I have to say this time I was better prepared, but it still
was an experience. Judy had been looking forward to the trip
all afternoon, and had even planned what she and I were to wear.
I have to say, another monster has been created. Niki got
here about 5:30, removed her professional business clothes, and
put on a very short pair of jean shorts that just covered her
ass, removed her bra, and put on a form-fitting white tee shirt
that outlined her rings and tits, a pair of 4″ black heels, and
her black leather sliver studded collar. I then asked her for
the cuffs that I had returned to her earlier, and locked them on
her wrists in front. Judy got home as I was helping Niki into
the van, and we left, with Niki and me riding in front and Judy
in back.

We got to the store and I let Judy take the lead. She seemed to
be enjoying this and I know Niki will never forget it, either!
Judy helped Niki out, sliped her arm around Niki’s, and escorted
her into the store to the curious stares of the passerbys. We got
in there, and Judy announceed she needed better cuffs, as
directed by Niki’s Master. These are just too heavy. Niki looked
up, I know wishing the floor would open up so she could fall
through! As for me, I just got out of the line of fire. Judy
then asked the male clerk for padded leather locking cuffs that
would look good on Niki and match her outfit, as she was turning
Niki to be examined by the clerk. Judy instructed him that we
need two wrist pairs keyed to the same key, and a pair of ankle
shackles. Well, the clerk was really enjoying this as much as
Judy, which was directly proportional to Niki’s embarassment.
Judy turned Niki around as I releasee her so Judy could recuff
her in the new ones with her hands behind her back. Judy then
turned Niki to a profile view and asked the clerk how they looked.
The clerk said they looked great, and I am sure he was looking
at her wrists, as Niki started to protest. Judy does not miss a
beat. She asks for gag samples for unruly slaves. Niki resigned
herself to her fate, and just shook her head. Judy stated that
maybe a gag wouldn’t be necessary after all. Judy examined the
ankle cuffs, and the clerk offered to put them on Niki. I said
I thought we had enough to keep her from running off. Niki gave
me the “Bambi” look as we paid for the purchases, and Judy escorted
her out of the store to the van. We got to the van, and I told
Judy I wanted Niki to sit in the back so Judy can put the ankle
shackles on her before we get home. Then I got the intense “Bambi”
look and a beginning protest. I told Niki that that was not the
time to protest. The night was young, and she had been very obedient
so far. She needed all the good points she could get. I helped
her in the back, and I have to say more people must go in and out
of that store dressed as Niki was, because we only got a few stares.

On the way home I stoped and picked up Chinese food for the three
of us for dinner. This is Niki’s favorite and I knew she was hungry.
When we got home, we helped her out of the van, bringing her purchases
and the food. Judy and I did not pay any attention to her as we
sat her down at the table and set out cokes and plates. Now I could
see she was really worried, so I told her she had a choice to make.
I could feed her or I could release her. If I released her, I wanted
her assurance she would let me recuff her later if I wanted to. She
was visably relieved, and asked to be released. I am sure she was
hoping recuffing would not be necessary later. Just to slow her
down a bit more, I also shortened the chain between the ankle cuffs
to 4″ with a padlock. She was just happy I was not going to feed her.
If she only knew.

After dinner was over I told her to go and turn on the olympics
because Judy and I needed to talk. It took her about 10 minutes
to walk the 10 feet into the living room, but she finally made it.
I turned on the computer, got your message and sent you the early
evening activities. I kept watching Niki as she quietly watched
TV for a change. I know she was confused about my sternness with
her, but I had to keep Judy and Niki seperated or Judy would giggle
away the truth. At about 8:30 I brought in an old work shirt and
some baggy pants and told her I wanted her to take off her tee
shirt and put this shirt on and then I would help her get the pants
on. She gave me her “you are nuts?” look, like when I painted
on her shorts. But she took off her one shirt and put on the
other. Then I told her it was time to honor her choice and I
cuff her with the new cuffs in front, then uncuff her ankles, help
remove her shorts, put on the pants, and recuff her ankles.
She looked like the a refugee, a deportee actually waiting for
the bus. Well, I let her sit and stew about why she was dressed
that way as Judy and I went back to the kitchen. I let her sit
another 15 minutes, and I was having more trouble with Judy than
Niki. Judy just could not sit still! Well I got the hood, blind
fold, and gag, and went back in and told Niki to put all that on.
She startsed to ask questions when I told her to maybe start with
the gag. She put on the hood first. I helped her tighten it, and
then helped her put on the blindfold and gag. I checked to make
sure the air holes were over her nose and her breathing was ok.
I give her the cat toy in her hand as her safeword, attached the
leash, and lead her out to the van through the garage. Now Judy
had gotten together some kid leather gloves for us, Stetson
men’s cologne, and the other pair of ankle and wrist cuffs.

I got Niki into the van and actually laid her in the back area
where the luggage goes, and had Judy sit in the seat right in
front of her to make sure she was ok. As we left the house, I
wondered what Niki was thinking, and Judy checked to make sure
she still had the toy. We got to the HS, and I drove around to
make sure no couples were there making out, and I parked near the
stadium in the back were the van won’t be easily seen. Judy got
out and helped me with Niki, as we led her to the fence. I
know she can’t hear much, so I reassured her with my bare hand
on her chest and to check whether she was panicking. We got
to the fence and Judy uncuffed her wrists and recuffed them
out and above her head as I recuffed her ankles, so she was,
in essence, spread eagle on the fence. I noticed that she
still had the toy, as I leaned in close to her ear and asked
her if she could hear me. She nodded her head yes and I told
her we were leaving for a few minutes, that Judy had to go
to the bathroom, and I was going to drive her to a gas station.
Niki started pulling against her cuffs, and I told her not to
worry, because I had someone to stay with her, as Judy (with
the gloves and men’s cologne on now) pats her shoulder. I told
her not to worry, I’d be right back, as I put on my gloves. We
just stand for a minute, and I thought Judy was going to pee all
over herself instead of Niki. I know Niki was just waiting, trying
to hear anything, when I took the edges of the shirt and ripped
it open, popping the buttons. She just about fainted as I started
caressing her breasts with both hands. I ran my gloved hands up
and down her sides and up her chest to play with her tits. I pulled
on the nipple rings, wishing I could hear her moan. I bent down
and licked each tit. Judy, not to be left, out had loosened Niki’s
pants, and showed me how wet she was. In fact, you could smell
her sex, and Judy began to play with her clit. Now, I had brought
a few things for Judy and me to use on her–a dildo, that I had put
a condum on, and a hand-held vibrator. Now she was moving to what
I was doing to her breasts and trying very hard to get Judy to
really press her clit. Judy and I traded places, and Judy started
playing with each tit, first sucking on one as she picheed and pulled
on the other, and I took the dildo and started playing with it over
her thighs and mound. I knew she could feel it, and might be
wondering if it was real or not. She was responding to what was
going on, her juices running down her leg. I took the dildo and
played with it near her vagina. If she could have, she would have
hopped on it. She really would have liked us to relieve some of the
tension we had built up, but I was not ready to release her. I took
the vibrator and pressed it against her clit, and she started
grinding herself into it. I knew she was close, as she arched her
back when I stopped, sagging against her bounds, and starting to pull
as though she were trying to get lose. Now Judy got her attention
with a couple of swats to her ass, and I knew she felt it, as her
ass glowed red. I took the dildo and put it in her vagina–almost all
8″ and mashed the vibrator against her clit as Judy sucked and pulled on
her nipples. Niki started making noises into the gag and arching her
back again, pulling against her bounds. She really wanted to
cum, but I was not ready to let her. I stopped again. Now I heard
a very audible groan through the gag, and she was offering me her
clit as best she could. I got on my knees in front of her, put
my hands on her ass, and forced her clit open and up, as I licked
and sucked it with my tongue, as Judy started again on her breasts.
Well, she just went off! If she had not been chained, she would have
come up 4′ in the air. Judy continued with her breasts, as I
stayed with her clit, alternating between my tongue and the vibrator.
She came at least 4 more times, each time almost pulling down the
fence. I leaned over her and spoke directly into her ear, “Thanks,
babe. Had a great time!” Judy and I backed off a bit, change our
shirts and remove the gloves. Well she was just covered in sweat,
and was sagging down on the fence. We decided she probably had had
enough. I uncuffed her ankles and removed the pants, and then
recuffed her ankles back together on one shackle. Judy then took
her arms down, removed the shirt, and recuffed her hands behind.
She has no spunk left, as I had her kneel down and removed the hood.
With her head, down I replaced the gag and blindfold. She looked just
worn out, so I let her be while we gathered up the toys. We left
her clothes, and wondered who would find them and what they would
think went on here. Taking the leash, I helped her up, and led
her to the van. I put her back in the back but before we left, I
remove the gag long enough to give her some water. It was so hot,
and I knew that hood must have been almost unbearable. Now she could
hear me, and I gave her a hug, and made sure she was ok, telling
her she met new friends and asking her how it went. But before
she could ask or answer any questions, I put her gag back in.
Now Judy had had so much fun, she was feeling a little randy and
wanted some attention. This was the first time I wished I drove a
compact car so Judy could have sat near Niki to watch her, and
nearer to me so I could play with her.

We got Niki to her home and got her in the house naked, but unseen,
when we realized her car was at my house. I released Niki from
her cuffs, collar, blindfold and gag, and she was a bit dazed.
She could not really articulate how or what she was feeling. Judy
and I asked her what she wanted to do and she told us she didn’t
want to stay alone (I am not surprised), so I told her to take a
shower and we would get her clothes together for tomorrow and take
her back to our house. She was just going through the motions
getting ready, and not really talking, and that always worries me
with her. I guessed that when she was ready she would tell us.
After she talked with you it was two hundred questions about, “How
many were there, who where they, was one a guy?” I was thinking,
“I am going to have to regag her if I am going to get any peace!”
Judy was just smiling.

Niki had a night she will not forget for a while and I have to
say it will be some time before Judy and I forget it.


Subj: a trip to the “toy” store
Date: 96-07-22 22:40:53 EDT
From: nikigirl
To: LineMstr


Last night was an unbelievable!!! And i would really like to know
who was there….

After work, Rosie told me to come to her house and change my clothes,
and she and Judy would accompany me to the “toy” store, and then
we would have dinner together. That sounded like fun, so i
innocently said ok. When i got to Rosie’s house, i changed into
the clothes you instructed me to wear, short cut off blue jean shorts
that just covered my butt, and a stretch white tee shirt, after
removing all my underwear. The shirt fit me like a glove, and my
nipples and rings were outlined underneath. i then put on the
collar and 4″ heels to complete your instructions. Rosie then took
the handcuffs, cuffed my hands in front, and announced we were
now ready to go. Rosie then told me to go out to the van and she
would help me in. As we were gettingin, Judy got home, so she went
with us. We got to the store and Judy helped me out, put her arm
through my cuffed arms, and escorted me into the store. Rosie
just smiled and said, “Just go with it,” as Judy hustled me
through the door. We got in, and Judy announced, “We need new
handcuffs as her Master has instructed us. These are too heavy!”
Well, i just about died, Rosie faded back into the store, and Judy
asked the clerk if he could help us. Now the clerk is most eager,
and gave Judy several pairs to inspect. She told him she wanted
leather-padded, locking cuffs that are keyed to one key, so he
produced several more pairs. Judy found a pair to her liking,
and Rosie came over and turned me around and released me as Judy
took my arms and locked the new cuffs on with my hands behind me.
Judy examined them for a minute, and then turned me to a profile
view, and asked the clerk how they looked. His eyes never went
to my wrists, not for a second, when he answered, “They look great!”
i was so embarrassed, as Judy then asked if he had any ankle cuffs
to match the outfit. He produced a pair, and came around the
desk as if to place them on my ankles, when Rosie said she thought
we had enough, and we had other stops to make. i was thinking,
“Thank you, thank you…!” i am sure he would have loved to get
down and then see what was under my shorts.

Judy then took the purchases and placed them in my cuffed
hands and escorted me out of the store, just as she had brought me
in. i guess people are used to seeing this as customers come in
and out of this store, because, to my way of thinking, not too many
people even bothered to stare. Rosie then told Judy to help me
in the back of the van, because she wanted Judy to put the
ankle cuffs on while we were driving back. Rosie also stoped
and got Chinese food (my absolute favorite) so we can have
dinner. We got back to Rosie’s and they got out with the food
and the toy purchases, remembering to help me out as they went
in the house. Rosie sat me on one of the kitchen chairs, as she
arranged the plates, utensils, cokes–somewhat ignoring me.
Now i wa hungry, and the food smelled so good as they sat down
to dinner….i had no clue how i was going to eat. Rosie then
turned to me and sternly said i had a choice to make…she can
feed me or she can release me, but if she released me i had to
let her recuff me later without protest if she wanted to. Well,
what a choice! i told her she could release me, and i would not
protest her cuffing me again. Now i am thinking, “What are they
planning…?” Rosie also shortens the ankle chain to 4″, making
it more of a hobble. i started to ask what was going on when i got
a stern ‘don’t ask’ look from Rosie, as Judy started to giggle.
We finished dinner and Rosie told me to go watch the Olympics
in the other room…she needed to talk to Judy. i was thinking that
you and she had decided my behavior warranted some punishment,
because she was being so stern. After about ten minutes and a
lot of effort i got into the living room to watch TV. i kept
sneaking peeks into the kitchen to see Judy looking out at me
like she knows something and smiling, Rosie however would not let
her come into the living room. About 8:30 Rosie came in with
the ugliest old clothes, and told me to change into the shirt
and pants. “No way,” i told her, when she informed me that so
far, i had been very obedient and i may want to rethink any
rebellion now. She had been so stern, i changed my clothes without
even asking any questions. Rosie recuffed my hands with the new
cuffs in front, unlocked the ankle cuffs, removed my shorts, helped
me into the ugly baggy pants, and then recuffed my ankles. The
whole, time Judy was watching from the kitchen, smiling like the
cat that swallowed the canary. Rosie told me to sit back down
and wait–she was almost ready. …ready for what!!!! i was
beginning to feel a little sorry for myself when Rosie came back
in with the hood, blindfold and gag and tells me to put them on.
You had not told me i was going to get punished tonight, and when
i started to ask questions, Rosie said that maybe she should gag
me first. i resign myself to whatever you two had planned, and
put the hood on over my head, let Rosie adjust it, then blindfolded
myself, and lastly, put the gag in. Rosie pressed the cat toy we have
used before as my safeword into my hand, then helped me to stand,
and started taking me for a walk. Now you have to understand i
could hear very little through the hood, but my sense of touch
began to compensate somewhat for the other sensory deprivation.
i knew we were going outside, because i could feel the change in
temperature, and then Rosie sat me down on a flat surface and brought
my legs up, so i was somewhat cramped sitting up…i didn’t realize
we were in the van until it started to move. i could not for the
life of me think where Rosie was taking me, especially dressed as
badly as i am. The only clue i had is that you said it had to
be dark….

Eventually the van stopped, Rosie helped me out, we walked some
distance, and stop. i could not for the life of me figure out what
was going on. i knew we were still outside, because i was standing
on ground, not flooring…but i didn’t know where. Squeezing the
cat toy for reassurance, i don’t have long to wait, as one of my wrists
was uncuffed, brought up over my head, and recuffed to another cuff.
The other wrist was attached over my head to what felt like a chain
link fence. The same thing happened to my ankles, so i found myself
securely attached to the fence–spread eagle. i was really worried
now…i didn’t have any idea where i was or why. Rosie leaned into me
and asks me if i could hear her. I indicated i could, and she told
me Judy had to go to the bathroom, and she was going to drive her
to a gas station restroom, she’ll be right back, but someone was there
to watch me. i just about fainted when i felt a hand on my shoulder…
and then nothing. i tried to be as quiet as i could, so any sound would
penetrate the hood…when the shirt is ripped open and hands start
caressing my body! i could not get loose…i could barely move as
lips and fingers started playing with my breasts…pulling on the
rings, sucking and biting. Just as soon as i started to give into
the feelings of arousal in my breasts…my pants were pulled down
and i felt fingers in my clit. i was so wet now, and so aroused,
i just went with it. i can’t remember the sequence of events, but
it felt like at least like 3 pairs of hands playing with my tits,
the rings through my nipples, my clit…then a vibrator, and then i felt
what i thought was a penis with a condom on….just as i got ready
to cum…it all stopped. i kept trying to move myself to where i
thought my tormentors might be, but the chains kept me against the
fence. Then they started up again my tits, my nipples my rings,
my clit again..almost to climax….then they stopped again. i just
groaned, and i was pulling as hard as i could against the chains,
trying to reach. My tormentors then paddled my ass until it was
hot, and i stopped moving…to wait. After a moment my tormentors
started again with renewed vigor…one playing with my breasts,
sucking, pulling and pinching, one sucking and pulling against my clit,
and the third using a vibrator and the dildo…until i exploded
in one long orgasm. i thought i would pull the fence down! Then
they started again for at least 4 more times, until i could not
take it any more. i was so hot and worn out i just sagged against
the restraints and tried to catch my breath. My tormentor leaned over and
said, “Thanks, babe!” After what seemed an eternity, my hands and
ankles were released from the fence, the ugly clothes taken completely
off my body, my hands were cuffed behind me, and my ankles recuffed
and hobbled. Someone put me on my knees with my head down and
untied and removed the hood, blindfold and gag, but before i could
look up to see, the blindfold and gag were replaced. i was helped
to my feet and, unsteadily, was helped back over the ground to what i
thought must be the van. Rosie helped me in the back of the van,
removed my gag, gave me some water and asked me how did i like
meeting new friends. Before i could answer, the gag was back in,
and she closed the door. The whole ride back i tried to figure out
who was there, i could not really tell how many there were, but
there must have been at least three, judging by how much they touched
and used me. i thought one must have been a male by his after shave,
but i really was so disoriented, tired, and content, i just could not
muster the energy to keep thinking about it. The van stopped, and
Rosie came and helped me out. With the leash attached, she led me down
a stone path, unlocked a door, and helped me inside. She took off
the blindfold and it took me a few minutes to get my eyes to focus.
i realized i was in my own home!!!. Judy was there smiling and
Rosie took of the collar, handcuffs, and ankle cuffs and helped me
off with my heels. i started to ask questions, but realized i didn’t
have the energy, and Rosie asks me if i am all right. i nodded ‘yes’
and she has Judy help me into the shower…i am one sweaty, cummy, mess.

i guess you know the rest. While i was in the shower, Rosie found
you on line and told you about my adventure…i have only two questions–
When did you have time to plan it, and the most important WHO WERE
THOSE PEOPLE???!!! (This got her a punishment later–LineMstr).

your very tired, but trying to be obedient, slave


The End