night, there was a
fair amount of empty seats. Judy sat next to me on one side and
Rosie on the other, making sure i did not sit on my skirt. The bare
metal seat on my bottom took a few seconds to get used to as i tried
to settle down in my seat. Now, Judy and Rosie both sat with their legs
up and open on the bench in front of us….they were wearing jeans
so it didn’t matter. Rosie gave me her stern look, so i put my legs
up, but kept my legs closed, and my skirt barely covering my pussy.
Then i continued eating the cotton candy with my fingers….Judy
asked for some, so i handed it to her on my fingers, which she ate
off (i thought she would take it off my fingers)….now i got it!
i started eating the cotton candy as a sensuous experience, and not
just for me, but all of us. i fed Judy, then ate some, then fed
Rosie…slowly cleaning my fingers with my tongue, or sucking them
clean like a ……popsicle…yeah, that’s it! Soon, i noticed we
had a couple of cowboys sitting near us, and when i noticed them,
they took it as an invitation to come over and ask if we had any
more cotton candy. i said sadly not as i stuffed the last of it
in Rosie’s mouth. One of them said he would be glad to get us
some more and i said no, but a coke would be nice…with a straw….
He ran down and got three cokes with straws. i made the best of
that straw…i sucked it, i tongued it, i rubbed in on my cheek,
i licked the end of it, i played with it just like it was…..a
popsicle…! Anyway, more cowboys started to come by and get us
more cokes and cotton candy until i really had to go to the
restroom. Now, going up the steps was not bad, but going down
presented a higher probability that my legs would open enough for
anyone to see up my skirt. i just started down the stairs when Rosie
called my name, causing me to stop and look back with one leg on
one step and one on another. She did that on purpose! She said
to wait. She and Judy would go, too. I went down to the first
landing to wait. i look down to discover that this was above one of
the alleys the cowboys and clowns used to get from on side of the
arena to another, and almost fainted as i realized that there were
three cowboys below me talking. Now i know they normally would
not stop there, so i could only assume why they were right below
me, and why Rosie threw the ice down the grate when we first arrived.
i could have died! Rosie and Judy finally arrived, and we went on
to the restroom. We got in there and just started to laugh…so
many cowboys, so little time! i had not seen any of the rodeo,
eating cotton candy and drinking cokes to wash it down….but Rosie
thought we had been there long enough, because we had drawn quite
a crowd, and she did not want any problems. So we left from the
restroom and went to the van. We got in, and Rosie put the cuffs
and seatbelt on as before, and we left the parking lot. We
got on the highway and Rosie opened the windows as Judy unbottoned
my vest. It was a similar ride home as we laughed, closed the vest,
breeze, the vest opened, closed the vest, laughed…..on and on until
we got home. i was glad it was dark, though.

All in all a fun night….lots of cotton candy, lots of coke, and
lots of cowboys wondering when we were coming out of the rest room.
Judy reminded me to take a good shower because she was sure the dust
had turned to mud…evidently i left a large wet spot on the stadium
seat! Rosie took me home, released the seatbelt, and let me out to
open my door and keep my vest closed, while cuffed. i was thinking,
“A typical night at the rodeo!”

your obedient slave


The End