When 22 year old Amanda Peters accepted the teaching job at Winston High School fresh out of collage she was both elated and depressed. Elated because the job was in Arkansas and put many miles between her and her ex boyfriend/fiance, but depressed also because it meant leaving her friends and family a thousand miles away. As Amanda busied herself arranging the 2 bedroom bungalow she had rented for almost half the price of an apartment in town she smiled thinking about when the realtor had showed it to her.

When she had asked how come it was so cheap the realtor, whose lascivious gaze had been undressing her trim mini skirted figure for the past three hours, had simply shrugged his shoulders saying that it had been vacant for over a year and the owner who lived out of town wanted a reliable tenant. As she thought back on the realtor and his obvious interest her mind drifted further to her collage days and her ex-fiance. Amanda had always been a rather shy, self conscience girl when growing up and had hid her body under loose fitting clothing as well as wearing her long auburn hair gathered tightly about her head.

A rather plain looking girl in her high school and college years she had never had a boyfriend, but when in her last year of college Larry had showed an interest in her she had fallen madly in love. He had been one of the most popular boys in college and had taken a lot of ribbing at first when he had taken this seemingly ugly duckling under his wing, but when slowly over many weeks as her drab loose fitting dresses and old fashion horn rim glasses were replaced by more fashionable styles many of his friends as well as the jocks began vying for her attention. Once the rather drab clothes she had worn to draw less attention to herself were shed and the 5 foot 4 inch 107 pound body of a beautiful young woman who could have been a pin up appeared, she found the attention she received intoxicating. Her 34 x 21 x 33 measurements combined with her perfect smooth skin and long well shaped legs made the college boys drool and Larry had taken advantage of her childlike trust.

Once she surrendered her virginity to him Larry had seemed to lose interest in her and in desperation she had told him that she would do anything for him if only he wouldn’t push her aside. At first he had simply made her wear shorter dresses teasing his friends with her exhibition like behavior by having her flash panty shots but soon he had tired of even this seemingly innocent show proving her affection and had instructed her to go without under garments of any kind. At first she had resisted, but when he had told her that if she didn’t do as he said she could forget about being his girlfriend she had done his bidding and their lovemaking seemed to both increase in passion as well as frequency. And then a few weeks before graduation he had told her of his fantasy of watching her make love to several other men and that is when she broke up with him. He had tried to call her, had even sent flowers, and a couple of times had even shown up at her house only to be turned away. Her parents had been puzzled because Larry seemed like such a fine young man but she had refused to talk about their relationship and then she had shocked them by taking this job offer saying that she needed to get away from everything.

And now here it was 3 weeks into the start of her first year teaching and Amanda was having trouble with a half dozen or so students. They were boys who, either through troubles at home or from being promoted just to get them out of some teachers class might be more than what she had bargained for. Most of the children were well behaved for 16 year olds, but the ones that were older and should have either been in collage or out working tried her patience. She was just thankful that they were not all in the same class period together otherwise they would have been more then one teacher could have handled. In the weeks leading to winter break she had sent each of the trouble makers to the principal but they had all been sent back with a note saying that it was up to her to discipline them, it was as if the teaching staff were afraid of the rabel rouser’s.

She had tried keeping them after class but it did little good because either they didn’t show up at all, or if they did they were loud and callous using foul language and ignoring her attempts to correct them so she simply quit trying. Some of the looks she got from the worst of them frightened her, reminding her of Larry when she had not done as told. And then a week before winter vacation she began finding obscene notes as well as pictures of naked or scantily clad women on her desk. She had tried to brush it off but as the notes and pictures increased she knew that it was time she did something. So on the last day of class she held the older boys behind to her regret. They had at first acted dumb pretending to know nothing of what she was talking about and then she made the mistake of showing them the pictures, and amid their cat calls and raucous behavior she began to cry. They had surrounded her pretending kindness but then began rubbing their hands over her body and trying to remove her clothes while taunting her that all she needed was a good fuck. Somehow she had broken away with only a torn blouse and fled from the school followed by their suggestive remarks and filthy language. That evening she received several calls with only heavy breathing and finally around 2:00 AM she took the phone off the receiver.

A day into winter break she was awakened rather early by strange noises outside her bungalow and though she tried to ignore them and go back to sleep she found herself straining her ears for further sounds in the false light of dawn. In the morning when she opened her door to take her daily jog she found a large rubber genitalia on the porch. Amanda thought of calling the police but decided against it because she was sure they would just give her stupid looks and then brush it aside calling it a kids prank and besides she didn’t want anyone seeing it. Picking the oversized rubber object up she noticed that it felt and looked almost like human flesh and as she looked at it she thought she heard someone snickering. It was at least 14 inches long and so thick that her fingers wouldn’t close around it and she wondered why anyone would want anything so grotesque, and why they had left it on her porch.

Entering her house she placed it on the table thinking to throw it away the next time she took out her trash. Returning from her jog she entered her house only to be grabbed from behind but before she could scream or put up a struggle a rag was placed over her mouth and nose causing her to black out. When she finally awoke and focused on her surroundings, she realized that she was in her living room and that several shadowy figures were standing beyond the dim light of the single lamp looking at her. She was slumped in a chair with her arms tied behind her back and her feet tied to the legs of the chair. The flickering screen of the TV caught her attention, and as she turned to look she gave a shocked gasp at what she saw. A partially clothed girl that looked somehow familiar was kneeling between two naked men and she was holding their genitalia. Amanda’s startled eyes widened when the girl opened her mouth and pulled one of the men’s dick’s to her lips.

Closing her eyes and turning her face from the TV and the people performing such lurid acts did little good because someone yanked her hair forcing her to once more face the TV. A harsh voice she thought she recognized told her to open her eyes. “Welcome back Ms. Peters, I’m glad you’re awake. I thought you might like a little movie , you know sort of an instructional one so you can see what’s in store for you. Hey, maybe you’d like to star in a movie yourself. Would you like that Teach, would you like to star in your own porno flick? We could call it TEACHERS FUCKING LESSON. No, no, I’ve got it. We’ll call it TEACHERS WINTER VACATION.”

Amanda thought he had to be joking he couldn’t be serious, she would never do what the girl in the video was doing, and there was no way she would make a pornographic movie. and then to her horror he reached out grasping the front of her sweat suite. With a savage yank the buttons flew apart exposing her chest and midriff as well as her lace bra to the group of youths. Shaking her head wildly she twisted her body fighting against her bonds in an attempt to free herself while at the same time pleading with him to stop. Her auburn hair which fell loosely about her shoulders swirled about her like a halo as she shook her head in protest.

Pulling a knife from his pocket the boy ran the cold blade over and around her firm perky breast before slipping it into her cleavage and under her bra. With ease the knife sliced the thin material apart exposing her completely as the bra parted to hang useless on either side of her pert breasts. Despite her fright she screamed at him as she twisted about trying in vain to escape her bonds as well as kick him. “Holy shit will you look at those titties, small but nice and firm. Damn who would have thought this cunt had tits that looked that good. Whoa, check out those nipples man they look like they were made for sucking. Look at the way those fuckers stand up, it’s going to be a pleasure sucking on those hummers.”

The cold blade of the knife numbed her flesh as the grinning youth began running the sharp tip of the blade over and around each breast tracing every outline and swell of her pert tits before pressing the tip against one of her nipples drawing a drop of blood. Amanda winced in pain and fear thinking he was going to cut her nipples off but despite that fear her nipples hardened and her breath quickened to shallow gasping moans bringing an evil smile to the boy’s face. Cupping her breast with his other hand he asked how she liked having one of her students play with her tits and then he rolled the tortured nipple between his thumb and forefinger teasing it to unbelievable hardness squeezing another drop of blood from the tortured flesh. With frightened tears welling up she pleaded with the youth to let her go, begging him not to hurt her when suddenly she remembered his name. Phillip, that was his name. Phillip. And with a choking sob she used his name as she again pleaded to be let her go.

Another drop of blood trickled from her nipple to stain her small breast “Stop? I don’t think so cunt. I think the thought of getting your nipple cut off is turning you on. I’ll bet your snatch is sopping wet just thinking about it.” And then he pressed the tip of the blade harder to her nipple as if to cut it off. Her ragged breath came in gulps as she silently prayed that he was only taunting her. “Answer me you fucking slut, is that what turns you on? What? What did you say? I can’t hear you?” Not knowing what else to do Amanda opened her mouth praying that the single word she was about to utter was the answer he wanted to hear. “YESSSSSS” With a huge grin he yanked her baggy sweat pants from her small firm hips pushing them down until they lay against the ropes holding her ankles to the chair legs. He then pushed his hand against the vee of her panties feeling the wetness of her pussy lips as he asked how bad she wanted to get fucked. His fingers teasingly glided over her panty clad pussy lips almost like the touch of a feather, awakening a need in her she didn’t know existed. Holding his glistening fingers up for all to see he pushed his face to hers hissing that before he was done she would be the biggest whore in town and then he pulled her panties savagely, tearing them from her body.

She was now naked, totally and utterly naked before she could only guess how many boys. She heard their awed voices as they gazed at her petite girlish figure. With a wave of his arm Phillip motioned two boys from the shadows and before she could think or even react they lowered their faces to her breasts and began licking and biting at her nipples. As their lips and teeth worked her breasts and nipples to unbidden hardness Phillip twisted his fingers in her long auburn hair turning her head to the TV. She gave a muffled gasp from the pain caused by his rough treatment and then another unbidden gasp as one of the men on the TV pulled the girls legs apart lowering his head to her crotch licking her distended pussy lips before pushing his tongue into her. Teeth pulled and bit at her own breasts and nipples making them tingle with desire in spite of her attempt to control the feelings racing through her body.

The scene now unfolding before her eyes on the TV as well as the boys mouths on her breast brought whimpering moans from her throat, and she felt herself losing control. She felt rather then saw someone step beside her as she tried to blot out what was happening and to lose herself in the TV, the girl now had one man’s organ in her mouth while the other man continued to run his tongue slavishly over and between her pussy lips. Closing her eyes for a second a lurid picture leaped into her mind, it was her, she was the one between the two men in the video instead of the girl, and then she opened her eyes to look down at her heaving chest and the boys working on her nipples. Thoughts of her ex-boyfriend/ fiance and his fantasy of her fucking other men rushed into her mind, then to her disbelief the boys mauling her breast each took a nipple tightly between their teeth as if to bit them off. As their teeth bit into her nipples stretching them cruelly a scream of pain as well as fear ripped from her throat and with gasping breath she begged for mercy only to be greeted by laughter.

Looking again at her stretched nipples tightly gripped between their teeth she watched mesmerized as a small slim hand pushed a large needle through the base of each nipple and as the pain seared through her breast she looked into the eyes of the girl torturing her. Amanda tried to recall the young girls name but all she could remember was that the Teachers called her a filthy whore, and then Phillip stepped forward clamping a large ring tightly through the hole at the base of each nipple. Her screams rent the air to mix with the laughter of the boys, and just as she thought she would pass out from the pain the girl twisted her fingers in her long auburn hair and pulled her face up to look into her cold cruel eyes.

“I know you and the rest of the Teachers look down on me and call me a whore but guess what bitch. You’re going to be a bigger whore. When these studs get through with you every boy in town will know you’re a slut and they’ll be knocking on your door looking to get fucked. Ms. Peters wants a peter, ha, ha, get it bitch.” Amanda couldn’t believe this was happening, she couldn’t believe how cold and savage this girl and the others were. Nor could she believe the foul hurtful words she was saying and as her head fall to her chest she sobbed, pleading with them to please let her go. Instead the girl tweaked her nipples again and then pulled roughly on one of the rings as Phillip held a glass of light greenish liquid to Amanda’s lips telling her to drink. A sputtering cough racked her body and her chest heaved as the foul liquid filled her mouth before sliding down her throat. The girl motioned a boy forward and as he knelt between her legs he squeezed her thighs roughly as he pulled her legs apart before pushing his face into her pussy. No one, not even her fiance had touched her like this and as the boys tongue licked upwards over her sopping pussy lips again and again a shiver raced up her spine.

She tried to blot out what was happening, tried to ignore the feeling spreading from her tongue licked pussy and in desperation her eyes locked on the TV screen. But this only heightened her arousal because just like the girl in the video she began slowly pushing her pelvis against the face of the boy between her legs. A warm glowing feeling mixed with a strange irritating itch flowed upward from her pussy and she fought desperately against the wonderful feeling’s the boys tongue was arousing in her. But she lost the battle as his teeth nipped lightly at her clit sending her mind amongst the bursting glare of what seemed to be exploding fireworks. “You like that teach, — Feels good doesn’t it? Yea, that tongue feels real good, now you know how I feel when they eat my pussy. But their dick’s are going to feel even better, teach. I’m going to enjoy watching these boys turn you into a slut as they fuck your brains out.”

Her body spasmed at the unfamiliar feeling emitting from her tongue lashed pussy and incoherent words babbled from her mouth as her hips moved to met the boys probing tongue. In a final desperate plea hoping to escape what was happening she screamed out that she was a virgin. “Stop! Oh God please stop, don’t do this please. Ohhhh Goooodddddd.” The boys tongue seemed to lash and probe her pussy lips harder as her pleading words echoed through the room and her body visibly shook not only from the feelings she was experiencing but from the increased attention her cunt was getting. The boy between her legs reached up squeezing her breast savagely, and then pulled on the rings in her nipples just as his teeth closed on her clit causing her to scream both in pain and ecstasy.

Her body trembled violently as another orgasm erupted upwards from her saliva soaked pussy to center around her hurtfully distended nipples. Gasping moans of pleasure escaped from her trembling lips as she lowered her eyes looking at her swollen nipples that seemed to be stretched almost two inches from her breast. As another orgasm shot through her the boy between her legs was replaced by another but this time the youths hands slipped under her buttocks lifting her ass from the chair. His tongue lapped from her tiny puckered anus ring up her pussy lips to her clit, which he would then nip at almost playfully. Her stomach muscles rippled as she ground her pelvis against the boys face and his wonderful tongue that was now snaking between her pussy lips. Soft whimpering moans not of pain but of ecstasy issued from her throat as his tongue delved between her wet pussy lips probing deeply as he explored the hot moist tunnel of her pussy. Amanda tried to fight against the feeling that was washing over her body as it trembled uncontrollably and she felt herself loosing control as her own fluids spilled from her tongue lashed pussy. Her eyes though now slits watched as the girl on the TV kneeled over one of the men and grasped his dick placing it to her pussy and then with a muffled groan began moving up and down burying more of it with each downward movement until finally it was all the way inside her. As Amanda’s lust fogged mind fought for some control she stared at the girls face in the video. Melania. Now Amanda knew who the girl was that was torturing her, Melania, and she was the one in the video. Suddenly the boy between her legs withdraw, leaving her with a feeling of emptiness. Soft pleading moans came from her throat as she begged him to continue but instead she felt her arms and legs being untied and then on legs of Jell-O she was led toward her bed.

Pushing her limp body to the mattress four of the boys pulled her arms and legs apart tying them to the four corners of the bed as other hands softly caressed every curve and swell of her body. Amanda felt as if the hot burning flame that had been centered between her legs had spread throughout her body. She found herself wondering what it would be like to be Melania, to be the willing receptacle of two or more men’s cocks. Her breast felt as if they had been rubbed with a strong powerful lotion making her nipples stand proudly erect aching painfully not only from the ring piercing but from some repressed unbidden need that had arisen. Amanda knew she should be frightened at the prospect of these boys pushing their dicks between her legs gang fucking her but she saw no way to prevent it, and again the unbidden thought of her ex-boyfriend’s fantasy leaped into her mind.

The burning itch between her legs triggered something in her soul signaling a craving that could only be satisfied by a cock and in her minds eye she saw herself performing depraved acts trying to satisfy the terrible burning flame. A soft whimpering moan left her lips as the thought of their cock’s entered her mind and despite her fears she willingly accepted the fact that these boys were going to use her till they were satisfied. She felt the bed sink slightly as one of the boys climbed onto it to join her and then she not only felt his hands running up and down one of her legs but his lips as well. Starting at her toes his lips and hands softly fondled and kissed her as they traveled up her leg drawing ever closer to her yearning pussy that was now pleading for his tongue. First her left leg and then after many a tortured minute his hands and lips shifted to her right to start over again. Back and forth the boys hands and lips glided over each leg and she withered under his caresses. Her head flayed about and ragged gasp of shameful pleasure escaped from her throat as she strained against the ropes holding her tightly each time the mouth and probing tongue of the boy made contact with her pussy. Someone twisted his fingers into her hair lifting her head from the bed pressing another glass of the light greenish liquid to her lips telling her to drink. As the drink filled her mouth she still thought it tasted foul but never the less was thankful for the soothing liquid as it trickled down her parched throat. As the last of the fluid entered her stomach her hair was released allowing her head to drop back to the bed and it was then that she noticed that the TV had been moved into her bedroom. The video was still playing but the location had changed. It was a woodland scene where now instead of just two men with Melania, there was a group of six or seven men both black and white standing around a blanket watching her laboriously being used almost savagely by three other men simultaneously as the ones watching called her filthy names and encouraged their friends to fuck her brains out. Amanda heard every labored breath not only of Melania, but of the men who were rutting like animals as they pounded their hard organs into her mouth, pussy and ass hole.

As she watched the TV she was mesmerized by Melania’s willing participation in the triple penetration of her body and her own body grew flushed as she felt the renewed stirrings of the irritating itch in her urinary tract. Her breath came in gasps mixing with the voices from the TV as she rotated her pelvis against the face of the boy in an attempt to lessen the ever growing itch that seemed to be twice as strong. She felt the bed sag as another boy joined the first, now both of her legs and thighs were being caressed and kissed and then one of the boys tongues slipped into the hot moist irritated cavity of her pussy sending an electric shock up her spine and without realizing it she screamed out in pleasure. The ropes around Amanda’s ankles were loosened allowing her greater movement, and with unbridled passion her buttocks arched from the bed to met the prodding tongues of the different boys as they worked her into a frenzy.

Over the next three hours different boys kissed and fondled every nook and cranny of her petite girlish figure. No part of her body was overlooked as their tongues licked and probed not only her pussy and breasts but her ass hole as well, driving her ever deeper into depravity and an almost endless cycle of orgasms. And then suddenly it was over. Her fatigued body slumped to the crumpled sheets of her sex alter as her mind numbing high, as well as the burning itch receded allowing her to drift into a fitful sleep.

“Ms. Peters, wakey wakey, we can’t have you sleeping the day away while these seven horny boys just stand around. Here, drink this and we’ll get started again.” Hands helped her to a sitting position as the glass of greenish liquid was held out to her and with only the slightest hesitation she reached for it. Putting the glass to her lips she opened her mouth letting the foul stuff enter and then tipping the glass up she swallowed the contents as the boys looked on with eager anticipation. Licking the last of the liquid from her lips she looked down at her partially clothed body before swinging her stocking clad legs from the bed. Her eyes locked onto the smirking face’s of her eight male students as well as the young girl who not only was the star of the porno film she had been forced to watch but the instigator behind her slide into depravity. She knew that what she had just drunk was some type of drug, an aphrodisiac that would once again start the burning flame between her legs leaving her without control of her senses or body but what else could she do.

As she raised herself on shaking legs someone turned her toward her mirror and at first she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She was wearing a red spandex micro mini in hip hugger fashion that was so skimpy the tops of her stockings shown and she realized that the whole skirt couldn’t have had more then 6 inches of material. The faintest glimpse of white panties could be seen between her legs and the 4 inch red high heel shoes she had on upset her balance. Her blouse if you could call it such had no buttons and hung open giving a provocative view of her breasts. It was of a white translucent material that tied just below her breast exposing her midriff as well as the new gold ring in her belly button along with several inches of her hips. She not only felt but saw the outline of the rings attached to her nipples through the thin blouse and she shivered slightly as the realization of what she looked like flashed before her eyes. As she continued to look at her reflection she noticed the leather collar around her neck and as her fingers touched the thick leather a stifled gasp issued from her throat. “My God this is worse then anything my ex-boyfriend wanted me to wear, I look like a whore. Oh God they’ve dressed me like a cheap slut. Is this what these boys think of me, a cheap slut to be used for their depraved pleasure and entertainment?”

As she continued to look into the mirror the familiar itch she had felt before flowed outward from deep in her urinary tract spreading along the walls of her vagina to race through her body. She felt her breath quicken and her breasts and nipples harden as not only her reflection but the thought of the boys tongues lapping at her pussy clouded her vision. One of the boys stepped close to her and snapped a leash to the ring dangling from the front of the collar and with the slightest tug led her around the room. At first she had trouble walking in the unfamiliar 4 inch heels, but after a few steps she gained her balance and as she was led around the room the itch between her legs intensified each time her thighs rubbed together. With her hips swaying provocatively she blushed with shame at the sordid remarks they laughingly made as she was led around the room like a dog.

Stopping in front of the couch he let go of the leash and patted one of the cushions and with a sigh of resignation she obeyed his unspoken command. Suddenly she was surrounded by the eight boys and as two of them sat on either side of her, the others sat at her feet on the floor. Phillip stepped forward smiling like the proverbial cat that had just ate the mouse and then he turned on the remote to the TV and VCR. She couldn’t believe what she was looking at, there on the TV was a video of her laying in her own bed with boys kissing her feet, legs and thighs as well as her breasts. As the video played the boys beside her whispered softly in her ears while fingers danced softly up her legs almost like feathers. Her pussy which at first had only been mildly irritated as she had been led around the room, now felt as if a fire had been lit between her legs as she watched herself being tongue lashed and begging the boys to lick her pussy.

Her hand dropped to her lap before slipping under her micro mini to rest on her soaked panties as she watched the video of herself spreading her legs allowing boy after boy to push his face into her pussy and between her spread ass cheeks. The sight of her hips twisting as pleading moans for them to eat her issued from her throat arousing her beyond belief and she felt her pussy grow even wetter with desire. Before she could rub her pussy to quiet the burning need she felt growing between her legs, the boy to her right pulled her hand away and placed it instead on the growing bulge in his pants whispering to her that he wanted her to suck his cock.

Her other hand was placed on the boys crotch to her left as his lips kissed her ear, his tongue stabbing into it as if trying to suck out her brains. Her body visibly shook from both the tongue licking her left ear and the whispered obscene suggestion on her right and without realizing it her fingers massaged the two bulges in the boys pants. Her head felt as if it were on a spring as it fell against the back of the couch and her mouth opened emitting a soft pleading “Noooo” but her fingers continued to clasp the two growing bulges as both boys now kissed her exposed neck.

She tried desperately to deny the wonderful feelings their lips were having on her as she felt their mouths suck softly at first and then grow in intensity before lowering their faces to her breasts. As their mouths sucked her nipples through the thin material of her blouse she could no longer deny the feelings building in her and as she squeezed their cocks each boy bit her nipple as if in answer to her need. Each time her fingers closed around their bulges their teeth bite into her breasts and nipples. Her mind shut down leaving the puritan part of her once sheltered life only a distant memory and with almost sadistic savagery she squeezed and tugged on the bulges in their pants.

Her blouse was untied allowing her pert breasts to spring into view as it hung useless about her shoulders. Her chest heaved as they bit her breasts and nipples in response to her squeezing their cocks. Instinctively they knew that the mauling they were giving her breasts was arousing her more then if they had been tender and as small drops of blood appeared around the rings in her nipples they eagerly lapped them up before once more sucking her breasts so hard that hickeys appeared. Her moans became louder but instead of begging them to stop, her pleas became ones of insatiable need and her hands as if they had a mind of their own began working at each boys pants trying to free their cocks. Her body was aflame as not only their mouths but whispered words of salacious depravity beat against her befuddled mind She envisioned herself surrounded by dozens of young men wanting her to wrap her lips around their cocks and to suck the cum from their balls while still others climbed atop her wildly bucking hips to sink their throbbing hardness deep into the boiling cauldron between her legs. The total depravity of her visions caused her to climax bringing a loud pleading moan of need from her throat and then just as she freed their cock’s one last depraved scene of her with three cock’s pounding into her simultaneously leaped into her mind causing her body to vibrate uncontrollably.

Somehow despite the quivering spasms of her body her hands found access into the two boys pants and with very little effort she freed their dicks allowing them to stand tall and proud before her wondering eyes. As she looked from one to the other she felt an uncontrollable desire to lick and caress each cock, and as if reading her mind the boy on her right picked up the leash that was still attached to her collar gently pulling her face down to his cock. With a last look at the TV and her madly bucking body she lowered her face toward the cock sticking up through the boys pants. As her hot breath caressed his cock it twitched and pulsed as if eager to have her soft lips around it and though she had never sucked a man’s dick before she prayed that her inexperience wouldn’t be noticed by this teenager because she so much wanted to reward his eagerness.

Dim thoughts of Larry floated before her, how he had often tried to get her to suck his cock and how he had even once pressed the wet tip against her lips leaving a sticky residue over them. But now here in her own house what was happening was different, she had not been told not even asked, but yet the desire to do what she had previously thought sick and demeaning was overwhelming. Her tongue slipped from between her painted lips licking over the crown before opening her mouth and drawing him inside the hot wet cavity of her mouth just as she had seen the girl on the porno tape do many times. Her mind fought to make sense of what she was doing as her lips worked up and down the first couple of inches of his cock while her tongue brushed over the hard knob. Her tongue licked along the under side of the boys cock feeling the blood vessels throb as the blood pumping through them made his cock even harder then when she had started.

A perverted thrill tickled her lips and she tightened them around the shaft of his cock drawing a suction as she sought something she could only guess at. She felt her collar tighten as the boy on her left yanked the leash pulling her face from the cock she was sucking and she shifted on the couch turning to face him. Amanda lowered her face willingly taking this new dick between her lips and began sucking as if it was an all day sucker. A slight yank on the leash told her that the boy on her right wanted her mouth again, and she let the cock slip from her lips shifting slightly as she turned again to her right. Her hand dove between her legs to clasp the hand that had slipped under the leg band of her thin cotton panties just as his fingers slipped between her pussy lips. Other hands brushed over her legs, thighs and breasts like feathers.

At the slightest tug on her leash she switched from one boy to the other and as she greedily sucked and lavished kisses upon each cock she wondered why she had never done this before because the feel of their cock’s between her lips as well as the taste was intoxicating. As the cock she was sucking pulled from her mouth she desperately sought the other one only to find hands guiding her from the couch to a kneeling position on the floor and she wondered if somehow she had not been sucking their dicks right and what she could do to please these boys. Opening her eyes for the first time in many minutes she had trouble focusing at first and then she saw five boys standing in front of her holding onto their dick’s, pumping them up and down slowly and then the two she had been sucking joined them making a half circle around her. She had not tried to remember any boys names before except Phillip’s but now she recognized Frank, Adam, Tony and Leroy. But try as she might she couldn’t recall the names of the other two boys..

Frank, Leroy as well as Phillip were all 18 while Adam and Tony were 17, these five along with the young girl seemed to be the ring leaders and despite what they were making her do Amanda found herself becoming excited at the thought of their domination of her. The other young faces she guessed to be about 15 or 16 and thrilled to be with the older boys in their humiliation of her. But she didn’t see Phillip or the girl Melania. The little slut who if the truth be known was probably the driving force behind Amanda’s humiliation and with that realization somehow Amanda felt vindicated. And then she saw Melania enter from the kitchen arm in arm with a huge black boy with Phillip a step behind. “Well Teach it looks as if you really got into sucking those boys off. Ms. Peters likes peters, at least that’s what it looks like to me. But now it’s time to quit fucking around and get the show on the road”

Stepping in front of her the girl removed the leash from her collar and then introduced Amanda to the Negro. “Teach this is Stoney, and he’s the one that’s going to get first crack at that tight cunt of yours. Phil and the others thought it would be nice if you got a little dark meat too and since he’s never fucked a white woman before we thought he should go first.” With that Melania unzipped Stoney’s pants and pulled his semi hard prick into view. Running her small white hand up and down the dark tool that would ravage Amanda, Melania teased it slowly to hardness looking into Amanda’s eyes that were widened in shock. As she watched the dark snake grow before her startled eyes she almost panicked, it looked to be a foot long and at least three inches round.

Surely they were joking, there was no way that monstrous thing would fit into her almost virgin pussy. And then Phillip stepped forward telling them to make sure the video cameras were set up right because he didn’t want to miss the slightest detail of Amanda’s gang fuck, and that what they had taped before was just the intro. Amanda’s mind raced in panic “Oh God he was serious, he’s going to video tape me with these boys. He’s going to tape me being used by this Negro and all the others and there’s nothing I can do about it. Why did I ever leave home? Oh God this is worse then when Larry wanted me to fuck his friends to satisfy his fantasy, at least he wouldn’t have taped it.”

Phillip’s fingers twisted in her hair turning her panic stricken face to his crotch as he told them to start taping and he would show them what a good face fucking really was. “Unzip me you fucking slut so you can see what you’re going to be sucking on. I want those lips of yours around my cock now bitch. So get busy. It’s time you learned how to suck cock right and if your really good I’ll fuck your throat. Now get busy and show these guys just how good you are at sucking cock.” Climbing to her knees Amanda reached out undoing his belt before unzipping his pants, and as she pulled his pants as well as his shorts from his hips his dick popped free of its constraint. She was afraid to do otherwise and as she looked at what she had freed she gave a strangled gasp. It looked to be almost as big as the Negro’s cock. Bending forward she pushed her tongue against the bulbous crown of his cock licking over it thinking somehow to delay the inevitable but instead his fingers twisted cruelly in her deep auburn hair pulling her face to his groin while at the same time lunging forward against her face. Her lips turned inward over her teeth and her jaw seemed to become dislocated as he pushed forward into her mouth and before she realized what was happening the thick knob of his prick slipped between her stretched lips and into her mouth.

She struggled as his fingers tightened in her hair pulling her forward onto his cock as his harsh command for her to suck his dick like a good little four eyed tramp rang in her ears. She had not thought about her glasses nor even realized that she still had them on and as she began to bob her head the lenses started to fog up. “Take your panties off cunt and play with yourself while you gobble my cock. I want to see just how hot you are and how bad you want all these cocks. That’s it, bitch. Nice and slow, now lift each knee and slip them off and hand them to me. Rub that pussy bitch, rub it real good, now stick your fingers inside and fuck yourself. That’s it Teach, fuck that cunt with your fingers, show everyone you can’t wait to have their hard cocks pounding into that hot little snatch of yours.” His words were sending her over the edge and her fingers began moving faster almost in time with her bobbing head. Her lips slid along the length of his cock until the head pushed against her tonsils making her gag as his words telling her to take him into her throat pounded in her ears.

Again he yanked her head toward his groin trying to slam his thick organ into her throat and again she gagged bringing laughter from the group of boys as they stood within arms length of her and Phillip playing with their own cocks. Her fingers pushed into her cunt again and again and when they brushed over her clit she shuddered as a small climax raced up her spine. Opening her mouth in a gargled moan of ecstasy Phillip saw his chance and pushed his hips toward her face sending the head of his cock into the entrance of her throat. Pulling backwards until just the head remained between her lips he verbally taunted her before pushing his hips forward while at the same time yanking her face to his groin in an attempt to push his rigid hardness back through her mouth and into her throat. She fought the urge to gag as time and again his hips bucked forward sending his throbbing cock further into her tight throat and then suddenly his actions slowed to what was a pleasurable face fucking motion for him. With his hips slowly pumping back and forth as if fucking a woman’s virgin cunt his cock slipped time and again deep into her throat. Her nose pressed into his cock hairs and his testicles slapped into her chin each time his cock entered her throat. His fingers dropped from her hair and lightly caressed her cheek almost tenderly as she began taking him into her throat with wild sucking abandonment. Her constant moans around the thick fleshy pole grew louder each time his cock entered her throat as well as each time her fingers tweaked her clit. She bounced on her knees timing the deep thrust of her own fingers to Phillip’s deep throat fucking thrust.

She was like a woman possessed, nothing mattered to her anymore, nothing but pleasing this boy. Her parents, as well as everyone in school could have walked into the room and she would not have cared, and then the thought of her parents seeing her dressed like a cheap whore kneeling before this young man with his cock buried in her throat while seven others watched caused her body to literally vibrate as an orgasm rocked her body. His damning words calling her a cheap cock sucking whore as well as his command to suck the cum from his balls and swallow it meant everything to her now, and she worked her lips and throat muscles in a desperate attempt to please him. When she felt his cock twitch and vibrate between her lips and in the tight clinging grip of her throat she found herself begging him mentally to shoot his cum down her throat and into her belly.

The first spurt took her by surprise even though instinct and her lips had told her it was coming, and as his spunk erupted from his balls to splash against the roof of her mouth some of it seeped from around his cock and the corners of her tightly clinging lips to dribble onto her chin. When the next three blast came in rapid secession his cock had entered her throat again allowing her to greedily swallow each forceful blast without losing a drop, and when he finally pulled his cum smeared cock from her lips. The laughter of the boys as they abused her verbally calling her a cock sucking whore and tramp made little difference to her as she slavishly licked Phillip’s softening erection clean. All that mattered was the promise of their cocks and the cum they would fill her with as her tongue licked the last of the cum from Phillip’s cock. Her taste buds running rampant as they savored the taste and she purred like a kitten at a bowl of milk. As they continued to verbally abuse her she heard Stoney’s name mentioned several times and at first her sex drugged mind had trouble making sense of all that they were saying.

Then as if cold water had been splashed over her body, she remembered the huge black snake of the Negro. Someone guided her to the couch and as she sat down another glass of the greenish liquid was placed into her hand and guided to her lips. Without thinking she greedily drank and a part of her mind giggled like a school girl as she realized that when the liquid was mixed with cum it no longer had a foul taste. When she had been sucking Phillip’s cock the burning hot itch in her cunt had almost been forgotten, but as the second large glass of aphrodisiac she had drank within only fifteen short minutes began to take effect the blast furnace like heat burst anew intensifying almost beyond belief. Without being told she laid back onto the cushions spreading her legs in open invitation and began rubbing her fingers over her ultra sensitive clit before plunging three of her fingers into her cunt, fucking herself. Her other hand reached up to fondle her lust hardened nipples rolling them between her fingers and pulling on the rings as she looked through lust crazed eyes at the boys standing about her dumfounded.

Rubbing her pussy and pulling on the rings in her nipples seemed to intensify the burning itch and the heat spreading through her body. Her head flailed about and her gasping pleas for someone to fuck her were met with stunned silence as the boys stared open mouthed at their sex crazed teacher. Melania bent over the twisting form of Amanda while at the same time motioning Stoney toward the couch. “Do you want someone to fuck you Teach, is that what you want? Well I don’t think one cock is going to do you any good but Stoney wants to try, so if you ask him real nice for his black cock he just might put that fire out.” As Melania stepped back Stoney climbed onto the couch between her widely splayed legs telling her that if she wanted his nigger cock in her hot white snatch she had to ask for it.

At first she resisted, fighting the burning need for relief thinking she might be able to do it herself, but with each manipulation of her fingers the itch only increased. Surrendering to her need she realized that what she really needed was harder and longer then her fingers, she needed their cocks and if she didn’t get them she would either go crazy or die. With an eagerness born of an insatiable need for relief and satisfaction she pleaded for someone, everyone to fuck her. “Oh God, fuck me. Someone fuck me with their cock, fuck me. Plee-ssseee. Ohhhhhhhh Pleeaaaassseee. Fuck meeeeeeee.” Reaching up she tried to pull the dark hulking Negro to her but he was to strong and in desperation she reached out closing her small white fingers around his hard black cock running her hands up and down it’s monstrous length. Lowering his face to hers he licked her cheeks and eyes as well as her lips as he whispered that she hadn’t asked right and that if she really wanted his cock to say so. Fighting a losing battle with the burning need roaring in her pussy she pulled on his cock with almost inhuman strength bringing a groan from Stoney’s chest. ” Fuck me. Fuck me with your black snake. Pound your black cock into my cunt Noowwwww. And before the last word died on her lips Stoney’s dark body fell across her and with one deep thrusting lunge buried 5 inches of his foot long cock deep into her pussy with little thought of tenderness.

Her scream was ear splitting as the wrist thick cock plunged into her small tight cunt and her arms and legs flew apart as if pulled by invisible strings, but within moments as his cock stroked up and down the tight clinging walls of her vagina her hips began moving. Her arms and legs encircled his wildly moving body and her loins began to buck upward to met his hurtful lunging thrust. Pleading moans for him to fuck her echoed through the room to the astonished ears of the other eight boys eagerly waiting their turn to fuck their school teacher.

Her madly twisting body and tight clinging cunt almost sent Stoney over the edge within a few short minutes and though his balls felt like they were exploding he somehow held back. As his ass pumped up and down in slow even movements another three inches of his wrist thick cock slipped into her tight clinging passage. Her cunt muscles massaged his dark manhood and the heat of her cunt seemed to burn into his cock making it harder for him to withhold his pent up cum. He knew that only eight or so inches of his dark cock was inside this fine white woman and he so much wanted his whole 12 plus inches in her that he if it didn’t happen he die. Amanda felt as if a huge pipe were being shoved into her womb and though it hurt like hell she continued to buck her hips from the couch to meet his hurtful lunges.

Ten, fifteen minutes went by as the Negro’s ass pumped inch after inch into the white teacher below him and the eight boys and Melania couldn’t believe that Amanda was slowly taking every inch of dark meat. Raspy guttural moans issued from her tortured lungs and when Stoney’s testicles finally slapped against her up thrust ass a long deep sigh escaped Amanda’s lips. As Stoney continued to fuck the petite white woman visions of her fucking him alone raced through his head. If only she were his he would kill anyone who touched her. With long even strokes he pumped into her and each time he pulled back 10 inches of dark glistening meat appeared before once more being swallowed by Amanda’s seething cunt.

Over and over the black foot long snake pounded deep into her cunt and as twenty minutes slipped by Stoney’s ass tightened and a loud grunt almost like a rutting moose issued from deep in his chest as his cum burst from his testicles up through his cock flooding into her cunt. She clung desperately to him as for the fifth time her own orgasm raced from her smoldering cunt to explode behind her eyes just as she felt his thick sperm erupt from his cock to spray in hot ricocheting rivulets deep into her cervix. She clung desperately to him hoping that he would continue but he was through, totally exhausted and as he tried to climb from between her legs she tightened her cunt muscles in a last desperate attempt to keep his deflating cock inside her and in anger he twisted the rings in her nipples telling her he would rip them out if she didn’t let him go. With tears streaming down her cheeks she unwrapped her legs from his hips and relaxed her cunt muscles letting him go. “You crazy white slut if it’s cock you want there are eight more guys waiting to pound their cocks into that hot cunt of yours and if that’s not enough I’m sure they know plenty others who would love to give you some meat. So get ready cunt because you’re going to get the fucking of a lifetime.”

As he pulled away from her now sobbing body he told the others to enjoy themselves. As the second boy fell between her legs sinking his cock into her, the remaining boys who until now had been silent as they had watched the Negro fuck their teacher cheered him on encouraging him to pound his cock to her. He pounded into her cunt with an almost savage need to hurt her but like before with Stoney her body willingly accepted his hurtful lunges. With wild abandonment her pelvis lunged upward to met his thrust grinding into his groin in a desperate need for relief until he too emptied his seed deep into her belly. But unlike her first fuck she opened her legs releasing the boy when she felt his cum fill her cunt and as he climbed from atop her she eagerly waited for the next boy hoping that he would be the one to quench the burning itch between her legs. As each boy took his place between her widely splayed legs, fucking into her tight clinging cunt, her body bucked almost uncontrollably as she screamed at him to fuck her harder and deeper and they responded by pushing her legs against her shoulders lifting her cunt to an angel that allowed them to savagely pound every inch of their hard throbbing lengths of cock deep into her cervix and empty their hot thick sperm into her.

Though none of them were as large as Stoney, each of them gave her satisfaction and to the surprise of each boy that crawled between her legs her cunt griped his cock tightly like a glove clad fist. Cum stained her thighs and flowed from her cunt down the crack of her ass tickling her before pooling under her buttocks staining the couch. It seemed as if she couldn’t get enough but she needn’t have worried because as the seventh one crawled between her legs Melania turned to Phillip.” I think it’s about time we got a few more guys don’t you? It looks as if our teacher would take on the whole fucking school if given half a chance. What do you think Phil, 10, 20 more? With that many guys fucking this bitch you should be able to break her ass in real fast. How about I go get another dozen or so guys while you give her some more Spanish Fly. Before you know it you guys will have your our own personal whore to fuck when ever you want.”

As Melania left to gather more boys Phillip mixed another drink of aphrodisiac and when the last of the boys stepped forward to bury his cock in Amanda’s cunt Phillip instructed him to lay on his back on the floor so she could be on top and then he dipped his dick into the Spanish Fly letting the boy know what he had in mind. As hands guided Amanda from the couch to sit astride the boy cum flowed from her cunt coating his thighs and as she placed her legs to either side of his hips and lowered herself to his cock the new position sent a thrill through her. As the once proud teacher who was now nothing but a cock crazed fucking machine began humping up and down atop the prone boy beneath her Phillip stepped in front of her placing his cock into the glass of Spanish Fly before slipping his aphrodisiac coated dick between her lips. As Amanda rocked between the cock in her snatch and the one in her mouth Phillip thought about how perverted it looked and then he instructed the other boys to dip their cocks into the glass and let their Teacher lick them clean. When one cock was licked clean another boy would step forward dipping his pussy smeared cock into the liquid before stepping in front of Amanda so she could lick the mixture of cum and aphrodisiac from their dicks. When Melania arrived with 15 more boys Phillip put the mixture of cum, pussy juice and aphrodisiac to her lips pouring it down her throat with little thought to her mental sanity.

Amanda was beyond control, not only her cunt but her whole body felt aflame and no matter how many boys shoved their cocks into her she begged for more. Her mind flashed to Larry and his fantasy of her fucking a group of men wishing that he could see her now, oh he would be so proud of her she was doing just as he had wanted. It was just too bad that he couldn’t be here. As she bucked and twisted under the multiple assault of what was now 23 teenage boys Melania kept busy by adding more pictures to their growing collection. Finally Phillip stepped behind Amanda pushing her shoulders down so that her ass rose slightly and then he kneeled down placing his cock into the crack of her ass. In her drugged state Amanda offered no resistance to the twisting of her body until she felt something poking at the entrance of her anus. As she bucked up and down on the cock crammed into her from below she pulled her mouth from the cock she was sucking and twisted her head around in time to see Phillip drop a glob of spittle onto his dick before rubbing it over the head of his cock. In spite of what she had already gone through and what she knew was yet to come Amanda had not expected this and with wide eye fear she uttered a single word. “Noooooooo,” but it trailed of to a whimper as her head was again turned and a cock shoved back into her willing mouth. She felt Phillip push his cock between her widely splayed ass cheeks and rub it up and down the cum smeared crack of her ass and then with a grunt pushed the head of his cock into her ass hole. Gripping her hips tightly he began rocking her forcefully back onto his pulsing hardness sinking more and more of his cock into her asshole until with a last hard lunge his testicles slapped against the cock fucking into her from below. To her surprise as well as every one watching his dick slide into the tight crinkly ring of her asshole with little or no resistance.

She had never imagined taking someone’s cock into her asshole and she had expected it to hurt, but there was no pain, instead it filled her unbelievably full and sent a salacious thrill through her body as she felt the two cocks simultaneously fucking her. She began impaling herself almost hurtfully first on the cock fucking into her from below and then back into the one plugging her ass hole. Removing the cock from her mouth she screamed out in lustful pleasure. “Ohhhh Goddddd yesss. Sooooo Goooodddddd. Fuck your teacher boys, fuck her with your beautiful cocks and hurt me. Hurt me so good. Both of you young studs fuck your Teacher and show her how much you like fucking her. Fuccckkkkkk meeeeeeee.” Her last muffled pleas were silenced as one of the boys knelt at her head and pushed his cock between her lips. In an unbelievable act of wantonness and forbidden desire she accepted the third cock into her mouth sucking him into her throat as she rode a long continues wave of unbridled lust and climax’s.

Amanda, the once prim school teacher was now nothing but a cock hungry slut that these boys as well as their friends would use unmercifully time and again for their own sordid lust. For the remainder of the day and late into the night she was taken time and again by no less then two boys at a time but more often she had three cocks buried in her. Her will power and reserve had been broken down at first by the video and then their constant caresses but most of all by the Spanish Fly, an aphrodisiac she had been given large doses of over the last 24 hours. For the remainder of winter break Amanda was like a Hong Kong whore as a constant troop of boys came and went like a ship load of sailors who had been at sea for weeks on end without a woman. But unlike the whore who received money for the men she fucked Amanda was passed from boy to boy freely and there was no lack of young boy’s willing to shove their cocks into her.

At first the administering of Spanish Fly between each group of boys made sure that she was in a constant state of arousal, but by the second day Phillip and Melania who now had several video tapes of Amanda being gang fucked thought it unnecessary and they were correct. With slight periods of rest allowing Amanda to bath herself as well as to eat and sleep she began to willingly spread her legs for any boy that showed the slightest interest in fucking her. Over the three week winter break she was fucked in every hole by dozens of boys, not just once but several times. There was a constant gathering of boys about the house and Melania who had gone several days without being fucked now began to enjoy the boys cocks as well, at times it seemed as every boy from school visited Amanda’s bungalow but in reality only 56 boys of mixed creed and color shared her favors. Her spiral into whorish slavery was almost complete, all that remained was to put her on public display and Phillip knew just how to do that. Melania was only to happy to do as Phillip asked and by that evening she had bought Amanda a new wardrobe, clothes that were sure to turn the head of not only the boys, but grown men as well, while at the same time letting everyone know that she was nothing but a cheap slut. Melania even bought matching outfits for her and Amanda that she thought looked especially provocative.

When she awoke to the ringing of her alarm clock at the start of the spring semester Phillip was beside her in bed, and as she looked at his naked body she thought of not going to her teaching job. Though the first part of what had happened during winter break was a blur to her she knew that in the last few days dozens of boys had fucked her, and the thought of confronting any of them in school panicked her. As she slipped from the bed she thought of calling in sick and then driving as fast as she could to the airport and leaving town, but she knew that if she did she would never get another teaching job, but worse of all she was afraid people would somehow find out what had happened over the last three weeks. She had not noticed that Phillip had climbed from her bed to stand beside her until he placed his arm around her and whispered that as they showered she could give him a blow job.

Later as she climbed from the shower and dried herself she looked into her closet finding only miniskirts or micro mini’s as well as a few dresses that were almost transparent and in shock she slumped to the floor beside the closet crying. As Phillip stepped beside her she looked up with tear stained eyes into his smiling face. “Where are my clothes, what have you done with them? I won’t put up with this, I’ll tell the police that you and your friends raped me and they’ll throw your sick ass in jail.” Walking naked to her dresser Phillip laughed at her saying that no one would believe her after they saw the pictures, especially the ones of her taking on three boys at a time, and then he picked up a stack of pictures and dropped them beside her. “Look at them your fucking slut, take a good look at what you’ve been doing for the past three weeks and then tell me that you’re going to the cops. They’ll throw your ass in jail not mine. Do those pictures look like you were raped? I don’t think so. To me they look like you fucked those young boys willingly and loved every minute of it. So get used to it cunt because if you give me any shit, I’ll make sure that every one in town sees these pictures. And in case you’ve forgotten I also have several video tapes of you fucking underage boys as well.”

As she looked dumfounded at the pictures strewn about her she knew that she was trapped and that her first instinct to run had been the right one but now it was too late. As she slowly rose to her feet Phillip reached into her closet pulling one of the almost transparent mini dresses from it’s hanger handing it to her telling her that from now on she was to dress like the whore she was. Holding the thin translucent dress in her shaking hands she looked with pleading eyes at her tormentor but it did little good as his next words plunged like a dagger into her heart. “Your nothing but a slut Teach, a cheap whore to be used by men to satisfy their sexual cravings, and if along the way you get satisfaction well just consider that a bonus. The dog collar your wearing tells everyone you’re a bitch in heat and that all they have to do is tell you they want a piece of ass and you’ll spread your legs fucking them anywhere and at anytime. As for your clothes, I want everybody to know just by looking at you that you’re nothing but a whore.

That’s the reason you’re not to wear panties, they’ll just be in the way, and we don’t want anything getting in the way of a nice hard cock do we Amanda? Oh, by the way after school today you’re going to have your clit pierced. I think it will be a nice addition to the rings in your nipples and belly button. Melania tells me that it really turns a woman on. You know, keeps her hot and eager to fuck and with the slightest tug sends her into overdrive, and wouldn’t it be nice to have more orgasms in one fuck then most women have in a dozen. Now let’s go bitch, your students are waiting to see their Teacher.” With resignation Amanda slipped the thin skimpy dress over her head letting it fall around her body before smoothing it out over her breasts and hips and despite her dread of appearing before her students as well as faculty members dressed in the almost transparent gown, she found the touch of the material against her bare skin erotic. As she looked into the mirror applying the red lipstick he gave her, the image looking back at her aroused her to the point where her pussy began to dampen with excitement, and with a smile on her face she turned to Phillip allowing him to put his arm around her waist cupping her firm ass as he led her to her car and her new life.

– The End –