Marisa nervously eyed the crowd about her as she lightly stomped one small foot then the other in an effort to keep some measure of feeling and warmth not only in her feet but her long shapely legs as well. Most of the time she hated crowds, hated having her personal space infringed upon. But today she was thankful for the nearness of the people clustered about her on the platform. Their number did take some of the brunt of the wind from her, not much, but some.

She wondered how the weather station could have been so wrong. Stupid weather man she muttered recalling his goofy smile as he’d said there was a possibility of a few scattered snow flurries. “Not to worry though folks because there would be no appreciable drop in temperature and therefore little chance of accumulation.” Bull hockey she mumbled.

Well as usual he’d been wrong and she should have expected as much what with the shit eating grin on his face. His scattered snow flurries were at least a foot deep and the temperature had dropped to below 30 degrees. She might have been able to cope with the temperature and snow if not for the blustering wind gust. It was bad enough that the wind seemed to cut right through her but she had to worry about her skirt too. The gust were so bad that not only as she stood waiting for the train but as she had walked the two blocks to get here her mini skirt had fluttered about her hips several times.

Every time the wind caught her little pleated mini skirt those about her were given an enticing glimpse of her white bikini cotton panties. As she tugged her skirt down for what seemed like the twentieth time she absently wondered why she hadn’t gone with her gut feeling that morning. Why instead of not wearing a pants outfit as common sense had whispered for her to do she had opted for her usual skirt and blouse. Well at least she’d had enough sense to wear bobby socks and loafers instead of her usual thigh high nylons and three inch pumps.

Perhaps if she had done as her brain had suggested she would have been a little more comfortable in this virtual blizzard. But no, she’d dressed just as the company’s directives dictated. If she hadn’t of been so cold she would have laughed about the stupid directives and the fact that of all the girls in her department she had been the only one to follow them that day. God she should know better, especially after what had happened in the mail room today. She could still feel that degenerate fat Abraham’s hands groping her breast and hear his disgusting suggestive words.

Pulling her thin waist length bolero jacket tighter about her she hugged herself in a further effort to stay warm. But with the biting wind tearing through the thin material of her clothes and whistling about her bare legs it was hopeless. God she wished the train would come. As if in answer to her silent prayer the El materialized from the blinding snow. Bodies moved about her, pressed against her carrying her towards its promised warmth. She let the crowd have its way, her only concern was getting out of the biting wind and cold. Well that plus getting away from the person that had been pressing uncomfortably close against her.

A flush touched her cheeks at the memory of his thing as it had pressed against her. Of how hard, how powerful it had felt, particularly during the times her short skirt had blown about her waist. His thing had poked against and between her butt cheeks so persistently at those times that she’d had difficulty pulling her skirt back in place. The first time it had happened she’d really not given it much thought. But when it happened a second then a third time she’d seriously thought of turning and confronting the man.

What had prevented her from doing so though was her unwillingness to create a scene. Well that plus the fact that if she turned and confronted the man it would put it on a personal level. Better she just try to ignore his familiarity as she had been doing. Besides once she was aboard the train she’d be away from him. Moving through the doors she looked into the interior of the car and her heart sank, the car was full. The people were pressed together like cattle. The comparison almost made her giggle, and she would have if a moo would have come from the crowds midst.

For a second she hesitated. The thought that perhaps the next train would be less crowded almost made her turn and exit. But the option was taken from her for at that moment hands closed about her small waist moving her forward into the press of bodies choking the isle. Without conscious thought she let the hands guide her, steer her deeper into the mass of bodies. For some unknown reason that she couldn’t fathom the unseen strangers hands at her waist made her feel protected, secure. Why that was so she didn’t know for such had never been the case before. Not with any of the boys she had dated in high school or collage nor even with her present boyfriend, who, if she consented to his proposal, would shortly be her husband.

The hands that had been about her waist dropped to the swell of her hips and then away leaving her temporally in a state of panic. The stink of body odor as well as stale after shave and perfume assaulted her nostrils and the voices of those about her seemed magnified and threatening. Against all common sense she wished the strangers hands were again touching her. At least they had given her a sense of security, a sense that the people about her didn’t matter. As if her thoughts were being read she again felt the strangers hands upon her. But instead of gripping her hips as he’d previously done he instead wrapped his arms about her. Instinctively and as if by doing so an even greater sense of security and strength could be attained she pressed back against her benefactor.

As she wiggled back against the unseen and mysterious owner of the hands that were giving her strength a gauze of tranquility enveloped her mind. It mattered not that the strangers thing was pressing against her buttocks or that it seemed to be growing harder. All that mattered was that with another part of him touching her a greater sense of security and assurance that she was protected from the others enveloped her. As long as she was with him the others wouldn’t bother her. His closeness gave her the strength to endure their smothering presence.

For long minutes they stood thus his arms about her, his hands flat against her abdomen lightly swaying in time to the train. Then her benefactor, together with applying the slightest of pressure to her abdomen shifted his stance. But instead of struggling to pull away as he ground harder more persistently against her tight little bottom she readily accepted his familiarity. But that wasn’t all that happened. As she melted back against him his hot breath tickled the nap of her neck.

Slowly, almost dreamingly her eye lids closed, but instead of darkness enfolding her as was normal she was instead bathed in a brilliant but warm glow of light. A sense of being in a brilliant but pleasantly decorated warm room grew. Yet despite the tranquility and peace that enfolded her there was a faint wavering feeling that things were not as she imagined. In the distance on the very fringes of the light, but not so clearly that distinguishing features were apparent were hazy indistinct figures. Were they real or figments of her imagination, or perhaps they were a trick of the light? But then the anomaly was forgotten as lips lightly grazed the back of her neck.

So softly that at first she thought it was her imagination not only did her protectors hot breath caress her neck and ear ear but so to did his words. A shiver racked her slight shoulders as filthy words, disgusting words, words of her repeatedly succumbing to him wormed into her brain. Dully her brain struggled to come to terms with the ever more explicate and depraved scenario the huskily whispered words painted. Her head grew light as hazy images of her lying beneath the stranger, of him sticking his heavy thing into her and time and again using her wafted like a mirage before her.

Why was this man she had considered her protector, her pillar of strength in the storm ravaged waters of the mass of people about her whispering such vile things to her. She wanted to pull away, wanted to slip from the arms of the man she had thought her savior. But for some unexplained reason she couldn’t. Never, never had any of her high school or collage boyfriends talked to her thus. Not even after she had repeatedly refused to have sex with them.

Yet hadn’t she heard words similar to that which were being whispered to her? Perhaps her fiancee? No, no it hadn’t been him, it had been…. Oh God it had been that disgusting obese ugly negro Abraham from the mail room. That filthy, smelly, ugly, disgusting negro that today just as he’d done so often in the past had accosted her. Yet today had been different for unlike so many other days over the last four months since she’d started work at the insurance company he had somehow managed to get her alone. His accosting her had been terrifying and yet strangely,…. dare she say it…. pleasurable

As the memory of what the ugly obese negro old enough to be her grandfather had said and done earlier that day reeled through her brain her head grew light and for a moment she became disoriented. Memories of his thick rubbery lips mashing against hers; of his large dark hands touching, squeezing, groping seemingly every inch of her youthful white body sent a shiver through her. Memories of him snickering that she looked and dressed like a teenager as he’d pushed his hand beneath her short pleated skirt and against her white cotton panties even now set her nerve endings to tingling.

The recollection of how torn between fright and a feeling she had never before felt she had simply sat there unresisting and uncomplaining as he’d had his way with her surfaced. He hadn’t stopped there though. Even as his one hand had stroked and pressed against her panties his other had as if magically loosened every button of her blouse. But even that had not been enough for him for even as she had feebly whimpered no he had unsnapped her bra and touched her bare breast. As his fingers had tweaked and rolled her nipples he had muttered into her ear that he’d always wanted to fuck a teenager.

Weakly she fell back against the man she had considered her savior as she relived how as Abraham had rolled and pinched her nipples a thick dark finger had slipped beneath the leg band of her panties. Like then a pleading whimper of no spilled from her trembling lips along with an ever so slight shaking of her head. Against her will her mind relived the pornographic scene of her with her blouse open and legs spread wide while the obese smelly negro had toyed with her youthful white body. The shame filled memory of how as his slowly moving finger had sawed into her her once hysterical whimpering protest had grown weaker then stopped altogether flickered on the inside walls of her skull.

Shame filled her now just as it had then as she recalled how her pelvis had ground against his hand as he’d teased her about being his little teenage slut. Her body had seemed as if it were being consumed by fire as his thick hairy finger had slowly, teasingly sawed in and out of her. His whispered disgusting words had scorched her ears and whirled about in her addled brain. Words such as she was his little high school slut. That he would daily use her young body for his pleasure had against all reason added fuel to the fire consuming her. As her young inexperienced body had quivered and jerked in response to his administrations he had even boasted that she would willingly and without hesitation give herself to him whenever and how so ever he wished.

Instead of vehemently denying the scenario his words painted all that had issued from her trembling lips had been soft pleasurable moans. The shame and degradation she’d felt upon his utterances was as nothing to that which she’d felt minutes later. Shamefully and unable to help herself she had stutteringly acknowledge that which he had asserted as her slight petit frame was racked as if by a chill and with a brilliant burst of light exploding on the backs of her tightly closed eyelids. Shaking her head to clear away the sick disgusting memory she looked upward wishing it all to go away. The train, the people but most especially the hands, the hot breath, the lust choked whispered words of the stranger that so much reminded her of her shameful behavior that afternoon.

Her silent pleading prayer was interrupted and all but forgotten by the mans teeth lightly nibbling on the nap of her neck. Instinctively and without thought her head lolled forward and to the side exposing her sensitive neck even more. Repeated pleasurable sighs issued from her throat as faint, so faint that it was like a fading dream a tiny voice mockingly whispered why didn’t you wish away the depraved wanton memories from earlier that day. Could it possibly be because you liked and found pleasure in what that old negro said and did to you.

As her unseen mysterious lovers lips lightly moved over her neck then up to her ear lobe her hands dropped to the ones pressing against her abdomen. As if her touch were an invitation to proceed the hands, neither guided nor hindered by hers slowly moved upward then beneath her bolero jacket. As the hands cupped then began to tenderly fondle her breast a soft pleasurable purring pulsated in her throat. The lips and tongue teasing her throat and ear as well as the fingers squeezing, massaging her breast sent an unwanted and unlooked for pleasant shiver through her. In her dream like state of tranquility she swayed in the strong protective arms holding her. In the same lazy movement her buttocks ground back into the loins slowly pumping, grinding into her.

Other words, disgusting, filthy depraved words, words of debauchery and of her not only succumbing but begging him to use her for his pleasure filled her ears. Against all common sense and against everything she’d been taught her mind reverberated with the wicked thought that her unseen lover could demand anything of her and she would willingly comply. His lips on her neck, his tongue washing her ear, his fingers squeezing, kneading her breast felt so natural, so good that when all suddenly left her a disappointing groan echoed in her throat. In the vacuum left behind by their absence the image, the feel of Abraham’s thick dark finger inside her resurfaced. At the memory of the never before realized pleasure his thick dark finger had given her she visible shuddered.

For a split second she was thrown off balance but then the hands that had not only so protectively held her a lifetime earlier but had brazenly fondled her touched her shoulders applying the slightest of pressure. Without thought or hesitation and with heart thumping crazily she turned to face her hither to unseen Rock of Gibraltar. Her surprise and shock was evident as she looked up into the grinning ugly face of the rotund negro that had hours earlier fingered her to the first orgasm she had ever had in her young inexperienced life.

For a long tense moment she looked into his mirth filled eyes. Then with the slightest twitch of her shoulders as if indicating acceptance of the inevitable and with her mind still filled with the pleasure his finger had given her earlier her small hands rose and encircled his thick neck. With a guttural laugh his thick arms encircled her slight frame. A soft moan spilled from her lips and a prickling sensation shot up her spine as his large dark hands slide down her back and cupped her perfectly shaped tight buttocks.

Lifting her into the air he rasped is you glad to see your big black daddy girly. That his question had been loud enough to draw the attention of those about them made not the slightest difference to him. Nor for that matter did it seem to make the slightest bit of difference to her, or so it seemed anyway to those starring at them opened mouthed.

Instinctively and without realizing she had done so her shapely legs rose and encircled his massive waist. As she melted against him she buried her face into the crock of his neck inhaling deeply of his musky fragrance. Her head grew light as together with him whispering into her ear is my little white schoolgirl slut ready to pleasure her ol’ nigga daddy she felt his thing pushing against her. Her mind was heady with the thought that if not for her damp panties his thing would push unhindered into her.

A million thoughts, the majority of which were reasons to get away from him as fast as humanly possible rushed through her mind as she looked long and deeply into his smiling eyes. Her vibrantly painted lips parted slightly and her tongue glided lightly across them adding sheen, adding invitation Then with a shudder from what his eyes revealed to her and as if she had done so a million times before she brought her face to his. A soft pleasurable moan escaped her as his full rubbery lips pressed against her own raspberry colored ones.

Without restraint she offered herself up to him. Her lips parted further and purrs, much like that of a contented feline, reverberated in her throat as his thick tongue wormed between her lips. Unashamedly and without conscious thought she welcomed his thick probing tongue into the moist wet cavern of her mouth. With all the passion a young inexperienced twenty two year old virgin is capable of her tongue dueled with his. For long minutes she hungrily, passionately returned the kiss of the old black man who she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt would be the one who took her virginity.

Forgotten was her boyfriend, the man she would marry, the man she had saved her virginity for. She felt her lovers hands squeezing, rolling her firm butt cheeks, felt his fingers gather then rise her short skirt. Instinctively her body pressed tighter to his as his fingers glided feather like over the thin material of her panties. Her body visibly shook and her loud moan of arousal was plainly heard by those closest as her lovers fingers wormed beneath the waist band of her panties to cup and squeeze that which no man had every touched before.

Despite her inexperience a lascivious thought reared its head. Granted she had never done such a thing before, but oh this was so different. This was her lover, her big strong man, her protector, her daddy. She could surrender her body to him without fear or shame. A shiver of excitement, of arousal tickled her spine as unashamedly she humped and ground against his persistent stiff hardness that felt as if it were trying to push through her sopping wet panties.

Her body literally vibrated as she pressed herself tighter to him. Her arms tightened about his neck holding, pulling his face to hers to prolong his wonderful tongue lashing kiss as long as possible. Silent, almost desperate acknowledgment that she was his to do with as he willed radiated out from the misty peacefulness enfolding her brain. She felt like screaming to the world that this man, this lover of hers had but to make his wishes known and she would without question obey. That without forethought or reluctance she would willingly, eagerly comply no matter how perverse, how degenerate his desires might seem to others.

All to soon he broke the kiss and when he did she looked long and lovingly into his face. She saw not the pock marked almost midnight black ugly face grinning at her. Instead she saw one of unquestionable strength and handsomeness. In his arms it was as if she were languidly floating through warm bellowing clouds. Their form constantly changing because of the spring like breeze blowing through them. She felt no dizzying fear or panic as she soared ever higher for the obese smelly negro’s nearness kept her safe.

About her on the fringe of understanding she heard what to her sounded like a chorus of angels. Their voices, though indistinct and garbled added to her sense that what was happening was right and good. In her state she imagined that the twinkling lights which occasionally shone through the filthy windows of the train were stars shining down on her and her lover.

Slowly and as if by mutual consent her legs together with his hands relaxed the hold each had on the other. As she slid down his fat body his hands slid up her petit curvaceous one. As his slid up her back her little skirt rose giving those closest to them an unhampered and unfettered look at her white bikini panties. As she stood before him with breath coming ever faster his fingers time and again slid feather like up and down her back. Like the wanton slut the obese ugly negro taunted her of being her mind screamed almost feverishly for him to strip her panties from her. No, not just her panties but every stitch of clothes she was wearing and then when she was naked throw her to the floor and make love to her as she somehow knew that only he could do.

Though her body twanged like a guitar string when plucked and she honestly believed that she would have let him take her right there, when he did not she was relieved. Yet she melted against him and turned her face to his when his hands again clutched her buttocks and pulled her tight against his bulk. As their mouths again ground together and their tongues dueled her mind gibbered why. Why am I so shamelessly, so eagerly giving myself to this old obese ugly negro when I wouldn’t give myself to any of my boyfriends? Why am I so willing to comply with his every humiliating and perverted wish? Why?

But even as the questions were asked the answer came to her. Pleasure. Pleasure such as she had never before felt. If his finger alone could do such think how much more pleasure would his thing give her. Releasing her he looked down at her flushed face then as if reading her thoughts chuckled if’n you thinks my finger was something white girl you in for one hell of a mind blowing surprise when I sticks my black cock in you cunt.

Hardly had he spoken then the train lurched to a stop. Looking down at her he jovially declared dis be where I gets off white girl. Then without waiting for her response he turned his back to her and began pushing people aside. For a split second she hesitated unsure as to what to do. Then with mind giddy not only from his touch and kisses but from his brazenly spoken words and the possibilities they promised she reached out grabbing the tail of his coat. As he pushed through the mass of people hands reached out touching, feeling, squeezing not only her perky little breast but her firm tight buttocks as well.

To her surprise and befuddlement instead of being aghast or offended by the countless groping hands she instead felt…. stimulated? So much so that when a hand reached out and playfully squeezed her left buttocks just as she was about to step through the door of the El she paused for a second allowing the unseen dark stranger a better feel. God she felt so wicked, so sinful she thought as she both pressed back and wiggled her pert bottom against the hand groping her. Why was she acting so shameless, so wanton? She had never acted so brazen before, not even with her fiance?

A jovial chuckle together with his large hand encompassing hers and pulling her from the fondling hand once again focused her attention. Despite her questioning mind and with heart racing maddeningly she followed the obese smelly negro out onto the raised platform. As they stepped out of the El she paused for a moment unconsciously searching for a familiar landmark or some other indicator of where she was at.

Noticing her hesitation he chuckled softly. “Yous in duh ghetto now schoolgirl. Ain’t no reason for you to be worrying none though cause you’s with your daddy, an I’s ain’t bout to let any other darkies at your tight white snatch. Least ways not till I’s given it a proper and thorough work out.” Then together with a soft laugh he slipped his broad arm about her thin waist. As his jovially spoken declaration resonated in her ears fear and uncertainty gripped her freezing her in place. Did this obese ugly negro whom she’d acted so shamelessly with really intend to share her with others of his kind? Or was this his way of allowing her one last chance to save her virginity?

As she struggled with the enormity of his bold declaration he made no overt move, he simply looked down at her smiling broadly. If he was wrong about her, which he was sure he wasn’t, he would not force himself on her. The last thing he needed in his life right now was a white girl nearly a third his age screaming and carrying on. No he most certainly didn’t need that, not by a long shot. He wanted the sweet young thing to willingly come to him. He wanted her to eagerly and without forethought or hesitation surrender not only her young delicious body but her very soul to him.

Marisa’s mind was in a state of turmoil. How could this obese ugly negro whom she had acknowledged as the man that she would surrender her virginity to make such a statement. What was she to do? Should she stay? Or should she as common sense dictated, run as fast and as far as her two legs could carry her? Confusion and uncertainty as well as her moments earlier silent vow that he had but to ask and she would comply with his every wish no matter how perverse it might seem tore at her.

Slowly at first and then as if with the bursting of a dam he felt the tenseness leave her petit girlish body. Without commenting on or even acknowledging the inner struggle she had gone through he turned and guided her across the platform toward the stairs leading down to the street. Inwardly though he was ecstatic with the idea that the young white girl was his. He had suspected as much not only when he’d fingered the little vixen to a screaming orgasm earlier that day but also when he’d been toying with her on the El. Now with her willingly accompanying him after his brazen declaration as to what her fate might be there was no doubt what so ever.

As they made the street he offhandedly gestured to his left chuckling my crib over dar bout four blocks schoolgirl. Then slipping his large hand from her waist to her buttocks he guided her deeper into the squaller of the inner city. As they moved over the cracked and broken sidewalk his hand rolled and every so often lightly squeezed her pert bottom sending waves of heat washing through her. Huskily whispered words of how beautiful she was, of how young and deliciously innocent she looked set her heart to racing.

But along with his words of praise so to were vivid descriptives of how he intended to use her once they got to his apartment. Chuckled assurances that he would repeatedly shove his black baby maker into her tight white cunt not only that night and over the weekend but for many another night and weekend filled her ears and brain. A hint of mirth filled his deep rambling voice as he snickered that she was his slut and that in the weeks and months ahead she would pleasure his big black ass in ways she had never before imagined. As his words, his promises lanced into her brain goose bumps pickled her flesh.

She knew she should be frightened but for reasons she couldn’t comprehend the thought of him soon using her petit white body in ways she had never before imagined excited her. Descriptive words such as she had never thought of using spilled as easily from his thick lips as common speech did from hers. Dick, cock, cunt and fucking burned her ears as did his jovial declaration she was going to love his big black cock reaming her cunt. But the declaration that almost made her swoon was his boastful presumption that after he fucked her wouldn’t nothing but nigga cock make her happy from now on.

Pressing her body to his both for support because her legs felt as if they were made of rubber as well as to absorb his warmth she let herself be led toward whatever fate awaited her. She paid little attention to either the squalled surroundings or to the few gawking negro’s they passed. After all why should she, hadn’t her black daddy said he would protect her. When finally they reached his apartment instead of him ripping her clothes from her as she had expected he would do he instead left her beside the door and walked deeper into his living room.

Unsure as to what was expected of her she stood silently watching his every move as he picked up then neatly stacked an assortment of girlie magazines on the coffee table. Finished he sank to his couch then together with smiling broadly he patted his lap. The smile he gave her made her heart feel as if it would explode from her chest. Without hesitation she walked to then slipped onto his lap as easily and as eagerly as she had her fathers when she was a child. A heartbeat later his thick rubbery lips were against hers and his thick tongue was exploring every nook and cranny of her mouth.

Just as his tongue explored her mouth so to did his hands explore her curvaceous youthful body. Shivers racked her petit white frame and she squirmed uninhibitedly in his lap as his strong hairy hands both massaged her pert breast and her mound of venus. Almost comically she struggled to remove her Bolero jacket from her shoulders as his fingers clumsily worked at the buttons of her blouse. Hardly had her jacket slipped from her shoulders before her own fingers were helping his. When finally her blouse too slid from her shoulders his hands rose as one to cover her small but perfectly proportioned breast.

Breaking his kiss he lowered his head to her bra covered flesh kissing on and slobbering over the thin lacy material till it was sopping wet. Her eyes closed dreamingly and her small white body trembled with anticipation as the obese negro tussled with the clasp between her breast. As the thin wet material fall open the negro’s thick rubbery lips closed over her right nipple at the same time one of his hands again slipped between her thighs.

A throaty whimper of pleasure issued from her trembling lips as together with his yellowed teeth nipping lightly on her aroused nipple a thick hairy finger wormed beneath the leg opening of her bikini panties and into her. For what seemed like a lifetime she shivered and squirmed in ecstasy as his teeth, tongue and finger worked their magic on her. Repeated soft murmurs of yes daddy, oh God yes filled his living room until together with his teeth clamping tightly on her nipple and his finger twisting into her a brilliant explosion of light flared in her brain.

She was only minutely aware of his snickering questions as her scream of rapture reverberated from the walls of his living room. Not until her body ceased its jerking spastic movement and her brain returned to some degree of normalcy did the words that he had so jovially spoken begin to make sense to her. When they did instead of being hesitant in answering she literarily gushed with supplication to any and everything he voiced.

Abraham’s nostrils flared as he inhaled deeply of the light fragrant aroma of lilac emitting from her smooth skin. The scent, instead of detracting from enhanced the strong smell of sex emitting from her petit curvaceous frame. With a last nibble to her engorged right nipple he pushed her from his lap and onto the couch before he himself rose. Unlike as was so often the case in the past there was no groan of labor or whizzing of breath as he rose to his full five eleven height and looked down at her. He could hardly believe that he had this fine looking young white girl in his apartment. Nor could he believe how easy it had been to get her here. All he knew, all his head was filled with was that before she left his crib he was going to enjoy every part of her. Not just once but several times.

He spoke not a word simply looked down at her smiling broadly. Then leaning over her he whispered I gots to take a piss schoolgirl but don’t yous let that stop yous from making youself comfortable. Turning he started for his bathroom but then suddenly stopped and turned back to her. As he did so he snickered less you be wanting me to pound you snatch right dar on my couch schoolgirl best get you ass in my bedroom. Then without bothering to lock the front door of his apartment or to even look back to see if she would comply he turned back toward the bathroom.

As he stood over the toilet he smiled broadly. His day had truly been filled with first and he couldn’t help but thank a Jesus whom he’d long ago quit believing in. First he finger fucks the hot little bitch in the mailroom at work. As if that wasn’t enough he all but humps her little ass in front of God and a hundred witnesses right there on the El, and now here she was in his apartment.

A rumbling laugh filled his bathroom as he thought of how not only every white guy but brother at the company had hit on the little fox. None of them had gotten anything but a case of blue balls though. Then by some weird twist of fate his old ass that had never thought he’d stood a snowballs chance in hell of even getting her to look at him had found himself alone with her in the mailroom. Now here she was less then eight hours later anxiously waiting in his bed to give him what none of the others had gotten so much as a sniff of. Suddenly and as quickly as his laughter had come it died.

Why? Why had she so willingly come with him? Not that he wasn’t thrilled as all hell mind you, but lets face it he damn sure wasn’t handsome, and as for his body, well hell, he’d let himself go to pot years ago. Talk about years, shit he was probably old enough to be her damn grandfather. What was it with the bitch anyway.

Well fuck it. Weren’t no sense in straining his brain trying to figure out what it was about him that attracted her. Whatever it was she was his now and there weren’t no denying the fact. Without bothering to put his dick back into his pants he strode from the bathroom. Why bother with such triviality he mumbled since in another minute, two at the most, his ol’ black snack would be sheathed in her hot little white snatch anyway. That is if she hasn’t run out he muttered to himself. But no sooner were the words out of his mouth then his eyes lit on his couch and the clothes that he’d removed from her.

Then his eyes dropped to the floor. There like the bread crumbs that a kid had dropped in some half remembered fairy tale so he and his sister could find their way back out of the forrest was the rest of her clothes. First her shoes then a few feet further on her little plaid mini skirt and there before the door to his bedroom her little white bikini panties.

Pushing open the door he hefted his semi hard nine plus inch thick cock in anticipation of what was awaiting him. But instead of her lying naked and with legs widely spread as he expected she was instead sitting upright with the sheet pulled almost to her neck. Well that’ll change after today he muttered silently to himself as aloud he chuckled is yous ready to give your nigga daddy some good loving schoolgirl

As Abraham moved toward the bed Marisa’s eyes got as big as saucers. How would she ever be able to take the huge monster into her small petit body. Surely it would rip her in two. A second later the sheet was yanked from her and carelessly tossed toward the foot of the bed. As her 34 X 23 X 33 figure was exposed to his hungry eyes Abraham’s muttered Jesus fucking Christ schoolgirl you look good enough to eat. Ripping off his shirt then pants he climbed onto the bed and without preamble pried her legs apart and lowered his head between them. At first his aggressiveness was met with resistance. But less then two heart beats after his large head was between her legs her body had the consistency of soft butter.

Minutes after his tongue had begun to lap over and between the moist lips of her vagina the muscles of her legs again tightened. Chuckling to himself he worked first one then the other of her taunt quivering legs over his shoulders. Moving his hands around her thighs his fingers walked over her flat quivering abdomen then upwards to her heaving gasping chest to finally close over her breast. Above him her ragged breath, her soft moaning whimpers were like music to his ears. Sounds like what a dog would make as it lapped up water came from between her legs as his tongue swiped over and between her flowering pussy lips. As his tongue stabbed repeatedly into her he began to vigorously tweak her lust aroused nipples. A stuttering soulful moan burst from her constricted throat and her buttocks bucked upward from the bed.

As her loins twisted and ground against the old smelly negro’s face little flashes of light flared into existence on the backs of her tightly closed eyelids. Her mind was filled with ecstatic pleasure and repeatedly whimpered gasp of oh God daddy tumbled from her quivering lips as the old negro’s tongue and fingers worked her to a fever pitch. Then just as had happened when he’d earlier used his finger a searing blast of heat raced upwards from between her legs to spread throughout the whole of her shapely girl like body. Her slight frame twitched and jerked as together with a multitude of fireworks of varying colors and brilliance exploding in her brain her scream of rapture trailed into burbling nonsensical gibberish.

For long minutes she lay basking in the after glow of what she knew beyond any doubt was her third and best orgasm that day. It couldn’t get any better then this, it just couldn’t she muttered dreamingly. If it did she would surely loose her mind. Dimly along with the bed bouncing and swaying and something hard yet spongy soft falling on her brightly painted lips she heard her negro lover snicker time you pleasures me some white girl. As her eyes slowly opened she found herself looking at the negro’s huge flabby belly and the unbelievable long thick thing below it. A silent scream of oh God he wants me, no, he expects me to take his thing into my mouth reverberated through her skull. Yet as he pushed his knees into her armpits then leaned forward slightly she made no move to wiggle from beneath him.

Revulsion at being made to perform such a disgusting act filled her as his fingers twisted into her long red hair and lifted her head from the bed. Yet as his thing pressed harder at her lips and he jovially sputtered suck me schoolgirl, suck your nigger daddy’s black cock they parted. It felt as if her jaw was being dislocated as the tangerine size knob of what did he call it…. his cock…. pushed between her lips. A gibbering near nonsensical scream filled her brain. What did he expect her to do? She had never done anything remotely like what he was wanting her to do. But even as that thought raced through her brain memories of her sucking her thumb brushed it aside. Experimentally then harder along with her cheeks hollowing her tongue pressed and slid along the blood engorged bottom of his midnight black monster.

Above her words of praise, as well as words demanding she take more of her nigger daddy’s big black cock between her pretty lips sounded. Hesitantly yet obediently she sought to do as he commanded, and why shouldn’t she, after all hadn’t he given her pleasure three times today. Her eyes crossed as an inch then two more moved between her brightly painted lips. Slowly the heavy dark cock began to rhythmically saw in and out of her mouth yet never did her cheeks not hollow and her tongue cease its fluttering sliding motion against the underside of his cock.

Beside the slurping slobbering sounds filling his room occasional hacking gags were heard whenever his dark cock pushed against the entrance of her throat. Her heart beat crazily and she felt a strange sense of pride at being able to pleasure him thus as his choked words commending her cock sucking ability filled her ears. “Oh sweet fucking Jesus you nasty little white slut. Oh God that’s it, thats how your nigga daddy likes his little schoolgirl to suck his black pleasure tool. Here it comes you little black cock loving cum drinking slut.”

Hardly had the words spilled from Abraham’s mouth when along with his cock giving three rapid jerks his slightly salty Clorox tasting spunk filled her mouth. As her cheeks ballooned outward she tried to spit out his thick globular jazz. But the plum size head of his cock that was between her lips prevented her from doing so. With no alternative and obedient to his harsh demand for her to swallow every fucking drop her throat muscles began to work feverishly. To her surprise as his thick stringy globular discharge oozed down her throat and into her stomach she found the taste, though rather pungent, not altogether unpleasant.

As he pulled his cock from between her lips then rolled from atop her she rolled onto her side facing him. Without being told she again took him into her mouth sucking and licking the bulbous head, draining every last drop of cum from him in the process. As she lovingly sucked and washed his dark cock Abraham’s ragged breathing and madly pounding heart slowly returned to normal. As he watched her loving administration he chuckled silently God fucking damn almighty, if this little white bitch fucks even half as good as she sucks this ol’ nigger is onto a gold mine.

Maybe fifteen minutes later and with his cock once again hard he levered himself over her. He had to be careful. He didn’t want to squash this little white girl that promised to give him many an enjoyable session, not only this weekend but many a day and night in the future. Together with assuming a kneeling position between her legs he grasped her hips jerking her loins to his. For long minutes he simply knelt there with his dark rigidity lightly grazing her wet pussy. With a mirth filled chuckle he snickered if’n you wants your daddy to fuck you schoolgirl yous gonna have to put his black baby maker in yous hot little snatch.

Hesitantly she reached down and closed her slim fingers about his pulsing jerking cock. With a stuttering sigh she guided and held him against the entrance to her very soul. As the bulbous head of his dark monster splayed apart the moist lips leading to her treasure a gurgling groan tore from Marisa’s throat. Her small hands tightly gripped the sheet to either side of her balling it into a wrinkled mess as that which she had been saving for the man she loved and intended to marry was invaded by the ugly slovenly negro atop her. Her mind was a jumble of disjointed and distorted thoughts as Abraham shoved another inch of his fat dark shaft into her unbelievably tight cunt.

Soft repeated whimpers that she was a virgin, for him to please be gentle spilled from Marisa’s mouth as the old slovenly negro that she was ever more frequently thinking of as her black daddy pushed his rampant manhood deeper between her pussy lips. The pain was excruciating. She felt as if she were being ripped apart. Yet try as she might to plead with him to stop only nonsensical blubbering gibberish spilled from her trembling lips. Gone was his control over her, the pain she was experiencing saw to that, and as his control vanished her mind beheld everything that had been hidden from her.

A soulful groan of anguish and despair welled up from deep in her chest as with a jerk of his hips the grinning grotesque negro pushed another inch of his blood engorged cock into her. Pulling back until all but the bulbous head of his dark cock had left her he looked down at the petit little white girl he had for so long fantasized about fucking. His head filled with fantasies of how jealous the others would be if they could but see into his apartment. No longer would they laugh at him, make fun of him if they knew that it was he and not they that had conquered her. With a quivering grinding jerk of his hips and little caring in his excitement and eagerness that she might in truth be a virgin he again pushed into her.

As the third inch of his ramrod hard dark cock plowed into her he felt her maidenhood, felt its minute resistance to the bulbous oozing knob of his lead pipe hard dark cock. But even as his mind registered the fact that she was indeed a virgin his stiff dark instrument of fertility plowed through the slight resistance of her hymen tearing a stuttering scream of anguish and despair from her heaving chest.

Marisa could feel his rigid dark member stretching her, filling her, as with each hard push against her he sank ever deeper, and again she groaned soulfully and pleaded for mercy. But his only reply was boastful laugher mixed with savage animal like grunts as another then another thick inch of powerful darkness slithered into her. Her mind sought pleasanter times but the pain was short circuiting her thought processes as Abraham lunged repeatedly and unmercifully into her. A blessed numbness began to spread from between her legs and even though she could still feel his thick dark cock stretching her, filling her as it sawed rapidly and forcefully in and out of her she no longer hurt near as much.

Seconds seemed like minutes, minutes like hours as above her the dark sweaty negro worked his cock in and out and ever deeper into her. Her body felt flushed, unnaturally hot, and her mind wondered as if it were racked with fever. She saw countless men from the insurance company, both white and black flirting with, propositioning her. She saw her boyfriend. Saw his twisted angry face and heard his grumbling angry words in response to hers that she was saving herself for their wedding night. Then their faces, their disgusting filthy proposals, their angry words faded into oblivion as through tear filled eyes she looked up into the face of the slovenly grotesque black man grunting and groaning atop her.

Without conscious thought her hand rose to his pock marked ugly face and her fingers fluttered lightly over his cheek. Against all reason and common sense her mind, her soul filled with love for the demanding, assertive grotesque negro who everyone looked down upon and laughed at. Not her, never her. She would unashamedly and forevermore give her lithe white body to him whenever he so desired her to.

As his sweat dripped onto her flesh she had the weirdest sensation. It was almost as if her skin sizzled as each drop touched her hot flesh. Much like what water or butter might do when coming into contact with a hot skillet. But even as she struggled with the comparison another bolt of dull pain shot through her. Maybe if she moved she thought, maybe then all the pain would go away, and with that small ray of hope her loins moved slightly, experimentally.

Slowly, ever so slowly and then slightly faster her suspended pert buttocks moved. At first her movements were from side to side but then she began to push upwards and against the dark driving rigidity seeking to fully embed itself in her. Her hands reached out grasping then pulling on the thick flabby arms of the negro who would forever be her black daddy. In her effort to draw him to her her own small pale form rose from the bed. Slowly, like the lumbering platform that carries the space shuttle to its launching pad his thick flabby arms moved forward until they were almost against Marisa’s armpits.

Then together with the bending his elbows he eased his massive bulk onto her. Together with her back once again against the bed and with his sweaty dark body against hers her legs rose and encircled his pumping driving hips. As her milk pale loins ever faster rotated and ground against his dark flabby ones repeated whimpering moans of being his, of always being his issued from her trembling lips. Grinning like that of a conquer after a battle he mashed his lips against hers silencing her vows of love and promises to freely give herself to him whenever and how so ever he wished.

As the last thick inch of his powerfully driving dark cock lodged in the tight clinging tunnel of her vagina her small lithe form writhed and jerked as if in the throes of an epileptic fit. Brilliant burst of light, like that of exploding super novas filled the air above her. Upon seeing and feeling her orgasm Abraham, with a tightening of his ass muscles and with a last bone jarring grinding jerk of his hips, emptied his viscous seed into her once virgin womb. Only the fact that his lips covered hers prevented his neighbors from hearing her bliss filled scream of total and complete rapture.

Thrice more that night as well as countless other times over the next two days he was roused from rest by her lips and mouth lovingly paying homage to his slimy cum encrusted cock. With each rejuvenation of his black pleasure tool he used her as one would a cheap street walker. Not a word of protest issued from her lips as he sometimes savagely, sometimes animalisticly used her as he had not used a woman in years. Her only response to his varied and repeated use of her petit body were moans of pleasure and simpering words of adulation and love.

– The End –