Jill, Molly and Beth were getting ready to go out. It was Saturday night and they had heard about a new club they wanted to try. The girls had been friends since junior high. Jill was tall, about 5’7″,blue eyes, shoulder length blond hair and small breasts. Molly was 5’5″, green eyes, auburn hair and a nice round ass. Beth was a brunette, 5’4″, big tits, slim waist and full hips. When they went anywhere together they made heads turn and they knew it. Tonight was no different. Each lady wore a simple black dress but each design was different and played to their individual assets. As they viewed each other in the mirror they nodded their approvals. “Damn girls, we look FINE” Jill said as she ran her hands down her smooth stomach. “Oh yea, we will definitely be the bells of the ball tonight” chimed in Beth. “Lets rock and roll!” said Molly as they grabbed their purses and headed for the door.

The club was in a section of town the girls didn’t normally go to but weren’t worried. They believed in safety in numbers. They had a whole system worked out. They never left the clubs alone and each girl had signals they’d flash if they felt they were in trouble. When they got to the club the line to get in was huge. “Ahh, it’s going to take forever to get it” whined Beth. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it just wait here” said Jill. Jill walked to the front of the line and whispered something in the bouncer’s ear. He was a big bodybuilder type. His arms were as big as Jills thighs. He smiled, signaled for his partner to take his place and he and Jill disappeared inside. “What the .where did they go?” said Molly, straining to get a better look through the crowd. About 10 minutes passed when Jill and the bouncer reappeared. Jill signaled them over and the bouncer let them right through. “OK, do I even want to know what you had to do to make that happed? asked Molly. “Oh, just a little BJ..or I should say, BIG BJ, he was huge!” The girls giggled as they walked into the club.

A sign saying, LADIES NIGHT led them into a dimly lit room. “Evening ladies, my name is Jack and welcome to my club. I don’t believe I’ve seen you hear before.” “No, said Beth, it’s our first time”. “OK, let me explain how this works. On ladies nights – the drinks are free. You can have whatever you want and how much you want. It’s early yet and the real entertainment won’t start for a while so please, enjoy yourself. With that he walked off. The girls smiled at each other as they headed to the bar. “Remember Jill, said Molly, it’s your turn to be on look out.” Jills smile faltered. “Damn, that right ..” Look out was the person who didn’t drink and was the responsible one for the evening, making sure the other two didn’t do anything they regretted. As much of a pain in that ass as it was, it had proved a fail proof system and they all abided by it. At the bar Molly and Beth ordered their drinks while Jill got a soda. As they surveyed the room they noticed the only men there were the ones that worked there, the bouncer, the bartenders and Jack. Beth turned to the bartender and asked where all the guys were. He smiled and said on ladies nights the guys weren’t allowed in until midnight but not to worry, there would DEFINITELY be more men then they’d know what to do with there shortly.

The girls found a table and talked while listening to the music. They all had a couple more drinks before deciding to hit the dance floor. They’d been watching the other women in the club on the floor and were soon out there among them. ‘Wow, said Molly, my 7 and 7’s are really kicking my ass tonight”, “my gin and tonics are too, said Beth. “It must be the atmosphere because I’m only having diet coke but feel like I’ve been drinking vodka all night!” The bartenders were now bringing drinks for the ladies on the dance floor. It was so hot in there that they could barely keep up with the requests for drinks from all the girls there. “Ahh, I’m so fucking HOT” said Jill as she pulled her hair up off her neck with one hand and rubbed her other down the length of her front all the time continuing to move to the rhythmic beat of the music. “Me too said Polly, I’m hot but in a horny way. I don’t think I’ve ever been this horny” “OMG Beth moaned, look .” She pointed to the dance floor. The three women looked around them and were shocked to see all around them the women in states of undress. Some were completely nude, rubbing themselves, some were making out while others were on the floor sucking each others pussies. “Ahhhhh, moaned Molly. Jill and Beth turned to find her fingering herself. “I’m sorry guys, I can’t help myself, ahhhh, please, will one of you help me? They’d been friends for ages but never ever had they ever once thought about fucking each other but tonight was different and no one was willing to take the time to wonder why. Beth was the first to go to Mollys rescue. She pulled Mollys dress off her shoulders and started sucking her breasts. Molly moaned, “please, more ” she cried. Soon Beths hand replaced Mollys and she was finger fucking Mollys pussy. The two laid down on the dance floor, oblivious to everything else around them. Molly was moaning loudly, rocking to meet each thrust of Beth hand. Jill was very turned on watching them and soon joined them on the floor. She slid underneath Beths ass and began licking her soaking wet pussy. “OH YES cried Beth. Beth replaced her fingers with her tongue and within minutes Beth and Molly were screaming with orgasms. All three collapsed on each other. “What the FUCK was that!” Beth said as they all laughed, still continuing to touch each other. “I’m not sure but I have to say that was fantastic.” Jill sat up and spread her legs fingering her clit. Beth and Molly almost forgot that Jill hadn’t been on the receiving end the first time around. Molly went to Jill and gave her a long, hot kisses, their tongues probing deeper with each one. She rubbed and pulled on Jill large nipples while Jill moaned in pleasure. Jill lay down and Molly turned around so she was facing Jills pussy and Jill had access to hers as well. Molly spread her lips with her fingers. Jills pussy was beautiful, all wet and slick. Molly started tentatively, never having eaten a woman before but with the first smell of Jills pussy Molly lost her reserve and dove right in. Oh it felt so good. Jill fingered Mollys pussy and soon Jill was bucking with each thrust of Mollys tongue and Mollys moaning increased as Jill finger fucked Mollys pussy. Oh, yea, yea cried Jill. Molly knew Jill was about to come and she was ready as well. Soon Mollys mouth filled with Jills juices as Jills body convulsed and contracted. Molly greedily licked up ever last drop. In the meantime Molly experienced an orgasm like she’d never had before – her juices spraying all over Jills face and chest. Still feeling the waves of orgasm Molly lay on top of Jill. OMG, that was the best thing ever Jill said as she slowly recovered. “Wonder why it took us this long to figure out the best fucks were right next to us?” Molly added and they laughed. Molly and Jill sat up and realized that Beth was gone. It didn’t take them long to find her being fucked by two women on top of a table not far away. Completely naked, they stood and walked to where Beth was moaning. “Ahh, god you guys, oh, this is incredible! “Oh yea, eat my cunt you bitch” she yelled to the pretty petite blonde that squatted between her legs. Another blonde straddled Beth on the table sucking her tits and fingering her clit.

Seeing that Beth was in good hands Jill and Molly grabbed a couple more drinks. The bartender gave them a knowing look. “Have a good time ladies?” “Oh yea they said in unison. They looked around the room, already horny again. To their right were a couple of girls going at it. What was it the one had in her hand – intrigued Jill walked towards them. Molly was busy staring at the most beautiful, exotic woman she’d ever seen. The Asian woman caught her looking and motioned for Molly to join her and the girl she was currently fingering. Molly was already breathing shallow in anticipation.

The 30 or so women at the club where insatiable and the club smelled like sex. Women were laying all over the place, on top of tables, even the bar, pressed up against the wall. The moaning was now drowning out the music. Suddenly there was a loud chime signaling it was midnight. Many didn’t stop what they were doing, oblivious to anything but the pussies before them. Soon, the atmosphere changed. Woman were being ripped off the pussies they were eating, cries of dismay filled the air but were soon filled with cries of pleasure, the kind of pleasure only a rock hard cock could bring. Jill, Molly and Beth looked up from their respective places and realized the men had been let it. They soon found why everyone was so over the top horny. The ladies drinks were laced with a liquid aphrodisiac and while the women had been having a free for all on the dance floor, the guys had been penned up like animals in a back room watching all the action on a big screen TV. All of them had hard ons, most had their cocks out and some already had their pants off giving them free access to all the pussy they could handle.

Jill, who had been bent over a lovely strawberry blonde felt a mans hands on her hips as he rammed his dick deep inside her cunt. She squealed with surprise but soon was moaning with the onset of yet another orgasm. “Oh yea, yea baby, harder, ride me harder, slap my ass, oh yea .” Jill came, her pussy tightening around the strange cock deep inside her. That was all the stranger could take as he filled her with his steaming cum. Barely recovered Jill felt the strangers cock slide out but it was soon replaced by another. Soon, Jill felt the slap of a cock in her face. “Suck me you cunt” the man ground out as he stuffed his 8’ cock down her throat. Gagging, Jill sucked, she couldn’t believe it, she was getting gangbanged and WANTED it. Suddenly Jill felt pressure near her asshole. A third man was trying to stuff his cock there. Jill tried to protest, to tell him anal was off limits but she couldn’t with the huge cock in her mouth. The stranger continued to work his rod into her ass, finally he got his head in. He moaned with pleasure as the tight virginal hole hugged him deep. He moved slowly at first, Jill moaned. She couldn’t believe that every hole she had was being filled with cock. She couldn’t believe the sensations that were starting to build in her as the men began to rock her entire body with the movements of their hips, filling her to the hilt. She thought she might have passed out for a little while because the guy in her ass was now ramming his cock in as deep as it would go, faster and faster he moved, moaning louder and louder. She knew he’d cum soon. His moaning was enough to get the other two ready as well. Soon Jill was filled with hot cum pouring out of her mouth, pussy and asshole. She’d never been more satisfied, or so she thought. More faceless, name men replaced the other faceless men, Jill was their personal play toy, they did things to her she’d only heard about and she loved every minute of it.

Jill looked around for Beth and Molly. Now what had they been up to?

– The End –