Dr. Frederick Nelsen leaned back in his chair and looked at his patient. Angela Simmons was a beautiful woman. He looked at her legs. They were long and her tapered skirt was just above her knees. Her large breasts were bouncing up and down as she sobbed. She was lying on his couch crying. Angela had been coming to him for a year and he wasn’t sure he could ever help her. In fact, he wasn’t sure he wanted to.

She came in less than five minutes ago and after she lay down she started crying.

“What’s the matter?” he asked.

“I woke up this morning in a motel room in bed with two black men,” she sobbed.

“What did you do?”

“I don’t remember. Doctor what am I going to do? These women are driving me crazy.”

“Let me talk to Susan,” he said.

Angela stopped crying and started smiling, her face changed and she looked like a different woman. Susan pulled her skirt up until he could see her panty-clad pussy. Then she unbuttoned two buttons at the top of her blouse, showing plenty of cleavage.

“What about the two black men in the motel?”

“I sucked their cocks several times last night and again this morning. You should have seen their cocks. They were huge,” she said grinning.

The doctor got up and unzipped his pants. Susan sat up and reached for him, she put her hand through his fly and pulled his cock out. He moaned when she swallowed it. She sucked and deep throated his cock until he came, groaning. After swallowing every drop of his thick sperm she kept sucking until his cock was rock hard again.

“Let me talk with Julie now,” he said.

Again there was a change and she looked at him, he was standing there with his hard cock in his hand. Julie snaked her panties off and spread her legs wide.

“What about the black men?”

“I fucked them both about ten times,” she grinned.

He went to one knee and stuck his cock balls deep in her cunt.

“YES FUCK ME,” she screamed.

He fucked her until she screamed, cumming.

He pulled out and stood up.

“I’ll speak with Alice now,”

For a third time her faced changed and he grinned.

“Did the black men fuck your ass?

“Fuck yes they stuck their cocks so far up my ass I thought it would come out my mouth,” she said getting up and bending over the couch.

She pulled her skirt up around her waist and he shoved his cock up her ass and started fucking.

“Oh God. Yes, give it to me,” she moaned.

He fucked her until they both came and then he cleaned her cunt and asshole with tissues and instructed her to put her panties on and button her blouse. After she lay down he asked to talk to Angela. She began sobbing again.

“I’m afraid you had sex with them,” he said.

“I did? What did I do?”

“They both did you in every hole.

She started boo-hooing.

Angela had been coming to Doctor Nelsen twice a week for over a year. He discovered her other personalities on her first visit through hypnosis. He had fucked her every time she came since then. During that time she had fucked hundreds of men and her other selves told him about every one. He had all of her visits on tape; he liked to watch himself fuck her.

Her husband died of a sudden heart attack when he was thirty-five. She was thirty at the time. They were devout churchgoers and she still was. She was involved in all church activities. Her husband had a large insurance policy that she invested in tax-free bonds. She and her son lived comfortably and she had no reason to work.

During their marriage neither of them was very interested in sex. They fucked every Saturday morning and it was always the same. She would lay on her back while he fucked her. She never had an orgasm in her life that she knew about.

It was four years after his death when her son David, who was fifteen at the time, went to visit her parents for two weeks during the summer. He was only gone for two days when she woke up one morning and found a strange man lying next to her. She sat up and looked at him. He had kicked the covers off and was lying there sleeping. His hard cock was lying on his stomach. She remembered thinking that it was a lot bigger than her husbands but that’s all she remembered. She awoke again several hours later and he was gone. She felt her pussy and realized it was full of the man’s cum, She also had a strange taste in her mouth and her asshole hurt. To top off every thing else she was naked.

She didn’t want to believe that she’d had sex with the man but the evidence was pretty clear. She went to see Doctor Nelson that same day.

Now she knew all about her other selves. She knew that Susan was a cocksucker and she wouldn’t do anything but suck cocks. Julie was the cunt fucker she wanted her cunt fucked constantly and Alice was the same about her ass.

She was pretty sure that the good doctor was fucking her on every visit. She always had sticky panties and that strange taste in her mouth when she left his office, but it really didn’t matter because according to him she was fucking just about everybody that she met anyway. She decided she would keep going to him but realized that she had to do something herself. She just wasn’t getting any better.

When she got home she went to her bedroom and removed her panties. Then she stood in front of the mirror and examined her pussy by spreading it apart. She saw a white dollop roll out; now she was certain the doctor was fucking her. She straightened up and looked at herself.

“I want to talk to you guys,” she said.

She was surprised to see her face change. It wasn’t really a feature change but just an expression change. It was surprising how different she looked.

“What do you want to talk about?” a voice said.

She realized that the voice came from her but it didn’t sound anything like her voice.

“Which one are you?” she asked.

“Susan. Now what the fuck do you want?” the voice said.

“I want to be included, you guys keep shutting me out and I want to know what’s happening to me when one of you takes over.”

“If you wasn’t such a prissy little bitch we wouldn’t have to take over.”

“If we didn’t take over your cunt would dry up and blow away,” Julie said.

Angela saw her face change again and the voice was different she knew it was Julie.

“Yeah and you’d only use your asshole to shit out of.”

A new expression and a new voice heard from.

“I know I can’t control you guys and I also know that you can control me. I just want to know what’s happening to my body instead of being blocked out. Can’t I just watch?” Angela begged.

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt anything to let the bitch watch,” Alice said.

“I guess not,” Susan agreed.

“Let’s let the cunt feel too,” Julie said.

“Okay we’ll let you see and feel but were taking over completely,”

“Oh you can’t do that.”

“Fuck if we can’t, we were going to do it anyway at least now you’ll know what’s going on.”

“But I have to be in charge when I go to church and when I see Doctor Nelsen,” Angela said.

“Okay you can be in charge then,” Susan said, grinning.

Angela went about her business without feeling any different. In fact, she felt better. Now she would find out what these women were doing to her. She showered and put on clean panties. Then she slipped on a robe. David would be home shortly. She always helped him with his homework he was terrible at math and she was tutoring him each day.

When David came in she was sitting on the couch waiting for him.

“Hi mom,” he said smiling.

Suddenly it was as if she was looking through someone else’s eyes.

She heard Susan’s voice say, “It’s not mom big dick, it’s Susan.”

David grinned and unzipped his pants; he unbuckled his belt and pushed them and his boxers down to his knees. Angela couldn’t believe her eyes, his cock was huge, she tried to scream when she felt it in her hand and then it was in her mouth She could taste it and she wanted to gag when it went into her throat but she could neither scream nor gag. Susan sucked licked and deep throated his cock until he moaned loudly, Angela felt the first shot of cum hit the roof of her mouth, she swallowed and swallowed as the thick stuff just kept on coming.

The taste was the same as the strange taste she had in her mouth each time she left the doctors office and so many times other than that. She wondered how many cocks she had sucked. After Susan had sucked him dry he pulled away from her, his cock still hard and sticking straight out.

“Susan let Julie out now. I want to fuck,” he said.

“Here I am,” Julie’s voice said as she opened her robe and peeled off her panties.

Angela felt herself lie down and spread her legs. She felt her son climb on her and felt her hand grab his cock and put it in her cunt, Julie groaned as he pushed into her. She felt her hips drive up at him burying his cock. She felt his balls slap her ass. She wanted to die because of this sinful thing she was doing but it felt so good at the same time.

He was driving into her hard and fast and Angela felt a strange feeling in her loins. Suddenly she was having her first orgasm. She wanted to cry out but instead she heard Julie’s voice.

“Fuck, I’m cumming. Fuck me faster.”

After she came he stopped fucking her she could still feel his hard cock in her and she wished he would keep going.

“Alice are you there?” he asked slipping his cock out.

Angela felt her legs go back over her head and her ass turn up to him.

“Yes I’m here, fuck my ass,” Alice cried.

Angela felt his cock drive deep into her bowels.

He only took about three strokes before she was having another orgasm. Alice cried out and Angela wished she could cry out too. David kept fucking her until she had another orgasm, then he blasted her bowels with his cum. They lay there with his cock soaking in her ass. She felt it slowly go soft. David sat up and took two tissues from the box on the end table. He handed one to her and wiped his cock with the other.

She put the tissue between her ass cheeks and, picking up her panties, she went to the bathroom. She sat on the toilet draining his cum from her ass and thinking. She was in charge again. Obviously their threat to take over completely wasn’t working. She realized that as soon as the women were satisfied sexually she went back in charge. She put on her panties and went back to the living room; she had to talk to David while she was still in charge.

He was still sitting on the couch but he had put his pants back on. She sat down next to him.

“How long have you known about my multiple personalities?”

“Multiple personalities? I didn’t know,” he said.

“But you knew about the other women.”

“I thought it was just a game.”

“How long have we been playing this game.”

David was shocked because she had never talked about it before.

“Since I was twelve,” he said.

She was stunned but she believed it. She’d put nothing past the three sluts inside her.

“Honey, I swear I knew nothing about this. Have I done anything else I should know about?”

“Well, you do Vince and Mike too.”

Vince and Mike were David’s best friends. They had been hanging around since kindergarten, She had noticed that they had been hanging around more the last few years.

Angela let it drop she helped him with his math, then she started dinner. After dinner she went to her bedroom and suddenly she was looking through someone else’s eyes. She went to her closet and dug back into the clothes that she never wore and pulled out a red mini dress. She had no idea where it came from. She took off her robe and panties and donned the dress. It barely covered her tits and ass. Then she put on red mesh hose and red spike heels; other items that she didn’t know she had.

When she went down stairs David and his two friends were sitting on the couch watching basketball. They had long since learned that if they didn’t fuck her early they wouldn’t fuck her at all.

“We’re going out dear see you in the morning,” Alice’s voice said.

David knew he wouldn’t see her in the morning. She wouldn’t be home until after he went to school.

Alice drove the car and pulled up to a tavern. When they went in Angela noticed that there were only men in the room.

She sat down at the bar and the bartender came over with a drink. Angela had never had an alcoholic beverage before but when Alice tasted it she liked it.

“Which one are you tonight?” The bartender asked.

“I’m whom ever you like. What’s your pleasure?” Alice asked.

A black man sitting on the stool next to her turned to her and smiled.

“I don’t know about him but I want some of that sweet pussy.”

Julie spun around on the stool and spread her legs.

“Well get you some, big boy.”

The man pulled out the biggest cock Angela ever saw and stuffed it in her cunt. Julie moaned and so did Angela. The man fucked her hard and fast, Angela felt two orgasms rack her body. When the man was almost ready to cum he pulled out.

“I want a blow job,” he grunted.

Susan dropped to her knees and engulfed his cock.

Angela felt his cock jerk and squirt into her mouth. She tasted his thick cum and felt her throat swallowing as Susan gulped it down. When she was sure she’d eaten every drop she stood and stripped off her dress. Throwing it on the bar she went to the nearest table.

“Which one do you guy’s want?”

“I’ll take Alice,” one man said.

Angela noticed that the men all had their cocks out and were stroking them. Alice sank down on the man’s cock, Angela felt it pop painfully past her sphincter and slide deep into her bowels. Just as she felt her orgasm start the man yelled for Susan and suddenly his smelly cock was in her throat.

They went from man to man fucking them with either their cunt or ass but one thing that all the men did when it came time to cum was to yell for Susan.

They came to a table where four men were seated.

“Hey you guys are new. Which one do you want?”

The men had figured out that if you wanted pussy you ask for Julie for ass it was Alice and for a blowjob it was Susan.

“We’ll take a little of all three.” One of the men said.

“You guys from out of town?” Susan asked.

“Yeah, we’re here at a convention.”

“Staying at a motel?”


“When the bar closes take us home with you and you can sample all of us.”

They went on to fuck the rest of the men and most of them more than once. At closing time Susan slipped on their dress and went to the table where the four men were waiting.

“We’ll follow you to your motel,” she said.

Angela awoke the next morning lying between two of the men. She rose up and looked at the other bed. The other two men were sleeping there. She knew she should get up and leave but instead she lay back down and closed her eyes. When she awoke sometime later someone else was in charge and they fucked the men for more than two hours.

When she got home Angela sat down and thought. These women had her fucking everybody, she wondered how many times she had been to the bar and fucked everyone. She wondered how many times she had fucked her son and his friends. At least now she knew what she was doing and she had to admit that she liked the orgasms.

When David came home, he had Vince and Mike with him. They all sat on the couch, smiling.

“Hi mom,” David said.

“Hi dear. Do you have any homework?”

But before he could answer.

“Anybody want a blowjob?” Susan yelled.

The next hour and a half was filled with cocks filling her holes. She had no control at all but the orgasms were fantastic. She was beginning to like having cocks cum in her mouth and she was starting to like the taste of cum.

After the women were sated and the boys left, Angela helped David with his homework and made dinner. After dinner they took over again. This time they didn’t dress her like a whore. They put on shorts and a tight tee shirt with no bra. Alice drove to an apartment building and they went up and rang a bell.

A pretty blonde answered the door and when they went into the apartment two other pretty women were there. One was a brunette and the other a red head.

“I want to eat some pussy,” Susan said.

“I want a tongue in my cunt,” Julie said.

“I want one up my ass,” Alice added.

The three women started undressing and before she knew what was going on Angela tasted a pussy that her tongue was buried in and she felt a tongue in her cunt and another deep in her ass. Her orgasm started and she hoped it would never end. This was wonderful; the tongues in her holes were heavenly. She knew she was committing a terrible sin but it felt and tasted so good she didn’t care.

During the course of the evening she learned a lot by listening to the conversation. The blond was Deborah, the brunette was Norma and the redheads name was Jean. They were all lesbians and roomed together. They seemed to know all about her other three selves and even recognized her different voices. She wondered how long she had been coming here to fuck them. They made love for hours and when they were all sated Angela felt herself in charge again. She kissed the three women goodbye and drove herself home.

She woke up late, David had already left for school she looked at the clock and realized that if she hurried she could still make her doctors appointment. She arrived at Doctor Nelsen’s office on time. The receptionist ushered her into his office and she lay on the couch.

She didn’t tell him about talking with her other selves or about her experiences of the past few days. In fact she told him nothing had happened since she was there last. When he asked to talk to Susan she felt herself sit up and wasn’t the least bit surprised when he pulled out his cock. She felt it in her hand and as it slid down her throat. She helped Susan gulp down his cum. When he fucked her cunt and she came she welcomed it and helped Alice push back onto him when he fucked her ass.

When the left the doctor’s office Alice drove and they parked on a side street. Alice took them into an alley and she found herself being fucked by three homeless men. When Susan sucked their cocks she almost threw up from the stench but she still had several good orgasms. The men knew her and called out her names depending on what they wanted.

When she got home she found herself in charge again and it lasted until David and his friends came home. Vince and Mike were sleeping over so the women fucked the boys until almost one o’clock the next morning.

The next day was Saturday so they fucked the boys in the morning and again in the afternoon. After dinner that evening they dressed her in another outfit that she didn’t know she had. It was much like the red outfit but it was black.

They got in the car and again Alice drove. They parked in the parking lot parking lot of a large building that had a huge sign that read ‘Pluto’s Palace.’ Angela had heard of this place. When they went in she was shocked. There were people fucking everywhere. Three men came up and pulled her over to a mat. She was fucked in every hole over and over when the three men fucking her came and went soft they were replaced by three more. Angela didn’t care. She wanted it. Her orgasms were frequent and very strong. She wandered around fucking and sucking both cocks and cunts; bathing in the debauchery.

She didn’t remember how she got home. She just knew when she woke up Sunday morning she felt good, She felt better than she had in a long time. She dressed and went to church and when she came home David and the boys were there. The women fucked them until it was time for her to make dinner.

After dinner she dressed in the same clothes she had worn to church that morning and went back to the church for evening services. When the service was over she started to leave when Susan took over.

“Sit down bitch. I’ll tell you when it’s time to go,” she said.

Angela sat down, she sat there staring through Susan’s eyes. The reverend Jeffery Watson came down the isle and walked to the altar.

“Susan are you ready?” he asked.

Angela was still looking through Susan’s eyes as she got up and headed toward the altar. She saw the reverend pull out the longest, thickest cock she had seen so far. She wanted it. She pushed Susan to the back of her mind.

“I’m sucking this cock myself,” she thought as she slid it into her throat.

“This cunt is stealing my cock,” Susan screamed.

“Get her off of that or the next thing you know she’ll be stealing our cocks ” Julie yelled.

Angela pulled his cock from her mouth and pushed Alice back to join Susan.

“Stick it in my ass, reverend,” she moaned, bending over the altar.

The reverend started pounding her ass.

“Yes fuck that ass brother Jeff,” a new voice said.

The reverends wife Wanda slipped up onto the Altar.

“Eat my cunt, Susan while my husband fucks Alice’s ass.”

Angela ate her cunt but it wasn’t Alice’s ass she was fucking with it was her own. The reverend and his wife fucked her several times and it was her that was fucking them. Her other selves were gone. She went home and crawled into David’s bed with him.

“Who are you now?” he asked.

“”It’s just me, your mom,” she said as she swallowed his cock.

When she went to Doctor Nelsen he was amazed at her recovery.

“From now on you’ll have to fuck me instead of those other women,” she grinned.

“How did you know I was fucking them?” he asked.

She told him about them letting her see and feel.

He pulled out his cock and she swallowed it. After he fucked her she slipped her panties on.

“I’ll continue to come back twice a week but I’m not paying,” she said.

“Don’t worry about that. Your mouth, ass and cunt are payment enough,” he grinned.

Angela knew what led to her cure even if the good doctor didn’t. When she saw the Reverend’s cock she wanted it for her own and pushed the others out of her mind. She knew she couldn’t have it always but she could have it on Sunday evenings and the Reverend and his wife always called at least once during the week. The other thing that helped with her cure was her new found love of cocks. She loved to suck and fuck them and she loved sucking the thick gooey cum from them.

On the days when she couldn’t fuck the Reverend, she still had the bar, the apartment of lesbians and Pluto’s Palace and don’t forget the homeless alley. David and his friends were almost always available and she fucked them almost daily she was addicted to three cocks being buried in her at the same time.

Angela’s lifestyle didn’t change a bit; the only difference was that now she knew exactly what she was doing and was enjoying every minute of it.

– The End –