Darn my parents anyway. Why did they have to go and get divorced. I mean it wasn’t as if I hadn’t gotten used to their constant snipping at each other. But their incessant snipping was as child’s play compared to the arguments they had after new years eve six months ago. That was the night when completely unexpected and after having worked late Mother and her boss had walked into the house. To say that we were surprised to see her boss close on mothers heels when she finally walked in would have been an understatement. After an uncomfortable minute of silence I had expected her and dad to start yelling at each other, but to my surprise they didn’t. Instead mother, with but the slightest of hesitation, acted the perfect hostess, As mother fixed their drinks and me a soda father and I along with moms boss retired to the living room.

As mother had given her boss his drink he had pulled her down beside him then slipping an arm about her shoulders told us of her promotion. A promotion that, as he boisterously put it, might never of happened if his institution hadn’t taken control of Lincoln Savings and Loan. Beaming broadly and again hugging mother Mr. Paterson told us that he had become aware of moms talents after only one meeting with her, and that the night of the Christmas party. Beaming broadly he told us that since that night mothers desire to assure a customers satisfaction above all else never failed to impress him, so he was making a place for her in Corporate headquarters downtown.

Bored with all the business talk I had excused myself and went to my room. Shortly after midnight when I’d walked through the living room on the way to get a soda they were still sitting there drinking. None of them was saying much and Dad looking bored stiff and yawning as if hinting for the man to leave rose from his favorite chair when he saw me. Usually dad would say something about what I was wearing but that night as he stood beside me while I got my soda he joked that if he didn’t know better he would swear they were trying to get him drunk. As I walked back through the living room I noticed the man was sitting closer to mom then I thought proper. But other then asking her how long they were going to sit there drinking I didn’t give it a second thought till hour or so later when I was awakened by mom and dads yelling.

The next day before mom got home I asked dad what they had been fighting about. He’d given me a hug and after telling me he was sorry if their yelling had frightened me he replied they’d argued about her new boss. Then laughing as if to make a joke out of his explanation, he said that despite the mans education and position at the bank the son of a bitch was nothing but an arrogant nigger who was all hands and he never wanted to see him in the house again.

Things quieted down for a bit after that. But, when after several weeks instead of her schedule becoming more regular it became even more erratic, their arguing started up again. Her hours spent away from home and family increased, and when she was at home mom was on pins and needles. More then once on her day off she received a phone call from her boss, and after saying there was a problem at the bank she would leave. Sometimes she would only be gone for a couple of hours, but at other times she would be away for as many as four and sometimes six hours at a time. I could tell that they were growing apart and though I wanted to make things like they used to be before her promotion I didn’t know how. It was about then that at least once, sometimes twice every couple of weeks mom started not coming home at all. When she finally did return late the next day she would explain away her absence by saying that she’d had to sooth a perspective client or investor.

Their previous arguments were like a walk in the park compared to those that occurred concerning her sudden business trips. The strain was to much and despite the extra money mother brought in father demanded that she quit. He literally screamed at her that they didn’t need the money and that she stay home and take care of the house and me. It was on those occasions that their arguments often verged on violence after mom by way of defense to dads haranguing would sob that even if she wanted to she couldn’t quit, that Mr. Paterson wouldn’t simply let her walk away. Despite dads screaming that that was the most ridiculous thing he’d ever heard she never once tried to explain why she couldn’t simply quit.

After that they were like two strangers who happened to be living in the same house. Dad started sleeping in the spare bedroom even though mom pleaded with him not to. A few days after that when I returned home from school I found them sitting in the dinning room. Before them and scattered over the table where what looked like photographs and mom was saying over and over again that she was sorry. Whatever it was all about it must not of been as bad as mom was making it out to be because dad was laughing almost maniacally.

Finally dad quit laughing and though I tried not to snoop I did hear mom say that it was all his fault. That if he would have been with her at the Christmas party none of this would of happened. At that dad burst out laughing again. When he gained control of himself he pushed back his chair then without a word and shaking his head he walked away. It was about then that they both noticed me. It was almost comical in a way because together with moms squeal of alarm while trying to gather up the photos dad reached out and pulled me into his arms. As mother ran to her bedroom tightly clutching a rather large thick brown envelope I asked dad what was going on. With another peal of laughter, but this time more restrained, he said your mother and I were just looking at some photos taken during her business trips and talking about her position at the bank. I have to tell you honey I never thought I would agree with her boss, but truth be known the position he found for her suits her to a tee.

I didn’t know what he meant by that and I never got a chance to ask because the next day dad moved out and the day after that he filed for divorce. Well all their name calling and fighting is over with now. Still though I just wish dad hadn’t moved clear across the state, I miss him. Maybe when the custody hearing comes up in a couple of weeks I’ll be able to live with dad. Mother probably wouldn’t even miss me anyway because since dad left she spends even more time away then before. And I used to think that the banking business was 9 to 5, how stupid is that huh. I was so deep in thought that I didn’t notice the three cars in our driveway until I walked by them. The Cadilac I knew, it was her bosses car. The man who probably without even being aware of it had been responsible for my parents divorce. The other two though, a Lincoln Town Car and a beat up old Pontiac that looked as out of place in our neighborhood as a Ferrari would in the ghetto I had never seen before.

As I opened the door I thought about calling out but something stopped me. Perhaps it was because as I opened my mouth I heard what sounded like a muffled groan. A groan such as what one of the schools football players would make after taking a body shot. For several minutes I stood frozen with my back against the door listening. There it was again. Only this time instead of the muffled groan which I’d heard earlier it was a deeper, more masculine growl. Interwoven with it and finally drowning it out completely was what could best be described as a drawn out gurgling wail. What the hell I mumbled as without being aware that I was moving I glided through the living room and toward the rear of the house. Like a magnet, the mysterious unfamiliar sounds pulled me ever closer to the room from which I believed they were coming.

As I drew closer to mothers bedroom a jovial snickering voice, as clear and sharp as if the speaker were standing next to me, scorched my ears. “That’s it Mrs. Richards, hump that black baby maker. Let the brother know how much you like his hard black dong reaming your married white snatch. Oh that’s right, you aren’t married anymore are you slut. Is it because your husband didn’t agree with your position at the bank? Or could it be because he agreed all to well that the position I created for you suits you to a tee?”

What…. What was he saying? What did he mean by that last remark? I was torn between running to my room and foolishly rushing into mothers. Instead and like the scatter brained sixteen year old I was sometimes accused of being I did neither. Perhaps it was because instead of at least an attempted coherent denial to the taunting voice I heard only repeated oomph’s and soulful moans. “What’s that your saying Mrs. Richards? I can’t understands you with your mouth full. If your trying to thank me for bringing the brothers to your house this afternoon don’t bother. Now that your ol’ mans out of the way it don’t make no sense in having it any other way. No sir it surely don’t.

A burst of laughter cut him short but moments later and with mirth still tinging his voice the man chuckled “No more bar room pool tables or back seats of cars for you my pet. No sir, now whenever I pimp your trashy white ass out it’ll be in the comfort and familiar surroundings of your home.” As the unseen tormentor, who I was almost sure was her boss continued to taunt her two things happened. The first was that instead of turning away and running from the house as common sense dictated I should I instead edged right up to the partially opened door of my mothers bedroom. The second was that because of the man’s descriptive of mothers behavior over the last few months as well as what I imagined was happening just the other side of the door my panties felt as if I had peed myself.

What my young and inexperienced mind had visualized as transpiring though was nothing compared to what I saw as I pressed my eye to the crack in the door. There on her bed, naked for all the world to see if it so happened to look, was my mother, and about and atop her was what looked like a dozen negro’s. Though I’d only caught a fleeting glimpse before the negro’s gathered about the bed had crowded together, it was enough to see that not just one negro was with her.

She was at the foot of the bed and her legs were pushed back over her and nearly touching a pot bellied old negro who was leaning crossways over her head. At her exposed upturned loins were three jostling negro’s, one of which together with holding her legs aloft was humping furiously into her. That in and of itself was bad enough, but in the fleeting glimpse I had before the ones eagerly watching and evidently awaiting their turn closed ranks I saw the negro pushing into her withdraw. But hardly had he stepped back then another quickly took his place. Never…. never had I imagined such as what I was witnessing and my brain was having trouble digesting it. The comparison that came to mind as I took in the depraved scene was that she honestly looked like the cream filling of an oreo cookie. Again the men around the bed parted and I got a better look at her and those with and about her.

Sometime during the few minutes mom had been blocked from view she had been pulled from her bed and positioned so that she was now leaning face down over the end of the bed. But in addition to this new development I could also see that unlike the negro’s about her she was not totally and completely naked. She had on a frilly pink lace garter belt as well as pink trimmed scallop lace top sheer stockings, and her feet which were encased in a pair of Fringe Platform Sandals with maybe five inch stiletto heels though widely apart were solidly planted on the floor. In addition to catching another and better glimpse of my mother and the laboring negro’s who were vigorously ramming into her twitching jerking body I also saw the organs of several of those on the opposite side of the bed. Those whose backs were not to me.

Not until my left hand instinctively flew to my mouth to stifle my gasp of shock at the size of the men’s penis’s did I realize that my right hand was beneath my cheerleader skirt. Never before having seen a boys, let alone a mans genitalia I had nothing by which to compare what I saw. Well thats not exactly true, I did have my best friend Marline’s descriptive of her boyfriends penis. What I beheld though looked nothing like what she had described and what I had visualized. The best comparison my mind could come up with was that their black organs looked as big as my forearm though I knew that was impossible. Without willing it to my right hand rubbed harder against the dampness of my panties while my left rolled and squeezed my pert 32B breast. A tingling shiver raced through me as against all common sense and together with another soft moan spilling from my lips I pushed the door open ever so slightly wider. With my field of view thus widened my eyes darted about mothers room searching for her boss, her antagonist.

Then I saw him. There about six feet from my mother, who in addition to having a negro pushing into her from behind like a dog humping someone’s leg while another knelt before her pushing his thing into her mouth was her boss. Though he was sitting quietly and serenely at her vanity table it was plain to see that it was he who was directing how the others vented their lust upon mother. As my eyes passed over him I noticed two things. The first and most surprising was that he was still dressed in his suit. The second almost caused my heart to stop because for a moment I thought I had been discovered as together with a slight cocking of his head and a quizzical look on his face he looked in my direction. When he did nothing but continue to stare in my direction my gaze repeatedly shifted from him to what was happening on the bed. With each passing moment when he did nothing but sit there with a quizzical look my eyes lingered longer on the grunting, moaning, oreo sandwich at the foot of the bed. Whether it was instinct or the fear of being caught witnessing something I shouldn’t be I’m not sure, but my eyes darted back to her boss just as he uncrossed his legs and slowly rose.

It honestly felt as if a bucket of ice water had been poured over me and my slight frame shivered from it as he continued to stare in my direction. In a state of fear and panic I jerked back and readied myself to bolt. Though the will to flee was overpowering what was happening just on the other side of the door refused to relinquish its hold on me. For what seemed like a lifetime I crouched in indecision. When the door didn’t fly open and no one reached out and grabbed me I once again leaned forward and pressed my eye to the crack in the door.

This time though, perhaps with the thought that by doing so I wouldn’t be detected I slipped to my knees. As my eye pressed to the slight opening I was just in time to see mothers boss saunter to her bed after a last backward glance in my direction. I watched dumbstruck as the men, after a mumbled word from him, dragged her to the center of her bed where after some positioning, and with a little help from her, pushed their burgeoning dark penises into her three orifices. Several heartbeats after the two pushing into her from atop and below as well as the one pushing into her mouth set up a rhythm of sorts her boss leaned down over the jerking, groaning, laboriously breathing oreo cookie atop mothers bed. As he did so a broad grin split his lips and I swear to Christ that despite my assuming a new position he was looking right at me.

“Tell me something Mrs. Richards Isn’t that cute little daughter of yours due home pretty soon. No, don’t bother trying to answer my pet let me figure it out for myself alright. Besides the brother whose cock your sucking is libel to think he ain’t getting his moneys worth if’n you take them pretty lips of yours from around him, and Lordy be slut, you wouldn’t want him thinking that would you. Lets see now where was I…. Oh yes, I believe I was inquiring about that foxy little daughter of yours. About her immanent appearance in an hour or so.”

Raising his head slightly but still looking in my direction he chuckled evilly then continued. “Tell me something “mother”, does that sweet little daughter of yours get pleasuring from those young black boys at her school? Does she wrap them long legs of hers bout them young darkies and give them some special loving whenever they win a football or basketball game? “Hell,” I’ll bet she’s so into black pleasuring that a brother doesn’t even have to be a jock in order to shove cock to her. No sir I’ll bet they don’t. In fact I’ll bet all them young nigga’s has to do is smile at her and she shucks them little panties of hers and spreads her legs. Reason I’m asking is cause that’s what ran through my head the night I met her.

You remember that night don’t you slut? Sure you do, it was New Years eve. Plan was that with your husband visiting one of his branch offices and your daughter at a girlfriends that we’d welcome in the new year in your bed. Well you, me, and the Board of Directors. But when I arrived with you to get the party started instead of things being as I expected what did I see but your old man and that foxy little brother banging daughter of yours. Your old man was a disappointment but your daughter…. well now I sure wasn’t disappointed with her, no sir I surely wasn’t. Still though I had to call the others and cancel and Lord but I got to tell you they was pissed. But hell you know that cause the next day they along with several acquaintances of theirs drilled your skanky white trash ass a dozen ways from Sunday.”

Boisterous laughter filled the room as I unable to tear my eyes from his stared dumbfounded and shocked at him. He’s descriptive of my supposed behavior, of moms willing behavior as well as what was taking place before my young eyes sent shivers racing through me. A soft purring whimper hissed from my lips as my fingers slipped beneath the leg band of my panties and against the hot moist lips of my vagina. A violent shiver, as if from a chill, racked my small petite body as together with a finger slipping into the bubbling cauldron between my legs the fingers of my other had pinched and pulled my nipples. My vision blurred and a deep throbbing as if from drums filled my ears and for a moment everything about me ceased to exist. Then slowly, ever so slowly reality returned.

“Anyway like I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted your old man was a big disappointment, but your daughter…. well now I sure wasn’t disappointed in her, no sir I surely wasn’t. Damn if she didn’t look hot in that short little skirt and tank top she was wearing, and Lordy but didn’t she strut around like she was advertising her wares. The icing on the cake though was when she came bouncing out of her room about one o’clock in that frilly little Chemise that was so fucking short a man would of had to of been blind not to see her little bikini panties. Damn if I didn’t want to throw her ass to the floor and fuck her brains out right then and there, and to hell with what you or your old man thought about it.

If I was like one of these here brothers I probably wouldn’t of held back. I’d of probably just gone ahead and porked her young ass without giving it a second thought. Unlike them though I don’t just think with my dick, I look ahead. When I sets my sights on a white bitch it isn’t with the idea of slamming cock to her just one time, no sir it surely isn’t. Besides I didn’t know if your old man had a gun and wouldn’t just shoot my black ass. Still though I imagined the two of us laying there naked on your expensive rug right smack between the two of you. I Imagined her long smooth legs about me screaming fuck me daddy, fuck me, as with my hands tightly gripping her bouncing jiggling ass I drove my pleasure giving black cock into her. But then you know all about that don’t you slut. Bet your Ex would a shit a brick he’d a seen me pounding her snatch and heard her whimpering and pleading for me to fuck her. Whew, makes me hard just thinking about that fine little body of hers.

Makes me wish she were here right now! If she was…. Well, if she was Mrs. Richards, then even if she ain’t never been pleasured by black cock before I’d show her what she’d been missing. I’d show her what black cock pleasuring was all about, and once I did I’ll bet there’d be no holding that young cunt back. But then again she wouldn’t have to, cause once word got around that I had a pretty, little tight bodied sixteen year old white cheerleader that was into black cock she’d be so busy humping darkies she wouldn’t have time for school. Fact wouldn’t surprise me none if I wouldn’t have to replace your front door with a turnstile. You know the kind I’m talking about slut, those there ones with the coin box next to em. The kind that any horny ass brother wanting to breed her could just drop in a coin or two.”

As her bosses voice ran down two things happened. The first was that despite the fact that she was sandwiched between three sweaty lunging negro’s my mother almost extracted herself. Only their simultaneous and as one deep and forceful impalement of her petite girlish body as well as a resounding slap on her jiggling left butt cheek by her boss prevented her from doing so. The second was that I almost fell into my mothers bedroom and amongst the boisterously jostling negro’s as together with my self induced orgasm a vivid scenario flashed before me. So real was the vision that I had to momentarily close my eyes and shake my head.

Several heartbeats later when I again opened my eyes it was as if I had done nothing to banish the depraved scenario. As clearly as before I saw myself beside my mother atop her bed. Mom was still in her garter belt and stockings while I, still in my little cheerleader uniform replete with bobby socks and my Asics Gel-Nimbus Vll’s lay waiting for what I wasn’t exactly sure.

Beside me and only inches from my own head sat a negro with his hairy legs to either side of mothers lowered head. His eyes, filled with lust and something I didn’t recognize were fixed on my rapidly rising and falling breast as a naked Mr. Paterson slowly, teasingly loosened one after the other of the buttons of my blouse. Behind her with one of his hands pressing into her shoulder blades and the other guiding his erection toward her up turned buttocks knelt a second negro. As if it were happening in slow motion I saw mothers boss Mr. Paterson climb onto the bed and after yanking my legs apart worm between them. Slowly he leaned over me brushing my blouse to either side of my heaving chest, then hooking a finger beneath my frilly lace bra where it came together between my small pert breast he snickered are you ready for some black cock pleasuring white girl.

Unable to speak I could only look up into his face through eyes like those of a frightened doe as with an evil grin he yanked upward on my bra momentarily lifting me bodily from mothers bed. Then together with the sound like that of a rubberband breaking I fell back to the bed and my bra like my blouse was brushed to either side of my fear constricted chest. As my head bounced from mothers bed my frightened doe eyes fell on the arm long wrist thick protrusion sticking from his groin. Through everything that was happening my eyes never once left his semi hard swaying piece of man flesh. Whether it was from fear or wonderment I wasn’t sure, but there was little doubt that within minutes, if not sooner, I would have my answer. Again grinning evilly he pushed my little cheerleader skirt up until it was about my waist then pushing his fingers into the waist band of my bikini panties he savagely tugged. Once, twice he tugged, and with each upward yank I was lifted from the bed.

I felt more then heard the rending of cloth and then the coolness of the air caressed me as the waist band along with the right leg band separated. With total indifference he left what remained of my panties hanging loosely around my left thigh as he grabbed my hips and pulled me toward him. I was now completely and totally exposed to his as well as the other negro’s lust crazed eyes and as if to emphasize the fact the negro who was pushing his organ into mothers mouth reached out and pinched my left nipple. At that moment everything, every action, ever word, every sigh, of those about the bed became startlingly and acutely clear and distinct. I could not only hear the soft breathing of those watching but clearly understand their mumbled words that would in other circumstance be nothing but meaningless gibberish.

Ignoring my whimpering pleas that I was a virgin Mr. Paterson splayed my legs apart like a wishbone before pushing them back over me. Without thought and with body trembling from fear and the unknown I obediently grabbed my ankles as he gravely commanded I do. Thus relieved of holding my legs aloft and apart he grinned down at me evilly before hocking up a glob of spittle which landed on the head of his monstrously huge penis. Mocking contemptuous words of making me his teenage cum slut, of his pimping me to hundreds, to thousands of niggers bored into my brain as he rubbed the gooey slimy mucus over the bulbous head of his cock then pressed it to my vagina. Slowly, ever so slowly he pushed forward. As if it were actually happening instead of being a depraved dream I could feel his cock pushing between my moist lips, feel him entering me. That what I was actually feeling was three of my own fingers pushing into me didn’t register as the lurid scenario played out before me.

My ears rang with Mr. Paterson’s choked sputter of Jesus H Christ but this little white girl is tight as the heavy crown of his cock pushed against me. Laughter that I soon wouldn’t be filled the air around me as pain such as if I had been hit in the stomach engulfed me. Mirth filled chuckles of fuck that white girl, shove that black baby maker into her snatch and hump her like she were a bitch dog emblazoned themselves on my brain as with a twist of his hips Mr. Paterson pushed the broad head of his dark monstrosity between my fear tightened lips. A wail of anguish that trailed off into nonsensical gibbering pleas erupted from my chest as what felt like a baseball bat being shoved into me splayed my vagina open.

Instead of moms boss taking pity on me as I prayed for him to do a maniacal laugh burst from his slack mouth as his fingers tightened in a vice like grip on my hips in an attempt to keep me from squirming away. Above me, like some relentless machine, he pushed forward only to nearly withdraw before again pushing forward. Again and again and again and yet again he pushed into me and with each twisting driving jerk of his hips another centimeter, another fat inch of his dark organ sank into me. Not even the hurtful pinching of my small taunt nipples that had been going on almost from the minute my breast had been exposed took my mind off the pain that was centered between my legs.

It honestly felt as if I were being ripped in two as he relentlessly yet persistently endeavored to bury the whole of his thick, long member into me. Twice as he partially withdrew I released my ankles only to quickly grab them as together with him pushing forward he grunted you best not let them fucking ankles go white girl. I felt my hymen tear, and with its tearing a scream of pain and anguish burst from my constricted throat. Tears streamed from my eyes and gasping pleading whimpers for mercy issued from my throat as he sank ever deeper into me. But Mr. Paterson paid not the slightest attention to my soulful pleas as at the sight of blood spotting his arm long dark monstrosity a glee filled exclamation of holy fucking shit the little bitch was a virgin erupted from his throat. Then accompanied by a sing song rhythmic chant from what to me sounded like a thousand throats he began a slow but exaggerated pumping motion in and out of my quivering jerking body.

Numbness engulfed my slight frame and for a minute my five senses were as if but a dream or some vague memory. Then with a clarity that was so vivid as to be surreal all that was happening to and around me returned. From the corner of my eye I saw a dark blob move forward until the semi hard organ protruding from it hovered startlingly clear only inches away from my eyes. Then together with fingers entwining in my long reddish blond hair and pulling my face from the rumpled sheet toward his crotch a contemptuous snort of suck cock white girl filled my ears. For an eternity the angle of my body was such that I was looking into the broadly grinning ugly face of the negro beside me and then my face was mashed into his crotch. The musty odorous stink wafting from his crotch assaulted my nostrils so violently that I feared I would either become sick or pass out. Above me and no longer visible Mr. Paterson growled God damn it girlie do what the nigga says as with his hips jerking ever more spastically he pushed ever faster and deeper into me.

As his words and the consequences of them filled my brain I shivered convulsively. Was it because of my first man induced orgasm, or because of the depravity, the wantonness of the very act that was happening. Whatever the cause I didn’t have time to think about it as knuckles rapped against the top of my head and an angry voice hissed you heard your pimp slut. Now, wrap them pretty lips of yours bout my mother fucking black cock and start sucking like a good little whore. Obediently, though I had no idea what I was doing, yet with the thought that if I at least tried to do what he wanted it would take my mind off the pain between my legs I opened my mouth. As the rubbery slimy thing pushed past my teeth I closed my lips about it and began sucking the black tool as I had my thumb when I was a baby.

My efforts were rewarded by a masculine sigh of contentment and though I knew I shouldn’t feel pride I did. It was at that moment that I realized that the mind numbing pain between my legs had lessened. Maybe if I move I thought, maybe if I rotate my hips the pain will disappear completely. Experimentally I slowly rolled my hips and to my surprise the pain lessened even more. Again, again and yet again I rolled my hips and each time I did so the pain lessened more.

Faster my hips rolled, more powerfully and with greater vigor I drew a suction while pushing my tongue up against the underside of the…. what was it that they called it? A cock, yes a cock. A hand smacked against my right butt cheek and I jerked forward unintentionally allowing the cock in my mouth to slip deeper. To keep from gagging I released an ankle and grabbed the cock trying to push into my throat. I could feel Mr. Paterson leaning heavily over me, feel his shoulders pressing against the underside of my knees, and whether it was instinct or something I had seen my mother do I released my other ankle and grabbed at the swaying testicle sack of the man whose cock was in my mouth.

About me eager excited voices jovially encouraged the two pushing into me to fuck the slut. To shove their cock’s into my teeny bobber cheerleading white trash body and fill me with nigger jazz. Hands reached out rolling and squeezing my pert small breast and despite the dark cock filling my mouth a soul rending groan of pain and pleasure oozed around it as fingers pinched and tugged my nipples. Snickers that I was really into it, that I was a natural born nigger pleasing white whore reverberated in my ears and filled my brain. Faster, and as if with a mind of their own, my loins rotated and lunged to meet the soul piercing thrust of Mr. Paterson. With ever increasing vigor and hunger I continued to suck and slobber on the hardening black cock in my mouth as about me jovial shouts of fuck them black cock’s little girl, fuck and suck them like they’ll be the last ones you’ll ever get even though they won’t be reverberated through my brain.

Indistinguishable wheezes, oomph’s, and groans filled my ears almost drowning out the excited voices about me commanding me, urging me to greater effort. Together with a rolling, twisting grinding of my loins against Mr. Paterson the fingers of my one hand rolled and hefted the testicles while the others squeezed and pumped on the slimy protrusion I was hungrily, greedily sucking on. Tingling searing heat raced upward from my cock stuffed vagina spreading throughout my petite body, and a strange sensation built in the pit of my stomach. No longer in control, and even if I were I never wanted the sensations rippling through me to stop, I writhed and slobbered with ever greater urgency and hunger on the two dark instruments of fertility driving into me. My mind was filled with but one thought and that was pleasure them Becky! Pleasure them like no woman, not even your mother has done as the sensations surging through me build to mind warping intensity.

Grunts, moans and slobbering hacking whizzes filled my ears. Whether they were mine or my mothers or the laboring negro’s I didn’t know and little cared as together with repeatedly and unashamedly impaling myself on Mr. Paterson’s glories pleasure giving dark cock I slavishly, hungrily, greedily sucked the other. My skull felt as if it were about to explode and a tingling sensation as if I had been shocked by electricity shot through my nipples. Through the ringing of my ears and over the mad erratic thumping of my heart I heard a gurgling voice scream my nipples, pinch my nipples. No sooner had the voice filtered into the mush jokingly called my brain then the fingers teasing my nipples pinched harder. A garbled scream, was it mine or my mothers, filled my ears. Seconds later and in response to Mr. Paterson as well as the negro whose cock I was sucking emptying their seed into me my body quivered and jerked as if in the throes of an epileptic fit.

I felt the men pull away from me but hardly had the fact registered as I lay twitching and gasping for breath. A strange pungent taste permeated my mouth and in an endeavor to associate the unfamiliar taste I traced my tongue over my lips and teeth. When nothing was forthcoming and not wanting to strain my brain I simply accepted the strange slightly salty Clorox flavor along with deciding I rather liked the taste. I felt myself being twisted and pulled at and for a moment I became disoriented until with a last adjustment to my body my knees were beneath me and my hips were jerked into the air. As the negro behind me guided his cock to my vagina then pushed forward I braced myself to accept him, and once I felt him enter me I rocked forward. As I did so I opened my mouth in eager invitation to the one before me. As his cock slipped between my lips they tightened like rubber bands about his pulsating dark tool drawing an appreciable throaty groan from him.

Just as I had done before I worked my tongue feverishly along the underside of the mans hardness together with drawing a suction while at the same time impaling myself on the cock behind me. What seemed like only minutes later together with my mind soaring higher my mouth and…. and…. cunt, yes my cunt where once again awash with pungent globular man seed. Again the men withdrew from me and again two others crawled onto the bed to take their place. Whether it was only in my mind or I had actually voiced so close, so close hardly had the words came when the one behind me roughly slammed into me driving me forward. My soulful ecstatic wail of yes, oh God yes became incomprehensible gibberish as the one before me thrust his dark cock between my cum smeared lips and nearly into my throat.

As if I were on automatic, as if I were born for this one purpose I tirelessly writhed between each new pair of excited boisterous negro’s as another and another and still another pair shoved their hard pleasure giving cock’s into me. Beside me his thick lips and scorching breath caressing my ear Mr. Paterson huskily chuckled. “You like nigga cock don’t you white girl. You like nigga’s shoving their big black cock’s into your young, rich white trash body doesn’t you. Well don’t you worry none sweet thing I’m going to see to it that you get all the dark meat you want and more besides. I’m going to pimp your young teeny bobber white ass out to every darkie in Memphis and beyond that has two bits to spare. But what I’m really going to enjoy though girlie is giving you to ever swinging black dick of my high school alma mater’s football, basketball and baseball team every time they win a game.” For several madly pulsating beats as eruption after eruption exploded in my brain only his hot breath and the muted yet eager encouraging voices from a multitude of voices caressed my ear. Whether the delay was to gauge my reaction to his depraved intentions or for another reason I don’t know but when his voice next hissed into my ear it was a pitch higher and oozing with anticipation.

“Can you see it girlie? Can you see the looks of lust on them young niggers faces when you enter their locker room wearing either your school cheerleader uniform or a naughty little schoolgirl outfit minutes after they come off the field all hot and sweaty. Them niggers may not be the sharpest pencils in the box but when they sees you in them skimpy little outfits or maybe even a skimpier little flirt skirt without panties they won’t have to be. It won’t take a rocket scientist to know what your offering to them, and once I make it clear that every time they win a game they’ll get to pleasure themselves with your tight white body however and as long as they wish, why I spec’s them boys from Booker T will not only win every local game, but the state championship as well. And who knows my little slut, maybe from time to time and if your mother isn’t to busy pleasuring bank clients I’ll even let her join you.

For all that happens though my little cock hungry slut you still got one hole that needs black cock pleasuring. For another you and mommy dearest still have quite a few brothers to go. Brother’s who after getting a free sample of your tight bodies will tell every brother they see about the rich black cock hungry white mother and her teenage daughter. Ain’t no better way to promote business or assure a steady cliental then a free sample of the goods every so often.” His descriptive words of mothers and my fate sent both shivers of dread and yet surprisingly exaltation rippling through me at the prospect of this man being my pimp. Of him not only selling but freely giving me to untold countless others of his ethnicity solely on whichever struck his fancy at the time. Rolling my eyes I looked first to my side of the bed and then my mothers. Instead of the nine negro’s who had been in mother’s bedroom a lifetime ago when Mr. Robertson had introduced me to the bountiful pleasures that only a black cock could give, there was easily three and possibly as many as six times their number.

My lithe petite body shivered at the depravity of what Mr. Paterson was proposing. I should have been afraid, I should have feared for mine as well as mothers safety and sanity, and yet beyond all reasoning I didn’t. Instead the thought of a group of men so numerous as to not all fit in mothers bedroom repeatedly and continuously using us for their pleasure till, either they were satiated or we were dead, exploded in my brain with such force that I feared I had indeed died. In that micro second that blackness enfolded me in its arms, in that micro second before I knew my brain would cease to function I cursed my mother. I cursed her for the pleasure she would receive at having such a vast number of men thrust their cock’s into her orifices, and I cursed her because I would not be able to feel and share in the pleasures and joys that they as a group would bestow on her.

Instead of the darkness being eternal as I feared it would be it slowly lost its depth then suddenly burst into a million vibrant colors. So brilliant were they that I had to shut my eyes to them for fear they would blind me. Yet despite that I could still see them on the backs of my eyelids and picture them exploding like fireworks in my brain. In addition and so loud that it hurt my ears repeated imploring screams of fuck me, fuck me, all of you fuck meeeeeee beat against my eardrums. Interlaced with the screams were mocking contemptuous laughter and comments of what a cock hungry fucking slut I was. Still others demanded, and when I readily complied even others encouraged even cheered me to fuck and suck black cock. All these and more buffeted me, and I sought to appease each voice while selfishly concentrating on the two overweight boisterous negro’s between which I swayed, jerked and twitched.

As the men almost as one shot their precious life sustaining globular cum into my cunt and belly, then with gleeful, boastful exclamations of their prowess slipped from me, a voice I was acutely familiar with chuckled it’s about time for a bit of brown sugar niggers. You niggers think this young bitch humps cock now you ain’t seen nothing yet. Once I do her shittier I suspects the next twenty or so of you darkies that steps up is going to be begged to shove your black baby makers in her tight teeny bobber ass. So anyone wanting some brown sugar best form a line and get ready for the ride of your lives, cause I suspects this little honky bitch gonna be like a bucking bronco. I also suspects that all the while yous is riding her she gonna be screaming for yous to fuck her harder and deeper even louder and with more gusto then she was when yous was reaming her snatch.

Together with a resounding slap to my left butt cheek Mr. Paterson chuckled it’s time for the pleasure I promised you girlie as he climbed to the bed behind me. After raising my buttocks higher and spreading my legs further apart in obedience to his gravely command he grabbed a pillow from the head of the bed and shoved it beneath me. Obediently at his hissed command against my ear I wiggled my buttocks and a second later I felt his finger push into my cunt. A heart beat later after pumping vigorously into me and withdrawing I felt it rubbing over and around the crinkly tight ring of my anus then a madly pumping heartbeat later push into me. Again and again and yet again the finger sawed into then scooped past ejaculations from my throughly fucked cunt. Equally numerous times I felt first one then two and finally three finger probing, wriggling, worming into the tight puckered hole of my anus. All the while, and to the accompaniment of contemptuous mocking snickers of God damn but that little slut be wanting a cock in her ass bad, I rotated my buttocks in a tight circle. Then for an eternity I felt nothing, and instinctively I wiggled my buttocks faster hoping to again draw his touch. Amid the eager laughter from dozens of throats I heard his voice and then what I knew could only be his wonderful pleasuring giving cock pressed against the tight crinkly ring of my anus.

Suffocating fear washed over me and for a second I tried to crawl forward to escape what I knew was inevitable. From somewhere deep in my subconscious a voice soothingly whispered. Pleasure Becky, didn’t he promise you pleasure! Didn’t he promise you pleasure before his beautiful, wondrous black cock popped your cherry, and damn but didn’t he and all the others delivery in spades. He didn’t lie to you before, so why should he lie to you now. Slowly I began to relax even as his powerful pleasure introducing dark cock pushed ever more persistently against the tight puckered ring of my anus. I heard a hacking cough then something thick and cold hit my anus micro seconds before I felt the tight resisting hole slowly flower open. As a jolt of pain such as what I had felt when he had taken my virginity shot through me my mind gibbered almost hysterically, relax Becky, for God’s sake relax, and when he pushes fully into you jiggle your tight little bottom and push back at him. Without understanding why I should do such a thing I never the less obeyed the gibbering near hysterical voice. Though the fullness didn’t go away several long immeasurable minutes later the pain miraculously did, and in its place just as he had promised was the glories all consuming pleasure such as my cunt had received.

I knew that what my mind was seeing, that what my ears were hearing wasn’t real. But never the less as Mr. Paterson pushed savagely and this time fully into me, and a million excited guttural voices beat against my ears novas exploded into brilliant displays of multi colored light and the top of my head threatened to separate. Slowly and over what seemed like a life time my vision cleared, and when it did I was again looking into the eyes of my mothers boss. As if his eyes were powerful magnets they held mine as he jovially and all to explicitly continued to taunt my mother about possibilities. About her, about me being continually and repeatedly used by countless numbers of his race. About her, about me being sold, bartered or given freely to whom so ever and when so ever it pleased him and as the situation dictated. He was our master, our pimp and we his white trash gang bang cum sluts.

Only dimly was I aware that I was sitting and that my little cheerleader skirt was about my waist and that my panties were below my knees. Only absently was I conscious of the fact that my blouse was open, that my bra was above my breast and that my two hands, one over my breast and the other between my widely splayed legs were mauling me ever bit as savagely as the negro’s hands had done in my lust induced scenario. Before my clouded eyes the tensing of bodies, the animalistic guttural growls from the three men then a gagging, sputtering moan from my mother that I prayed drowned out my own soulful moan as another orgasm racked my petite body. For a minute silence filled my mothers bedroom as the men one after the other slowly pulled their slimy spent cock’s from her.

My eyes were fixated on my mother as the men rolled from her bed and because of it I lost sight of her boss. I watched as together with words of praise for her ability to please as well as wonderment as to whether I would be as good the three other men slipped from mothers bed. For long countless minutes the only sound heard in the room was mothers labored breathing as she continued to kneel with head down the slowly her head turned and looked in my direction. As she looked toward me something blocked my view so that I couldn’t see what was happening as mom angrily sputtered “You son of a bitch. You took advantage of me in a weak moment, and because of it you shamed and blackmailed me. You made me your whore and destroyed my marriage but I’ll be God damn if I’ll let Ohhhh Godddddddd.”

From just the other side of the door a mirth filled voice that I knew all to well jovially laughed I wouldn’t be so God damn sure about that Mrs. Richards. Hardly had the words touched my ears then a hysterical voice inside my head screamed run Becky run. But before my pumping wiggling fingers could pull from the bubbling, seething cauldron between my splayed legs the door, together with a brilliant burst of light, swung open. There above me with a camera before his face and grinning like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland stood mothers boss. Behind and to either side of him, grinning every bit as broadly, stood the negro’s I had witnessed venting their lust upon my mother. All that is except for the one who was shoving his cock between mother’s upturned jiggling buttocks with such animalistic savagery that every time he pushed fully and deeply into her, her head smacked resoundly against the headboard.

– The End –