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A Trip to The State Fair of Texas
Date: 96-10-02 18:47:34 EDT
From: RosieRose
To: LineMstr


We had the best time and I think once Niki got
into it, she did too. Judy and I love the fair,
Judy for the crafts and food–me, for the animals,
the rides, and the carnival atmosphere. Now Niki,
hmmm I’m not sure what she came for, but I will
tell you attracted a fair amount of attention
(pun intended).

Niki arrived at our house about 7pm and we started
to prepare her for the evening. She was dressed as
you told her, little red skirt, red silk blouse, red
heels, black collar, and that was all she needed. It
was a perfect Texas night. I, of course, had to
check and make sure she was wearing no panties and
bra, (BTW she was not and I love this part) then we
cuffed her behind so she was ready. I got on line to
get our last minute directions and we left.

We helped her in the car, unbuttoned her blouse to
leave it open, hiked her skirt up so she was sitting
right on the seat, strapped her in the front seat
and started the conversation about the next trip to
the Adult store where she was to be fitted with a
“butterfly”. Well she said, “No! she was not to be
fitted! She was just to get one.” I turned to Judy
and asked her if there was a slave talking in the
van without permission! Judy just sighed and said,
“I think so, what would her Master think”. Then Niki
remembered her manners and asked permission to speak
and I said no, of course. Judy and I continued our
conversation about taking Niki tomorrow to the store
to get her fitted, that the leg straps have to be just
so, when we both heard some deep low sighs from the seat
next to me. I turn to Judy and asked if she brought a
gag, that it seemed we will need it after all. Judy
pretended to look as we reached the fair grounds.

Now it was getting dark early and I did’t think anyone
actually saw Niki, more the pity, she was looking very
cute tonight all in red, red bow in her hair, little
pink pussy, and pink nipples with a hint of gold from
the rings. Oh well, it pays to be observant on the road.
As we drove into the fair parking lot, Judy covered
Niki so the parking attendent only got my money and not
a look. We parked in a well lit area and I came around
to let Niki out and I had her vest and the icy/hot
in my hand. I opened the door and she started to squirm
in her seat to be let loose and I told her to just hold
on a moment, did her Master tell her she was in trouble?
I got the bambi look (I love it BTW) as I uncuffed her
and handed her her denim vest. Now Judy was carrying the
other pair of cuffs and I had the pair I took off Niki as
we pay our dollars to get in (I love dollar day at the
fair, we will ride every ride).

Just in side the gates is a pavilion where there is a
women’s rest room not just a port-a-potty. We went there
first, not so much because we needed to, but Niki was not
quite ready. We got in there and I told Niki
now is the time to cuff her between Judy and me, and she
started protesting, asking if this were really necessary.
She promiseed not to run away, to be good, not to touch
her skirt all the time backing away from us. I told
her I sure didn’t want to tell her Master she was
disobedient, when she calmed down and I grabbed her wrist
and put on the cuff. Judy then came around and cuffed
the other wrist. We stood in front of her and I told her
again she is in trouble and now is the time for her to work
it off. Now all evening she had been feeling smug because
she had tolerated the clamps and rope all day and I show
her the icy/hot and she starts to really try and get away.
Now Judy had locked the other cuff from Niki’s to her wrist
and Niki had no where to go as I locked the remaining
open cuff to my wrist and back her toward the wall. She
was looking at the icy/hot with a look of horror as I opened
the jar and took out a glob as Judy raises Niki’s skirt.
Now she knew where this was going and she started to promise
anything if we will not put it on her clit.

I told her I had told her Master I would and she is in
trouble so this was part of her punishment. She started
telling me I have too much and that it only takes a drop, so
I flicked some off and approach her clit again. Well, of
course, she could not put her hands down so she just stood and
tried to close her legs. I again reminded her I had a lot
more an she relaxed and I put it directly on her clit,
reminding her not to make a sound.

Her eyes were watering as we left to stroll the fair grounds.
Now Judy wanted to go to the craft building and I wanted to
do the rides, Niki would just like to close her legs. So
we compromised and go got some fair food. Judy got a Belgian
waffle, I got a dog on a stick, and Niki–well, she wanted
ice cream. I asked her how she was going to eat it since
Judy’s hands were busy and mine were occupied. Well, she
started to pout as we walked toward the rides. We both
gave her bites of our food so she would stop pouting as
we stood in line for the roller coaster. Now this was a
very fast coaster that goes up above the fair grounds so
the passengers can see the midway and the people on the ground
can see the riders on the coaster. We got to the head of
the line and Niki and I get in the first car with Judy in
the second (Judy released her cuff just for the ride).
Now Niki seemed unsure whether or not she wanted to be in
the first car, but it was too late as the coaster took off.
I raised our arms and Niki was flying all over the car, and
I was laughing at her as her skirt went up almost over her
head. Needless to say it was a great ride and everyone on
the ground got a look at Niki. We got to the end of the
ride and the guy running the ride asked if we wanted to go
again, and I said sure. Niki gave me the “You are going to
work in Bosnia, if I can arrange it” look as we took off again.
And again her skirt went flying. At the end of the ride we
were asked if we want to go again and I say you bet. After
the third ride and midway flash we got off, and I ask Niki if
she wasn’t happy she did not eat. We walked around to get our
legs in working order. Niki is now getting into the fair. We
went on the whirling cups, the Madd Hatter, the fun house
with the funny mirrors, the horror house, the octopus, ring
of fire (centrifical force ride that flattens the rider to the
rim as the floor drops off). Almost all the rides the guys
running the rides asked us if we wanted to go again and we said
sure. We got lots of looks for the cuffs, for Niki cuffed
between us, for Niki’s desire to flash the midway, for how
cute she looked. A couple of guys come up to us and offered
to take Niki off our hands that they will make sure she does
not get away. One look from Judy and they backed off. Niki
again asked to be uncuffed, that she will not go anywhere, and
I laughed and said that is the point without constant direction
she will not go where we want her too! We got something
to drink and were given all the free drinks we want as a thank
you from all the guys working the midway. It seems Niki brightened
up a rather dull Tuesday night.

It was late, so we decided to do a quick trip through the
concession booths and then home. In the concession booths
they hawked the no-stick pans, the miracle rug cleaner, the
miracle metal cleaner, and the power vacum. All the stuff you
can never find replacement parts for, last only as long as
the fair is in town and are really expensive. We ran through
there and this big fan at one end picks up Niki’s skirt and
it blows up over her butt to show her crack as she tries to
turn to run away, and of course she can not. Now one of the
concessioneers sees all this and gives the little lady a big
jar of rug cleaner. We leave the fair knowing we had done
every ride at least twice, had some fair food, shown Niki to
the entire midway at least twice and she got a giant jar of
rug cleaner for all her work. It was a great night at the fair.


At Trip to The Texas State Fair
Date: 96-10-03 20:35:19 EDT
From: nikigirl
To: LineMstr


Well Rosie and Judy managed to show me to everyone on the
midway at the fair…..in fact several times, as we kept
getting free rides.

i went to Rosie’s house dressed as you instructed me, my
little red skirt, my red silk blouse, red heels, my black
collar, no bra or panties and my denim vest just in case
it got cold. i got to Rosie’s house and she had to do the
obligatory inspection to make sure i am not wearing any
underwear……even Judy had to take a look this time. They
did their inspection and cuffed me behind as Rosie got on-line
just to see if you had any last minute instructions…..you
two talked for a few minutes and i saw Rosie smile as she
looked my way and i knew there would be something i was
not expecting. Judy is impatient as we get in the van,
Rosie helped me in and hiked up my skirt so i am sitting right
on the seat, and unbuttoned and opened my blouse so my breasts
were totally exposed…then she straps me in so i can do
nothing to cover myself. As we drove to the fair grounds.
Rosie and Judy start discussing a trip to the adult “toy”
store to get a venus butterfly….they are saying i have to
be “fitted” for this clit stimulator and i just said, “No
that is not correct,” when Rosie in a very stern voice asked
Judy if the slave in the car had permission to talk. Well
i did not have permission nor did i instructions not to talk,
but i asked for permission, which is promptly denied. Rosie
was being stern so i just sat there and listened as they
continued the conversation. Now i was getting worried that
some guy was going to put this thing on me, so i started to
just sigh so they will ask me if i had an opinion….well
Rosie looked at me and asked Judy if she had a gag….now i
was just trying to tell them what you told me, i did not need
to be gaged,…then we drove into the fair grounds. Judy closed
my blouse and buttoned it so the parking attendent didn’t see
me as Rosie paid him. Rosie parked the van and she came around
to help me out…telling me i was in deep trouble, and was due
for punishment….i was surprised. i thought this was just
a day at the fair, but i did not say anything as she uncuffed
me and we walked to the gates. Now you know i was not looking
forward to being cuffed between Rosie and Judy. Had i known
what else you had planned i would have protested…i know i
would have. We paid our dollar each to get in and Rosie decided
we need to go to the first rest room to finish my “outfit” for
the fair. We went in this large rest room and it is virtualy
deserted as Judy cuffed one of my wrists and Rosie the other.
i will admit to wanting a discussion on how or rather if it
was necessay i be cuffed between the two of them, when they
both faced me and cuff the empty cuffs to each of their wrists….
then raise my arms up and leaned me against the wall….as
Rosie produced the dreaded icy/hot. i hate that stuff and i
now knew what you two discussed on line. Rosie took a big
glob of the stuff and started motioning like she is going to
put it all on my clit….i panicked and told her that was
way too much as i tried to close my legs and sit down. Of
course i couldn’t because i was cuffed to the two of them…now
Judy raised my skirt as Rosie told me not to be disobedient or
she would have to tell you….she then flicked alot of it off
in the sink told me not to be disobedient and i opened my legs
enough for her to put a spot on my clit…..i really hate that
stuff….my clit exploded as we walked out onto the fair ground.

i could hardly see for the tears in my eyes, and walking was
torture, as the two of them started discussing where to go
first, to my way of thinking to a shower room would be good,
but we ended up getting food, or rather the two of them got
food. i love junk food as much as anyone and the stuff they
got really smelled good so i asked if i could get some ice
cream and Rosie asks how was i going to hold it since their
hands were busy it meant mine were busy too. They then turn
toward the rides taking me with them….now i was beginning
to feel abit sorry for myself when they offered to share and
it was pretty good…but i think their real reason was so i
would not realize i was standing in line for the roller
coaster. Rosie is counting heads in the line and smiling to
herself as we get to the front and i realize we will be in the
first car….now in the front car there is not enough front
to stop the wind from blowing up my skirt and, cuffed the way
i was, the entire midway would see me. Rosie was so happy and i
was sick. We get in the first car and there is room only for
two so Judy releases me and gets in behind us as this thing
tookl off. i had only a small bar to hold on to with one hand
as Rosie raises our arms above our heads….my skirt was in
my face and there was nothing i could do to stop the exposure
of my pussy….we must have gone around 10 times before the
thing came to a stop and the operator asked Rosie if she would
like to go again….and she says sure….so we took off again
with the same results, my pussy exposed as i hold on for my life.
We finally came to a stop and the guy wanted to know if we
wanted to go again…..and Rosie said oh, yes…..what a maniac
she is!! She wass just laughing at me as, again, my pussy
was open for everyone. Finally, after the third round, she
had the good sense to stop….and she asked me if it weren’t
good that i did not eat too much. Well i survived one ride and
i guess i was ready for the rest…bring them on–and we went on
them all except the big ferris wheel and the parchute drop…i
hate being stuck on the top of the wheel and i am scared to be
dropped so those are the only two we didn’t do. Now i have to
say we seemed to get longer rides and free rides which made it
more fun, but there were several guys that came up to Rosie and
Judy and offered to take me off their hands, that they would
watch me/care for me…or what ever. Judy gave them the icy
stare and that usually ended the conversation. Now i was thinking
i have been good and i don’t need to be cuffed to them
anymore, so i just asked if it were ok if we take them off. i
promiseed not to go anywhere….Rosie just laughed and said that
was the point–i would not go anywhere without the direction
they gave me. Now i am thirsty so i tried to head them over to
get some coke or lemonade…and we are overwhelmed with free
drinks and big smiles from the guys running the food booths.

Now we had been at the fair to my way of thinking too long,
but Judy wanted to to through the concession booths were they
sell all that stuff you never can find anywhere else. We got
in the building where the booths are and it was stuffy and
hot and i was thinking how quick can we do this, when i feel
my skirt fly up and over my ass…from a fan at the end of
the corridor. Now the breeze felt good but i know everyone
saw me…all of me and i was thinking how i can fade into the
floor, when i heard the guy yell at the top of his lungs “give
the little lady a giant can of rug cleaner, the little lady
deserves a prize” i was now hoping the earth would just open up
as Rosie and Judy drug me over to get my prize…the guy was grinning
from ear to ear as i, or rather, we, stepped up to get my prize, a
20 lb can of miracle rug cleaner…the audience clapped…i could
have died. Rosie was laughing so hard, and Judy just shook her
head as we head home. Why me??….i don’t do rugs!

your slave

The End